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I spoke to one of the volunteers after the Celtic FC Foundation bucket collection two weeks ago, the first time she had been at Celtic Park, who said, “There’s a positive vibe about this place.  Lots of good people.”

That was despite all 50-something-thousand of us being wet to the core and shivering.  It’s good for someone to point out what we have grown overly familiar with.  At least four generations turn up at Celtic Park and the oldest of those attended as kids, when the very first Celtic fans were still around.

The football team is enjoying a generation of domination that is likely to become the longest in our history, but that is nothing more than an historical oddity.  The spirit of the Celtic Movement is far more significant and has seldom been in better fettle.

The Celtic FC Foundation Christmas Appeal raised a record £240k this year.  As a result, 466 families in Glasgow, Lanarkshire and Ireland received a significant Christmas gift.  50 vulnerable pensioners in Glasgow received a voucher to help them through the period.

The Simon Community were able to provide 120 homeless with a dinner at Celtic Park.  £10,000 was given to the Glasgow Children’s Hospital to assist those in over the festive period.

The Scottish Refuge Council and Refuweegee were supported in their work with welcome packs for every refugee who arrives in the city.  Gift and outings were provided for families supported by Glasgow East Women’s Aid.

A dinner was provided for the 120 aided by Glasgow City Mission, who assist homeless and socially isolated members of our community.  Support was also give to Loaves & Fishes, The Invisibles and The Wayside Club, both of who also assist the homeless.

Glasgow Night Shelter, who aid homeless men who cannot access conventional homeless services due to their immigration status benefited, as did the Elpis Centre, who provide similar assistance to young women.

The list goes on and includes similar organisations in Edinburgh, Fife, London, across Ireland and in Canada.

God help anyone who needed assistance from Celtic FC Foundation this Christmas.  Their struggles with be significant and there will be few joys in their lives, but whether it’s a welcome pack, a meal, clothing, shelter or a toy, you reached out to them.  And that’s more important than any treble.

Well done.  It is great to be part of such a community.

Have a great Christmas.

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  1. TAL


    Magic Tune


    Listening to Manic Street Preachers now, The Ramones The Clash and SLF earlier. MSP influences.

  2. A belated Merry Christmas to All on CQN.



    I hope All have had a Great Christmas and have a Brilliant Boxing Day.



    Brendan has managed his squad superbly well for these 2 big games.



    Quietly confident of 2 wins.



    I hope Neil shows how good a Manager he is at the hate factory with 3 points for his team. He is tactically astute and he will really fancy doing them.

  3. Big Mouth


    Johnny Marr on guitar.


    Greatest guitarist Manchester ever produced.


    Love it.



  4. Garry,



    I cannae wait, it will be a good laugh, especially as we are playing Snooker.



    Going on the Renfrew Ferry the morra for the first time ever for a dayoot over the water. Does it go when dudes just turn up? I dinnae see a timetable…. if so that is cool as.



    I’m loving the rejuvenated Tony Ralston, it would be very easy for a young player to fall into a trap of thinking he has made it when he has played in the Champions League for Celtic. outside influences being the worst for the lad.



    My Dad is delighted he is looking to be back on track and SO AM I.



    Potentially really Special.

  5. DD


    I got Google Home from the wife for Christmas – driving it mad with the questions ?


    Found a brilliant Punk rock radio station on it – been playing it all day.


    Clash, Damned, Sham69, Pistols, Buzzcocks, Subs, Ruts – dozens more.


    Absolutely wired, might just stay up until the Dons game starts ??

  6. Teuchter ár lá on 26th December 2018 5:56 am






    Hoping that Hibs silence these upstarts at Poundland also…






    Craiglang FC





    Hibs may just come up short. Celtic won’t IMO.



    The Mibbery is a force that negates good.

  7. TAL,



    It disnae matter when it comes to the Officials, they are bent as feck towards sevco5066.






    UEFA is bent even more to the Established Countries never mind Club.



    CELTIC has to just be the Best it can be.

  8. JTT53


    Get the train to Dumbarton on Friday please. Dumbarton Harp CSC fae 3pm. All welcome for a snooker tournament.



  9. Pete


    As long as you and I are together, it will be a lot of fun. Hope many join us in Dumbarton Harp CSC on Friday.



  10. Delaneys Dunky on 26th December 2018 7:00 am






    As long as you and I are together, it will be a lot of fun. Hope many join us in Dumbarton Harp CSC on Friday.









    A Hardcore Uproar



    Mad as mad can be.




  11. Delaneys Dunky on 26th December 2018 7:09 am






    I will bet that there is little or no snooker played on Friday ?????






    Snooker will be played!!!



    Dinnae think the scouts will be flocking to the Holy Ground in Dumbarton howevaaaah. ;))

  12. Listened to my Brother in Law last night and his treatment by Dumbarton FC after he paid for hospitality. Shocking.



    So very sad. Gerry has retired, he stopped attending Partick Thistle games because his car got vandalised whilst there Supporting his team. He started going to Dumbarton games and I know he is a fitba supporter first and foremost. He has even went into the stadium and cleaned the bird sh!t aff the seats in the section he sits in that the Club couldn’t be arsed to do. Quite funny when he said he cleaned 99.5 seats. Why not 100? He said it was because 1 didn’t have the back part of the seat.



    Aidan didnae have a good time there because of very Sh!t Leadership when Jim Chapman left his role as Head of Youth development.



    Delighted that Celtic is getting more and more Home Grown Bhoys into our First team. Bhoys that really can make a difference.

  13. Teuchter ár lá on 26th December 2018 7:09 am



    Pete and Delaneys in Dumbarton Harp









    That is just tactical stuff going on. So Highly tactical it is hidden to the naked eye of the normal man.

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