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I spoke to one of the volunteers after the Celtic FC Foundation bucket collection two weeks ago, the first time she had been at Celtic Park, who said, “There’s a positive vibe about this place.  Lots of good people.”

That was despite all 50-something-thousand of us being wet to the core and shivering.  It’s good for someone to point out what we have grown overly familiar with.  At least four generations turn up at Celtic Park and the oldest of those attended as kids, when the very first Celtic fans were still around.

The football team is enjoying a generation of domination that is likely to become the longest in our history, but that is nothing more than an historical oddity.  The spirit of the Celtic Movement is far more significant and has seldom been in better fettle.

The Celtic FC Foundation Christmas Appeal raised a record £240k this year.  As a result, 466 families in Glasgow, Lanarkshire and Ireland received a significant Christmas gift.  50 vulnerable pensioners in Glasgow received a voucher to help them through the period.

The Simon Community were able to provide 120 homeless with a dinner at Celtic Park.  £10,000 was given to the Glasgow Children’s Hospital to assist those in over the festive period.

The Scottish Refuge Council and Refuweegee were supported in their work with welcome packs for every refugee who arrives in the city.  Gift and outings were provided for families supported by Glasgow East Women’s Aid.

A dinner was provided for the 120 aided by Glasgow City Mission, who assist homeless and socially isolated members of our community.  Support was also give to Loaves & Fishes, The Invisibles and The Wayside Club, both of who also assist the homeless.

Glasgow Night Shelter, who aid homeless men who cannot access conventional homeless services due to their immigration status benefited, as did the Elpis Centre, who provide similar assistance to young women.

The list goes on and includes similar organisations in Edinburgh, Fife, London, across Ireland and in Canada.

God help anyone who needed assistance from Celtic FC Foundation this Christmas.  Their struggles with be significant and there will be few joys in their lives, but whether it’s a welcome pack, a meal, clothing, shelter or a toy, you reached out to them.  And that’s more important than any treble.

Well done.  It is great to be part of such a community.

Have a great Christmas.

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  1. Rewind









    Tom is gonnae go oot with a Big Bang Today methinks.



    He has a habit of scoring World Class goals @ Pittodrie.



    A very interesting – as Always – team selection for Brendan.



    Love it. So excited to see the team Selected every game.



    Magical Brendan Rodgers.

  2. Morning all,


    Hope everyone was able to enjoy the day yesterday, but it isn’t the same as it used to be. Too commercialised, with the emphasis on Big Business seperating you and the cash you spent the whole year working for.


    Despite that, much of the true meaning of Christmas remains in small pockets. One of them being here and everything that surrounds Celtic. Always proud to be a Tim !!



    Some travel advice for those making the joirney to Aberdeen today. The ‘New’ Aberdeen bypass is now open from Stonehaven ( 30 years too late, and still not complete due to the inability of constrction team to do their job and complete the bridge over the River Don to the North of the airport.


    When you get to Stonhaven, you’ll have the option to join the bypass. Ignore it. Carry on towards the City using the route you took before…i.e. past Newhills, Muchalls, Portlethen, and follow the signs for Football Traffic. If you should inadvertently get onto the new road, don’t panic – there is a new link to Charleston flyover from the new road, so look out for it if you make a wrong turn.


    Weather here today is unseasonally mild, overcast, with virtually no wind, so there shouldn’t be any hurricanes blowing off the North Sea as you party in the South Stand.



    Safe travels to all, and enjoy the day, hopefully returning with all 3 points in your collective pockets.?



    p.s. Teuchter Ar La’s concerns for the safety of Turkebhoy yesterday made me laugh out loud. ???

  3. Delaneys Dunky on 26th December 2018 8:07 am






    Richard Ashcroft is awright for a Man United fan.








    Supporters of most teams are alright.



    I actually like talking to other teams supporters on Springfield Road when the opportunity arises – they ask me something.



    Best was When we drew with Man City – me and Aidan walked a Father and a Son towards the Holy Ground. I said they would see a Brilliant game and they did by Both Teams.



    Division is not a winning ticket.

  4. For anyone with access to BT TV, following the Celtic game today, they have a half hour show looking back at the Celtic v Real Madrid 1980 European Cup quarter final. ?

  5. The Full Establishment is against Celtic Today and Saturday.



    They are RAGING.



    They are PRIMED to do their Worst.



    JC is Alive.



    Evil will have its day. It is the way of this World.



    Evil will have no place in Paradise.

  6. Good morning from an overcast but mild Forres. Oldest Bhoy wanted to go to Aviemore today and be back for the game – not a risk I was prepared to take, so the wife has taken him.


    This won’t be an easy game today but I hope we buck our away form and take maximum points from the next two games.


    I hope Santa was good to everybody and we all get a wee extra present today.

  7. Went to Ibrox once 5-1 to them…. we stayed to the end, not exactly gracious in victory those above us.



    Not for me ever again.



    Ray Wilkins (RIP) scored a cracker right in my line of sight. Quality strike. Was that team legit?



    Celtic winning 5-1 @ Ibrox was the Last Straw for David King.




    Punish the guilty with Beautiful, Magical, Inventive and Scintillating fitba Celtic.

  8. Big Tam isnae as mobile as others when it comes to pressing the other team when they have the ball, the hun is gonnae get the hardest press EVER.



    Brendan has managed the squad expertly.



    Quietly confident for these 2 tough games.

  9. Gerryfaethebrig on

    DD / Petec



    3pm on a Friday ….



    Not a million miles away



    :-) ???



    Mahe mines a treble

  10. Gerryfaethebrig on




    Cheers for putting up with my Christmas night ramblings



    Pittodrie will be magical today

  11. Batten Bhoy 8.44am



    BT have played that programme a few times it’s a brilliant watch … a few “names” in the Madrid team… 1980 was a mad year for me as a ten year old, Rangers game in the May … that Madrid game at Celtic Park and fling in a Liam Brady/Tardelli Juventus game at Celtic Park …. ahh the good old days right enough :-)



    Laurie Cunningham CSC

  12. 50 shades of green on




    You must have been near me that 5 v1 game at ipox always thought if Wilkins shot had not hit the net it would have it my coupon ?



    DD fae yesterday ,,,



    re Tim Weahs “uncle ” cheers mate I was thinking my old memory was winding me up again ..



    Mon the hoops ra day.



    Todays Bingo card for sheepville.



    1 , Sheep right back to stick the fingers up at the visiting fans.



    2, Cosgrove booked for an “elbow tackle”.



    3. McInnis to bleat about the ref and ass refs after the game.



    4. Ryan Christie to pop a goal or 2 into the sheep pen.



    5 and for a full house Shinnie Yellowed for a red card offence .




  13. 50 shades



    The Ray Wilkins shot was hitting me straight on the chin if there was no net



    5-1 & 4-1 in same season with McAvennie & Chris Morris both opening the scoring on those days, somebody was telling me I should never go back to that shoitehole… Pittodrie only ever held great memories :-)



    Alan Thompson snowball CSC

  14. 50 shades of green,



    Says it all that they cannae handle so many Celts having a good time @ the factory of hate.



    Seeing Gerrard slip into full scale Entitlement mode, I didn’t expect. I guess he is under pressure.



    Will he partake in the Loving Cup ritual? TBC!



    What a riot that will be.

  15. So when an Orange walk does that circumambulation outside a Catholic Church. That says a deep anger against the Lord Almighty. Good Luck with that.



    If only they knew whit they do.

  16. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    Merry Christmas to you all.



    And thanks for keepin’ the ole bhlog goin’.



    Fingers crossed we get


    the W-W end to the year.

  17. Seethin Gerrard (as christened by bsr) is in my opinion perfect for the Sevs, paraphrasing here but in the last 10 days … teams like Hamilton & St Johnstone we should be beating easy



    Hello…. teams who have paid their taxes and are still the same entity



    What happened to the Greig Docherty money ???



    Seethin Gerrard fits in with the entitlement mob like a glove



    SmelltheGlove CSC

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