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I spoke to one of the volunteers after the Celtic FC Foundation bucket collection two weeks ago, the first time she had been at Celtic Park, who said, “There’s a positive vibe about this place.  Lots of good people.”

That was despite all 50-something-thousand of us being wet to the core and shivering.  It’s good for someone to point out what we have grown overly familiar with.  At least four generations turn up at Celtic Park and the oldest of those attended as kids, when the very first Celtic fans were still around.

The football team is enjoying a generation of domination that is likely to become the longest in our history, but that is nothing more than an historical oddity.  The spirit of the Celtic Movement is far more significant and has seldom been in better fettle.

The Celtic FC Foundation Christmas Appeal raised a record £240k this year.  As a result, 466 families in Glasgow, Lanarkshire and Ireland received a significant Christmas gift.  50 vulnerable pensioners in Glasgow received a voucher to help them through the period.

The Simon Community were able to provide 120 homeless with a dinner at Celtic Park.  £10,000 was given to the Glasgow Children’s Hospital to assist those in over the festive period.

The Scottish Refuge Council and Refuweegee were supported in their work with welcome packs for every refugee who arrives in the city.  Gift and outings were provided for families supported by Glasgow East Women’s Aid.

A dinner was provided for the 120 aided by Glasgow City Mission, who assist homeless and socially isolated members of our community.  Support was also give to Loaves & Fishes, The Invisibles and The Wayside Club, both of who also assist the homeless.

Glasgow Night Shelter, who aid homeless men who cannot access conventional homeless services due to their immigration status benefited, as did the Elpis Centre, who provide similar assistance to young women.

The list goes on and includes similar organisations in Edinburgh, Fife, London, across Ireland and in Canada.

God help anyone who needed assistance from Celtic FC Foundation this Christmas.  Their struggles with be significant and there will be few joys in their lives, but whether it’s a welcome pack, a meal, clothing, shelter or a toy, you reached out to them.  And that’s more important than any treble.

Well done.  It is great to be part of such a community.

Have a great Christmas.

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  1. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    Hope this doesn’t come back to bite me but…I don’t think Beaton is the worst by a long shot.



    Was he not in charge when big Jozo put Kenny Miller into orbit around Saturn?



    Could have sent the big man off and no-one (apart from us) would have said a word about it – you can hear the justification “over-aggressive”, “definitely caught him on the follw-through”, etc.



    Of the officials, I think Ross is marginally more malign than Madden.



    Know nothing about the other guy, other than our record looks garbage when he is part of the offiating group.






  2. Just reading, Everton have made


    James McCarthy and Oumar Niasse available for loan in January ? ? ?

  3. Karamoko Dembele seems to be a unique talent, there is little doubt about that. It is of course great that he has committed to the Club long term, well done to everyone involved. However i would say that on some level i think we, and by we i mean society, should be uncomfortable at the level of exposure to a 15 year old. At the end of the day he is still a child. IMO the way in which Celtic have announced this deal and paraded his signing is way, way over the top.

  4. Beaton was the referee when we won 5-1 at Ibrox. Madden was fourth official that day and assisted Beaton in giving a penalty when Roberts was felled.



    Madden was ref when we won 4-0 at Hampden. He gave us two pens and red carded a sticky bun.



    The referees are poor generally.



    We need to be good enough and committed sufficiently to win the game. As ever.

  5. DAVID17 on 24TH DECEMBER 2018 4:58



    IMO the way in which Celtic have announced this deal and paraded his signing is way, way over the top.





    Funny how people have different perspectives on things. I was very disappointed when Islam Feruz didn’t sign and went to chelsea for a load of cash. The money for a sixteen year old was obscene but more than that I was sad that we’d never see what looked like an exceptional talent in the hoops simply because of tv money



    I looked up Karamoko’s birthday a while ago, I thought he’d be able to sign a contract in February, not now, so I was absolutely delighted when I read he’d signed a contract with us. It says a lot about our club and the football operation that he’s prepared to turn down offers from every big club out there (if you believe the hype) to stay in Glasgow. Kudos for everyone concerned



    I know some people will be disappointed that it’s a missed opportunity to have a dig at the club and the board in particular but I would have thought seeing one of Europe’s most coveted youngsters sign for our club would have trumped that. Apparently not, there’s always an angle

  6. 50 shades of green on

    What ref would illicit a response of



    ” o good I’m glad its him hes always fair ” ????, on CQN.



    Asking fur a wind up merchant ?

  7. What is the Stars on

    Rangers fans are convinced that the refs are against them.


    Ridiculous as it sounds, that’s their perception.



    Generally speaking the standard of refereeing in Scotland is poor and too many robust challenges go unpunished.

  8. 50 shades of green on







    Retired but still one of the best refs I’ve ever seen.



    Closest we have is Madden, not in ability just looks ???

  9. CELTIC40ME on 24TH DECEMBER 2018 5:14 PM



    Good afternoon, in my opinion you’ve went round the houses to try and arrive back at a conclusion which gives you an opportunity (angle) to have a dig at me. Bottom line is had Karamoko decided to sign elsewhere, the majority of criticism would have been directed at him, his advisors and the EPL, as was the case with Feruz. I genuinely cannot remember anyone criticising the Board. That was not my actual point anyway, which was concern at the exposure to Karamoko and the over the top coverage imo by the media team at Celtic. In my post i praised everyone involved with the deal, which gave a good balance i thought, but perhaps you missed that when you were salivating at yet another chance to have a bash at me.



    Merry Christmas!

  10. GORDYBHOY64 on 24TH DECEMBER 2018 5:36 PM





    how would you have liked the Dembele signing to have been announced?






    I think a news article on the website would have been sufficient, with a link to the article posted on social media outlets.

  11. DAVID17 on 24TH DECEMBER 2018 5:32 PM



    No need for balance in what is a 100% good news story for Celtic in my opinion. But top marks for effort in trying to appear unbiased



    Merry Christmas to you too!

  12. So we sign one of the best young talents in many a year but you


    would rather we never made a fuss over it,i for one am happy with how


    it has been announced.

  13. GORDYBHOY64 on 24TH DECEMBER 2018 5:49 PM



    That’s fine, my opinion is different but I respect your thoughts on the matter.

  14. to paul67 for letting us share our views on this sainted blog, and all cqners have a lovely merry Christmas.hh.

  15. Fantastic news on signing Dembele – has the potential to be our greatest ever no 77!


    Makes up for the disappointment of losing out on Glen Kamara to Cardiff!


    Who writes this turkish delight?

  16. I think it was good business and important to get the message out there before the window opened. Important for him to play his first game asap. CATHACH

  17. Brendan Rodgers has wished the Celtic Family a very Happy Christmas with a special message to supporters all over the world.



    The Celtic manager and his players will be training on Christmas Day ahead of the Boxing Day clash with Aberdeen at Pittodrie, aiming for a positive result to maintain their place at the top of the Premiership table.



    And the Hoops boss wanted to send his best wishes to Celtic supporters around the world for Christmas Day.



    “This is a message for all the Celtic supporters worldwide on Christmas Eve. The year seems to have gone very, very fast and now Christmas is really upon us. I just want to take the opportunity to all the Celtic supporters and the Celtic Family worldwide a very happy, merry and very healthy Christmas.



    “We really appreciate your support. We know there are a lot of games around this time, but you really make the difference for us. And to see you there at the games over this Christmas period will be really special.



    “But most importantly, enjoy this time with your family. Stay healthy and safe and a very Merry Christmas to you all.”

  18. From the choirs of Angels to Orchestras, to supreme opera singers, to Brass Bands, to rock and pop bands.



    Everyone wants to celebrate the birth of our saviour.

  19. Cathac


    My son and I were talking about our Dublin trip in Easter 2016, and Karamoko Dembele’s performance in the Saint Kevin tournament, at the match on Saturday. Delighted he signed today. Hope you are well. Was a pleasure to meet you in Dublin.



  20. Franny


    Not thinking beyond Pittodrie on Saint Stephen’s Day. Think it will be the harder of our two games this week.



  21. Gaz



    Was just saying the same to my mother in law ref wee dembele in Dublin. Also the first moment i met WITS!!!



    HH jg

  22. James


    First time I met WITS too.


    He placed me under arrest.


    You can be jailed for growing a plant.


    How the Irish Gypsy laughed. Irie

  23. Back from vigil Mass – settling down to watch – lampoon’s Christmas vacation – do this every year – still find it hilarious.


    Merry Christmas to all

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