You did this in 2018


I spoke to one of the volunteers after the Celtic FC Foundation bucket collection two weeks ago, the first time she had been at Celtic Park, who said, “There’s a positive vibe about this place.  Lots of good people.”

That was despite all 50-something-thousand of us being wet to the core and shivering.  It’s good for someone to point out what we have grown overly familiar with.  At least four generations turn up at Celtic Park and the oldest of those attended as kids, when the very first Celtic fans were still around.

The football team is enjoying a generation of domination that is likely to become the longest in our history, but that is nothing more than an historical oddity.  The spirit of the Celtic Movement is far more significant and has seldom been in better fettle.

The Celtic FC Foundation Christmas Appeal raised a record £240k this year.  As a result, 466 families in Glasgow, Lanarkshire and Ireland received a significant Christmas gift.  50 vulnerable pensioners in Glasgow received a voucher to help them through the period.

The Simon Community were able to provide 120 homeless with a dinner at Celtic Park.  £10,000 was given to the Glasgow Children’s Hospital to assist those in over the festive period.

The Scottish Refuge Council and Refuweegee were supported in their work with welcome packs for every refugee who arrives in the city.  Gift and outings were provided for families supported by Glasgow East Women’s Aid.

A dinner was provided for the 120 aided by Glasgow City Mission, who assist homeless and socially isolated members of our community.  Support was also give to Loaves & Fishes, The Invisibles and The Wayside Club, both of who also assist the homeless.

Glasgow Night Shelter, who aid homeless men who cannot access conventional homeless services due to their immigration status benefited, as did the Elpis Centre, who provide similar assistance to young women.

The list goes on and includes similar organisations in Edinburgh, Fife, London, across Ireland and in Canada.

God help anyone who needed assistance from Celtic FC Foundation this Christmas.  Their struggles with be significant and there will be few joys in their lives, but whether it’s a welcome pack, a meal, clothing, shelter or a toy, you reached out to them.  And that’s more important than any treble.

Well done.  It is great to be part of such a community.

Have a great Christmas.

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  1. What is the Stars on

    Jamesgang, Delaneys


    I remember the day well.


    Young Dembele scored a cracking volley against Barcelona..


    Jamesgang thought he could have worked harder though if I recall correctly !!!

  2. WITS


    Wee KD won player of the Saint Kevin’s tournament. Youngest player by two years in that tourney. Gie him a game against Airdrie to boost the crowd. He will still be 15.



  3. WITS


    Great to hear that Karamoko started out with Park Villa BC in Govan aged 5. Huns missed him on their doorstep, we didnae. ???

  4. BB


    I was given into trouble by my daughter, when she told me that Elf was her best Christmas movie to watch tomorrow. I said I have never seen it. If looks of bewilderment fae my daughter could kill. ????

  5. Merry Christmas to Paul and all here on CQN, many of whom I am honoured to call my friends. A candle will be lit and prayers offered for all of this Parish later at Midnight Mass in Sacred Heart here in Grangemouth.


    Dublin 2016 brings back great memories !!



    Scaniel and Lisbon Ghirl from earlier – great story.




  6. sorry you younger ghuys, the best Christmas movie ever was, its a wonderful life with jimmy stewart, if that does not make you cry your a robot.hh.

  7. OneMalloy


    Had the pleasure of your company at both Dublin 16 and Lisbon 17 gigs. Great Tim Times ??????

  8. DD I was introduced to you at game by ClocherCelt. Also met Jmaesgang ( owe him a few pints that night and ofcourse Almore. Enjoy your always positive posts. My Bro lives in Clydebank and is looking forward to meeting you there some day. Loce to see Clocher celt posting again. A good guy.



    Wishing all of you a special Christmas and Good Health in 2019.






  9. Cathac


    I would love to meet your brother in Clydebank. Chances are, though, I already know your brother and he is a friend of mine.


    Tight Fenian Community Clydebank.



  10. Cathac


    You are correct. It was Clogher Celt who introduced us. Miss him on here. Great guy.



  11. DD



    Not often I agree with you, but your spot on…. fenians frae Clydebank are well known for being tight! ??



    Hail Hail




  12. Hello again all you young rebels.



    Great blog Paul and lets not forget all the other CSC’s around


    the world from the USA to England and all corners of the globe


    who work so hard to keep the Celtic ethos alive and well.


    Personally i’d like to praise the work of our own clubs committee


    here on the rebel peninsula, just a small club but they have raised


    thousands for many good causes and only this week visited the


    local sick kids hospital and gave out the pressies.


    There were many tears, much laughter, and best of all plenty of


    gratitude from needy parents, nurses, and doctors to our club.


    So what else can i say?


    The Celtic family eh!….Wha’s like us?


    A very happy Christmas wish to each and everyone of you.


    H.H Mick

  13. Matt


    Bankies are tighter than Buddies across the river. Nae money ever forces tightness. We are a very poor toon wi nae jobs. Sadly



  14. “God help anyone who needed assistance from Celtic FC Foundation this Christmas. Their struggles with be significant and there will be few joys in their lives, but whether it’s a welcome pack, a meal, clothing, shelter or a toy, you reached out to them. And that’s more important than any treble.”



    Sometimes a paragraph comes along that reminds you why you fell for this blog in the first place. Credit to the author, the first sentence alone carries all the weight it needs.



    God bless everyone, everyone on this blog, and may you all have a happy Christmas.

  15. PARK ROAD 67



    Just reading back now on this lovely Christmas morning


    and seen your post, 30 odd degs today here in Melbourne


    and even hotter tomorrow and i’ll enjoy it just the same as


    i did back in freezing Glasgow.


    Hope you and E have a great time and do make it back over


    for a wee visit.


    H.H Mick

  16. In case I’m not back on much in the next few hours, can I just offer Christmas love and blessings to all the amazing Tims I’ve met via cqn.



    Dublin 16 will always live long in the memory.



    HH brothers and sisters. Jgxx

  17. National lampoons Christmas Vacation is a cracker of a film. It’s so funny.



    Its a wonderful life is a great film too.






    D. :)

  18. David66


    The Sound of Music and The King and I my only two films I remember watching as a kid then Jaws. I hate watching movies.

  19. James


    Peace and Love to you and your beautiful family. Happy Saviour Birthday tomorrow.



  20. A very Happy Christmas to all who frequent these pages. Those I’ve met, and those I’ve yet to meet.


    Special good wishes to…The Celt45, Murdoch, Auld and Hay, St Stivs, GG, Mrs David 66, Kev/KevJungle and all those recovering from or fighting against Illness and health problems.


    Also, to those who have lost loved ones and friends in the last year, thoughts with you and your families at this time of year.


    I hope everyone enjoys the best Christmas that it can be, and that the days following Christmas bring unbound joy and happiness for all who follow the Hoops, in every corner of the globe.



    Happy Christmas, and God bless us all. ?

  21. DD



    12 months ago, you worried me. I was looking for you. 12 months on, you just inspire me. I’m honoured and blessed to have you as a Fhriend.



    HH jg

  22. Bateen


    Well done in your help for LMS. Still cannae understand yer doric tongue at times though. ????????

  23. GuyFawkesaforeverhero on

    I send my thanks to Paul67 for another year of CQN.



    Wishing all Celts peace in their life through these winter days. Celtic forever.

  24. GuyFawkes


    Hope you are warm along Dumbarton Road in Old Kilpatrick tonight. Freezing here a mile up the road here in Dalmuir. ??????

  25. DD -Garry I never watched much TV when I was a wean either. Was always oot playing 10/21ers.


    ?… What about midnight mass at Corpus Christi Garry do you remember that??



    Just thinking about Christmas presents, we hardly got much (a ball and a few shared games) but my kids and grandkid, well that’s a different story, far far too much… IMO


    But try telling that to the Mrs.?.. Oh and another Grandkid on the way?






    D. :)

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