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I spoke to one of the volunteers after the Celtic FC Foundation bucket collection two weeks ago, the first time she had been at Celtic Park, who said, “There’s a positive vibe about this place.  Lots of good people.”

That was despite all 50-something-thousand of us being wet to the core and shivering.  It’s good for someone to point out what we have grown overly familiar with.  At least four generations turn up at Celtic Park and the oldest of those attended as kids, when the very first Celtic fans were still around.

The football team is enjoying a generation of domination that is likely to become the longest in our history, but that is nothing more than an historical oddity.  The spirit of the Celtic Movement is far more significant and has seldom been in better fettle.

The Celtic FC Foundation Christmas Appeal raised a record £240k this year.  As a result, 466 families in Glasgow, Lanarkshire and Ireland received a significant Christmas gift.  50 vulnerable pensioners in Glasgow received a voucher to help them through the period.

The Simon Community were able to provide 120 homeless with a dinner at Celtic Park.  £10,000 was given to the Glasgow Children’s Hospital to assist those in over the festive period.

The Scottish Refuge Council and Refuweegee were supported in their work with welcome packs for every refugee who arrives in the city.  Gift and outings were provided for families supported by Glasgow East Women’s Aid.

A dinner was provided for the 120 aided by Glasgow City Mission, who assist homeless and socially isolated members of our community.  Support was also give to Loaves & Fishes, The Invisibles and The Wayside Club, both of who also assist the homeless.

Glasgow Night Shelter, who aid homeless men who cannot access conventional homeless services due to their immigration status benefited, as did the Elpis Centre, who provide similar assistance to young women.

The list goes on and includes similar organisations in Edinburgh, Fife, London, across Ireland and in Canada.

God help anyone who needed assistance from Celtic FC Foundation this Christmas.  Their struggles with be significant and there will be few joys in their lives, but whether it’s a welcome pack, a meal, clothing, shelter or a toy, you reached out to them.  And that’s more important than any treble.

Well done.  It is great to be part of such a community.

Have a great Christmas.

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  1. Bugger Clumpany,



    Just read yer latest and, as someone who?????



    If you get the chance ask Charlie Nick and Brian Scott about stoating about with Craigy Bhoy who, couldn’t spell Rangers let alone Sevco in the 90’s….

  2. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    Happy Christmas to all and to their loved ones , including absent friends.





    Gold Coast Tom


    Sydney Tim


    And all the erstwhile nightshift .





    Thumbs up OA guy



    To BMCUW and Maggie Mc Gill in their new home.


    Hopefully they will return to their Alma Mater , even for a fleeting visit.



    Fiat lux et lux erat CSC .

  3. Happy to report that Sevco are shite and we are about to destroy them in Ibrox next Saturday.



  4. I would just like to wish all you good people at CQN a Happy Christmas.It has been a strange week as I received news from home that an old pal of mine had died due to a Heart Attack.The person who gave me the news asked if i could contact another mate of ours who lives near the Peninsula,to let him know.I said no problem I’ll do it right away.Anyway I made the phone call and spoke with my friend who is also a member of our Celtic Club.I got quite a shock as he was in Hospital with a heart attack .The same hospital we do our Toys for the kids visit .So I done a double whammy this week and the good news is my friend is ok and I had a wonderful visit to the kids ward with Santa.The look on some of those wee faces was priceless.Take Care My friends and have a great New Year. Paddy.

  5. To everybody on CQN and Celtic supporters everywhere have a great Christmas but especially to my big pal TONYROME and his good lady A , also his wee niece M who is still on a high after getting her selfie with KT !! HH !!

  6. Still Christmas Eve over here in the alleged Great White North and no a bit of snow out there, not tae worry though as the balloon with the teuchter mother says climate change is all a Chinese hoax lol



    Anyway tae all those at hame just want tae wish you a Nollaig Chridheil and for those in that land beyond the sea, God bless them, a Nollaig Shona.

  7. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    TONTINE TIM on 25TH DECEMBER 2018 1:00 AM


    Still Christmas Eve over here in the alleged Great White North and no a bit of snow out there, not tae worry though as the balloon with the teuchter mother says climate change is all a Chinese hoax lol






    Donecause the Chinese are being subsidised by the MUG nations of the world in the carbon emission scam .


    25 million Aussies subsidise 1.3 billion Chinese and 1.3 billion Indians until 2030







  8. A very merry Christmas to all on CQN , thanks for putting up with my ramblings, to everyone who I met at the hoot , each and everyone of. You a star, hopefully six points in the next two games and it’s game over

  9. Hunderbirds are Gone on

    A Happy Christmas and best wishes to the CQN Global community from the Central Highlands of Scotland. Thank you to you all for your contributions and I hope you all get what you would wish for in the coming New Year.


    PAUL67 – Thank you for this place, it is well appreciated by this Celt.


    Two big games coming up, and victory in both would send the team into a well earned break, with an exiting 2019 in prospect. Any other results? Well as supporters, let’s support. Eyes on the prize.


    Hail Hail everyone.



  10. Hunderbirds are Gone on

    Just wondering what nightmare scenarios for Celtic the Scottish Sports Media will be painting, in their rags and on the airways, on the eve of our match with the Govan Doppelgängers next weekend. Hmmmmmm, let’s see…


    … Rodgers to Man Ure at the end of the season? Too obvious?


    A group of senior players unhappy with Rodgers.. or Davies? Hmmm, can’t rule it out, but has perhaps been used too often in recent years.


    “Celtic Supremo” Dermot Desmond has links to something shady in Capitalist in Capitalism shock?


    In spite of only signing a three year professional contact with Celtic earlier this week, Karamoko Dembélé is in fact “jetting out” for contract talks with PSG/RB Salzburg/ a Chinese team.


    So CQNers, what’s your offering? Cyber pint or spirit of your choice, if your suggestion turns out to be the most accurate after Friday and Saturday morning’s rags are released.



  11. Merry Christmas everyone.


    Left wing,right wing , straight down the middle or someone who rejects such labeling because they see it as a means of stifling a truly open debate and a tool for division which is very useful for those who are making the rules.



    Anyway, regardless of where you see yourself. Peace.



    Definitely one of the best festive pop tunes ever.







  12. Got an inkling that the next two matches will see a rejuvenated Scott Sinclair silence his doubters.


    Form and confidence fluctuates but the skill and class he has shown with us remains. He is still a very big player for us when firing.



    I sense he’s turned a corner.



    Really looking forward to the next two games.





  13. Good Christmas Morning to all mankind from the Garngad.


    A happy, healthy, hoopy Christmas to everyone.????



    I hope everyone enjoys the festivities, but let’s not forget we have sheep to beat tomorrow .⚽️



    Right, yet again I have to make breakfast for my household and my daughter, son in law and grandson.



    I cannot wait to see the wee mans face with all the Celtic gear we have bought him?



    Hail Hail



    D. :)

  14. God Bless Our Dear Green Place………….



    Thanks to Paul 67 for providing this fine platform.



    Merry Christmas.



    HH to all Tims.

  15. 50 shades of green on

    Morning and Merry Christmas to the Glasgow Celtic diaspora around the football world.



    Now were is my Chefs hat n’ apron?