You get the feeling this squad is pacing itself


It was the morning after the night before, at Celtic Park, but the home team still collected three points against Motherwell.  The champions did not get out of second gear, and surrendered possession for long period in the second half, but they got the job done without conceding a chance worthy of the name.  You get the feeling this squad is pacing itself.  You can only climb the mountain so many times.

Jonny Hayes won Man of the Match, largely for his balls into the box.  The second goal came from a dangerous Hayes cross between defence and goalkeeper which that Motherwell defender, Richard Tait, felt obliged to intercept, turning the ball into his own net.  Jonny sent in an equally good cross a few minutes later, but there were no takers on that occasion.

He was a few weeks shy of his 30th birthday when Brendan Rodgers singed him from Aberdeen: the exact opposite of a ‘Project’, but he is a solid player who did not look out of place in Rome on Thursday night.  Cameos at Ibrox and in Rennes earlier this season further demonstrate the £1m spent taking him to Celtic was money well spent.

While Celtic have improved significantly since the early-season 2-5 win at Fir Park, so have Motherwell.  I liked the way they knocked the ball around and it was noted to me that the thuggish element, which characterised much of their play in past seasons, was gone.  I hope Steve Robinson is does not end up wasting his talent at Tynecastle.

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  1. Paul67 – Jonny may have won Man Of The Match from the match sponsors but as I’m sure you know the CQN audience give a much more accurate overall assessment of our players. Feel free to vote for your own best 3 at cqnpoty@gmail.com

  2. Hayes scored a few cracking goals for Aberdeen from outside the box – would be brilliant to see him with the confidence to do that again.

  3. Not only that, their commentary team is very good!



    I think Steve Robinson must be one of the favourites for the Norn Iron job

  4. King Lubo, with all due respect, once upon a time it was a dignified event. it is no longer. I recall when you put your penny in the tin and took a poppy from the tray and pinned it to your lapel.


    Nowadays it’s cannons, abseiling and walking talking poppies with big banana feet.


    It just doesn’t feel right to me…

  5. Paul67



    Far from Just routine as described by BBC, this was a professional job against a disciplined side on the most difficult of occasions, after a massive high in Europe.



    These international breaks are far too frequent for Celtic fans and club football, but should be used to rest up, especially players not involved.



    December will be a season defining month for Neil’s nicely forming side, where it’ll come down to better players and strongest squads.



    Hail Hail CQN

  6. King Lubo,



    I don’t agree but don’t hold it against you. After all, War is a terrible thing and the suffering that soldiers went through in the First World War shouldn’t be forgotten.



    Lucky for me, I am of a generation far removed from any conflict like the great war. It’s just unfortunate that people lucky enough to be born into this time of peace cannot understand how truly horrible war can be. We now glorify it.



    Pacifism is seen as a weakness. We have to worship Churchill & Empire. It’s just not something I can wear in good conscience.

  7. Now that the poppy debate has run its course for this year how long before the Xmas v Christmas controversy starts?

  8. SOMME might think this is poor taste but humour often offends ….. but celtics goal this weekend was scored by Dick Tait ….. hail hail :)

  9. TIMALOY29


    I kind of agree but I personally do not think wearing a poppy actually glorifies war but merely means that the wearer remembers the fallen who sacrificed so much to allow us to now live in peace.



    obviously I respect other opinions, and acccept these.




  10. charliebhoy on 11th November 2019 1:29 pm




    ‘SOMME might think this is poor taste’






    I see what you did there.

  11. Gene on 11th November 2019 1:38 pm



    We can’t do the Easter Lilly debate till we’ve done the Xmas/Christmas one.



    Them’s the rules.

  12. I think the nub of the poppy debate is choice. If you stick it om a jersey which is a footballers working gear then you give them no choice.


    McClean may be an extreme case, but down in England he has got dog’s abuse because he won’t wear a jersey with a poppy on it. He has explained his point of view which is perfectly understandable from a Derry Republican but he is still a figure of hate.


    Personally I am delighted that Celtic didn’t force our squad to wear a Poppy.


    As I said let it be a matter of choice.,

  13. UK is run by an elite who make huge profits from war . They are behind this over-the -top war glorification .



    Its a brainwashing exercise and too many are falling for it.

  14. Loved the players reaction to the fans.You can see the bond.Most of these guys would never have seen an away support like that.Incredible.

  15. 67 European Cup Winners on

    No complaints from me about our team playing really well and top of both leagues I agree with Paul67 we look like we will get stronger






    Without causing panic or sounding like a disgruntled old man lets not forget the Hun has not gone away


    We play them twice before the break – as we enter the new year we will have won the league cup and be on our way to another treble but I also feel we will only be 3 points ahead of them



    I see no one in the SPL beating the Huns this year



    My point is: we are brilliant but they will not crack we will need to crack them



    Never ever ignore your foe




  16. bamboo on 11th November 2019 2:05 pm




    The poppy on football shirts thing started about 2003 and coincided with a PR campaign by the armed forces who were struggling to find recruits.



    The aim was to preserve and promote the notion of the UK being a martial nation.



    It’s all bollocks. There’s hardly a town or village across the UK that doesn’t have a remembrance day ceremony. If people want to remember or pay their respects to the war dead they should have the decency to do it properly by attending one of those ceremonies. Not doing so but wearing a paper flower or metal badge because you’re afraid not to too is at best tokenism.

  17. This squad had better pace itself…because it has to outrun more than just the Huns.



    I had a wee keek…….:)…………………..at the “League” table there. Thems within touchin’ distance thanks to partial officialdom………………



    It’s aw aboot the ragers this year an’ next.


    Fix Fitba’ Empty Hampden!




  18. I do worry about Forster & Elyounoussi staying.



    Southampton are doing so poorly. Ralph Hasenhüttl has got to be one of the favorites for the sack.



    If he goes, a new coach might be willing to give Elyounoussi & Forster another chance at Saints….

  19. ernie


    I wonder how many people attend those ceremonies compared to how many wear a poppy but do not attend?

  20. In my opinion, people should not buy poppies. Why ? Read this.






    Ex-servicemen are living on the streets in poverty, while this is happening. The money raised only makes the rich richer. On a personal level, my grandfather fought in the First world war, got a shell in his back and never worked again. He applied to the Earl Haig fund for help and never got an answer. The famly, including my father was put out on the street, furniture and all. If it had not been for the good neighbours, I don’t know what would have happened. The same happens today with the poverty in britain. Honour the dead, but don’t buy the poppy. Give to the food shelters instead.



  21. Bankiebhoy1



    ` ..because it has to outrun more than just the Huns.`



    .. and that was shown again yesterday when Morelos` offside goal was allowed to stand.


    Sevco were certainly the better side but that does not excuse the lack of flag from a perfectly placed Linesman.


    I suppose Edouard`s offside goal against Hibs can be used for the balancing act routine.

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