You insane, insulting and illogical low intellect rabble


I admit to some admiration for the Daily Record which today came out with an outstanding article on the integrity and honest which inspires their values.  A truly inspirational piece, although somewhat undermined by an angry, if entertaining, rant against social networking sites and football forums, which are apparently characterised by “insane, insulting and illogical.. messages”, with a “lack of intellect”.

It’s good to see they don’t take themselves too seriously.

We also got the most rewarding argument to justify the accusation that Celtic “reneged” on an agreement to pay Rangers ticket money in advance of this month’s game at Ibrox.  The Record state that Celtic agreed to pay in advance as long as Rangers were not in administration (Celtic may tell a different story), which Rangers now are.  However, as Rangers issued an invoice for the tickets before going into administration, the Record argue that Celtic have, in fact, reneged as their payment didn’t reach Rangers before the administration date, 40 days in advance of the game.

They decline to claim evidence that paying more than 40 days before the game was part of the agreement, but with a startling command of intellect and logic, overlook this fact when claiming “the agreement must still have been broken”.

Don’t even try to figure this one out, it is logic way above your intellect.  It remains to be seen if it has outfoxed Celtic.

The newspaper cites conversations between Rangers staff to back up their story.  No wonder that lot ended up in such a state.  Don’t think this is a concerted effort to undermine your football team, you might feel that way, but, again, it’s a problem with your intellect. A TwitLonger link to the article can be found here.

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  1. JinkyvJohnGreig-saysitall on

    Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on 5 March, 2012 at 12:38


    In this case I’d agree, as there isn’t any further games between the two. If there had been some other aspect like ‘we’re not giving you any tickets for the next match’ then you could have seen the need for a deal. Presume D Utd have done that deal? Bizarre

  2. Paul67



    Doing some thinking about rangers(in administration) and am I right in saying that Duff and Phelps have been there 3 weeks and done NOTHING so far to cut costs, they cannot even make the decision as to which staff are getting sacked.



    was Craig Whyte who rushed these guys in to thwart HMRC appointing an administrator. All we have heard from them is chasing this up, can’t find that out, still analyzing data. The only people to leave have been Smith and Russell and when you look at the headlines they were made ‘redundant’ which implies a pay off.



    Is it just me or are they dragging their heels long enough to get rangers liquidated which plays right into CRAIGWHYTECSC hands.

  3. The Spirit of Arthur Lee on




    Aye right enough 2 aff jimmy in the one night is some achievement

  4. Gggrrr just posted on last thread :-)



    Have Dunfermline been paid the £84,000 they are due?



    Have any new redundancies been announced so far today?



    Thank you.

  5. lochgoilhead bhoy on

    Here is a question (or 5) for you legal / football rules experts.



    If all of the current Rangers’ players contracts are lodged with the SFA and/or the SPL, can Blythe and Vanessa change them (i.e. ask the players to play for less / free)?


    Will new contracts need to be lodged? Can they do that?


    How much effort would be required to do it?


    Would the players’ agents get a fee?

  6. RIP Paul Mc Bride.


    Wish he was here to take on the case of the tainted SFA President!



    The most influential man in any large company, after the chief executive, is the company secretary. Of necessity, he must (or should) be privy to any major decision involving the company he represents.


    It follows, that as the then company secretary of Snake Mountain,the current President of the SFA must (or should) have been aware of the alleged breaches of SFA and company/tax laws that were taking place. He should, therefore, be robustly encouraged to resign his post!


    If the Green Brigade are working on a new banner for the next home game, they could do worse than one proclaiming:




    Hail! Hail!



  7. Cavansam, cheers.



    ASonOfDan, these guys seem out of their depth.



    JinkyvJohnGreig, from a non-legal perspective, it looks like an open goal. Celtic might be inclined to shoot.

  8. twists n turns on

    Paul 67



    re Paul McBride



    “enemies” may be the wrong choice of word. There were many dissenting voices amongst the support on the usage of the term “hun”, but I am sure those dissenters didn’t regard Pau McBride as the enemy.



    My ould fella was forever telling me not to do things which he didn’t approve of, but he was never an enemy. (on reflection, he was usually correct!)

  9. Paul67



    Not happy, your article made me go and read jabba’s ‘opinion’. I feel all dirty now… :)

  10. SPL season ends on 13th May. This is the last day Celtic can play Rangers at home in the league. I know its still 69 days away but could we send them an invoice for tickets now and then complain to Jabba when they don’t pay up immediately?




  11. hamiltontim



    Administrators have reached an ‘agreement’ with Dunfermline but no details.



    Still no announcements, players are deciding their fate by playing a round robin of paper, scissors, stone.

  12. philvisreturns on

    Integrity is name of our game


    By Jim Traynor on Mar 5, 12 07:30 AM in



    The main currency, in fact the only currency any of us in the newspaper game should have in our moral banks must be integrity.



    Without it we, as journalists, are of no use to anyone. We have no value. None at all.



    Thanks for clearing that up Jim.



    Good luck in whatever career you choose to pursue in future. (thumbsup)

  13. playfusbal4dguilders on






    The administrators of Portsmouth and Rangers are in talks about a friendly match to raise funds for the cash-strapped pair. The Scottish champions went into administration on 14 February, with Pompey following them into bankruptcy protection three days later. Portsmouth’s administrator Trevor Birch contacted his counterparts at Rangers last week and both parties are now looking at costs and logistics to see if it could work.





  14. jude2005 is Neil Lennon \o/ on

    Spent hours on a blog there then P brings out a N A GRRRRRRRRRRRRR.



    How do I bring it across?

  15. Had this ready for this thread:




    My name is Paul McCombie. I am not hiding behind any childish pseudonym.



    Jim Traynor is very much bereft of integrity and much less any credibility, both of which, it would appear, were long since sold to David Murray for so many pieces of silver(side) and succulent lamb; a mouthful of his meat and two veg, if you prefer (or possibly not – such a ghastly image that conjures).



    “Rangers paid up front, Celtic didn’t.”



    He has stated that Celtic did not pay for the tickets up front whereas Rangers FC (in administration) (RFCIA) did. The game has not yet been played, so how can he state that Celtic “didn’t” pay up front? There is no comparison to be made on such a ‘past-tense’ basis – perhaps Jim was absent from school on the day they discussed past-present-future, I don’t know.



    He continues to state that RFCIA made a request for the money 24 days before they entered administration. Is he seriously trying to compare Celtic’s demand 21 days prior to the December match with making such a demand for ticket money, not just 24 days before they entered administration, but fully 64 days before the game is due to be played (note: it is still ‘due to be played’)?



    Evidently, he is.



    Why state the ‘administration’ event at all though? Well, it would appear that Celtic clearly feel they had an agreement based on RFCIA not being in administration whilst RFCIA apparently feel they have an agreement in place that allowed them to demand payment for games whenever they feel like it, as in: over 9 weeks in advance of the fixture.



    To put such a demand into context, RFCIA, according to the Protectors of Integrity – Scottish Hacks (you can make up your own acronym, but I have mine already), made the demand for payment fully:


    – 10 days in advance of selling their £10m+ striker for half of that amount, partially on a future promise (so essentially for a third of that amount)


    – 15 days before the Scottish Cup tie with Dundee United where they still have, as I understand it, overdue moneys payable to the opposition


    – 21 days before the away game with Dunfermline, which is also causing issues



    But now that we have such a precedence of integrity set, surely Celtic should now be making a reciprocal approach ahead of the next game against RFCIA which must surely be due within the next 64 days?

  16. The main currency, in fact the only currency any of us in the newspaper game should have in our moral banks must be integrity.



    2 words. Leveson and Enquiry.

  17. Traynor for me stands apart from the rest of the people employed to write about or comment on Scottish football in that he appears to be a genuinely unpleasant individual.



    Most of them are as thick as mince and a lot of them are irritating and annoying but I can’t think of any others who are as arrogant and nasty as him.



    I hope he enjoys writing his exclusives about the newco huns as they languish in the third division.

  18. James Traynor speaking of integrity, FFS we are through the looking glass here people! (MalcomTuckerCSC!)



    Two words Jabba: SUCCULENT LAMB.



    Or three more recent: MOTHERWELL BORN BILLIONAIRE.



    Go get him Pistol Pete! :)

  19. Silver City Neil Lennon on

    Rangers missed a trick there. They could have invoiced us for the next 4 years derby games at Ibrox and help off-set the Ticketus hole. They wouldn’t blink at castigating us for failing to do so.

  20. Monaghan1900 on

    dirtymac \o/ on 5 March, 2012 at 12:57



    You are clearly of low intellect.