You insane, insulting and illogical low intellect rabble


I admit to some admiration for the Daily Record which today came out with an outstanding article on the integrity and honest which inspires their values.  A truly inspirational piece, although somewhat undermined by an angry, if entertaining, rant against social networking sites and football forums, which are apparently characterised by “insane, insulting and illogical.. messages”, with a “lack of intellect”.

It’s good to see they don’t take themselves too seriously.

We also got the most rewarding argument to justify the accusation that Celtic “reneged” on an agreement to pay Rangers ticket money in advance of this month’s game at Ibrox.  The Record state that Celtic agreed to pay in advance as long as Rangers were not in administration (Celtic may tell a different story), which Rangers now are.  However, as Rangers issued an invoice for the tickets before going into administration, the Record argue that Celtic have, in fact, reneged as their payment didn’t reach Rangers before the administration date, 40 days in advance of the game.

They decline to claim evidence that paying more than 40 days before the game was part of the agreement, but with a startling command of intellect and logic, overlook this fact when claiming “the agreement must still have been broken”.

Don’t even try to figure this one out, it is logic way above your intellect.  It remains to be seen if it has outfoxed Celtic.

The newspaper cites conversations between Rangers staff to back up their story.  No wonder that lot ended up in such a state.  Don’t think this is a concerted effort to undermine your football team, you might feel that way, but, again, it’s a problem with your intellect. A TwitLonger link to the article can be found here.

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  1. Tamlaghtduff Bhoy



    I believe if they win at D Utd and then we beat them at Scumland then we would be 21 pts and far better GD off with seven games to go.

  2. RobertTressell @ 16:08,




    “…………………At what point do HMRC look at what is going on and apply for some kind of control of the process at the Court of Sessions?”



    The thing is that HMRC want the administration to continue until the BTC is decided.



    It is normal for the HMRC to go straight for a winding up order (i.e. Hearts)



    However the EBT test case decision can have huge repercussions (2 Billion +), so they need to keep RFC on life support til then – efter that their gone………….

  3. Look on the bright side.


    Traynor’s latest offering might just signal a beggining to the unravelling of the media’s ‘one’s as bad as the other’ stance.

  4. “Hello is that Mr Light Blue Knight?”




    “Mr Knight Duff And Phelps here, it’s just to let you know, in case you didn’t that we require your offer to purchase Rangers by the 16th Of March…2012”


    “Yes that is for a £1”


    “Well yes! but you’ll probably need a little more to get you by”


    “Have you sorted the big tax case?”


    “Eh no, not yet”




    Do they really believe that they will get offers in.

  5. tic tock on 5 March, 2012 at 15:19 said:





    Oxon Shamrock CSC, The Six Bells, Bicester



    Not sure about 2001-02 as I didn’t live down here then…






    Scroll down for a look at ‘Miss Celtic’



    Tic Tock


    great website and worth the scroll down. Much appreciated. I used to have a scarf like that !!

  6. I wonder who brought up the subject of rangers and two contracts at the SPL board meeting and what the rangers secretary had to say?



    Or did he just sit there staring at the floor…

  7. I met Miss Celtic at a bus stop in the Trongate after the League Cup Final last season. She was a bit worst for wear in more ways than one.



    Lets just say she does not look like that anymore… ;)

  8. The fact that this article employs the word “moral” sets the tone for an attempt at philosophy on the writers behalf.



    What follows is a mind numbing rant that defies logic. This leaves the reader in awe of his mangled attempt at formulating his point and bringing his prose to a healthy conclusion. Juggling the facts in a dubious sequence does nothing to add to the credibility of the article.



    Imagine one of the fat, tattooed, shaven headed hordes trying to make sense of this? Oh dear.



    What is evident is that there are those who have taken time to read the opinions expressed in the online sites mentioned. They are hurting and their rag is hemorrhaging subscribers.

  9. Poordeadking on

    RogueLeader on 5 March, 2012 at 16:07 said:



    Anyone remember when wee Nacho Ratface was convicted and fined at court? Remember when he told said court his wages were paltry? Do you think said court took his word for it or saw a wageslip? Do you think wee Ratface was actually being paid paltry amounts?



    They are finished






    I seem to recall that there was a Rangers fringe player, relatively recently, who was charged with some middling offence (speeding or drink-driving maybe), but pled poverty in court because he was seemingly on a really, really low wage, maybe £20,000 or so?



    I remember everyone laughing at how skint the huns were.



    Can anyone else remember this?

  10. northbhoy ... \o/ on

    Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on 5 March, 2012 at 16:04 said:



    Can I take it that the date of the 1st July 1998 refers to the governing body SPL inauguration and that the years prior to that will not be lost. If the financial doping was going on from the mid nineties, as already suggested then either the SFA or the transfer of responsibilities regulations should be applied and the responsible body look at and investigate the years from the mid-nineties to 1st July 1998.


    Over to you SFA, who should carry out this part of the investigation into the affairs of rfc then.



  11. Poordeadking on

    Anyone got a link to the table of Scottish competition winners with Rangers removed?



    It was doing the rounds on twitter the other night.

  12. Afternoon al!



    I’m still meeting stupid huns who can’t grasp what is happening (and why) to their club. I keep getting the line from that Michael Douglas film `Falling Down’ playing in my head.



    “I’m the bad guy? How did that happen?”



    This is then quickly – and suitably – followed by a quote from another Douglas character, Gordon Gecko, in “Wall Street”. Minty’s fav film i believe.



    “The point is, ladies and gentlemen, that greed, for lack of a better word, is good. Greed is right. Greed works.”



    Except is hasn’t, has it?



    Stupid huns!




  13. It is now obvious that the devalued/tainted title jibe is not going to go away. I cannot imagine it being beyond the collective, imaginative wit of Celtic supporters to find a way to use this particular taunt against its propagators.


    Some old timers like myself will recall the perverse pleasure to be obtained out of beating THEM by a toss of a coin in the old Charity Cup days.

  14. sitting in prestwick airport yesterday waiting for my flight back to derry i had the pleasure of being in earshot of a group of huns talking about there fate and whose to blame its no oor fault they said,they still do not get it

  15. Sandman Is Neil Lennon on

    Transcript just released of the Murray Park Talks today:





    McCulloch: Haw, Broadfoot, get tae f*ck.



    Broadfoot: Naw. Hey, you get tae. You’re p*sh.



    McCulloch: Naw, U’ll no! You’re p*sher’n me. You get tae.



    McGregor: Aye, c’moan – get tae f*ck big man.



    Broadfoot: Naw, f*ck you, Greegsy wi’ yer big take hame tae yer big she-he ‘hing. You get tae first.



    McGregor: Naw, you get tae ya cheeky gimp!



    Broadfoot: Naw, you.



    McGregor: Naw, you!



    Broadfoot: Naw, you…




    etc,etc, ad infimitum.

  16. Woefully behind with my reading, but, I would urge everyone to save the link posted in this article.




    Big Nan on 5 March, 2012 at 15:32 said:



    Anyone not sure that Rangers and dignity are an example of oxymoron should check out the Falling Masonry article on Celtic Wiki here: http://www.thecelticwiki.com/page/Rangers+-+Falling+Masonry






    To those of us of a certain age and who were at Ibrox on that day, the story told is one of remembering the Press reports of the day.



    To the younger readers, it is conclusive proof of what that club has been historically capable.



    In the earlier days of CQN, I referred to the Inquest and the remarks made about the Rangers Board.



    Through ignorance, I referred to the Coroner, until PFayr corrected me, i.e., the Sheriff.



    I also stated on here previously that Ibrox was a Masonic Lodge in it’s own right and that the players were required to become masons. This was refuted by some on here.


    Then, like now, the code of silence was observed and there was never any negative gossip or stories emerging, even after players left the club.



    One player, that I can recall, broke this rule. Ralph Brand, circa 1963-4,and he became a social and professional pariah for the rest of his career.



    I think that he was reinstated only about five years ago.



    Yes my friends, their skullduggery is inbred and woven into the fabric of that evil organisation.

  17. RogueLeader on 5 March, 2012 at 16:07 said:



    Anyone remember when wee Nacho Ratface was convicted and fined at court? Remember when he told said court his wages were paltry? Do you think said court took his word for it or saw a wageslip? Do you think wee Ratface was actually being paid paltry amounts?



    They are finished





    I don’t remember when it was, but I do remember reading about it.


    If I remember correctly, he was up in court in Greenock, for a motoring offence, for which he was fined, something around £400.



    It was stated that his wages were £1k per week.


    It was the size of the wage that drew my attention, when you consider that he was offered much higher wages than we reputedly offered.

  18. another brilliant story Paul


    not posted in a while,but still havin a laff at the posts bein made.Cant believe this NON STORY was printed today.


    JABBA&HONESTY,never 2 words to be used together!you would think he would have a lot more to write about?








    EVERY 1 KNEW!!


    but the huns still in denial?brilliant


    has the Dossers Retard forgot all the carry on last year because some of the lies they printed?


    forget the fact they cheated the taxman out of money,not paid money owed to other S.P.L. clubs&more since CRAIGWHYTECSC took over!forget the big tax case,little(getting big)case&blatant cheating done by MINTY since forgeting about his beloved Ayr Utd.& buying HMRC F.C.


    Just read a brilliant article by LIAM CONWAY




    http://wp.me/pwJUB-am about Jabba &honesty.




    just heard that the S.P.L. have launched an investigation into HMRC.FC. since its conception on the 1st july 1998?suppose better late than never!not surprised S.F.A still not doing anything about this yet?apart from the fit&proper investigation which seems to have taken ages.


    if the game goes ahead on the 25th March heard (if still employed at the time) that Goin&Bocanegra will be banned for the game!





  19. greenmaestro on

    Forget Jabba, let him fade into obscurity. Ignore him along with his chums at the Record. Igonore him along with his chums at the BBC [I do get annoyed that I have to pay a licence fee for that though – beggining to lose my own argument].



    Regarding invoices and payment, compabnies have small print – Ts&Cs. From the supplier will be a clause sayiong when payment is due, and the buying procurement organisation will have standard payment terms stating what conditions have to be met for payments to be made. These are the only agreements that exist over the payment for tickets, tickets which haven’t been delivered and for a game which hasn’t yet taken place.I doubt any procurement organisation states on the Ts&Cs that it pays invoices before receiving delivery of the goods.



    Anything else discussed betwen parties of the buyer and seller have to be bound by the Ts and Cs.

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