You live in a land where “Accies against the Act” is a prohibited phrase


You will not need me to remind you of an SNP government minister’s desire to “equalise” political chanting in status with criminal acts was one of, if not the primary, motivation for the Offensive Behaviour at Football’ Act.

The Act has been justified at every turn by an insistence that it exists to keep sectarianism and hate away from football games, despite sectarianism and hate chanting being well covered by existing legislation. Yesterday, this presumably shield against hate crime, was used against Hamilton Accies and Celtic fans, holding banners proclaiming “Repeal the Offensive Behaviour Act”. Among other prohibited banner slogans were “Fans not criminals” and “Supporting your team is not a crime”.

I have been appalled at this Act, from the early concepts of the Bill, to its ineffective passage through courts, to this highly Offensive manner it trampled on the Human Rights of Celtic and Hamilton fans to silence political dissent.

You are living in a land where “Accies against the Act” is a prohibited phrase, where both sets of fans, acting in unison, offending no one apart from those in power, are hassled by the police.

Thanks to everyone who donated to my Celtic Foundation fundraising page (still open) for yesterday’s Great Scottish Run, it is enormously appreciated. Well done to the thousands who lined the streets offering support, and on occasion, peeled oranges. Society, a concept we were told was dead in the 80s, is alive and well in Glasgow.

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  1. Hunderbirds are Gone on

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  2. Johnjames latest blog very interesting.Seems awfy confident Sevco are headed for another insolvency event.Who is he?i,ve heard possibly Jack Irvine.Or has Charlotte woke up?

  3. Shocked and somewhat surprised tha Ronny Deilias name hasn’t been mentioned in the same breath as some of the candidates for the Liverpool job. Surely the manager of a top European club should be listed high up in the candidate ranking for this type of job. Even more surprised that a pieman hasn’t been mentioned as a likely replacement for a wee dick at Sunderland

  4. Dermot fascination with EPL



    i appreciate everything ongoing at Celtic.I do.






    Celtic,its culture and identity would change at a stroke,


    Celtic,to me are easily the finest example of a successful irish diaspora at work on this earth,


    Celtic are the champions of Scotland and open to all.


    we integrate,we compete we win,we have done it in Scotland since 1888,


    to suggest we up and leave to follow something as yet undefined,


    needs to be a little more thought out,



  5. AT-Desmond’s comments don’t raise the debate it caused years ago, on the same subject.He probably thinks he is throwing us a morcel of hope.People are more aware of the TV/Football monies,now than ever before,and IMO,the idea of Celtic playing in England,is further away than ever.His advisors will have to do better.

  6. An Tearmann



    EPL, MLS, The Conference, the Hanseatic League, anywhere but a league which is based on the acceptance of the Big Lie, a league which allows a new club to call itself the same name as a Deid club, liquidated due to massive debts to 276 creditors, to claim the history of same, including all Honours ‘won’, and to have that claim recognised on all official literature and websites of the football authorities in Scotland and elsewhere. This despite financial doping on a massive scale and cheating other clubs, but mainly Celtic, out of league titles and trophies through the playing of improperly registered players season after season. Not to mention CL money lost.



    The ‘return’ of the Old Firm.



    Don’t know what going along with that farce would do to Celtic’s identity and culture.



    Hail! Hail! And may Sevco soon go the way of Rangers and spare me at least a very difficult decision.

  7. Irvine Celtic supporters


    Iam looking for a gentleman J. B.


    A good Celtic man for a lot of years


    his trade was a pipefitter on the


    oil platforms please help me



  8. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on 4th October 2015 6:32 pm






    It’s a sore point and has been since I was old enough to remember , I was only born in Nov 66 and my 1st birthday was battle in river plate, my father wasn’t at home for my first not that I’m bitter. 8))



    *just back on, took Mrs. TT tae see The Martian, didnae get in even though we were an hour and a half early so just came home and watched my 2nd favourite sport the NFL



    Didnae realise I had touched a nerve as it was 47 year ago, I was a young married man with a 3 week old wean, now I’m an oul grampa.



    I should have said “it could have cost us the league”, mea culpa.



    Celtic players no matter who they are, are not immune tae criticism, I reckon Big Billy retired 2 year too late, especially after alfie conn gave him a 10 yard start in the 73 Cup final and then waltzed past him. Hope Martin McNeill is not on this blog :-))))))



    I always felt that Jinky was responsible for George Connelly breaking his leg with a short pass tae him. the consequences of that lay off were tragic.



    Hope PL’s family are not on this blog either.



    Anyway yer da had the last laugh ending up with a slew of medals and memories.



    Hope all is well for you and your family in Canada



    *nae real complaints and 2nd grandwean now off tae Uni with his Celtic trackie on,

  9. •.









    • petec on 5th October 2015 4:06 pm




    Irish men will set them free.







    Now was Henry Joy a Mason, Kitalba?



    *don’t know about mccracken but Daniel O’Connell, he of the Catholic Emancipation Act, was.

  10. CELTIC >>>>






    efe ambrossia>>> word


    efe is a def mid>





    That Juan, theosiophist, Catholic/Jesuirt……..

  11. Oh! The Act! The Act! Again The Act!



    Just when are we going to here exactly what Sleekit said that kicked off the whole Bloody Act?

  12. Tommie20 @ 4.17



    There’s a lorra love and camaraderie on here mhate but it’s no a bliddy dating site!






    HH jamesgang

  13. Has the SMSM told us that Aberdeen getting pumped 3 games in a row, is a really good thing yet?


    Dick Wilson will reassure us on Shortbread, that Derek will come through this a much better manager, and will still win Manager of the Year…….

  14. Badabing,


    its just the nonchalent way statements like that are made,bout our clubs future



    i wish he would make a statement bout his succession,ie what happens his shares if something happened to him,so stability at our club would be maintained in any event.





    hail hail




    Beatbhoy 4.02



    OF is only ‘common’ speak if you make it so.in my opinion it dont exist,


    tho Dermot did manage to oxygenate the carcass by associating our continious clubs history since 1888 with a couple of penny share men scammin.:-)


    but your correct,’Standing alone’ re Cheat plc should be talked bout



    hail hail





    The clumpany post o the week from this lurker,well written







    have a great night Celts,away oot to get wet:-)

  15. Tommie20





    Mine was said with a smile. Hope your’s was too!



    If not, I humbly apologise.



    HH jamesgang

  16. After the SC semi final , that McLean should never have got to referee another game , add in his assistant that day too as they were both in on it . We got rid of dougie , dougie because he tried to cheat us , McLean went the full hog , he blatantly in front of millions , cheated us out off a treble . IMHO. Celtic didn,t make enough noise regards the blatant cheating . , instead doing what they always do and turn the other cheek . Hence it allows the. McLeans , thompsons , and the other bigot refs the green light to proceed . When they return it will get even worse , because they have perfected this help Sevco at all costs plan . The whole footballing scene in Scotland stinks , and is geared to one conclusion , Sevco back to where THEY think they should be . Top of the pile , and European inclusion .





    I’m not in touch with anyone from the Irvine No 1,but I’ve mailed someone who might be able to help with that.



    Fingers crossed.





    Correct re McLean. Beggars belief the cheating sod got away wi that. And that we allowed it.

  19. jimtim-MacLean has done 2 from our last 3 games, they are laughing at us.Lustig flew out of the dugout twice yesterday, to have a go at him.

  20. Tommie20



    Would love to but will be in aviemore. School holidays.



    HH mhate. Jamesgang





    McLean decided not to give us that penalty for the same reason he referees every game involving us the way he does.



    Because he can. Because he’s fireproof. Because there is no chance of anyone-MSM,SFA,Celtic,et al-doing a bloody thing about it.



    The club could do worse than use this international break to sit someone down wi all the games he has reffed us and tell him to note every blatant piece of cheating.



    Then release it anonymously on YouTube before sending it to every news outlet they can think of. Here and elsewhere.