You, your Celtic heritage and Vanessa


I’m sure many of you will be aware of the Vanessa Riddle appeal which has featured in the comments page in recent weeks.  Vanessa was diagnosed with a form of childhood cancer in 2009 but after extensive and difficult treatment received the all clear 17 months ago.  Last month her parents received news that she had suffered a relapse and that no suitable treatment was available in the UK.  Treatment is available in Philadelphia at a cost of £500,000.

Although the diagnosis is only a few weeks old the fundraising effort to send Vanessa to Philadelphia has already raised over £137k with increasing numbers of people becoming aware of the need on a daily basis (CQN’er, Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan is not a man to be denied).

To help raise awareness and funds, Taggsybhoy has booked Jury’s Inn, Glasgow, two nights next month, one of which, Saturday 11th February, he will hold a Music Quiz for the CQN community, with all proceeds going to the Vanessa Riddle Appeal.  You may have heard mention of the appeal but if you have not caught the details take a moment to update yourself here.  Getting involved is as part of your Celtic heritage as green and white hoops.  Don’t forget to book for the quiz, there’s a limit of 70 people for the room so you can’t turn up unannounced.  We’re home to the Highanders that day.

Issue 6 of CQN Magazine is currently being prepared; drop me a line if you would like to advertise,

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  1. bournesouprecipe on

    Ole Dick Byrne was tweeting away on twitter like a budgie last week, I hope he’s keeping his pecker up.

  2. !!Bada Bing!! Kano 1000 says:


    24 January, 2012 at 14:39






    Thought it was more than that to be honest – trying to point out to one of my colleagues that he’s not been great this season, to which he said, “but he’s still banging in the goals”. I asked him how many of his last 10 goals or so were penalties, and he couldn’t answer. He’s praying they accept the reported bid from West Ham, as he’s quietly admitting his stock is decreasing with each passing day… :-)






  3. Oh FFS im back in the UK on Thursday and would have loved to go to the quiz to show my support for this worthy cause but I fly out again on the 7th!!! Only getting the cup semi in as well, haven’t timed this trip at all well!!!

  4. Afternoon bhoys, the sun is out, blue skys, warm and hun free.



    So if the rumours are true that jellylegs is ofski for 7+ mill, the scottish media have done their job and done it well.



    No way on gods earth is he worth anything like that, he’s no even worth what they paid for him, if he goes down south he will be found out pdq.

  5. Dear Marvin,


    I am thinking of cheating a lot of people out of a lot of money. Do you think God will help me to get away with it?



  6. I see James McFadden is a target for the mighty Burnley. My, I think we dodged a bullet there in the last window just as we did in the goalie stakes when most folk here were giving PL but not Neil pelters for signing big Frazer.

  7. I know I shouldn’t be surprised but I’m working away on a dreich Aberdour afternoon, nothing too much happening, and then the CQN community moves!



    That’s the appeal gone through £139,000 with many CQN names and comments in amongst the tide of support across the country for Vanessa.



    Astonishing. and you know what, I know the wee lassie has a soft spot for the hoops but I don’t really think too many on here really give a stuff about that and would help anyone in her circumstances.



    I don’t know why I’m thanking you, but I am! Got 23 people coming to the quiz after about 2 hours.



    You’ve inspired me to do some serious pop picking. Will crack on tonight with a spring in my step.



    Just one wee thing, when you hit “contact us” on my webpage to tell me you’re coming, can you provide the same name as you provide on the Vanessa Justgiving page? Had the odd wee bit of confusion as to who’s who, what with monikers and such like. A small quibble.

  8. The Honest Mistake loves being first on

    Marvin Andrews.


    What’s he like with his prayers?


    Did he not play through a cruciate ligament injury powered by prayer, only to crumble in a heap a few weeks down the line?


    I susupect the same will happen to the bares, prayers will keep them afloat for a short while only for them to crumble in a heap somewhere down the line.


    Has he forgotten which team God supports?

  9. Good old Marvin , patron saint of cruciate ligaments and lost causes , more to be pitied than scolded .

  10. brimmer 'kano 1000' on

    Dear Marvin



    Don’t take this the wrong way, your faith is admirable and you like anyone else have a right to believe in whatever you want.



    But ma Granny went to church every Sunday for nigh on 60 years and she’d often ask the big man for a wee bingo win ‘noo and again’.



    She had faith, she bought the bingo books, she went just aboot every Sunday night.



    She won enough at the bingo to keep going to Port Seton every year.. Magic.



    So in summary Marvin, I believe you to be stark raving bonkers.






    p.s. God, if your logged onto CQN just now, i’m only having a wee laugh. Cheers

  11. Celts lose out against Leeds United


    By: Newsroom Staff on 24 Jan, 2012 14:33


    IN a closely-contested bounce match against Leeds United today (Tuesday), Celtic´s Development Squad were unlucky to lose 2-0, the home side netting two late goals for the win.



    Stevie Frail selected a young starting XI, though there was a welcome return to action for Mark Wilson as he continues his recovery from injury, while the highly-talented young Nigerian, Rabiu Ibrahim played his first game as a Celt since his transfer to the club was confirmed on Monday.



    And Ibrahim, who played the full 90 minutes, was an impressive performer in a Celtic side that can consider itself unlucky to have lost the match, with Leeds scoring two goals from outside the box in the last 10 minutes of the game. Mark Wilson played for about an hour.



    The Celtic starting XI was: Feely, Wilson, Toshney, Fraser, Blackman, George, McGeouch, F. Twardzik, Yaqub, Ibrahim, Keatings




  12. I liked Marvin’s wee disclaimer; ” any person with a good heart”.



    That just about rules them out.



    I hope Hector goes through them like a dose of Marvins.




    I read about a wee lassie who was in danger of losing her job and asked God for a wee Lottery win.



    Nothing happened. The next week she told him she was in danger of losing her car, due to losing her job, so a wee turn on the Lottery would help.



    Nothing happened. The following week she prayed again, in fear of losing her house.



    There was a mighty roar of thunder and a booming voice said, ” For my sake, help me out here. Buy a ticket!”.

  13. Re: Sam Torrance



    I remember, back around 1990, watching him in a pro-am at Bathgate.


    Par was 71, he went round in 58, i think.


    Very smooth, effortless swing, and hit it for miles.


    Seemed like a very sound, approachable bloke, as well, and definitely one of us.

  14. bournesouprecipe says:


    24 January, 2012 at 15:08




    How do you find the time to source these clips and sponsor Greggs full time?

  15. Jungle Jim says:


    24 January, 2012 at 15:25




    Why is Sam being mentioned ? Has something happened?



    No, i was just reading through the posts and noticed his name being mentioned.


    Reminded me of that time i saw him, that’s all.

  16. brimmer 'kano 1000' on

    Re: Sam Torrance



    Once told me at a pro-am to ‘just let the ball get in the way of your swing’.



    I’ve never looked back. I’m still mince, but a better class of mince. Prime steak mince if you will.



    Top bhoy is Sam. His good lady was TT also.




  17. bournesouprecipe on




    all via iPhone









    SacredShawlCSC ;-)



    You’ll know this (and so will voguepunter) it used to be Greggs of Rutherglen before they went viral.

  18. I wonder if they asked him to play for free?




    Zlatan Muslimovic holding Sunderland talks



    By Liam Apicella, Reporter


    Filed: Tuesday, January 24, 2012 at 14:14 UK



    Bosnian international Zlatan Muslimovic has travelled to Sunderland to hold talks over a possible move to the Stadium of Light, according to Sky Sports News.



    The 30-year-old is currently a free agent having been released by Greek club PAOK last summer.



    Muslimovic has played for a number of clubs, including Udinese, Parma and Atalanta.



    He spent yesterday on trial with Glasgow Rangers!!!!




  19. Ulster-Celt at 15:31



    I wonder if they asked him to play for free?



    They probably charged him for his day’s trial. Poor lad could only afford one day.




  20. StMichaelsBhoy2 on

    The Sam Torrance-Andy Gray incident reminds me of an episode of the unfunny “Off the Ball,” Radio Scotland programme a few years ago.



    Cowan and Cosgrave were interviewing Scottish actor Clive Russell. Russell is a Fifer and supports Raith Rovers, but the Motherwell and St Johnstone fans asked him, “If you had to support Celtic or Rangers, which would you pick, and why?”



    Russell immediately said, “Celtic.”



    There was a second or two of stunned silence, then Cowan spluttered, “Moving on then….”



    Not the answer that pair were expecting, or looking for.

  21. bournesouprecipe on

    Re Sam Torrance he posts on CQN regularly but nobody knows his Moniker



    I know for sure he was in Seville, and seen him trying to upstage The Battered Bunnet Goldstar10 and Eurochamps67 at the gazebo one match day, but his ole swing wasn’t quite on a par.

  22. Mort



    did you see the headline from the record



    “Rangers trialist Luigi Bruins: Michael Mols sold me on Gers.. but I’m only here because they’re skint”



    another great read




  23. Looks like my info yesterday was accurate, that Murray Park being used as a clearance centre for agents who have unattached players.



    Aunt Sally not a happy bunny this week. Serious consideration should be given to sticking money on rangers having a new manager next month…




  24. Ulster-Celt at 15:37



    I’m surprised a headline like that got past the editorial control. Changed times, wouldn’t have happened in Minty’s day.




  25. StMichaelsBhoy2 says:


    24 January, 2012 at 15:35



    Met him recently, top bloke, very funny.




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