You, your Celtic heritage and Vanessa


I’m sure many of you will be aware of the Vanessa Riddle appeal which has featured in the comments page in recent weeks.  Vanessa was diagnosed with a form of childhood cancer in 2009 but after extensive and difficult treatment received the all clear 17 months ago.  Last month her parents received news that she had suffered a relapse and that no suitable treatment was available in the UK.  Treatment is available in Philadelphia at a cost of £500,000.

Although the diagnosis is only a few weeks old the fundraising effort to send Vanessa to Philadelphia has already raised over £137k with increasing numbers of people becoming aware of the need on a daily basis (CQN’er, Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan is not a man to be denied).

To help raise awareness and funds, Taggsybhoy has booked Jury’s Inn, Glasgow, two nights next month, one of which, Saturday 11th February, he will hold a Music Quiz for the CQN community, with all proceeds going to the Vanessa Riddle Appeal.  You may have heard mention of the appeal but if you have not caught the details take a moment to update yourself here.  Getting involved is as part of your Celtic heritage as green and white hoops.  Don’t forget to book for the quiz, there’s a limit of 70 people for the room so you can’t turn up unannounced.  We’re home to the Highanders that day.

Issue 6 of CQN Magazine is currently being prepared; drop me a line if you would like to advertise,

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  1. By day I'm 'Mike in Toronto' but on Sunday 'I'm Neil Lennon' on

    Hello lads



    Noticed that a few of you were chatting about banjoes, etc.., and hope you dont mind me nosing in …



    Recently heard a bit from a local Glasgow band …. Julia and the Doogans … certainly not traditional folk music,


    but lovely quiet banjo and guitar sound …



    I dont know much about them, but think their music is lovely, so, just thought you might want to give it a listen …’Collide’ is quite lovely, I think…



    Anyways, better get back to working/lurking



  2. bournesouprecipe says:


    24 January, 2012 at 14:25





    There was a spammer posting under my hacked moniker first thing on Monday morning.



    Apologies if he was tetchy, and forgot you were an irascible vogue rogue.



    Ross Rogers on Main St, (ask for Chris) should get me back on the will in jig time.



    *grovels and sweats buckets*




    Ya bliddy sook ye!

  3. Huseklepp…



    Portsmouth have been issued with a winding-up petition by HM Revenue and Customs over an unpaid £1.6m tax bill.



    The club’s chief-executive David Lampitt told BBC Radio Solent on Saturday that Pompey had failed to meet their last two payments of £800,000.



    Portsmouth are currently searching for new owners after their parent company, Convers Sport Initiatives (CSI), entered administration in November.



    Italian businessman Joseph Cala pulled out of a deal to buy Pompey on Friday.



    There is an urgency to complete a deal with fresh backers, as investment is needed if Portsmouth are to meet ongoing running costs.



    “This period, while we search for a new owner, was always going to be difficult from a cash flow point of view,” Lampitt said on Saturday.



    “The club does not have the funding that would have been there if our previous owner had been in place. It has been a difficult two months to balance the financial position of the football club.



    “We are in a difficult position and will remain in a difficult position until the ownership is sorted.



    “For the time being, it is a matter between us and HMRC and we have to manage that as best we can.”



    CSI’s administrator Andrew Andronikou said on Friday that he hoped to finalise a deal to find a new owner within a week.



    “The process of finding a new owner continues. We have got other interested parties, and we have had other interested parties all along,” said Andronikou.



    BBC South understands that any purchaser would need to provide £12m as proof of funds, and assurances they could meet another £20m in repayments to former creditors, Balram Chainrai and Alexandre Gaydamak.

  4. HMRC have issued a winding up order on Portsmouth for a £1.6m ppound tax bill. I wonder how far they will go for £4m or £49m. Just makes me think, any Newco that waddles like a duck, quacks like a duck must be a Hun Newco duck, therefore the Tax man will chase them for the debt. I mean if they wear light blue, play at Ipox, five fag burns, play the same music and have Rangers(sorry) in the name of Newco, the taxman will still cometh.

  5. Daftest bet yet.



    2 euro ew acca.



    Elgin top3


    Dumbarton top3


    Stokes top2


    S/land 7th or 8th


    B/ham top3


    Shef Utd top2


    Southend top2



    Just over 27k for the place

  6. Don’t tell Marvin anyone but he should be counselling Ran*ers supporters to pray to St. Jude.



    With regard to Portsmouth, I can’t say I have much sympathy for them either. I watched a Celtic You Tube video last week and in the comments section below a Portsmouth fan was telling everyone about how much Portsmouth’s fans hated Celtic.

  7. I believe the same defence was used at the recent Tax Tribunal…




    ‘A Wisconsin man accused of assaulting his wife claims a ghost was behind the act.



    The situation on Jan. 15 began with an argument between Michael F. West and his wife over the foreclosure of their house, according to a report by The Northwestern newspaper.



    West tried to strangle the woman twice, then told her to call the police, the report said, but as she reached for the phone, he punched her repeatedly in the face, giving her a nosebleed.



    When questioned by police, West first claimed his wife had gotten injured from a fall, then later said, “A ghost did it,” the newspaper reported.’



    He has been charged and booked into jail.

  8. By day I’m ‘Mike in Toronto’ but on Sunday ‘I’m Neil Lennon’



    I can’t check that link just now as work’s `stop skiving’ software blocks it.



    However, i’m intrigued as i am a Doogan (dad fae Letterkenny) from Glasgow and never heard of them.



    Here’s hoping they’re worth a listen!






  9. bournesouprecipe says:


    24 January, 2012 at 15:29


    You’ll know this (and so will voguepunter) it used to be Greggs of Rutherglen before they went viral.




    Indeed I do Sir,many’s a time we would have a wee glow,if you


    know what I mean?and try to ste………..barter with the gentlemen on the night shift of GREGGS.


    Who would have thought that sacred ground that the factory was built on


    was actually worth more than the landon Rodeo Drive.


    Hat off to WH.

  10. Vmhan Supporting Lenny! says:


    24 January, 2012 at 15:54



    Vinny ,don’t be trying to put the mix in


    with my good buddy BSR.

  11. A new website,, has been set up to dispose of unwanted gifts from relationships that have gone sour.



    Annabel Acton, 28, from New York, created the website after her own romance fell apart days before Christmas.



    Miss Acton, originally from Australia, had two tickets to London, as well as artwork and jewellery she did not want to wear anymore, so decided to set up the website to sell it on.



    One of the prize items on the site at the moment is a Size 6 never been worn wedding dress. Sellers list the “real world price”, in this case $700 (£450), the break-up price of $400 and then they blog about it.



    In the case of the wedding dress, the user, beccey0609, wrote: “I tried on this dress and fell in love! Unfortunately my relationship ended due to the fact that he was a cheater. yea …”



    Other items on the site at the moment include a three-day weekend wedding package to upstate New York, a Tiffany silver heart necklace, and rangers football club, which was posted by a C. Whyte, real world price a £1…




  12. tomtheleedstim on

    TheOriginalSadiesBhoy says:


    24 January, 2012 at 16:12



    Amongst other, the patron Saint of ugly people.

  13. TET – Buenas tardes amigo, just a quick question, do you use the essiac stuff? I was thinking of buying the powder to mix in with my smoothies. Nipping oot for lunch will check back later.


    Mike in Toronto – i trust you are well, thanks for the music tip, saved to my faves:)





  14. Jude


    Next to the song you want to hear where it says: Play. Click on Play than on the Play icon.




  15. Drogo was a child of the Flemish nobility.[3] His mother died when he was born. He learned the reason for her death, and it emotionally crushed him. He held himself responsible. So later in his life he went to extreme penances, perhaps to relieve his guilt. Drogo was orphaned when he was a teenager.



    At age eighteen, he rid himself of all his property and became a penitential pilgrim. As a pilgrim he traveled to Rome about nine or ten times. He became a shepherd for about six years working in Sebourg, near Valenciennes. He was working for a lady named Elizabeth de la Haire.



    Reportedly Drogo was able to bilocate, which refers to the ability to maintain one’s actual presence in two totally different places at the same time. Witnesses claimed seeing Drogo working in fields simultaneously, and going to mass every Sunday.



    During a pilgrimage he was stricken with unsightly bodily affliction. He became so terribly deformed that he frightened the townspeople. In his twenties, a cell was built for him to protect the local citizens of the village from his appearance. Since he was so holy, his cell was built attached to his church. St. Drogo stayed in his cell without any human contact, except for a small window in which he received the Eucharist and obtained his food. He stayed there for the rest of his life, about forty more years, surviving only on barley, water, and the holy Eucharist.






    Get your lucky white heather ……………………….. Why do Rankers need to pray to this poor unfortunate Saint?

  16. Celtic have notched up most clean sheets in the Clydesdale Bank Premier League this season ahead of Rangers, St Johnstone and Hearts.



    Shut-outs in 2011/12


    14 Celtic


    12 Rangers


    10 Hearts


    10 St Johnstone


    9 Motherwell


    7 Kilmarnock


    6 Aberdeen


    6 St Mirren


    5 Dunfermline


    4 Dundee United


    3 Hibernian


    2 Inverness CT

  17. tomtheleedstim on

    St Drogo had terrible deformities so it has a sadder story behind it but that seems to have changed in recent times to just ugly people.


    There’s a Saint for everything isn’t there?

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