You, your Celtic heritage and Vanessa


I’m sure many of you will be aware of the Vanessa Riddle appeal which has featured in the comments page in recent weeks.  Vanessa was diagnosed with a form of childhood cancer in 2009 but after extensive and difficult treatment received the all clear 17 months ago.  Last month her parents received news that she had suffered a relapse and that no suitable treatment was available in the UK.  Treatment is available in Philadelphia at a cost of £500,000.

Although the diagnosis is only a few weeks old the fundraising effort to send Vanessa to Philadelphia has already raised over £137k with increasing numbers of people becoming aware of the need on a daily basis (CQN’er, Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan is not a man to be denied).

To help raise awareness and funds, Taggsybhoy has booked Jury’s Inn, Glasgow, two nights next month, one of which, Saturday 11th February, he will hold a Music Quiz for the CQN community, with all proceeds going to the Vanessa Riddle Appeal.  You may have heard mention of the appeal but if you have not caught the details take a moment to update yourself here.  Getting involved is as part of your Celtic heritage as green and white hoops.  Don’t forget to book for the quiz, there’s a limit of 70 people for the room so you can’t turn up unannounced.  We’re home to the Highanders that day.

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  1. pedrocaravanachio67 on

    starry plough says:


    24 January, 2012 at 16:39



    they were never my cup of tea to be honest…





    You need to change your teabags!!!



    Talking about The Led, check out Zepperella on youtube doing “when the levee breaks”


    great musicianship and fab eye candy.




  2. Brummie Bhoy says:


    24 January, 2012 at 16:37



    John Crozier runs Chapmans now,he and his family


    ran the Vogue for donkeys,the wee man did


    every thing he could to help the C.S.C A a true




    Chapmans was a mixed shop ,now I would say


    95% tim shop.


    went in after game ,just after wee mhan took over.


    Had my scarf on ‘Nae colours’ said a friendly hun


    pointing to sign above the bar


    I replied “I’ll wait to the wee man tell’s me that”


    Needless to say was greeted with ,how you doin


    have a drink on me ,like your scarf.


    roonyedisgruntledhun c.s.c

  3. ASonOfDan



    How things have changed.



    We have our Kids as usual with us on Sunday for semi final so will be


    heading to the “Picture house” (I think) which was formerly the Linn of Dee.



    Ice cream for the bhoys and big bhoys Apple juice for us.

  4. SP



    Cudnae let Blindlemon away with that.. :-)



    More importantly, I fancy the music quiz night. Every little helps



    I would very much like to meet some more CQNrs for sure

  5. pedrocaravanachio67 says:


    24 January, 2012 at 16:46



    Nothing to do with musicianship I was always more in the jazz/soul direction, now that’s not to say that I don’t shake it to whole lotta love but just not whta I would spend my hard earned on!!

  6. By day I'm 'Mike in Toronto' but on Sunday 'I'm Neil Lennon' on

    Hello all



    Well …. looks like CQN is more fun than work today ….



    Art of War…. I dont know much about them … the lead singer is Julia Doogan, and I believe she is from glasgow, so, there may be a family connection for you …. hope so, because then, chances are she’s one of the good guys …. always hate it when I like a band/actor, and then find out that they are a follower of satan’s minions!



    Jude …just click on the link, and there should be a few play buttons, should hopefully work …. if not, just google them (sorry, I’m not really a computer guy, so, not much help otherwise, I’m afraid)…



    Torontony …. cheers. glad you like them …. I first heard her stuff at the start of that program ‘Scotland’s greatest albums’ and really liked it…. then heard Julia speaking. and she was so gracious, and charming…. and just lovely … think I have a bit of a crush, to be honest.



    Things okay here …. crazy busy work wise (just won a very big case, and last week my partner and I argued a $130 million class action hearing … so lots of late nights)….



    If I’m in TO this weekend, I may bring the boys in to watch the game (I know …. you’ve heard that before, but, you will get your drinks, I promise!)

  7. RRC: says:


    24 January, 2012 at 16:48



    That’s what I thought, France I would love to be at the music quiz, sometimes living in the middle of nowhere is not that much fun!!



    Rock On..

  8. Lochgoilhead


    Yes I did track it down and yes, it was La Fantome etc. I could have sworn it was older than the 70`s and also in black and white! Thanks anyway,




  9. pedrocaravanachio67 on

    starry plough says:


    24 January, 2012 at 16:50



    The musicianship i was talking about is a four piece Led Zep tribute band (zepperella) the only difference is, they’re hot chicks. Even if Zep aren’t your thing this is definetely worth having a look at.



    Are you taking in AWB at the celtic connections?




  10. Voguepunter @4.47



    Its a slight shorter walk to Chapmans than the Vogue for me so I have popped in for a couple of games , pretty tame in there both times although a decent crowd in. Had a more ‘crazed’ experience in there one Friday night after watching the ‘Underground Jam’ at the Town Hall, which involved a mad old women pulling a knife on two asian lads in there although she was relatively harmless……



    I still prefer the madness of the ‘Vogue Lounge’, will be heading in there for a few before the game on Sunday :-)



    If you hear somebody speaking with a dodgy Brummie accent, give me a wave and I will get you a beer !!




  11. bournesouprecipe on

    The only time time there was a Melee down at the Celtic Glee club, it was only ole jazz hands, Good Time George.

  12. pedrocaravanachio67 says:


    24 January, 2012 at 16:55



    Phew eye candy indeed, AWB I won’t make, still living in Switzerland has it’s advantages I suppose…eh stumble fumble..a music place it’s not



    Hail Hail



    Victory through music..

  13. Brummie Bhoy says:


    24 January, 2012 at 16:55



    Will be in bar before game ,just before


    you go through lounge door.


    Look out for me and G64 two of us over 6ft


    and handsome………haud oan that sounds like


    tims everywhere :O) except Bada Bing he is well over 6ft freeeeaaak but no very handsome.

  14. Brummie bhoy



    Do you know English Mike ? Leeds/Celtic supporter who used to frequent Vogue


    but now goes to Chapmans ?

  15. All this talk of Greggs reminds me of when I stumbled upon his (Mr Gregg -dont think its his real name) humble abode.


    There was a charity art exhibition in his grounds in a little picturesque lake-ditrict village. He had baked some tasty pastys and pies for the visitors.

  16. Voguepunter @ 5.00



    Will definitely look out for you, if its as busy as normal will probably be treading on your toes going through to the lounge :-)



    jc2 @ 5.01



    I dont sorry, i have only been in Rutherglen for just over a year, not really met many of the locals.

  17. jc2



    Changed days indeed.



    I remember the 1990 cup final to stop rangers treble. Riots up down the Main Street prior as rangers buses decided to go along it and it was heaving with Celtic fans. Alot sitting on the grass at the New Orleans with their carry outs.



    Afterwards place was jumping!



    A good day…

  18. Brummie Bhoy says:


    24 January, 2012 at 17:04



    See you Sunday,just stand at bar ask for a drink


    in a Noddy Holder/Jim Baines accent I’m


    sure we will pick you out:O)

  19. Mort,



    Never met anyone called Porres before.



    My wife was a Doogan, but she’s alright now.

  20. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    Your Celtic heritage, the wilderness years:






    league div A Pos 5th P 30 W 14 D7 L9 51 50 1 35



    Scottish Cup, third round, lost at home to Aberdeen

  21. ‘Mike in Toronto’



    Lassie in the work played it on her i-phone and Julia has a smashin voice. Can’t be an Orc!!!



    As i say i’ll listen later on tonight and will start the jungle drums goin’ to see where – if anywhere – she sits in the old family tree.



    Sounds like your work efforts are going well over there. Good luck to you and yours.






  22. Re Sam Torrance



    Great guy. I lived in Largs ’81 – mid 90, met the man many a time, usually in Bunny Wilkie’s bookies or at the Kelburn GC not Routenburn, where his dad was the pro. Even though I was player/manager of the local team we never spoke about football. Maybe he assumed, the same as me, that as the bulk of Largsonians were huns so was I/he.



    Anyway no aires or graces on the lhad and was fulsome in his golfing tips.



    Auld Bob however was a different beast. I once asked him to give me some golf lessons.


    He asked me my handicap. When I told him, he told me to “f**k off I only teach good golfers”.




  23. MWD



    I am good mate, for some reason last nite, my replys/posts were not coming up…



    Sunshine this morning mate, high 30 again… Did someone mention it was cold back home…..

  24. SmashingMilkBottles on

    Stephen Black



    I hope you’re well and also your 14 bodyguards.



    What’s the local beer called?

  25. Mort says:



    24 January, 2012 at 13:35



    RogueLeader at 13:32



    Marvin Andrews said a Rangers fan sent him a message on twitter asking if he thought Rangers would win the tax case. he replied that if you are sincere in your prayers, then miracles can happen.








    Did Marvin add that sometimes the answer to the prayer is “No” so that the miracle can happen?

  26. By day I'm 'Mike in Toronto' but on Sunday 'I'm Neil Lennon' on

    Art of War






    Dont know if you saw it, but at 17:09, Thomthetim said his wife is a Doogan as well, so, perhaps there might be a connection there as well….



    This CQN thing sure beats working!

  27. SmashingMilkBottles says:


    24 January, 2012 at 17:26




    I am doing good mate, the bodyguards are still here LOL…



    Vindhoeck, Amstel, Hansa Castle & Carling Black Label (first night i drank that i was a little worse for wear).. Have to say Vindhoek is by far the best…..

  28. Moonbeams WD. Kano 1000 \o/ Supporting Neil Lennon 100%. says:


    24 January, 2012 at 17:30



    Yes it defo worked, thought u might be behind it ha ha….



    The wife and daughter most defo want me back lol…. i am being missed for the first time….