Your Celtic Foundation and the fuel crisis


Your Foundation has today committed £400k to help those in fuel crisis in Scotland.  £49 fuel vouchers will go to around 6,200 households, reaching 17,000 people.  A further 500 people will receive a winter care pack worth £100.

None of us really know what the world is in for this winter, but fuel bills have pushed so many on low or no incomes over the brink.  Families are choosing between heating and food, and forgoing the use of things life stairlifts for the disabled in an effort to hold their lives together.

Everyone who has put money in a Celtic FC Foundation bucket collection, bought a badge or contributed in any way, should be very proud of what they have achieved here.  Winter always brings a surge in demand for the Foundation’s work.  This project, in partnership with the Fuel Bank Foundation, is only a part of what will be done in your name in the months ahead.

What started in 1888 remains a very live and active part of being Celtic.  Well done to all.

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  1. THE BUFFLER on 28TH OCTOBER 2022 7:54 PM


    Big Jokey , did you not say fakes roasters chumps etc not welcome, make your mind up bore





    So YOU admit to being CHUMP/FAKE ?


    Funny as Feck


    Haha Ha

  2. DOOHAN on 28TH OCTOBER 2022 7:54 PM


    AN TEARMANN on 28TH OCTOBER 2022 7:51 PM










    Big paragraphs wee paragraphs





    It doesn’t matter





    Your fake..





    Have your wee meltdown and run along












    The warm welcome didn’t last very long maybe it is you who is the fake




    You have NO IDEA about AN TEARMANN…YOU are being led by FAKES.


    Hell mend ye.

  3. Big Jimmy, getting called a fake chump by you is a compliment, why would I want to drink with you , seriously you’re a nothing mate out of this wee bubble , funny funny funny as feck , why don’t you post some winning lines the night before, give others a wee chance of a win , sorry I forgot cple of years ago you flung a tizzy because someone got praised for passing tips on 😂😂😂😂 going out , night my friend 😂

  4. Doohan



    If you ain’t on for a fight then don’t fight or mock. Simple. Maybe just call up Ange from your seat at the next home game and tell him what it is he is failing to see as he has us playing some of the best football I have seen from Celtic. Were you expecting us to win the UCL with your tactics? We went toe to toe with Madrid for 60 minutes, yes we tired but I love seeing us go toe to toe and could/should have been 2-0 up. Are you asking for a doing in Madrid?



    Also, you might think you are saying nothing but you are telling us everything.



    To the others on here, I have fond memories of watching Tommy Cooper as a kid –





    Poor soul.

  5. According to Ange everyone except Callum is fit – but not everyone ready to start.


    Jota has been training all week. Could be on the bench

  6. big jimmy, ignore them seriously ignore them.



    nice to meet you and david66 today.



    real people, good brief chat,

  7. What is the Starz on



    Can you ban this racist troll DOOHAN


    have a look at the claptrap he posted a link to at 8.02 pm



    A club founded by immigrants ? Its supporters should have nothing to do with this nonsense

  8. Wits



    Totally agree,on a blog Celebrating the outreach of Walfrid via the foundation more racist nonsense.




  9. Buffler you are a fud.


    Meet us and we sort it out ya knob otherwise shut yer cake hole ya coward.






    D :)

  10. AT – Myself and mrs David 66 loved that tune from a moment in time that we were dating.



    D :)

  11. DAVID66



    He is a fud and revelling in upsetting you and Big Jimmy and many others.



    You will never pin him down with straightforward questions.

  12. Thanks to all, you know who you are, for a great afternoon at the Shipbank.



    Great meeting friends old and new.



    Terrific company and craic and a lovely buffet lunch on the house!



    These meets are second to none!



    Thanks again!

  13. Guys, chill



    I will always try to delete the claptrap as and whan I get on



    It’s now all gone



    Try and not respond and give oxygen to them

  14. bournesouprecipe on

    No idea how the £400,000 Celtic windfall for the needy, was covered if at all on mainstream.



    Least the BBC’s Chris McLaughlin dived over to Parkhead for an interview with Tony Hamilton of the foundation, and together they ran it up the flagpole as great ‘ football ‘ fuel crisis positive, but food banks are available at most clubs.



    Would swear they whispered Celtic and 400K.

  15. Any idea which fud posters did the Mod delete, names please. Sorry to sound like Ally Mccoist there.

  16. fergusslayedtheblues on

    Regards the CL and Ange and the way he has approached the competition.


    I always maintained that for me progress in Europe would be ,our players not treating the ball like a hot tottie and being scared on the ball



    I think I saw today that our pass completion rate was 87% ,if so I am delighted with what our manager is doing . I have heard Ange say he doesn’t want the players to be scared on the ball and if that stat is correct the big guy is working wonders .


    For long enough I could not understand how the players continually failed to complete simple passes in Europe that were second nature to them in the spl . Now I realise that Ange has the answer ..FEAR ..


    Maybe Ange knows that the first things you have to get out of the players heads is the fear of taking a pass under pressure, the fear of so called better teams ,the fear of making a mistake ,the fear of other teams reputations .


    Once you get that out of every players mind then other things fall into place .


    Composure no matter who you come up against leads to better passing ,leads to more likelihood of getting into more advanced areas ,leads to more chances in the danger areas which can lead to more goals .



    I believe Ange when he says we are only starting on the journey he wants to take us on .


    One thing is for sure if he does not banish the fear from the players minds first ,nothing else will follow

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