Your Celtic Foundation and the fuel crisis


Your Foundation has today committed £400k to help those in fuel crisis in Scotland.  £49 fuel vouchers will go to around 6,200 households, reaching 17,000 people.  A further 500 people will receive a winter care pack worth £100.

None of us really know what the world is in for this winter, but fuel bills have pushed so many on low or no incomes over the brink.  Families are choosing between heating and food, and forgoing the use of things life stairlifts for the disabled in an effort to hold their lives together.

Everyone who has put money in a Celtic FC Foundation bucket collection, bought a badge or contributed in any way, should be very proud of what they have achieved here.  Winter always brings a surge in demand for the Foundation’s work.  This project, in partnership with the Fuel Bank Foundation, is only a part of what will be done in your name in the months ahead.

What started in 1888 remains a very live and active part of being Celtic.  Well done to all.

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  1. Bhoys what a day in company of greeeeeat Celtic bhoys.



    Very humbling.



    If anyone has any issues with any of the bhoys I will gladly meet and have a chat.



    Alas there are cowards in every walk of life.



    I am an ordinary working man with generations of Irish/Celt in my my DNA and everyone striving to give a better life to their family.



    I have never set out to upset anyone in my life, but yes I have made tough decisions but I cannot comprehend why 1 would choose to be so argumentative to a fellow human being let alone 1 of your own.



    Having said all that I am still happy to meet the mad buffter bhoy, mad bitch, looser 1888 etc



    Any time anywhere



    God bless all poor souls.



    D :)

  2. Pps Adi I met your twin in Philbhoy, your doppelganger, awright thinner, better looking and bought a drink.



    D :)

  3. DAVID66



    Great to meet you today!



    I really do maintain that these get togethers are so therapeutic The feel good factor is off the scale.



    And BIG JIMMY was the perfect host.



    Looking forward to the next one already.



    PS Adi nust be a real good looker……..err in a manly sort of way!

  4. Saint Stivs- Nice meeting you again and thanks for that old pound note to buy a miniature, miniature.



    No seriously thanks for the donation to BRRB ‘s drinking fund.



    D :)

  5. Philbhoy so good to meet you.



    Hope you met the good lady and all is good.



    You are soòoooooooo lucky (as I hope I will be at) hurumph 50 odd that you and your good lady are still together health and love in all that.



    I hope I am not offending you .



    You are an inspiration sir. Hat doffed.



    D :)

  6. DAVID66.



    Was in the ol Ultratheque on its opening night back when I had hair :-))).


    Remember feeling like the Pope at Bellahouston looking down on the dance floor,it just seemed like thousands bopping bout.


    Used to pop in the ol bank Holiday Sundays.goood nights



    Glad you enjoyed the day wi the bhoys


    Looks rare 👍




  7. DAVID66



    No problem Sir!



    Went for a meal and a drink. I had to diet cokes!



    She was impressed!



    Take care!

  8. fergusslayedtheblues on

    Looks like the ship has docked and all you bhoys have made your way down the gang plank.


    Hope you all get safely back to your jetty ‘s ,if not head to the seaman ‘s mission ( tell uncle albert I was asking for him ) .


    David 66 you might need to rest up tomorrow BIG day Sunday sorting out those livi land lovers .


    HH fellow celts hope you all had a great day


    Cmon the HOOOOOOPS

  9. Thanks to big Jimmy,David 66,Philbhoy,Brb,Tlt,Finbar Muldoon,leggy,Sftb,S5 stivs and friends.


    Had a great day with fellow Tins.


    God Bless you all.








    Hope to see you all soon .


    All welcome.☘

  10. Trooncelt



    Long time no see on these pages,hope all good


    Listen we know they are tims but Tins in certain circumstances seem apt :-))).hope you enjoyed




  11. Troon celt – Eddie bhoy you are a diamond sir.



    Great to meet you today and that old team (me and you beinany way I was the youngest.






    D :)g the youngest , well me) what do you mean that Brian Mcglachlin fellow…

  12. Ffs what is wrong with this tablet.



    I am like mad mitch in a phone box with a broken arm..



    D :)

  13. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    Sorry I missed the day out troops.


    Hope to get to the next one..





    Please move on, people, politics and Celtic Ceo’s and Chairman do. It can be good for your health trying to juggle all these blog names


    Take care

  14. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    I have dealt with the fuel bank over the last few years having to deal with people during Covid who had never previously required assistance due to the lack of furlough etc


    The Scottish Government assisted and it was up to me to determine someones eligibility to the award.


    Previously it was only for people on pre payment metres.


    MM has a point as greed it the reason people are in fuel poverty. Low wages, the removal of tax credits ( which I was against ) and the demonization of the poor and infirm by the elite and those of us working class who for whatever reason have became Tory



  15. ‘The Watcher’s a good watch. Wangers v Aberdeen could be interesting- pen to thems , high probs.

  16. David 66


    Trooncelt came from me staying in troon ave ek


    I then moved to troon.Ayrshire.


    Now back in ek


    Staying in chalmers cres.


    Therefore the moniker.


    ‘ tomorrow. When sober 🤣🤣🇮🇪

  17. Blantyre tim whit ?



    I have never voted Tory in my life or become Tory….naw that’s wrong.



    I also help out in the north of glasgow food banks, employment and generally help wherever I can. Just this week 2 employees came to me and said it does not pay them to work anymore 1 a tradesman. Dont thi k they voted Tory.



    So I think that is bullshit.



    I know the young want get rich quick but by god that is some statement.



    D :)

  18. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on



    Sorry if you misread the post, it was a generalisation of people from working class families like us forgetting our roots and citing Tory

  19. My wife has just said to me “I can’t believe you’ve been drinking all day and your still up!”



    So, away to my bed!



    Have a great weekend!

  20. BT – I am forever misreading stuff, not the sharpest tool in the shed ” n ” all that.



    But I would never and have never voted Tory.



    I had a wellbeing teams meeting this morning and a question was how do feel about the pandemic, I raised the point that we are in another pandemic (cost of living crisis) and it’s ok for social housing staff (inc me) on good salaries but I raised the issue of our Glasgow living wage employees and how the cost of living crisis is impacting them, it’s sad, so sad that people are working 4o hours hard toil but people that could not give a jot are better off financially than someone working.



    But again I bet no one in my organization voted Tory.



    D :)

  21. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Well done to all indeed Paul.



    I can’t recall a club’s charitable arm making a donation of this size before.



    BSR @ 08:45pm – their piece started with O** F*** images.



    The uglies in the forefront of course.



    The report then went on to emphasise all clubs are doing … we … summat.



    Cue an image of club crests and badges.



    Celtic’s up in the corner. You know who’s nearer the middle.



    No doubt the phone call to Mark Hateful to come and collect a bottle of hand wash for delivery to a care home is imminent.

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