Your supporter groups, your club, your streets


The umbrella group, Fans Against Criminalisation, issued a statement yesterday (kindly published here by Joe O’Rourke on the Association site) which details a number of events in response to Saturday’s policing on Gallowgate, and the resulting response from the SNP government.  Witnesses are invited to give evidence on Saturday (23rd March), with three protests planned next month.

To the relief of all, I’m sure, the statement also records that issues surrounding meetings two organisations had with the Club in November have been resolved.

Our Club and supporters groups are led by the kind of people you would trust with your most precious valuables, as many of us do.  They each strive in new and innovative ways to herd cats in the right direction, with remarkable success.  The tasks, carried out by hundreds of Celtic fans, of running buses, chasing tickets and navigating the impossible political challenges, is often thankless.  I know a few who wonder why they bother.

They bother because they care.  The office-bearers dedicate even more time looking after the common interests.  There are more Celtic heroes than those who wear the hoops.

I hear Fifa president, Sepp Blatter, has appointed Jeffrey Webb, currently head of CONCACAF, as chief of a newly created Fifa body to fight racism in football.  Mr Webb is a director of one of the largest banks in the Cayman Islands, known for its…. unique standards of propriety.  Nice.

Quick word for Tommy in Glasgow…. brilliant!

From CQN Magazine:
Watt a goal. Celtic started this season’s European adventure against HJK Helsinki..”
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  1. jude2005 is Neil Lennon \o/ on

    Are we going to apply for permit to march to Celtic Park on league winning day?

  2. Standing up for every Celtic Supporter……………




    Well said Paul………




  3. The Boy Jinky @12:27 “Volunteers.. to join the bhoys of the auld brigade”



    When is the cut off date?



    Is a 60’s child allowed in?


    A true 60’s child.




    Will the over 75’s have to go for a medical every year?

  4. jude2005 is Neil Lennon \o/ on

    Livorno Bhoy




    Well done!!! Breath of fresh air you are up there!!

  5. It would be good if a representative of the plc could get involved in FAC and show the board’s support of these initiatives to protect the people who pay their wages…



    I won’t hold my breath…







  6. Paul,


    They certainly do! Now that you`ve corrected the typo, no one will know what I was on about……or is that the norm?


    Actually, I quite liked the Sepp Blatter, President of Fife idea 0:-)




  7. Lastsaloon



    General thoughts were over 50s … but suppose we dont wanna be too strict so if you look the part. . Can cough and wheeze a bit… shuffle. .. while still displaying a degree of immaturity with a slight rebellious streak …. yer in :)

  8. Like it or not, the police, if they can, may attempt to deem any or all above plans as needing formal plod “approval” otherwise they can step I again.


    I hope Joe is sending them a note to formally advise them of these events so they cannot be either disrupted at, like Saturday, be considered events that were “unapproved”.


    Couch all of the above plans as being akin to when the Huns were marching on Hampden with one day’s prior approval – not the prescribed 28 days notice with plod saying they had to have a way to vent their feelings.



    Why should we not get the same latitude of expression.



    Time to box clever, fellow Tims.



    If objections WERE received air these very publicly and demand to understand the differences between them and us ( on the record)

  9. jude2005 is Neil Lennon \o/ on

    Me old dad had a saying. “You’ll never beat the polis you kick wae the rang foot” He was right many a time!!

  10. all the while


    celts against the board


    celts against the spl


    celts against the polis


    celts against the goverment


    celts against the msm



    in the bowels of hampdump


    RCO,regan and longmuir are busy at work



    1 team above all is their motto





  11. Paul67,



    Agree with most of what you say, but if it wasnt for the actions of one man who broke ranks to tell the truth, i dare say the meetings of the two fans groups with the club and the very contenious issues discussed wouldnt have seen the light of day.



    It also should be added the motives of the club in these two meetings leaves a lot to be desired, i wont harp on about this any longer as hopefully people have seen sense on all sides and we can move on.




  12. weet weet weet on

    I think Scotland will 2-0 on friday,because Chris Coleman has other thing on his mind.



    he’s just nipped that big stoater from sky sports Charlotte Jackson,



    and who could blame him




  13. jude2005 is Neil Lennon \o/ on





    So you agree with my suggestion?? Apply for a permit? They dont dare refuse!!

  14. The Boy Jinky @12:43 I know hundreds of people who will testify that for my whole life I’ve steadfastly refused to grow up. Including my wee brother.


    It’s the growing out I have to bring under control.

  15. Doctor Whatfor on



    That person specification for membership of the auld brigade? My degree count of immaturity exceeds that of a right angle. And what’s this SLIGHT rebellious streak all about?


    Dae ye want me in or not?


    Wimps!! Lightweights I tell ye!!! Cough!!! Wheeze!!!

  16. Just reading an article about loyalist and former dup member and close friend of ian paisley. Member of the lol and very vocal in his tirades against irish catholics in scotland


    Wonder if the zombies will have a banner about him being convicted for the crime they reckon is commited only by priests and celtic employees

  17. jude2005 is Neil Lennon \o/ on

    Emdae know when Serbia play Croatia? They dont like wan an other. To put it mildly!!

  18. After the rally/demonstration by FAC on the 6th april in George Square will anyone attending be kettled and arrested if they attempt en masse to march up to Celtic Park?

  19. The Honest Mistake loves being first on



    Well done all involved in avoiding a conflict that would critically injure Celtic at a time of great vulnerability.


    Dwelling on any parties performance will halt the movement forward.


    Hail hail

  20. “Your supporter groups, your club, your streets…”



    …. their Polis, their Parties and Stuart Reagan tweets…



    Sorry Paul, couldn’t resist. Bit early for the marching season though is it not? Is there any relation to the 28 days required for permission to march and the film `28 days later’ which is all about zombies marching aboot the place?



    Oh well, Walk On…..

  21. God sake Paul67! Drop the Labour propaganda for once!



    We all know that SNP have made an arse of this but stop trying to peddle your Labour agenda by ysing the situation to score petty political points.



    You’ve stopped short of giving us the ‘My Granda voted Labour, my Da voted Labour’ lecture at times.

  22. Gene's a Bhoys name on

    we can have the auld brigade for the over 50s and the real auld brigade for the over 70s

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