Your supporter groups, your club, your streets


The umbrella group, Fans Against Criminalisation, issued a statement yesterday (kindly published here by Joe O’Rourke on the Association site) which details a number of events in response to Saturday’s policing on Gallowgate, and the resulting response from the SNP government.  Witnesses are invited to give evidence on Saturday (23rd March), with three protests planned next month.

To the relief of all, I’m sure, the statement also records that issues surrounding meetings two organisations had with the Club in November have been resolved.

Our Club and supporters groups are led by the kind of people you would trust with your most precious valuables, as many of us do.  They each strive in new and innovative ways to herd cats in the right direction, with remarkable success.  The tasks, carried out by hundreds of Celtic fans, of running buses, chasing tickets and navigating the impossible political challenges, is often thankless.  I know a few who wonder why they bother.

They bother because they care.  The office-bearers dedicate even more time looking after the common interests.  There are more Celtic heroes than those who wear the hoops.

I hear Fifa president, Sepp Blatter, has appointed Jeffrey Webb, currently head of CONCACAF, as chief of a newly created Fifa body to fight racism in football.  Mr Webb is a director of one of the largest banks in the Cayman Islands, known for its…. unique standards of propriety.  Nice.

Quick word for Tommy in Glasgow…. brilliant!

From CQN Magazine:
Watt a goal. Celtic started this season’s European adventure against HJK Helsinki..”
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  1. !!Bada Bing!!


    19:35 on


    21 March, 2013


    Ernie-The guy who told about the meeting with PL ,said the clips shown of the GB had guys holding up broken seats.IF true these guys should get banned IMO.




    I’m glad you raised this. I thought I read something on those lines and my thought then was had I say looked out of my bedroom window and saw someone scratch my car how would I have reacted?



    Context is everything.

  2. weeminger



    19:34 on 21 March, 2013



    ‘Ernie – lets say you repeatedly cause a nuisance by sitting in the wrong seat and refusing to move when requested up until the point where the police are involved at which point you go quietly and avoid arrest.’





    You think the courts would, or should, impose a FBO for that?



    Are you serious?

  3. Kilbowie Kelt



    What Tommy is being praised for was an abuse of the privacy of a man who has not done any harm to Tommy, or to any other person on CQN or anywhere else in the Celtic family.



    Tommy gained this guy’s phone number illicitly.


    He then proceeded to lie to him & to pretend to be a football agent who could be of benefit to him.


    He led Fran Sandaza into a situation where the guy exposed himself to ridicule & even possible physical harm.



    I am not sure which part of this is ‘brilliant’.



    I completely agree. Setting aside tribal rivalries, Sandaza is a just guy trying to earn a living. Now he’s a guy that could lose his job, and for what? So we can have a laugh at his misfortune? It’s not funny, clever or “brilliant” to hurt people. Whatever colour of shirt they wear to their work.




  4. Auldheid



    I do not believe a football supporter should be prosecuted if he is in possession of only one flare.

  5. Auldheid



    19:39 on 21 March, 2013



    The chances are any seats broken in the GB section have been broken accidentally.

  6. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Ernie-possibly accidentally,possibly maliciously,possibly guys standing on the seats when they should be sitting on them(most of the time)

  7. Weeminger a request for information is just that. A request.



    No Bill passed by Holyrood can strip us of our rights. Whether those rights were won pre-1707 or post.


    The “just obeying orders” defence was destroyed at Nuremberg. I mention Nuremberg because that was the legal starting point for the rights accorded us by the European Convention for Human Rights. These rights are not within the gift of Salmond, the Lord Advocate or anyone else.


    In the past representatives of Celtic Football Club have turned up at the homes of season ticket holders to demand that books be handed back. That was a move decided upon by the club and no-one else. A clear breach of privacy and abuse of confidentiality.



    As part of a code of social conduct, I do not pass on so much as a phone number without permission.

  8. !!Bada Bing!!



    19:46 on 21 March, 2013



    ‘Ernie-possibly accidentally,possibly maliciously,possibly guys standing on the seats when they should be sitting on them(most of the time)’




    When you consider what the GB had to the bottom line in cold hard cash the cost of replacing a couple of seats is insignificant.

  9. Finally a Rangers supporter (I think) asking if they are losing £1m a month where money to strengthen the squad to play in a higher division will come from.



    Hannah gives out share income platitude. It is that which is keeping them afloat (into next season) never mind buy players.

  10. Can be difficult to proove that you broke your own seat…guy behind me in broomy rd stand jumped that high when brian o’neill scored in the dying seconds against deidco…he landed on mine..i was in the row in front!!

  11. Ole Charles Green and Sevco may be the first to congratulate cringeworthy, tasteless Tommy for the excuse to get Sandaza off the wage bill, as predicted by a few yesterday.

  12. Ernie Lynch – no. I think the club should be able to and right now they can’t effectively ban anybody. As I understand FBOs they can be restricted a 1 or more stadia.



    I repeat that I’m not convinced it would be used properly but I understand that there could be non criminal circumstances.



    Surely its better that repeated minor offenses result in this type of exclusion, hopefully temporary, than somebody getting a criminal record because its the only option for keeping them out.

  13. Auldheid


    surely sfa should be monitoring clubs running costs in more detail after deidco scandal..like they do in germany


    idealworld cfc

  14. ernie lynch



    The seat breaking is but one example of possible conduct that merits the power to ban any misbehaving supporter.



    Its not all about the GB and the narrative has to be viewed in the wider context in which Celtic are required by law and rules to operate.

  15. Waving broken seats like trophies entitles us to assume they were broken deliberately.



    Insisting on sitting in someone else’s seat is one way to intimidate them out of it.




    The issue here is not unacceptable individual bad behaviour inside Parkhead? Peter Lawwell is using such ludicrous examples for his own purposes.

  16. !!Bada Bing!!



    19:52 on 21 March, 2013



    ‘Ernie-What if the seats were deliberately broken? Just replace them ?’




    If Celtic think seats in the GB section are being broken deliberately they should speak to the GB about it and ask them to sort it out.



    I don’t believe seats in that section are being broken deliberately.

  17. Evening all



    Not able to see match tonight. Arguably the two greatest matches ( not involving the Celts) I ever watched were the 1970 World Cup Final and Rossi’s match in 82. I know Italy are supposed to be the villains of World football but they’ve been in some classic games. As for Brazil anybody who watched their teams of 1970 and 82 bring meaning to the hoary old expression ‘The Beautiful Game’ dreams of seeing something else come close





  18. Ntassoolla – busy now but there’s a clause in the DPA that means the information has to be given if the correct procedure is followed by the police. Ill find it once the kids are in bed.

  19. fergus slayed the blues on

    Comfortable collective


    with you on that one




    they are looking into sandaza to see if he broke SFA rules ( you could not give them a red neck with a blow torch )

  20. Ernie Lynch



    I fail to see why someone’s religion dictates whether or not they should be in the cabinet or not. I also fail to see why it’s so important that you know the religion of a politician or cabinet secretary. If you’re trying to claim that Alex Salmond is in some way anti-Catholic then you’re a lunatic.



    Btw, Linda Fabiani would be the answer to your question.

  21. tommysbhoy


    19:53 on


    21 March, 2013




    surely sfa should be monitoring clubs running costs in more detail after deidco scandal..like they do in germany


    idealworld cfc




    Do not get me started. The National Club Licensing process gives the SFA the power to deny or issue conditionally a licence to play football if a club fails to convince them they are being run sustainably.



    It is a secret the msm want to keep from supporters and The Rangers supporters in particular. The latter will be asked to either pay more to watch the same standard of player or the same to watch a lesser standard next season and they might not be so keen to buy into that reality as opposed to the myth CG sold them when he issued their Prospectus.



    Interestingly the SFA have introduced new rules on transparency although with their record of ignoring rules that do not suit some might question why. (The answer to that btw is to protect the SFA from being lied to – as happened over ten years).



    See http://www.scottishfa.co.uk/resources/documents/ClubLicensing/Part2:National/Part%202%20Section%202%20-%20Roles%20and%20Responsibilities.pdf



    2.6 Confidentiality and Transparency


    The Scottish FA guarantees the clubs full confidentiality as regards all non-public information disclosed during the Licensing Process.


    However and without prejudice to the foregoing generality, each club hereby expressly consents to the Scottish FA notifying the club’s respective league body of any failure to obtain a licence and the reasons for that failure.


    Furthermore, the financial information as detailed in Section 8.12 of Part 2 of this Manual with the exception of the net debt information will be made freely available to members of the public via the Scottish FA website.


    The Scottish FA also reserves the right to disclose any award decision at any time. Subject to the disclosure to the club’s respective league body referred to above, the reasons for such decisions however will remain confidential. The Licensing Administration will adhere to the following guidelines:


     The Scottish FA has concluded a confidentiality agreement with each club. This will be updated as and when necessary;


     Members of the Licensing Committee, the Appellate Tribunal and any other individual engaged by the Licensor in the Licensing process must sign a confidentiality agreement before starting his or her tasks. Licensing Administration employees are subject to confidentiality provisions in terms of their employment contracts;


     The level at which an award is presented to a club (overall and under each criteria heading) will be made available for general consumption via the Scottish FA website.

  22. In line with some previous posters, I too totally disagree with our host re Tommy’s duping of Sandaza, I thought it was mean & tasteless and if it allows Green to save some money by using the interview to get rid of Sandaza for zilch then all he has done is helped Sevco. Anyone helping Green to save money is not doing Celtic any service.

  23. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Ernie”If Celtic think seats in the GB section are being broken deliberately they should speak to the GB about it and ask them to sort it out.” I agree on the principle of sorting problems out internally,but it seems PL is happy to see this situation mushroom and deteriorate for whatever reason.I am also inclined to give the GB the benefit of the doubt,as i think the Club have used them for financial gain at times.FWIW I have seen some of these guys in action at away games…….some questionable behaviour in Celtic colours.Having a group of those numbers ,you are going to get a few rockets who spoil it.

  24. Tim Malone Will Tell on

    Haud on a wee minute – this is becoming a twisted argument.



    Are some bloggers really saying that they can’t see any legitimate circumstances under which Celtic would be entitled to ban any supporter???

  25. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Fergus- They are a hoot,as Bourne suggested the huns will chase him if they can to save some money.

  26. Tim Malone Will Tell


    20:06 on


    21 March, 2013


    Haud on a wee minute – this is becoming a twisted argument.



    Are some bloggers really saying that they can’t see any legitimate circumstances under which Celtic would be entitled to ban any supporter???




    That is how it looks and it is an absurd position to take. Then again if the alternative is to consider just possibly that The Board might have legitimate reasons for their actions, then an absurd position is as defensible as say a loan that needs not be repaid not being a payment. (Well it worked for Rangers)

  27. I said a year ago,that PL would be sitting in his leather seat,looking out at a near empty stadium.I don’t like what is going on with the Green Brigade,I have niggling doubts about the clubs attitude to Sevco ,now you hear that Walker is saying that two board members would want Sevco back in the S PL.I have always consider myself as a Celtic fan from cradle to grave,have I been deluded?

  28. Tim Malone, Obviously if someone acts in a violent or disorderly manner they could and indeed should be barred. I reckon if someone breaks a seat unintentionally whilst jumping about, (A) They should be given the option of paying for the damage or get barred. If they subsequently cause any further damage within the Stadium they should be barred. I see from a report of recent meeting between the Board and Celtic Trust, that Celtic have applied for permission for a standing area. If they succeed this could be the answer to a lot of Green Brigade related issues.

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