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The umbrella group, Fans Against Criminalisation, issued a statement yesterday (kindly published here by Joe O’Rourke on the Association site) which details a number of events in response to Saturday’s policing on Gallowgate, and the resulting response from the SNP government.  Witnesses are invited to give evidence on Saturday (23rd March), with three protests planned next month.

To the relief of all, I’m sure, the statement also records that issues surrounding meetings two organisations had with the Club in November have been resolved.

Our Club and supporters groups are led by the kind of people you would trust with your most precious valuables, as many of us do.  They each strive in new and innovative ways to herd cats in the right direction, with remarkable success.  The tasks, carried out by hundreds of Celtic fans, of running buses, chasing tickets and navigating the impossible political challenges, is often thankless.  I know a few who wonder why they bother.

They bother because they care.  The office-bearers dedicate even more time looking after the common interests.  There are more Celtic heroes than those who wear the hoops.

I hear Fifa president, Sepp Blatter, has appointed Jeffrey Webb, currently head of CONCACAF, as chief of a newly created Fifa body to fight racism in football.  Mr Webb is a director of one of the largest banks in the Cayman Islands, known for its…. unique standards of propriety.  Nice.

Quick word for Tommy in Glasgow…. brilliant!

From CQN Magazine:
Watt a goal. Celtic started this season’s European adventure against HJK Helsinki..”
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  1. btw…..embdy got fottage of THAT goal?


    Canne find it anywhere.


    Except in the old kodak memory.


    : > )

  2. Alasdair MacLean on

    A Ceiler Gonof Rust,



    Love the Vatersay Boys….what they lack in musical ability they more than make up for with enthusiasm and feeling.



    Not being patronising…I can’t play a note – but I know what I like.

  3. mickbhoy1888,



    Yet they told my brother nothing had been sent out for this game?



    He said people have been contacted…they said no they have not!!!

  4. a ceiler gonof rust



    02:33 on


    22 March, 2013



    I’ve been doing it the same way for years that’s why she left me (o)

  5. Went fishin once.



    Of the coast of St Andrews, Sunday morning, mental hangover.



    Rod dropped into the sea, and that’s it.



    I am trying to catch something so I look at it, mutilate it, then throw it back.



    I was sick once or twice, making the trip for my pals.



    I took the rod out, huddled down, and watched other nervous people.

  6. .



    Been on a Road-Trip the Last 3 Weeks Did Sammi Score Any Goals..? Tap ins Sclaff Heeders Etc..A Link would be Good..



    A Ken he is No a Born Strikers but Jist in Case..



    Summa of Sammi

  7. Alasdair MacLean on

    Rascar Capac



    Half east coast highlands half western isles with a part primary schooling in Glasgow I really appreciate what’s happening now in the Scottish traditional music scene. Ma bairns are part of it.


    Poor Calum Kennedy that I posted earlier was the epitomy of those who sold for gold their musical heritage in the sixties I’m afraid.



    Anyway, I still know how to get a fish or two. The shooting I never took to. Last thing I shot was at the age of 14 – a milker rabbit and I buried it. Never took any pleasure from killing. Don’t need to do it when I can buy it easier and cheaper than doing it myself.

  8. Fred c Dobbs



    Not very fair on the supporter who has to travel from afar and has to arrange travel not knowing wether he has a ticket or not

  9. Alasdair



    Don’t get me wrong, I am a fully paid up carnivore.



    I love the thought of catching my dinner.



    I hate the thought of ripping a jaw for fun.



    I am not a hun.

  10. Alasdair MacLean on

    Oighe Bha.


    Bed for me.


    And I blame you lot for holding me from it the last hour!





  11. A Ceiler Gonof Rust on

    miki67 I’ve goat rubber lips so nae problem on the trush front, espesially if you guzzle yer gob roon the contents of the boatil I offered you a couple of pages back.



    Stay cool bro, take yer meds and stay with us.




    We love you miki67, you are Celtic.




    Hail Hail Celtic men n wummin.

  12. Alasdair MacLean on

    Rascar Capac,



    Know what you’re saying – hope you don’t think I misunderstood you.


    Cheer for now.



  13. .



    Dr Whatfor..



    Was Not taking Mickey.. Cheers Cheers Cheers for that..



    I had Heard about it.. But first time I had Seen it..



    There were 180 Sydney Celtic supporters on a Boat the Hours before that Game..



    Setanta ESPN Sky et al decided we could Not watch Our Beloved Hoops Live .. On Paddys Day ( for Us) ..



    I had Drive 7 Days to get there.. Another CQNer had flew from Qatar all to Have a Celtic Night out and watch our Team..



    Shame on them .. And Celtic ..



    Thanks again for The Clip.. Most of us Found out the Next Day Celtic had Won..



    I will be Following this up with the Aforementioned TV stations and Celtic FC..



    Summa of SammisGoalsCSC

  14. Doctor Whatfor on

    summa of sammi



    You are very welcome. Mind you, the context was all. 3-1down with 20 minutes to go. Sammy makes it 4-3 in 4th minute of extra time. We were dancing, I tell you, dancing.


    Armageddon my erse!

  15. .



    Dr Whatfor..



    We were in a Sports Bar in Sydney.. Last we Heard it was 3-3.. There were about 10 Screens..



    QPR fans watching their Game..



    West Ham.. Ditto



    Arsenal .. Ditto..



    Liverpool .. Ditto..



    I could go On..



    QPR fans able to Watch their game Live.. But Celtic Fans Can’t..



    Do the Math.. Setanta et al




  16. It took me months to figure it out : carnoustie golfer…….doh.


    Aaahhh, I’d love to meeet some of you guys some day, same day. The banter would be nuclear.



  17. doctor whatfor02:49 on 22 March, 2013




    Not sure if goal number 2 on this clip is the one you mean. Is it?




    ya ciamond………that’s it. Straight to favourites.


    Thank you ever so much. May I send you a dram or two for that?!


    Many thanks again……i remember seeing that and it being etched on my memory.


    Hail! Hail!

  18. ===============




    None Of Us Are Free – If One Of Us Is Chained



    “And there are people still in darkness,


    And they just can’t see the light.


    If you don’t say it’s wrong then that says it right.


    We got try to feel for each other, let our brother’s know that we care.


    Got to get the message, send it out loud and clear.”



    Funk that grody max.

  19. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    Estadio Nacional


    23:35 on 21 March, 2013




    The feeling is mutual.


    Thoroughly enjoyed myself as did the wee barra.


    Also got a wee mention on here from Summa,but it was all Greek to me.


    Very much hope we can catch up again,over a wee schooner or two at some stage in the future.


    Keep well,mate.

  20. .



    Samaras’ first goal of the 2006–07 season came on 20 September, despite this, City lost 2–1 in the FA Cup to League One side Chesterfield.[36] Four days later, Samaras scored twice, as Manchester City beat West Ham United 2–0. City had won just three of their previous 16 games, and the club, as well as Samaras, had been receiving a lot of criticism from fans.[37] In December, Pearce publicly stated that Samaras would have to ‘toughen up’, if he wanted to be a success in the Premier League. He said that Samaras’ all round game wasn’t good enough, and that he would need to learn to pass the ball better and compete more effectively. Some fans had criticised Pearce for signing Samaras, along with other foreign players, who had not settled in well enough to the English game.[38] On 2 January, Samaras came on as a half-time substitute, and scored twice, as they beat Everton 2–1.[39] In March, Daily Mirror reported that the reason Manchester City were struggling so badly was that they didn’t have any quality strikers. They went on say that the £6million spent on Samaras looked like “very bad business” especially compared to the £2.5 million Blackburn Rovers had spent on Benni McCarthy. They also described Samaras as looking like a “fish out of water” as he struggled to adapt to the different style of play in England.[40] On 10 March, defender Richard Dunne said that he felt the reason that City were performing so badly was that their foreign players, including Samaras, were letting the side down by not working hard enough. Samaras responded to his criticisms, by saying that he felt it was Pearce’s fault that he wasn’t playing well because the manager wasn’t giving him a regular run of games. He also said that he felt a lot of criticism stemmed from his high transfer fee, saying that it is normal for expensive players to be criticised more than most when they don’t play well. Samaras also said that he had come through tougher periods than this and his self-belief would not be shaken, he said that his desire was to become a Champions League player. Daily Mail pointed out that, despite the criticism, Samaras had scored more goals than any other City player and that he was also responsible for the few highlights of their season.



    Summa of ManTitySammiCSC

  21. .






    Just Re-Read my Post..Ha Ha..



    That was Me saying thanks for a Good Night..And Your Lad is a Great Bhoy..The Drive home was a Bit windy (They had a Tornado last Night)..But made it home OK..11 Hrs Drive..



    Till Next Time..



    Missing the Sammi Goal was Only Negative of Full Trip..






    Thanks Again..

  22. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    Summa of Sammi….


    00:04 on 22 March, 2013


    Estadio Nacional.. MacJay..





    Glad you got home in one piece,in spite of the transport.


    Maybe you should initiate the annual “Sydney to Melbourne” to rival the London to Brighton.


    Less of the occupational refs.,if you don`t mind.:-)


    Regards also to Vince,another of our esteemed blog bludgers.


    Big reasons now for giving my wholehearted to wee Gordon and the lads tonight.For the first time in aeons.



  23. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    Summa of Sammi….


    05:49 on 22 March, 2013



    Setanta 7am ramorra.Jock v Taffy(trog) LIVE



    11.30 Tonight Israell v Portugal


    3.30ish am Serbia v Croatia……might involve some erm….incidents.

  24. I don’t think the careers of folk like B. Wiggins should be tainted by that bleach toothed conman from America who shamelessly used cancer to buy himself titles and a fast car lifestyle.


    And the investment that’s gone into the velodrome by Parkhead. No way.


    Cretins like Armstrong, plastic spray tears, evasive preplanned answers for Harpo Oprah……not good enough. Jail time,rubber room….whatever. Not evennadmiting wrongdoing is testament to this g.i. Joe little liar.