Zaluska assault


I didn’t realise until this morning that the assault on Lukasz Zaluska’s assault by two premiership footballers was so serious as to have the player lying unconscious on the ground for several minutes.  The Celtic player was out in Glasgow with his wife Sunday night before the incident.

Lukasz was singled-out for online abuse by two Dundee United players in August, one from Poland, one Scottish-born player who has represented Northern Ireland, after the Legia Warsaw Champions League qualifier.  The Polish player subsequently took to Twitter to campaign for Legia’s punishment for fielding a suspended player against Celtic to be reduced.

The stories I could tell about various footballers would fill more than a few volumes, but all of the tales I’ve heard about Lukasz are that he is a polite, generous, player who repeatedly puts himself out to help Celtic fans and Poles living here.  Very best wishes to the big guy, I hope we see him back soon.

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  1. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on



    Visited John Ogilvie High School last year and spoke to mini and ger Polish friend.



    He is what being a Celt is about.


    Get well soon big man…

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  3. The crack troops from FOCUS ,would have had at least 3 locked up for LZ’s assault by now.We should start one of those petitions ,to have FOCUS standards of policing ,rolled out across the country.


    Full recovery soon Lukasz.

  4. Were the two Dundee United players involved in last night’s attack on LZ?


    I heard it was the Hamilton Hobbit, formerly of St M and Morton?


    A Scot playing for Northern Ireland? Surely not; why is it not all over the MSM about the abuse the fellow must take at all away grounds?



    If caught and proven guilty, both must be suspended Sine Die by SFA?



    Interesting to see what will happen.



    Any arrests for the Loyalist rampages in and around George Square on Referendum Friday?


    The Lying King fit and proper?










  5. According to the man for whom getting knocked unconscious constitutes a “minor injury”, big LZ trained with the squad today.

  6. FourGreenFields on

    So , if this assault on LZ is a follow on from some abuse on twitter then surely this becomes a more serious incident .


    A premeditated ? attack which could have had much more serious consequences for LZ.

  7. I’ve only heard good things about Lukasz also. A real gentleman and a credit to the Celtic name.



    This is a shameful, thuggish thing to happen to a completely innocent man out with his wife.



    Get well soon big man.





    12:36 on 21 October, 2014


    I lived in Holland when Cruijff began to be recognised as a great footballer (a mate told me when I arrived he would be one of the best). I was there when Ajax hammered us in Amsterdam. Piet Keizer was one of those who had a great game that night. Ajax played football, like Jock Stein in his prime had Celtic playing: play to the strengths of each member of the team. It wasn’t just Johan who had that awareness, great player that he was.






    Spot on,mate.



    Krol,Rijnders and Neeskens were outstanding players.



    And Cruyff was as good as it has ever got in his role.





    12:45 on 21 October, 2014


    According to the man for whom getting knocked unconscious constitutes a “minor injury”, big LZ trained with the squad today.





    If knocked unconscious,possible concussion,I doubt he will have trained.



    May be in the med room.

  10. Phyllis Dietrichson on

    Winning Captains:



    CQN Bookstore is currently down for essential maintenance.



    Please try again later.

  11. time for change on

    From what I gather the attack on Zaluska was from behind, like some of the challenges witnessed on field…all cowardly. Unfortunately the poor man may not be sure to receive the support he deserves in this situation from legal action to support from the Scottish Football governing body. No wrong charges, assault is assault (not an attempt to achieve a conviction on a loose piece of legislation trying to legitimise it.



    Hopefully the two player involved will pay the price, not only being sacked but banned from the game for a substantial period of time (doubt it though).



    Any news on Izzie and his recovery from the wild challenge on Saturday, both on the injury front and a call from the compliance officer’s office?



    Looking forward to Willie Collums performance at the Barca/Ajax game…..I’m sure that he’ll continue to enhance the reputation of Scottish referees one way or the other!



    Roll on Thursday night.



    On the domestic front darling daughter is appearing on stage at the Pavilion this week in the Apollo Players musical The Adams Family.(break a leg) and our home of 18 years is going on the market. I don’t know what has been more stressful?




  12. Celtic must back their employee here,and make sure it is taken the whole road .Faith in the justice system? That’s another matter…

  13. BMCUW



    Big Raman jumping to the wrong conclusion again, perhaps?



    Maybe “attended” training would have been more accurate, rather than the suggestion that he “partook”.



    Glad he’s up and about, anyway. It could easily have been so much worse.

  14. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    bazzabhoy 08:04 on 21 October, 2014


    Funniest thing I’ve read in a while. Courtesy of jakethesnake on twitter:


    MCoist “We don’t have a scouting system but we still watch players. Our IT guy, Steve Harvey, keeps us up to speed” <






    "Hey Ally – I've defragged your hard drive and put in a new ink cartridge. By the way, Port Vale's right back looks a decent player."

  15. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    Noticed on sportscene Sunday night that John Rankin if D Utd is current chair of pfa..



    Should take all his skills to keep the accused in employment with their respective clubs..

  16. A Ceiler Gonof Rust on

    time for change, if it’s as Mick TT suggests, a serious assault then it should be jail time for the thugs not an SFA ban.

  17. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    Good luck to mini time for change.


    I know its an arty thing but I’d never say break a leg…

  18. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    I am sorry to hear about the assault on Zaluska if the culprits are found guilty I hope they do time and are banned from playing football we can do without this from so called professional footballers.I am looking forward to our next two games they will be tough but should indicate if we are making progress or not. H.H.

  19. a ceiler gonof rust- will the SFA see the assault,as serious as a player allegedly singing in a pub?

  20. 13:03 on 21 October, 2014





    Man Utd playing in a league where 5 teams have untold resources to draw upon. We are playing in a league where no other team has paid a transfer fee for 2 years… Big difference.


    Lawwell, JC and RD

  21. Timeforchange.



    Two teams,one with the World’s top player, both with attacking philosophies imbued throughout their youth teams right up to the first team, playing on a beautiful pitch in a game that both need to win. . . .



    What could possibly go wrong??



    “Haw, Messi, I’ve got my eyes on you!”



    “front or back pair?”

  22. pedrocaravanachio67 on

    Maybe the compliance officer will offer them a 2 match ban!!!



    Name and shame these thugs.

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