Zenit players again disrespect Celtic


Zenit players have been chatty with the Russian media since returning to St Petersburg this week.  To a man, they attributed their defeat at Celtic Park to a fitness deficit.  But, do not fear, they will still go through as they are the better team.

Exactly what logic they use to convince themselves that a few days break in Rome will sufficiently improve their fitness to allow their general superior-ness to prevail is unclear.  Footballers with a “We are better, so we will go through” attitude are short of an effective plan.

When in Rome, Zenit players did what others do – posted photos of them visiting the Colosseum on social media.  There were no hard fitness sessions; they do not even seem to have sought intervention from a higher authority at St Peter’s.  To put it mildly, if this was Celtic players in the days before and after huge European games, I would incandescent.

This team believe they only have to turn up tonight to progress in the competition.  They may well have spent £150m on their squad, but they are no Bayern Munich.  We taught them a lesson at Celtic Park that they appear not to have learned from.

You can do it again, Celtic.


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  1. BATEEN BHOY on 22ND FEBRUARY 2018 12:49 PM


    For what it’s worth….



    I think that Zenit using the logo of Boston Celtics on their match programme is one of the most disrespectful things they could have done.





    Celtic used the wrong Zenit badge last week and they retaliated with a light hearted retort. Genuinely there is nothing in it.

  2. BATEEN BHOY on 22ND FEBRUARY 2018 12:49 PM



    I think its a tit for tat thing as we put their old logo on our matchday programme. Bit silly though i agree.

  3. HRVATSKI JIM on 22ND FEBRUARY 2018 12:53 PM


    Thanks for the responses





    I was wrong on both counts. I was thinking about the 3-1 game in Amsterdam and the Daily Express 5s.

  4. If we have 13 guys who are prepared to run themselves into the ground and they also adopt the novel approach of passing the ball to a team mate then we have a chance tonight. Here’s hoping.

  5. I’m not sure I share the optimism on here and that of Robert Pires. There are some frightening teams in this competition, the chances of beating them over two legs is very, very slim. Atletico Madrid, Lyon, Leipzig, Dortmund to name a few.



    Anything can happen tonight. What we are looking for is a composed performance. So many times in the past European away ties have gotten away from us before we’ve got going. We need get into a solid shape and critically we need to keep the ball. The biggest danger to Celtic tonight is giving cheap possession away in dangerous areas. It’s a huge ask for ‘babies’ like Kouassi and Kris Ajer who are untested at the level they will experience tonight.



    We have the lead and they don’t have an away goal but make no mistake progress to the next round remains a huge ask

  6. We used an old logo and that was either a genuine mistake, or, as was claimed, a(n) homage to the Zenit team who beat Oldco in Manchester. Not quite the same in my book as intentionally representing our Club with the logo of not just a different club, but from a different sport altogether. And they’re probably breaching copyright, which would make it very funny if someone from the NBA or The Celtics had a big row with his Mrs this morning and decided to take it out on someone else.


    Or maybe I’m just a grumpy old git ;-))

  7. DAVID17 on 22ND FEBRUARY 2018 1:19 PM



    In the last four seasons atletico have been finalists in the champions league twice, semi finalists and quarter finalists. It’s them or whoever beats them for me



    Who would win in a fight between St Petersburg and Leningrad?




  9. Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan on

    david17 on 22nd February 2018 1:19 pm



    Yes there are some frightening teams in the competition, and the financial gap between us and those teams has never been greater. It is far greater than in 2003 and on paper we should be also rans in the competition.



    I have read Pires’ comments and I think he may well be overstating the mark, but I do believe that the team which has the most confidence within itself can steal a march on better funded rivals who don’t believe in themselves or their set up. And I think there are a few of them in this competition.



    Tonight is a huge test with a one goal advantage being far from enough.



    If we score, and it is a big if, then they have a mighty hill to climb.



    If we get through then you just never know. It is also the kind of situation where you will find out if the likes of Dembele can really raise himself to a height hitherto unseen.



    I am not brimming with confidence but I do see a possibility.

  10. watched shakhatar v roma last night good game, shakhatar did not look tired to me, i think same down time as zenit.

  11. BARNEY67 on 22ND FEBRUARY 2018 1:29 PM



    Vladimir Putin was born in St Petersburg. Wonder if he’ll be there tonight



    *his septic tank pet dug has Scottish dna, wonder if he’ll be with him.

  12. De Vries


    Lustig Simo Ajer KT


    Forrest Brown Kouassi Ntcham








  13. B67- i would play same team as last week, with Callum more MF and Forrest further forward , where CMcG played last week.

  14. Go tell the Spartim on



    Who would win in a fight between a snake and a porcupine?



    Dead heat surely

  15. mike in toronto on




    not a bad line up … with that group, I would play more of a 4-1-4-1 with Kouassi in front of the back 4 … he provides cover for the CB’s, plus he seems decent at bringing the ball out of the back … and it would give the other 4 (including Brown) more of an option to go forward through the middle when the oppoturnity arises ..



    think JF will need to have a big game for us today …. his pace can cause them problems, but he is also going to have to do a good deal of tracking back ….




  16. BARNEY67



    Gotta be Calum for me as Sinclair has been way off the pace lately


    but then again zenit have seen Calum play so well and might be ready for him so maybe Brendan will change that too!!!



    I haven’t a clue basically

  17. I feeling quite relaxed about tonight. I’m going to just try and enjoy still being in Europe in late February.


    If we win I’ll be delighted. If we are eliminated it will probably guarantee us a double treble.


    Heads you win – tails you win!

  18. Barring injury, i think it’s gotta be the same side as last week as they got it spot on.


    Brendan might change something to go all out for an away goal or a clean sheet and attempt to surprise Mancini but surely he will give the team that did so well another crack at it!?


    Anyway I cannae wait!!!!!

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