Options may dictate experimental formation


If Celtic were at full strength, I would fancy them tonight.  As it is, we will be able to select our normal defensive lineup, midfield will be without our fulcrum Reo Hatate, and a lengthening list of wingers are absent from the forward line.

Along with the rest of the team, Yang did not set the pitch alight against Motherwell on Saturday, but as he left the field clutching his hamstring late in the game, Brendan Rodgers’s heart must have dropped a little further.

Already without Liel Abada, Daizen Maeda and the suspended Luis Palma, his choices are limited to James Forrest and Mikey Johnston.  For a manager who often likes to change both his wingers during a game, Brendan is looking at Old Mother Hubbard’s cupboard.  Four games into the Champions League campaign, our only point came as a result of an unexpected formation change by Brendan, when he went three at the back at home to Atletico Madrid.  For me, this felt like an unnecessary risk at the time, but what do I know?  It is maybe time for another experimental formation tonight.

Lazio in The Eternal City were the opponents in one of our greatest European away results in the last 20 years.  That night in 2019, the home team took an early lead and threatened to bury Celtic during a period of unrelenting pressure, but we stuck to task and the aforementioned James Forrest took his chance to level the game.

So often it is not the great things a team does, it is their opponent’s mistakes, which settles a game.  Lazio are as vulnerable to a mistake tonight as they were in the final minute of that game four years ago.  Keep it tight, no mistakes, and who knows?

And remember, it’s an early kick-off, 17:45.

*Article amended.

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  1. bournesouprecipe on

    Broadsword calling Danny boy



    Broadsword calling Danny boy



    Broadsword calling Danny boy



    Come in please 😳

  2. when in rome ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,



    San Pietro in Montorio, burial-place of the exiled Irish in Rome, 1608-1623







    this little piece of history i didnt know until BRTH told me about it.



    i had two employees in rome all summer, one is a local and roma fanatic, she is also an architecht and artist, she does archology digs as a hobby, and was a tour guide while studying.



    san pietro is literally within walking distance of her home but she never knew the story of the exiles, but is a bit of an authority on the pretenders tomb and the jacobites in rome,



    her father will be ib the celtic end tonight she tells me, because he missed the last one,



    they expect lazio to cheat their way to a win.



    even when they have been poor at home they expect them to beat us,

  3. I can understand starting Taylor in domestic games as he’s very good at getting up the pitch, linking up play and going into the midfield. His defensive frailties are often masked in Scotland (not last Saturday, unfortunately). However, I’m at a loss as to why he starts games in the CL where quite frankly, he’s utterly shown up game after game and continually targeted.



    Get Scales at LB tonight and try to cut out the silly mistakes. Or go 3 at the back and push Taylor up. If we start Taylor at LB we’re in for a long night.

  4. bournesouprecipe on

    I think Brendan will go,









    Johnston Taylor












    Mon the Pope’s 11

  5. Paul 67,



    Nothing ventured, nothing gained. It would be great to think that this is the day when we win away.



    To say that we have underachieved in European football is an understatement and our players regardless who they are must stand up and be counted.


    There is a great deal of onus on our players tonight.



    However there is also a great onus on our management to ensure we get the basics right.



    The basics are :-



    Full concentration for the whole game especially near the 45 minute and 90 minute mark.


    No unforced goalkeeper stupidity.


    No giving the referee a decision to make in defence. Defend smart and think.


    No running about like headless chickens and making rash challenges in non dangerous positions.


    Do not give away cheap set pieces



    We have nothing to lose in this game, bar more pride and reputation.


    We have a lot to gain.



    No regrets Celtic. Give it our best shot.



    HH and COYBIG.

  6. I’d go:






    AJ – CCV – Scales



    Holm – Iwata


    Forrest/Bernardo – MO’R – CalMac



    Oh – Kyogo




  7. Kyogo plays on the wing with Japan



    Wonder if we will see him start wide tonight with big Oh in the middle



    Equally would not be surprised to see a back 3 tonight

  8. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    No mistakes? Crikey, Paul – there’s optimism and there’s blind faith!


    Ball-watching, sendings off, goals conceded just before the half-time whistle, take your pick!


    I’d keep the same shape but put in Ralston at RMF.


    Come on Celtic – surprise me!

  9. MELVIN UDALL on 28TH NOVEMBER 2023 9:26 AM


    Big Jimmy, when the new browser downloads, it will ask if you want to set it as your default browser, just click no if you want to continue with Google for everything else and just use Duck Duck Go for CQN.







    You should click yes to create a desktop short cut, which will make it easier to find when you want to use it.




    I am using my DESKTOP PC.


    I have Downloaded ” DUCKDUCKGO” and I gave it a go, but now it appears to be lost after I successfully looked at CQN very briefly via DUCKDUCKGO ?


    When I did this there were NO ADS, but there is NO ” DUCKDUCKGO” ICON on my Home Screen Page ? I may have to try and Download it again ?



  10. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Hope rather than expectation for me.



    If we had had a fit squad, enjoying months of continuity of training and playing …



    I’d expect us to have achieved 14 league wins and 4 or 5 points in this group.



    But we’ve not had that. Spilt milk.



    Brendan understands this, hates this and accepts this.



    He is working with what he has and dealing with it.



    Unbelievably frustrating …. but being just competitive at CL level won’t happen this season.

  11. onenightinlisbon on




    Unbelievably frustrating …. but being just competitive at CL level won’t happen this season.




    Sounds very familiar…….

  12. MELVIN UDALL on 28TH NOVEMBER 2023 9:26 AM








    I did NOT Install DUCKDUCKGO as my MAIN BROWSER, could that be the reason why I don’t have a ” DUCKDUCKGO” ICON on my screen ?


    I have to Click On a Blue Square Icon to gain access to DUCKDUCKGO, but it appears to have got RID of the ADS on CQN.



  13. This games screams 3-5-2 but manager seems deaf to the obvious. For pity’s sake do something different. There are undiscovered tribes in South America who know how we play ( allegedly). Another defeat coming up.

  14. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on




    Unbelievably frustrating …. but being just competitive at CL level won’t happen this season.



    Sounds very familiar…….






    Agreed ONIL.



    It absolutely does.



    Shakhtar away was the one that got away last season.



    Lazio at home this time around.



    Having at least three points after two rounds is a massive foothold.



    Empowers our players.



    Gives other teams in the group something to think about other than “they are the gazelle”



    BTW – I almost wrote “won’t happen until next season” but changed it.



    There are no guarantees.

  15. BIG JIMMY on 28TH NOVEMBER 2023 1:57 PM




    Nice one Jimmy.


    When you have Duck Duck Go opened, there should be a wee icon on the Task bar at the bottom or side of your screen with the Duck Duck Go logo.



    If you right click your mouse on this icon, it will ask you if you want to pin it to the Taskbar, left click the mouse to pin it to the Task bar and you will be able to open Duck Duck Go with one click direct from your task bar.

  16. MELVIN UDALL on 28TH NOVEMBER 2023 2:25 PM




    Cheers MELVIN…


    I have now added ” DUCKDUCKGO” to my Task Bar.



    i do NOT know where you live, but you are welcome to join the CQN/SC Bhoys this FRIDAY in the SHIPBANK PUB, IF you can ?


    KICK AFF….is around high noon.



    Its gonna be a Beer Frenzy.





  17. Not used to 1145 (Central time) KO’s on a work day.



    Pretty cool, as my meetings/calls are already behind me.



    Will watch with hope in my heart – 3-5-2, keep it tight, look for balls to Kyogo in the spaces, supported by Oh.



    Mon the hoops.

  18. onenightinlisbon on







    Hope for the best but………



    Board seems to not give a damn about actually trying to even get third spot in the group.

  19. ONIL



    Not sure where the board fits in to your thinking. Weird that you can imagine the board would not care about 3rd place.



    Anyone with any connection to Celtic will be wanting a Celtic win by 2 goals today and hoping for Athletico to win in Holland.

  20. Nice to have a leader about Celtic for a change.





    Philips, CCV, Scales


    Iwata, Holm, Mcgregor, Turnbull, O’Riley


    Kyogo, Holm

  21. BIG JIMMY on 28TH NOVEMBER 2023 2:43 PM




    Thanks Jimmy. That’s very much appreciated. However, I now live down south in Merseyside and only get up to Edinburgh about once every 8 weeks or so.



    Next time I’ll up, I’ll make an effort to either meet you, Tom Mc, Preston Pans Bhoy etc in Edinburgh or venture through to Glasgow and catch up with you all there.




  22. St Tams @ 3:12



    I saw what you did there – Holm is a wee guy, we might be able to sneak him into the team twice ;o)

  23. John Greig getting big positive review on FF today.



    A bit odd that a man who won only 5 leagues out of 15 as a player and 0 out of 5 as a manager is viewed as the greatest ever ranger.



    Perhaps his goal when rangers ran up the park after we had a penalty turned down at Ibrox gave him fans claim. Perhaps it was because he carried the team all through our 9 and more.



    As a man though he is worth 10 x a Richard Gough. No bitterness or arrogance. As a man it is to his credit that he was liked by all the Lions and enjoyed good relations with many Celtic fans, myself included. Whenever I had to be there with work he was always polite and respectful despite knowing well where my allegiances lay. It is good to see him looking well.

  24. onenightinlisbon on

    BURNLEY78 on 28TH NOVEMBER 2023 3:11 PM



    Maybe if they actually showed some ambition we might be a contender.



    But we have £75M in the bank…..superb….

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