The Mark of Losers


We are no longer suffering the emotional trauma from the 90s, that decade has been more than compensated for since the dawning of the new century, but old wounds are still there.  Back then, it was difficult to live with that ‘loser’ feeling.  We knew that our wins were fragile and our ‘greatest’ triumphs often came when it didn’t matter.  Expectations were low and regularly unachieved.

A straightforward defeat was bad enough, but the heaviest toll was when we were given some encouragement.  We were almost always behind in the race for the league and needing to make up ground, so when Rangers played first and dropped points, we knew our precarious grip on a challenge could be strengthened.

So often during that dark decade, Rangers would drop points, then we would do the same in the later kick-off.  We carried around this Mark of Losers, which although invisible, it was as clear as the CR Smith lettering across the front of the Celtic jersey.

You need to have lived with this Mark to be able to recognise it when you see it.  It is usually subtle, only a couple of points dropped, but the effect is always to reinforce your Loser status.  Why did this come to mind today?  If you look around you will see it in others.  Still Losers, no matter what they try.  Enjoy your Monday.

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  1. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Great spin! We fail to beat Motherwell at home but it’s okay because another team didn’t win their game! How does that make us better, exactly?


    Just don’t seem to have the speed and intensity as last season (still well clear at the top of the bank balance league though!).


    Taylor was never going to win that ball – why not have him on the post? Simple clearance if he had been.


    Anyway, could be a lot worse. We could have strengthened the team and been more competitive in Europe but got too far in front of partner club and diluted the old firm!


    Now where have I seen this movie before…..

  2. Im surprised we haven’t touched on our on failings today.



    Although Wednesday lunchtime will come soon enough.

  3. bournesouprecipe on

    Brendan Rodgers is throwing darts now.



    He still doesn’t know the score but has tried virtually every available first team player and hardly if at all, deviated from his tactical script. Neither Odin Holm, David Turnbull, or Paulo Bernardo have filled the Reo Hatate vacuum as the Japanese star recovers yet again, from hamstring trouble. But it’s Rodger’s reliance on wide men that pragmatists might point to, and that includes a hazardous visit to Rome and an audience with you know who.



    Injury and suspension means ‘semi retired’ James Forrest will make the squad and probably the starting line up, with Abada, Maeda, and Palma all out, even Markus Tilio could be the latest left footer offered on the right flank, unless BR changes the formation. Yang started brightly on Saturday as usual, but double and sometimes treble banked, his head went down and confidence drained by the time he headed wide instead of picking his spot.



    80% possession is usually balanced by chances on goal, but they weren’t on Saturday. The second half onslaught duely commenced, Kyogo was marked out of the entire occasion and the endless stream of failed final balls were meat and drink for Motherwell’s best known Parkhead tactic. Matt O’Riley picked a bad week to give up finishing, despite at least two guilt edge chances, and it wasn’t a day for mere great triers, like Taylor and Ralston, neither of whom picked a pass over a 100 minutes. Best sides don’t chase a second goal after scoring a late ‘winner’ we should have been game managed, and used row Z, BR knows how to do it, introducing Phillips was the better option?



    Simple with Monday morning hindsight, hiding behind the European couch this week and unless BR changes it, we’ll still be there at time up.





    Cameron Carter Vickers.

  4. “Mark of Losers”



    Yet another load of psychobabble.


    Good times Bad times I know we’ve had our share


    But I also knew back in 1993 that the Bank of Scotland was lending hand over fist to any company with the name of Murray in front of it, and to Rangers FC.


    At around the same time that same Bank was trying to pull the plug on Celtic FC, a club run by and for a very small group of people, individuals who had inherit the share issue from 1897 and counting.


    The next 4-5 years we were in a process of change, Fergus and Dermot were the two main agents of that change, supported by tens of thousands of Celtic supporters. The first sign of that change of purpose took place in 1995, when we won the Scottish Cup under Tommy Burns, the second the League title under Wim Janssen, both sadly no longer with us. And the third the completion of a new stadium for a new era for us.


    Now don’t get me wrong, we went through pain and disappointment in the first half of the 1990s, but it wasn’t terminal, it was not perpetual, it was not eternal, not like the fate of the Bank of Scotland, or of “Sir” David Murray’s Rangers FC, condemned to the dustbin of History, where they belonged.


    Only one set of losers came out of that decade…and trust me it wasn’t us.

  5. The 1950s was a decade when all trophies available were won with regularity. It was during this era that Buckie Thistle travelled to Hampden Park to meet Queen’s Park in a Scottish Cup 4th round replay on 30 October 1954, prevailing 2–1[1] and thus becoming the first – and still only – senior non-league club to have won a competitive match at the national stadium.

  6. I am more concerned with the fact that we gave them the opportunity to close the gap after Saturday. Yes we’ll drop points but shouldn’t be at home to Motherwell.

  7. When my younger brother sent me the score from Aberdeen, and the way it was achieved my mood instantly brightened! And when I thought of the TURGID schedule leading to the new year I focused on the 30th. We’re gonnae molicate thum!




  8. saint stivs



    “The 1950s was a decade when all trophies were won with regularity”


    What exactly is that statement supposed to mean?


    If anything.

  9. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    Yes indeed. As I wrote yesterday:



    “Well, after yesterday’s result I really didn’t expect them to get anything other than 3 points today.




    In fact I expected them to blow Aberdeen away.




    The fact they didn’t says much about their mentality.




    Although they didn’t lose ground on us today, they took a big, big psychological blow”.

  10. I will be in London tomorrow. Does anyone know if the Brother Walfrid CSC will be showing the Lazio away game at the Carpenters Arms pub in Stratford? (The bar does not have a phone number that I can call)

  11. CELTIC MAC on 27TH NOVEMBER 2023 1:34 PM



    it is a little factoid about buckie thistle and a unique record they have.



    a celtic supporting buckie man told me this when i sat next to him for a few season in the very front of the jock stein when it opened.



    lovely man, a newsagent, never missed a home game, i lost touch with him, would be in his 80s now he played for them in the 60s and 70s. great stroy teller.



    i cant remember his name,



    he was very proud of the hoops. and their heritage.

  12. saint stivs



    Ah it is about the Buckie Thistle.


    All makes sense now.


    They are doing well in the Highland League, not to mention the Scottish Cup.


    The green and white hoops cannot be a coincidence, and legend has it we supplied them.


    Do not know offhand if that is true, but we do have a connection with them over the years.


    Hope you manage to get tickets for the game, I’m counting on going, in fact I’m looking forward to it.


    Hope the SFA do not make their travel arrangements any more difficult for them.



    But I also knew back in 1993 that the Bank of Scotland was lending hand over fist to any company with the name of Murray in front of it, and to Rangers FC.



    No you didn’t.

  14. The fella gave me a buckie thistle history book.



    The Celtic did some highland pre season tours back in Edwardian times.



    And gifted a set of strips to thistle.



    The fella told me also of buckie town itself having Catholic and Jacobite heritage as does that coast line



    I don’t know how true that is



    I feel a new topic for some research.

  15. tom mclaughlin



    Oh yes I did! And I spoke personally to the journalist who wrote the story.


    After which he became persona non grata vis a vis David Murray


    Not to mention that we knew a bit about the Murray family long before that.


    Which is why I always refer to him as the Charlatan of Charlotte Square


    Maybe you were in exile at the time……

  16. saint stivs



    Fact that the Catholic Church built such an impressive building in Buckie not long after the Catholic Emancipation Act, in the early 1850s tells a story ory. Designed it too.

  17. Celtic have played 14 Premiership games this season and have won 11, drawn 3 and lost none.



    They have now gone 51 games without a domestic home defeat dating back to January 2021, approaching 3 years.



    Most importantly, they are 8 points clear at the top, having played one more game than their closest challengers.



    Try telling all of that to the most fickle and spoiled support on the planet.



    So we drew with Motherwell. Big deal. It wasn’t a defeat and any two teams in the same division in any league can draw a game. Only when Celtic draw is it the end of the world for a lot of greetin-faced supporters.



    In our previous game we destroyed Aberdeen 6-0. Have we suddenly become a bad team overnight?



    At the game, you can always tell who the scapegoats are. Their surnames are suddenly changed to YOU, as in…



    Pass the baw YOU!






    Go for it YOU!




    In which case I apologise. I assumed you were talking with the benefit of hindsight. A lesson for me to learn.



    Yes, I was in exile then.

  19. Prestonpans bhoys on

    Having little to do today I decided to download the two sportscene programmes over the weekend. I gave my ticket away on Saturday as I was full of the cold. After watching the game that was a good call however I was surprised with the panel’s analysis post match as they talked tactics. They were actually not that bad at it, probably for the one and only time!



    Hun game next and Stewart was opening challenging the hun blocking tactics. Saying they must practice this at training, Miller just smiled. Dangerous territory for Michael, another BBC ban on the way!



    Incidentally was Dallas not on VAR against Ross County when at least three times our players had their shirts almost pulled aff.

  20. Dearie me



    Thanks goodness they are not any good??



    Wow…. after another toothless performance where the lack of strength and quality in our squad is made obvious once again we choose to discuss our rivals??


    If we had invested to improve the team on the park rather than improve the finances we would easily be 3/4/5 points further ahead than we are.


    It is clear as day that our SS23 window has not improved us one bit and there is ZERO excuse for that. We have a huge budget available and a huge football recruitment dept. but what we don’t appear to have is the will or ambition to do it.


    If the local golf club made a huge profit but the greens we poor the committee would be run out the building – the finances exist to improve the product end of.



    Having said that Motherwell were brutal on Saturday. I don’t blame the way they play, in fact we could learn a little about closing down space for our CL away days, but the time wasting and gamesmanship is nauseating. The refs show no interest in time wasting, breaking up the game, taking a throw in or free kick from within 10 yards of where it happened – it is killing the game and as much as i love me my Celtic it makes you think twice on a freezing winter day. Truly awful and it is clearly coached but if they get away with it they will continue to do it – why is nothing done about it and why do the pundits praise them for doing it??

  21. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Clearly a bit of psychological warfare in Paul’s headline.



    Nothing wrong with that.



    April 1996 lives long in my memory.



    While Oldco were losing away to Hearts the door opened for us at home to Kilmarnock.



    A Celtic fan scored for them then ran yapping to where his pals sat.


    (I never understood what point this Celtic fan was trying to make).



    Pierre equalised in injury time, game finished 1-1 and any chance of winning the league ended.



    We weren’t losers, just weren’t winners.

  22. how are our development players to get match fit when they are only running around Lennoxtown and not playing competitive football at any level.

  23. I’m sure it has been covered here, but, you can’t overestimate the effect tat the International break has on Celtic’s routine. for the THIRD time this season, we have had up to thirteen players dragged to all corners of the planet, to represent their countries.


    That meant six weeks of training and home life disturbed. Add in the injuries to main players and you have a fractured season. While we have been stretched to the limit, our opponents have had the extra training sessions and a stable home environment.


    Six weeks interruption for Internationals are ruining our leagues, as they interfere with the continuity of the programme and create fixture congestion for both clubs and fans.

  24. bring back the GB or the atmosphere at the home matches will continue to be non existent and all you will hear is rustle of sweetie papers and groans .

  25. The tactics that the likes of Motherwell employ at Celtic Park, like blatant time wasting, more often than not goes unpunished. Do they even attempt such tactics down Govan way? I doubt they would get away with it, of course.

  26. Any Celtic player pulling a jersey in the box should get fined or dropped, we have more evil eyes on us than any other club.

  27. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on




    Never underestimate your enemy. The huns are not as bad as some seem to think.






    I hear you ONIL but, respectfully, the occasional discounting of Sevco on here is the mildest possible antidote to the rubbish some Celtic fans consume from the SMSM.



    If their output were to be believed, Sevco will win the treble, the Europa League, and the Nobel peace prize in every category with Divewell winning the Golden Boot.



    For me (over a season) Sevco are a 2.10 to 2.45 PPG team while we are a 2.40 to 2.70

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