Battle of the backs, heading token steps


A concern after Japan’s win over Germany was that the Japanese market, such fertile territory for Celtic, would receive a boost in coverage from European scouts.  That scenario is less likely after defeat to a Coast Rica side who were thoroughly humiliated in their opening game against Spain.

Japan will have to take at least a point from Spain to remain in the competition, a tall order.  They are not world beaters, and we should remember that only one of the (now) five Japanese players on our books was included in the squad.  None of our greats made it into a mid-ranking World Cup side against Costa Rica.  More reason, if you needed it, to consider how much work lies ahead at improving the squad.

Yesterday’s battle of the right backs: Josip Juranovic for Croatia and Alistair Johnston for Canada, went as we hoped.  Josip is in the shop window, so a healthy run in the tournament for Croatia would be welcome, especially if he can contribute another assist, as he did yesterday.  I expect at least one suitor is watching, Celtic will be hoping to encourage others to enter the bidding.

Defeat to Croatia confirmed that Canada will exit the competition after their final group stage game against Morocco on Thursday.  Johnston will then be free to speak to Celtic, after agreement was reached with current club, Montreal.

I’m not sure if the SFA banning players from heading a ball on the day before and after a game is a significant step in the fight against later life dementia.  Players tend to do light training only before and after a game, although this can include set-piece practice.  That will now take place at other times – and I have seen no evidence that heading the ball every second day is more beneficial than heading the same number of times on concurrent days.

This move feels like a committee was setup to something but could not think of anything that would actually move the dial without banning all heading outside of games.  I sympathise.  If you were on that committee, you too would want to do something.  The Fifa roadmap should have restricting, and possibly banning, headers outside of matches across the world.  No individual national association should be left to act alone.  The evidence is in, heading leads to brain disease, the game has to take effective steps forward.

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  1. GREENPINATA on 28TH NOVEMBER 2022 10:20 AM


    ERNIE LYNCH on 28TH NOVEMBER 2022 9:19 AM





    Scottish football to ban heading the day before and after matches.







    ‘Professional footballers in Scotland are to be banned from heading the ball in training the day before and the day after a game.







    Clubs are also being told to limit exercises that involve repetitive heading to one session per week.










    I note that this is guidelines Banning will require nanny state intervention.









    It will happen. The players will want it. And club’s insurers will insist on it.



    Cameroon bench players running onto the pitch to celebrate a goal,







    “ This could create a President “







    BigJohn csc




    JOHN HARTSON can also talk a lot of CRAP at times IMHO.



  3. BIG JIMMY on 28TH NOVEMBER 2022 12:10 PM












    In his so called co commentary on any game thru this World Cup….Andros Townsend has came across as YET ANOTHER Pundit CHUMP…..





    There are many…sadly.





    McCoist, and JERMAINE JENAS and others including LEE DIXON are pure MURDER.





    Lee Dixon talks so much ” Gobblegook”…its no wonder that he isnt involved in Fitba management….or is he ?





    DIXON keeps going on about a Player…” SPINNING INTO THE HOLE” ?





    Whit HOLE ?





    TOWNSEND Today speaking about a Player said…” He was sent for a BAGEL” ?





    McCoist just keeps REPEATING Himself…





    McCoist just keeps REPEATING Himself…





    See what I did there ?












    As for JENAS…He is undoubting one of the MOST BIASED Pundits when it comes to Engerlund…he believes that the WHOLE of Fitba centres around HIS ENGNURLAND….Likewise with IAN WRIGHT….Another CHUMP.












    ive now had my wee RANT…..A cup of Tea beckons for the next TV GAME.




  4. LEE DIXON makes McCoist sound like KENNETH WOLSTENHOME.



    I can remember someone slagging KENNETH WOLSTENHOME for calling Stevie CHALMERS…..” CHARLTON” during his commentary during the Final in Lisbon 1967 ?




  5. From previous posting





    Cameroon bench players running onto the pitch to celebrate a goal,



    “ This could create a President “



    BigJohn csc




    According to Alan Hutton they could all get a yellow card for infringing on field of play. Just a thought!

  6. Tom McLaughlin



    I posted in agreement with the co-commentator.



    He was not referring to Choupo- Moting’s equaliser. His reference was to Aboubakar’s goal which got Cameroon back to 2:3. Look at the goal scorer’s reaction- he thinks he was offside so it is not unreasonable to speculate that the higher risk outrageous chip finish was attempted because he thought it wasn’t gonna count.



    The 3rd goal came shortly after the VAR review which is why you may have thought was talking of that goal which I don’t think was an outrageous chip. Look for yourself!



  7. SFTB



    I respectfully disagree.



    I think he only reacted after seeing the linesman’s flag going up AFTER he scored. No footballer on the planet would give up on a goalscoring opportunity because he thinks he might be offside.



    You finish first and see what happens.

  8. Paul67 et al



    “The evidence is in, heading leads to brain disease…..”


    Not quite sure that that is what the current ‘evidence’ tells us Paul.

  9. SON OF GABRIEL on 28TH NOVEMBER 2022 12:25 PM


    Scrum caps on training days anyone?










    I think many Players would OBJECT to wearing Scrum Caps, as it might RUIN their feckin Hair Styles ?


    If only Players spent more time on the Training Ground rather than HAIR DRESSERS and TATTOO Shops ?




    HH Mate.

  10. bournesouprecipe on

    Uncontested dropped ball



    “ Shouldn’t be allowed “



    Lee Dixon






    “ it’s a an uncontested dropped ball “



    “ Shouldn’t be allowed “



    Lee Dixon



    commentator gives up

  11. The restrictions on heading are an understandable and sensible reaction to the recent Glasgow Uni study.



    It is neither a nanny-state intervention nor as clear cut as Paul67 asserts in his leader –



    “The evidence is in, heading leads to brain disease”



    The best we can accurately conclude is that “heading the ball HAS, in the recent past, led to a significantly raised risk of future brain injury. Many of the case studies showing this involved a demographic that is familiar to many on CQN, a cohort that experience laced up leather balls and mould masters as objects to be headed, even after your first adverse experience.



    We do not know that those who have grown up heading the lighter modern balls will face the same level of risks. But, neither do we not know this.



    While it remains unknown, a defensive approach to potential future litigation is necessary. Sports administrators and insurers will insist on it. The Scottish medical community will have informed the Government and the SFA on this. Though the Government made the announcement, this agreement is likely to have the approval of the SFA, the clubs and most of the players.



    What we do know, from studies, is that the brain is uniquely vulnerable in the 24 hours after intensive heading i.e. after match days. So, if you do intensive heading practice on Fridays, you are ignoring this point in expecting players to head on match days. It also adds weight to the second guideline- that heading practice should take place on a Tuesday or Wednesday when you have only one weekend match to play. There would be no room for heading practice on a week where you have both a midweek and weekend match to play.



    Whether the SFA or the Scottish Government take credit for this is just fluff and PR. The impetus has come from the Scientific Medical Community and they get much less wrong than the other two bodies

  12. Quite a few on FF following this line,







    No Money No Problems said:


    His record at QPR and his overall standing within the game had an EPL club want to make him their next manager, and he said no to them.



    How many managers out there would furn down the Prem to come to us?



    so what was his record at QPR then? see below.



    played 22 won 9 drawn 5 and lost 8. A bang average record that doesn’t even get him close to our job in reality, it shouldn’t but it has. As for justifying the appointment because he declined the Wolves job? As for his overall standing? What is that exactly?



    A totally underwhelming appointment. 12 months from now if not sooner we will be looking for another manager. Ive never been less enthusiastic about a managerial appointment in all my time supporting Rangers.


    Last edited:

  13. Ernie,



    What next , full ppe for grass ( plastic ) burns, full face visors to prevent spitting and impact, foam ball, rawhide gloves to protect the hands and nails, American football type head protection and soft shoes.



    As for insurance, disclaimer forms will be available.



    The benefits of playing football far outweigh the negatives. .


    Again if you don’t want to be a professional footballer because it’s too dangerous and the rewards are not great enough then take up a safe easy occupation like a firefighter a paramedic a roofer or nursing. Etc, etc.






    I don’t buy any newspapers and yes Nanny State. More and more governments want to control our lives and miss what really matters to people.



    How many will die this winter, when it could be avoided. Then compare that figure to footballers who may suffer from heading the modern football.



    And AT, don’t believe everything you read on the BBC or MSM. Who funded the GU research ? Following the science should be questioned as the reaction to the Pandemic proved.

  14. Tom



    your disagreement is noted but you did link the commentator’s words to the wrong goal. the words make more sense when applied to the 2nd goal.



    No-one said he was giving up his chance to score a goal- he actually DID score.



    It was just that he chose not to roll the ball in but elected for the higher risk chip. He did not stop celebrating after the flag; he never started to celebrate- he thought he was offside and, scoring parts of his body were offside- 30 yards out from goal.



    I agree with VAR decision to award the goal



    Aff oot now

  15. Not quite scientific but my view on boxing has always been


    Every punch counts….


    And they all add up

  16. Paul 67,



    Do I detect a slight aspect of negativity regarding Japanese players.



    I would quickly get your tinhat on for incoming.




  17. bournesouprecipe on

    Billy McPhail former Celtic star launched a legal battle to claim benefits for the dementia he said was caused by heading leather balls.



    A benefits appeal tribunal ruled against him.

  18. What is the Starz on



    Yes ultimately his claim was dismissed but he and his family believed heading balls was a factor in his dementia


    Perhaps his case would have a different outcome today

  19. It’s not just dementia, it’s MND and other horrors.



    Surprised just how cavalier posters are with others long term health risks.



    As for ‘insurance waiver forms’, words fail me.

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