Tavernier breaks John Greig, Allan McGregor records


In the eight years Newco have been a topflight club, James Tavernier has lost more league games against Celtic than any player who has played for either of the Rangerses since they first faced Celtic in league action in 1892.

The fullback has tasted league defeat 15 times against Celtic, one more than previous record loser and Oldco captain, John Greig – who had the misfortune of playing against the Lisbon Lions.

Tavernier is also the Record League Loser for Rangerses players at Celtic Park, walking off the field “disappointed” nine times.  This is one more than the previous Loser at Celtic Park, Allan McGregor, who experienced eight league defeats in appearances for Oldco and Newco.

Since Tavernier’s first visit to Celtic Park in 2016 (a 5-1 hammering), he has won twice, although only once in front of fans, a 1-2 win during one of Celtic’s Quadruple Treble seasons.

These games are emotionally draining for fans never mind players.  Coping with being a “disappointed” loser so often cannot be easy, the poor guy will be susceptible to PTSD unless he embraces his role as the Record Loser.

If Tavernier reclaims the words “Record Loser”, he will turn them from a charged term into a badge of honour, showing what he has come through.  Not all warriors win and there is no shame in that.  Tavernier suffered for his craft, his Loser wounds are his real trophies.

Although the Newco captain is now 32, he is not finished chasing records!  In games across all competitions at Celtic Park, Ibrox and Hampden, he has lost a total of 19 games to Celtic.

John Greig remains the Outstanding Rangerses Loser to Celtic, having suffered a total of 24 defeats for Oldco.  Tavernier could narrow that gap to just three defeats before this month is out, setting himself up to take the all competitions record next season!  Keep chasing that dream, James!

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  1. Hail Hail.



    It can’t be motivating for the team he leads. That is for sure.



    Good to see Tav setting more records though.

  2. bigrailroadblues on

    If he sees wee Daizen giving him the evil eye on Saturday he’ll lose his mind. Poor wee lambs.

  3. glendalystonsils on

    After we thump Sevco (hopefully) on Saturday , Celtic have invited Roy Castle to present Tav with his ‘record breaker’s’ certificate in the centre circle after the match .



    That will set another record ….the first time 60,000 Celtic fans have cheered a ‘Rangers’ captain -)))

  4. bigrailroadblues on



    Not correct young fella. We cheered Greig when he scored against us in 1972 at Hampden. Oh how we laughed. 🤣🤣

  5. A win on Saturday would be incredible for us. Any score will do. It will destroy them and it will cement our dominance.



    Sadiesbhoy said it yesterday. Every person in the stadium needs to back the team, whatever the score and however we are playing, for 100 minutes or more. No fav escapegoat moans. No early exits at ht or ft. On our feet and make them hate every minute of it from the moment they get off the bus.

  6. BRRB



    That was special. Funnily enough that was a home league game for us which was played at Hampden otherwise their greatest ever player might have lost even more at CP.

  7. bigrailroadblues on

    Burnley 78


    £1 for a ticket. Hardly any hun showed up, on the park or off.

  8. Clashcitybhoy on

    I wish I was as optimistic about Saturday – our form this season has been erratic and inconsistent.


    We had a decent lead in October, which we blew, another lead in January which we blew ; let’s hope we don’t do it a third time.


    Our opposition on Saturday are poor, but IMHO this is one of the poorest Celtic teams I have seen in many years.


    Let’s hope my pessimism is unfounded

  9. Bhoyjoebelfast on



    Gorbals x memories going to Celtic Park,Hampden and the other place,on a double decker bus.Billy Turnbull bus steward.Benny’s,McKellars,Doyle’s and Garryowen.

  10. !!Bada Bing!! on

    CLASHCITYBHOY- agree with a lot of that,been a real mish mash of a season, hopefully we can take the performance and atmosphere from last week into Saturday.We need to stay together and get over the line,regroup and recruit, we need a proper Chief Scout, a budget to match what Brendan needs, to get us to the best place we can be.We could invest £30-40 million in the squad and it won’t affect our balance sheet, given the CL money we hopefully have coming in. I think we need 5 or 6 players to be in our starting 11,for next season. HH

  11. Weebobbycollins on

    “Celtic have invited Roy Castle to present Tav with his ‘record breaker’s’ certificate in the centre circle after the match.”



    Won’t be easy considering Roy Castle’s been dead for almost 30 years…

  12. Next years Celtic team is the poorest Celtic team I have ever seen



    And the following years team will be even poorer



    The followers of the 1889/90 team were also correct in their condemnation of witnessing the poorest ever Celtic team




  13. Clash City Buoy,


    ” One of the poorest Celtic teams”


    H,mmmm,how old are you?.

  14. glendalystonsils on




    I know , Roy’s been deid longer than Rangers !

  15. Saint Stivs on

    11 May 1889 Final



    Celtic 6–1 Cowlairs



    Glasgow, Scotland



    15:00 GMT


    colman 2






    Dowds ‘






  16. CLASHCITYBHOY on 9TH MAY 2024 12:40 PM


    I wish I was as optimistic about Saturday – our form this season has been erratic and inconsistent.



    We had a decent lead in October, which we blew, another lead in January which we blew ; let’s hope we don’t do it a third time.



    Our opposition on Saturday are poor, but IMHO this is one of the poorest Celtic teams I have seen in many years.



    Let’s hope my pessimism is unfounded.






    Agree with most of what you say and it is borne out by the facts of this slightly surreal season.



    The Ibrox club is not so poor, but inconsistent, much like ourselves – to say it’s poor (in a Scottish context)


    would confirm that we are only slighty less so – – the gap equates to only three points, i.e. one game. It has won the League Cup and has a realistic chance of a treble – would we ever consider our club poor in such circumstances?



    The watchword for us this season has not been super-confidence, rather the hope, from week to week, that we can get the job done and deliver this title. Last week’s defeat of Hearts gives upgraded hope – however two top performances on the bounce is more than we have managed all season long – of course there are mitigating factors, e.g. new manager, injuries to key players, the Abada ‘thing’ and a damp squib of a summer transfer window in 2023.



    Quite surprised at Paul’s lengthy article on James Tavernier and, although factually correct in games against us, is an under estimation how important player he is for them. His goals and assists against others in the league is the reason that they are in such close proximity at present. I will certainly not be underestimating him in this weekend’s match, neither will Brendan, nor, any of our players.



    Let’s hope we can “have some fun” on Saturday.

  17. BRRB



    £1 a ticket but worth every penny. We really did hammer them. My old man was constantly asking for 7 through out the second half. I was too young to really know what he was on about.

  18. Change of sport briefly



    Nadal is a warrior but also a horrible cheat who gets every decision going.



    He claims to support Real Madrid but in reality is more like an Athletico Simeone type.

  19. The Good News Bears reporters trying everything they know to try and inject some feel good factor into the week.Beeb,totally blanking the spat between players and scum.Focusing on incoming transfers,where every club selling,seems to want next to nothing for their players.As teams do nowadays.Seen a report,saying Brighton,who have made a fortune with their model of wringing as much as they can from prospective buyers,will somehow be amenable to letting Sima join the Huns for a cut price deal.Aw,how nice is that?.


    A land of wonder and make believe,right on our doorstep.

  20. Tontine Tim on

    CLASHCITYBHOY on 9TH MAY 2024 12:40 PM



    IMHO this is one of the poorest Celtic teams I have seen in many years.



    *in the summer of 1979 after the legendary 10 men won the League, a game which is etched in the hearts of Celtic supporters and all hose that love good football, I had the opportunity to chat with 2 oul Celtic supporters who had followed the club home and away even during the grim years post WWII and the wilderness years of oh hampden in the sun until Big Billy’s bumper final, who that sunny afternoon told us that was the worse Celtic team to ever win a trophy.

  21. Tom McLaughlin on

    Don’t know if anyone has mentioned it but the pitch looked in fantastic nick on Saturday v Hearts. It took a lot of stick earlier in the season but it is now in tip-top condition, just in time to face our neighbours from across the city.

  22. An Tearmann on



    Even better for Saturday with drizzly nights and sunny days




  23. Probably in a really small minority,but I rate Tav as their most dangerous player.An average defender,but at his best,a terrific overlapping full back,with a wonderful cross,which suits their style of playVery dangerous at free kicks,and lurking around at the back post.Awfully good at those penalty thingies.


    Try as I may,I can never bring myself to dislike the guy.Not one for shocking tackles,bigotry,in fact ,the opposite.


    Want to see him crying on Saturday,but that’s normal.I think he seems a decent guy,and,he and his brother,very good to their Wee Maw,who goes to Chapel every Sunday.Bless.

  24. T M L,



    Yes,the pitch looked superb.Think it was a big factor in our play.

  25. 67 European Cup Winners on

    TOM MCLAUGHLIN on 9TH MAY 2024 2:03 PM


    I did notice and I think it was a factor in our performance


    The same again on Saturday should have the league won



    Although these things never unfold the way you expect


    We are at full strength and peaking at just the right time


    But I have seen too many games against them where things never go as easy as would expect



    I predict a tense affair Celtic to win by the odd goal




  26. 67 European Cup Winners on

    I think it was Bill Shankly who said (when Everton signed a new Centre Forward)


    He can’t head the ball. He is not quick or strong. He has no left foot


    But he is the best Everton have got



    The Huns struck lucky with Tavernier not the greatest but their best by a million miles



    On a more forgiving note he has been loyal to a sinking ship


    Some will say stupid some will say he had no other option


    Reality is he has stuck with them through thin and very thin



    At this point he is used to getting beat by us – long may it continue




  27. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Said same re pitch on Saturday, looked as good as it’s been for a couple of years, always a help

  28. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    I’ll be patient and wait until 2.30 on Saturday afternoon before laughing at them.



    He who laughs last and all that.

  29. Clashcitybhoy



    I don’t think anyone thinks we have been great this season. Momentum is a big thing in football and we have struggled with it.



    Results and momentum are really big though and aside from being robbed at tynecastle we haven’t dropped a thing since end of February.



    Not all the performances have been perfect of course but we have found ways to secure points and win through whilst our rivals have not.



    We have done this course and distance and rivals have not.



    We have a game at home with our own fans which hopefully will be a help to us and not to them.



    We have players seemingly hitting fitness and form at the right time and they are a bit unsure at best.



    Their captain, as good as he is at dead balls and attacking is not regarded by many as a great leader. His record speaks to that at CP.



    Lots to feel good about. For me we need those in the stadium to really get behind this team and not come out with all the negative ‘not good enough’ shite that the many armchair experts like to do in the stadium. We really need supporters to get behind the team on Saturday.



    I have watched (as I know you have) teams inferior to this winning leagues and cups in 79 and 86 and many other seasons. The energy aligning support and team together got them through.



    We can moan about if they are any good next month. This month is about uniting and supporting …. Real support. Not telling everyone around that they are not a good team …..in my view anyway.

  30. Paul67


    Tav is not a bad player, his dead ball skills are very good. sure we will win, but hey, let’s not be smug , it’s not our way to brag before an event.



    Keep our shouting until after we beat the scum, simple




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