Carter-Vickers fundamentals


Celtic and Ross County have both visited Easter Road in the last week and both left with a draw, County coming from two goals down.  They are one of five clubs separated by a point, all hovering above St Johnstone at the bottom of the table.  While Celtic have preparations for a trip to the Metropolitano Stadium in a few days, County are playing for a contract next season.  They are undefeated in three games since defeat to Hearts in September; we can expect a robust challenge.

Like you, I felt trepidation when Brendan Rodgers talked about Cameron Carter-Vickers needing rest on Wednesday because of his knee.  Not only is he a tier-one defender, but he is also fundamental to the way we build attacks.  His assuredness on the ball makes opponents less likely to press, giving Cameron and therefore Celtic more scope.  The correlation between domestic success and Cameron playing is not coincidence.

Barring a setback, he will play in Madrid, but I could make a case that Dingwall tomorrow – our only away game in the league until December, is our most important game this month.  Play Cameron from the start, if he needs a rest, get the job done early and hook him.

The Israeli national team boss is not worthy of comment.  I get there is a lot of stress in the country right now, but ill-informed nonsense is unworthy and cheapens the term he used.  When you are provoked, your provokers win and are encouraged.

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  1. Good morning fellow Tims.



    Hoping for an 8 point gap in the morning.



    They don’t like it up ‘em!

  2. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Any kind of win will do me very nicely.



    24 hours and change to go until kick off.



    Can’t wait.



    Games thick and fast not great for players but definitely focus fans’ minds on what really matters.

  3. All that money spent.



    All those centre halves acquired.



    But we still have to patch up a semi-fit CCV.



    And we’re still worried about the diddy team’s, diddy team Ross County. 1 win at home all season and joint second bottom.



    I’d expect us to go there and professionally take care of a club dozens of levels below us financially. That is not arrogance but a reflection of reality, given resources.



    Not sure why we are managing expectations like this.



    Game will be decided at other end of the park from CHs. Take your chances Celtic and set up to blow them away. Two stale performances in a row. Let’s get back on track.




  4. Paul 67,



    There is also a case for stating that we must go to Madrid playing our non exhausted top players.


    Hopefully we get a result but at all cost we must avoid a demoralising heavy defeat.



    Dingwall on Saturday should feature Oh from kick off. He has surely earned a start and it makes sense to give Kyogo a rest.



    I hope Yang, Holm & Ralston also feature.



    If I’m being perfectly honest I would not let Callum McGregor play the full > 90 minutes even if he wants to.



    A big squad is not advantageous unless we use it. We are playing a team 10th in the league by goal difference.



    Eye on Madrid Celtic.




  5. bournesouprecipe on





    Jock Stein would have accepted the case you make for CCV’s selection



    All those injuries ,



    CCV, Nawrocki, Welsh and Lagerbielke



    What a pity we didn’t have a daisy chain of ‘pure kwality’ Centre backs all big clubs have, all waiting on the bench?



    Nat Phillips emergency ‘loan deal’ and the progress of Liam Scales development should be good for Dingwall, Liam could have played his way into an improved deal, partnering whichever other CB is fit. Brendan’s plan was four CB’s ‘competing’ when Phillips returns to Liverpool and everyone is fit he’ll still have five.



    CCV should start tomorrow it’s every Celtic game that’s the most important.

  6. Win early Celts …give us fans something to cheer …and get that goal ratio back up 🍀

  7. glendalystonsils on




    Spot on . There’s no way that shower should have caught up on the commanding goal difference we had . Especially with their squad of pound shop signings .

  8. The_huddle yesterday at 2.26 pm


    If you score a goal, jump into the crown and get booked, then VAR rules out the goal, your yellow still stands


    Maybe it was John Beaton who jumped into the Crown . After all , it’s his local 🤪

  9. Despite what some entitled arrogant hun like types think tomorrows game will have to be fought for and won. No guarantees as our team will be up against a fit, motivated, well managed squad who are at home and have plenty to prove.



    Dingwall was where the tide turned for Ange as rangers dropped 2 points in a 3-3 game a few days prior to us playing them in the 3-0 midweek thrashing which took us top in Feb 22. A place we have never relinquished since.



    Any team going there with misplaced arrogance, or without focus or confidence could well come away empty handed.



    I do hope we are sharper than last week at Easter road. I also hope we recognise their physicality and spirit and capability which was there to see in spades on Tuesday night.



    CCV and Scales for me at CB. Holm in midfield.

  10. Nothing is exempt in Scotland from the Caledonian antisyzygy and it manifests itself at Celtic Park in the question of whether the club is a business enterprise or a charity. There really is a huge difference between the two and so there should be. Nowadays, with the separate Celtic Foundation leading the charity side of things the business side should flourish but any company needs investment. Investment is one of the dirtiest words in Scotland for a multitude of reasons and that is why it took a Canadian Scot and now an Irishman to keep us afloat. Fergus could have stayed on as Chairman but who could blame him for the want of an easier life. So over to you Desmond, why not try to raise 100 million pounds, putting in a few mill yourself, to pay for ground renovation and expansion of the business.

  11. Tom McLaughlin on



    Spot on . There’s no way that shower should have caught up on the commanding goal difference we had .



    I know. Our defence is a disgrace for letting that mob score 5 against Dundee on Wednesday.

  12. glendalystonsils on




    Nothing wrong with our defence . Our ability recently to turn our outfield dominance into goals however ………….

  13. back to basics



    Incredible. On Wednesday Ladbrokes had Bayern 1-40 to win


    And also FC Saarbrucken at 70-1, odds so low and so high they would discourage all but the most inveterate gambler. I do hope some punter had the Saars on an ACCA

  14. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Celtic Mac






    Bayern Munich (aka locally as FC Hollywood) in arrogance and complacency shocker.




  15. “Despite what some entitled arrogant hun like types think tomorrows game will have to be fought for and won”




    Wow. 🤣🤣🤣. Chill. Stressed is just desserts spelled backwards.

  16. Home early as I coukdnt stand the patter in the Shipbank…….



    My sides and head are sore with laughter/craic.


    What a bunch of nutters.






    From Belmont Brian and Big Jimmys jokes to BRRB and his new set of wallys.🤣🤣🤣



    and all the rest of the crew (about13) what a laugh and great company, nutters to a man. Also what a spread the pub put on for us.🙏Thanks if anyone is lurkin especially the new barman Ming the merciless.🤣



    Guys until the next time thanks for being Tims and Good craic.



    D :)






    Spot on . There’s no way that shower should have caught up on the commanding goal difference we had . Especially with their squad of pound shop signings .



    *well they didnae dae it on ability alone effin cheatin bar stewards

  18. “Rangers are a modern football club, with a support recognised across Europe for the positive way in which they back their team. Songs of a discriminatory manner have absolutely no place in 2023.



    As the men’s first team continue their seasons both domestically and in Europe, supporters are reminded the SPFL, and particularly UEFA, have many sanctions within their power to punish discriminatory chanting which would be extremely harmful to the club on and off the pitch.”

  19. Watching Leicester v Leeds



    Leicester player, young dude, Fatawu, what a player.


    N’Golo Kante but better

  20. Greenpinata



    Folks seem to think we turn up and win and if not it is somebody’s fault etc etc.



    Hun arrogance of the Advocaat era.



    Many of our guys have it in spades.

  21. Greenpinata



    Further to that we have folk (supposedly Celtic fans) sowing every seed of discontent on blogs etc in a way even the msm would be proud of.



    Of course none make the connection that the shit they spout getting magnified and exaggerated does little to help the Celtic cause come game day.



    I guess negativity and a thing to kick is the what many like to get from Celtic. Celtic losing maybe validates some and makes some feel clever.

  22. B78



    It’s a blog mate



    Full of opinions, both right and wrong (mostly of the football variety)



    To be fair, we let you post on here ;)

  23. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    SAINT STIVS @ 8:07 PM








    Cheers SS.



    The clip itself is bizarre.



    The comments hilarious.






    “Best we forget”



    “Where’s that poppy’s poppy?”



    “In the waddling onto the pitch and the flapping of the leaf, we will remember them”

  24. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Soz, found another comment further down I just HAD TO share.



    “My Grandads second cousin would be truly embarrassed in his war grave in France … and he was in the Wehrmacht “

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