Competitive but results tell the whole story


Midway through the second half, I chastised myself for being so downbeat about our prospects last night.  For 81 minutes, the game was there to be won.  Neither team was at full strength, but if Celtic had a little of Maeda’s industry, or Hatate’s control, the outcome could have been different.

As it was, the game turned when Lazio benefited from a late deflection.  It officially brought to an end hopes of Europa League games after Christmas, but those surely did not exist after Lazio scored a last-minute winner at Celtic Park earlier in the campaign.

Being competitive, as we were twice against Lazio, once against Atletico and while we had 11 men away to Feyenoord, is our Champions League stake in the ground so far this season.  The results, however, tell a story of defensive fragility, and an inability to create a sufficient volume of chances to make sure we are the team who benefits from a late deflection.

Paulo Bernardo was a surprise starter and should feel pleased with his contribution.  I suspect there is a player in him, but he will need a run of games in the team if we are to properly develop his talent.

He can look to Liam Scales, who is the left-sided central defender practically every team is looking for.  Against St Johnstone earlier this season, Liam looked miles short of a player who could deliver a shift away from home in the Champions League.  Game time and the correct coaching changed that.  This is our place in the world: find talent and realise its potential.  There is no other sustainable model for Celtic.

A lot more rides on the Feyenoord game than the table suggests.  For so many reasons, nothing less than a win against the Dutch champions will do.

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  1. A lot more rides on the Feyenoord game than the table suggests.



    Mmmmmmm as some would say …



    Never mind the quality , feel the width…



    Big Jimmy





    Prestonpans says he will sort your computer on Friday if necessary.




    Its okay BRRB, I installed DUCKDUCKGO yesterday.


    I can now read CQN properly again as there are NO ADS Blocking Pages.



    See you on Friday….along with PRESTONPANS ?




  3. BOGNORBHOY on 29TH NOVEMBER 2023 9:46 AM


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    An Englishman, a Scotsman, an Irishman, a Welshman, a Gurkha, a Latvian, a Turk, an Aussie, a German, a Dutch, a Yank, an Egyptian, a Chinese, a Jap, a Pakistani, a Mexican, a Spaniard, a Portugese, a Russian, a Pole, a Lithuanian, a Czech, a Slovak, a Bosnian, a Jordanian, an Armenian, a Kiwi, a Swede, a Finn, a Canadian, an Israeli, a Romanian, a Bulgarian, a Serb, a Swiss, a Greek, a South African, a Phillipino, a Singaporean, an Italian, a Dane, a Norwegian, an Argentinian, a Libyan, a Muslim, a Hindu, a Buddhist and an African went to a night club.







    The bouncer said, “Sorry, I can’t let you in without a Thai. “





    Very good Mate.





  4. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Last season we competed well but were clearly a bit short. 2-3 first team ready players would have improved us.


    Then we lose 2-3 starters, so you are looking at 4-6 to come in and we get, errrr….. none!


    Ah well – maybe partner club will qualify next year and we will be able to get some better players in.

  5. Disagree Paul


    Our model is clearly not working. We develop players to sell to other clubs . not to be mainstays in the first team for seasons to come. Most don’t even make the spl grade are are got rid off for minimal fees. Those that are left are well good enough for the spl but not of sufficient quality to compete in the CL. Seems the club are aiming to field a competitive Euro League team. Not even necessarily a team to win it. Just to compete enough to get the coin flowing in to the kitty from progressing through a few rounds. Figures on a spreadsheet are more important than a successful team on the park. Share holders divvies are the driving force. Not football ambition.

  6. We have a squad of non contributors it needs reduced and the savings in wages reinvested in players who will be competing for a start from goalkeeper right through the squad, the players did their best it wasn’t enough to get a result we all saw the weaknesses it’s up to the plc to sanction spending and for scouting to spend wisely, the club does need to move on those who won’t make it at Celtic.

  7. We lost last night because we were NOT good enough, despite being up against a fairly average Lazio team.



    For myself…. that was the saddest part of last night


    The Lazio goal scorer did NOT have to show excellent skills to score twice, ANY half decent striker would have taken those two chances


    I felt his 1st Goal was a ” SITTER”. I would have been amazed if he had missed it.



    None of the above is any consolation to Celtic supporters this morning/afternoon.




  8. FC København enter match day 5 of the Champions League in second place ahead of Manchester United and Galatasaray. Who knows, they might lose the last two games but on 2/3 of our budget they are competing well.



    In the same year Angeball came unstuck against Bodo/Glimt, Sevco reached a European final.



    While nobody expects to compete with the likes of Manchester City or Bayern there is no doubt we punch well below our weight and the financial argument doesn’t wash with me.

  9. what are the timelines for the return of our injured quality stars, and lets get the GB back into our stadium.

  10. On the subject of ” SEXISM “….



    Why is that a WOMAN who runs a Brothel is called a ” MADAM”….As if she is part of Royality…?






    If a MAN runs a similar business, HE is called a ” PIMP” ?


    As a MALE…..I strongly object to this blatant sexism.






  11. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    “A lot more rides on the Feyenoord game than the table suggests. For so many reasons, nothing less than a win against the Dutch champions will do”.



    Does this mean pride? Prize money for a win? Both? Or something else?

  12. I have had to resurrect my Firefox Browser and navigate the blizzard of ads in order to make this update, since the site decided to make Mac using Safari as a non-working option after all those years of using it. So, I will continue to restrict myself to Superbru updates and reminders. Here’s this week’s:-




    Superbru Round 14 update



    This week’s set of results ended with Ross County beating St. Mirren last night. On top of draws for Celtic and the Ibrox team, this should have been a tricky set of matches from which to gain points, yet some punters managed it with more aplomb than our team showed in last night’s disappointing final quarter.



    The top 3 got an impressive points total:-



    1. Wee McCaff- 12.5 pts


    2. hairlikespaghetti- 12 pts


    3. kelvinbhoy- 11.5 pts




    Our bottom score came from wee BGFC who did not predict this week, so we are going to list the bottom 3 after that- the people who did prove that these were a difficult set of results to predict:-



    Big Archie- 1.5 pts- gets the wooden spoon


    Garry Postecoglou- 2pts- proving that drink does not lead to increased ESP


    Jobo Baldie, Auldheid, 18 Yard Man and Nawlite- all on 2.5 pts




    This leaves our overall Top 3 as :-



    1. Leggy- 82.5 pts


    2. BC Milan- 81.5 pts


    3. Billy Bhoy- 77.5 pts



    Our bottom 3 regular predictors are:-



    1. Friesdorfer- 43 pts


    2. TheLurkinTim- 43.5 pts


    3. Cosy Corner Bhoy – 46.5 pts



    Our next set of predictions are due by Saturday 2nd December at 3pm where we have 3 matches before Celtic face the Sunday challenge of going to Perth to try to recover our Aberdeen form.



    Thanks for all who support and for the 2 supporting sites that provide a platform which makes access easy for posters. I wish it was true of all 3.

  13. glendalystonsils on

    Find talent and realise it’s potential ……then sell on as soon as that potential is realised . Use some of the money to bring in 2 or 3 undeveloped players , many of whom will never realise the potential somebody thought they saw in them .


    It’s not just playing against quality but also playing with quality in your own team ,which develops the project player. We need to change things to get a better balance or 1 point from 15 in Europe will be groundhog day .


    I certainly don’t subscribe to the defeatist view that a better/more experienced player will not come to our club/league so there’s no point in even trying .

  14. bigrailroadblues on



    Garry Postecoglou- 2pts- proving that drink does not lead to increased ESP





  15. Agree re Barnardo Paul. Our best player 1st half last night. Got right in about it. I’d give him a run of games

  16. Geebee



    Fair point re Copenhagen.



    For every Copenhagen there is a





    Young Boys






    Red Star













    Sparta Prague











    Who were also knocked out or didn’t even qualify.



    We have been competitive in a transition year, with stacks of injury’s, playing in a Mickey Mouse league and as a pot 4 seed.



    Next year we will have 8 games if we qualify. Vs 2 pot 4 and 2 pot 3 and 2 pot 2 and 2 pot 1. We have a much better chance to progress.



    Next year seeding matters less

  17. Winning in Rome was always going to be hard. If 0-0 would have done us I’d have been confident of us coming away with one with 70 minutes gone. Subbing off a midfielder for Oh made that much less likely, and while a point away would have done much more for the teams confidence I understand why Brendan did it.



    One victory at Parkhead in either of our games would have made all the difference, 4 or 5 points after yesterday and things look very different. Unfortunately we never really look like getting one in either game.



    Our problems lie a bit deeper than squad depth imo. The step up from a game against Motherwell where you get 80% possession and time on the ball was too much for even our best players. Kyogo looked short of confidence and sharpness, Matt struggled in possession.



    Progress in Europe means we’ll need better quality all over the pitch and not just for right now, for a sustained period. Players who make the difference, like immobile, who cost them £7m quid and has scored 2 in 3 in serie an over 7 years don’t fall into Celtic’s lap. Smart hard work needed

  18. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    Sustainable model blah, blah. If everyone was looking for a Scales this fat cat Board would sell him a New York minute. Anyone else receive a 25% pay rise this year? Me neither.



    Ange has gone and the shield of their complacency has gone with him. Turns out the Head of Recruitment isn’t a well connected genius after all, just the product of classic narcissism.



    The pre-Ange malaise has returned with you know who back as Chairman. If anything I’m more concerned about what I’ve been watching domestically this season.



    Still that sustainable model that works so richly for the fat cats.



    Taken for mugs.

  19. Paul 67,



    Results and stastictics show we are not competitive in European football.


    We will win the league this season but not because we are very good but rather because our opponents are poor.



    We do not have the mental or physical strength to truly compete in a higher level of football and this must be classed as an own goal. We train and coach players from all over the world so its not just down to any particular demographic. ( Ref WGS )



    We have an acknowledged world class training facility, but we are not achieving anywhere near world class results. We may not be able to coach natural skill into players, but there is no reason why our players cannot be as physically and mentally fit as our European opponents.



    Our football model is not working it needs to change. Get back to basics or scrap our academy.



    Most of us on these pages remember fondly the Fortress Parkhead tag. Our recent European record embarrasses us and we know we can and should be doing better.



    There seems to be a losing habit that we must break, in that I agree the Feyenoord game although a dead rubber is important for us.



    It’s OK to make mistakes, but it’s not OK to make the same mistakes over and over.




  20. Bye the way Feyenoord is a good team, they lost to an og and a cross come shot from the con man who got Maeda sent off.

  21. bournesouprecipe on




    We’re better off in Ange’s old market than we were in the Ajeti, Barkas, Shane Duffy wasted millions market. The big guy got offski, but his first stop for players wasn’t for countrymen or eastern delights, Celtic are where we are with the same old plus’s and minus’s.



    It’s the same recruitment team that brought us Compper, Henry, Toljan, Gamboa versus Kyogo, Hatate , Jota and Johnston, we have players stuck in the revolving door headed by, ssshhh don’t make escape goats.



    BR has no bother dealing with it, because that’s what he gets paid for, and his next signing window, not next summer will be his crossroads.

  22. Burnley78 @ 12:43



    “We have been competitive in a transition year, with stacks of injury’s, playing in a Mickey Mouse league and as a pot 4 seed.”



    Steady mate – all that perspective and realism might cause a few meltdowns.



    For me, it’s a fairly realistic snapshot and I am looking forward with some optimism for next year.

  23. Bhoy From The Boyne on

    “A lot more rides on the Feyenoord game than the table suggests. For so many reasons, nothing less than a win against the Dutch champions will do”.






    Co-efficient points, I suspect. We had 31 club co-efficient points at end of 22/23 season which dropped to 29 pts end of last season. A single CL win will bring us back up to 31pts which has ramifications for future CL qualifying rounds & guaranteed EL qualification if we drop down.



    Feyenoord at home ain’t no dead rubber!

  24. “A lot more rides on the Feyenoord game than the table suggests.”.





    “Does this mean pride? Prize money for a win? Both? Or something else?”



    All of the above plus changing the mood / media narrative as it can build pressure internally and cause division at the club which doesn’t help matters.

  25. glendalystonsils on

    CELTIC40ME on 29TH NOVEMBER 2023 12:50 PM



    Completely agree with your last sentence . Smart, hard work needed…….plus a little luck . The stars aligned for us with Henrik who had fallen out of favour at Feyenoord and Wim who knew the score .



    We must devote ourselves to improving the quality on the pitch . Far from easy , but do-able.

  26. Re Copenhagen, they were getting thumped by Man United in Denmark until Rashford got sent off which



    Their European record isn’t much better than ours recently.

  27. Prestonpans bhoys on

    Big Jimmy@12:15



    Tom McLaughlin and I are getting the 10am chariot from Edinburgh. Although I think Tams still under the mod88 ban 🤫🫣

  28. CELTIC40ME on 29TH NOVEMBER 2023 12:50 PM



    “Players who make the difference, like immobile, who cost them £7m quid and has scored 2 in 3 in serie an over 7 years don’t fall into Celtic’s lap. Smart hard work needed”



    Was he not signed from La Liga 10 years or so ago for 10M Euro? I’d suggest in today’s marked he’d cost a lot more than 10M AND not many players will move from La Liga to the SFP(hel)L.

  29. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Time for our head of recruitment to demonstrate his world-classness. Unless of course Ange whisks him away to Tottenham!

  30. QUADBHOY on 29TH NOVEMBER 2023 1:10 PM



    They bought him from Dortmund for €9m 7 years ago after an expensive move there didn’t work out.



    Yeah, very unlikely we’ll see an Italian coming to play in the Spl if there’s an offer from Lazio on the table. Same with any talent with any sort of pedigree in the big leagues

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