Formation and why we will be ready for Sunday


Patrick Roberts is back and fit, and has previous good form against Newco, but Brendan has relied heavily on James Forrest this season, so may be disposed to prefer the latter for Sunday.  I am usually clear on which of the two I prefer against any opposition (James for teams who press us, leaving space for him to exploit, Patrick for teams who defend deep), but I am pulled two ways this time.

If pushed, I would go with James, leaving Patrick as a option when legs are tired.

We don’t usually have chats about which goalkeeper to play, but Scott Bain and Craig Gordon will both be hoping to start.  Craig is fit, so If Scott gets the nod, it may indicate that the ongoing first choice keeper slot is up for grabs.

I expect we will see the return of a more recognisable back four, with Michael Lustig returning in place of Jack Hendry.  How Brendan deploys Dedryck Boyata will be crucial.  The opening goal we lost at Ibrox last month came from a ploy Newco have used repeatedly against us since the 2016 Scottish Cup semi-final.

Their players will often stand off Celtic but press Dedryck whenever he is in possession.  Dedryck needs options available or he should go Route One.

Tom Rogic travelled a lot of miles and played a lot of football in March, so I am sure he was rested at Hamilton to ensure he would be in prime shape for Sunday.  Brown and Ntcham will sit behind him and Dembele will lead the line.

This leaves one place to be filled by Sinclair, Armstrong or McGregor.  My preference would be to favour the middle of the park.  Control passing in the central area and we will win comfortably.  We failed to dominate there in each of our three draws against Newco (2-2, 1-1, 0-0).  McGregor would get the nod for this task, where I would ask him to play a conserved, always-available, role.

The manager has had a week at Lennoxtown with his team – a rare luxury for Celtic.  So chill, we will be ready.

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    Boyata if picked will get hammered by every elbow in a blue jersey.

  2. Delaneys Dunky on

    Is Scott Bain eligible to play on Sunday?


    He was on the Hibs bench against Hearts in the FTSFA cup tie in January. Does this make him cup tied? Do you need to get on the pitch to be cup tied???

  3. I just saw this gem from the Daily Retard on NewsNow:



    If Rangers target vulnerable Celtic defence they can halt historic double Treble – Daily Record 12:00



    Sevco might be better concentrating on their own defence, which has conceded almost twice as many goals this season as Celtic’s “vulnerable” defence. Note also that the only clean sheet Sevco have kept in the cup was against Fraserburgh, and Celtic’s attacking threat is, with all due respect, rather greater than that of Fraserburgh.



    Sevco will need to breach the Celtic back line at least twice to have even a small chance of pulling off their own unique treble of shock results, after winning 2-1 at Easter Road and 3-1 at Tynecastle.

  4. Delaneys Dunky on




    Was hoping for a Liverpool v Roma final.


    Hoping for a Liverpool v BM final now.




    When my daughter was about six months old, my Mumand Dad came over to Basel to see her, I put them in a hotel in the town and went to pick them up the next day with the wean in the pram, so we walk down to a cafe near the river to have a cuppa and there’s a big fuss about the wean and a guy all win black rides up on a bike and is looking at the river and taking a few snaps….David Byrne, I says alright David and he clocks the accent!!



    I introduce him to my folks and he sits with us and talks away about Scotland etc etc, lovely guy, my Mum and Dad had no idea who he was of course, he was in town for an Art do I believe.My Mum says ” what a nice man good to see you’re making friends over here”!!!



    I go into work that night and nobody in the restaurant staff knew who he was, either too young or not interested in music, it was then I realised Switzerland was not the place for me:)) 18 years ago!!!




  6. From end of previous



    AULDHEID on 13TH APRIL 2018 12:21 PM



    Hot Smoked.









    AT, who wrote the Foreward to Downfall, is kept up to date









    Kev J. The problem is no united supporting front to get behind. The CST agreed at AGM to meet up with CSA to look into a campaign for honesty. That meeting has to wait another couple of weeks but hopefully will see something positive emerge. Both have the full narrative on the cheating in readiness for the Comp Off concluding. I might put your post to them or hope HT is reading it.









    Whoever said Celtic are waiting for a Dougie Dougie moment or a Smoking Gun.









    The former was said back in 2013 which became a a driver of Res12 and the latter late last year confirming that Res12 was viewed as such. The circumstances will have wait but it came with full authority.









    I can understand patience being tried but the choices now facing Scottish football in corruption terms are huge if the Comp Off does not undermine the narrative by producing some unseen document or Brysonesque reasoning.









    In my view it’s not what happened that is holding things up, it is what to do about it.









    With regard to not renewing I don’t think that is being proposed, but a delay in renewing is.









    It is merely a tactical device to put pressure on clubs and it would have more effect if the supporters of other clubs adopted it over next four weeks. Minds over hearts.









    Clubs depend on supporter loyalty to protect them from their mistakes. Hence no accountability. It’s great when you are winning but I remember nothing but strife amongst Celtic supporters from 2009 to 2011 when RFC were cheating their way to oblivion.









    VFR. Non attendees depend on folk like yourself to keep the light shining but becoming a fan who doesn’t pay, as opposed to a supporter who does, is the fans way of dealing with their dilemma.









    It’s bad enough being cheated but if you are not paying for it then you can hardly complain and if you are paying for it, you have more to complain about if you choose to.

  7. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    You could actually play both Forrest and Roberts, if we went 3-5-2 or 3-5-1-1. I think this is unlikely on Sunday though.


    If Sevco have done their homework they will sit back and defend their box in numbers, as other teams have done successfully.


    I hope we have learned from this and will move the ball quicker, make the pitch as big as possible and vary our attacking moves.


    We have far better players. We have match-winners. We can’t allow them to be nullified.

  8. Delaneys Dunky on




    Great wee story. Love that your mum thought that you and David Byrne were mates.

  9. The opportunities presented when the huns went bust were not available to previous owners of Celtic.



    So, not same as it ever was.



    Not even close.

  10. Wouldn’t be surprised if Bain started on Sunday, match fit and hasn’t done anything wrong.

  11. STARRY PLOUGH on 13TH APRIL 2018 12:04 PM



    John Joseph Lydon still travels on an Irish passport!





  12. What is the Stars on

    Starry Plough



    Great story about David Byrne


    But you never kissed Clare Grogan so it doesnt count !!!!

  13. Just in after taking her indoors shopping so catching up.


    Bada Bing that post from this morning on previous article was brilliant, had me fired up.


    BR should show that to the players before running out the tunnel.






    D. :)





    He probably did,but he’s a gentleman.



    I agree,though-Magic wee story. Well done,Starry.

  15. Delaneys Dunky on




    Hope the new hip is behaving.


    Was wondering how a 96 year old Greek refugee was eligible for a new hip?


    Never get it on the NHS.

  16. Which ever team and formation BR puts out on Sunday should be enough to beat the cheats.


    What I will say is that I hope we set the tempo from the start, I don’t mean go gung-ho, but play at a good pace and go forward. I realise football is about possession, so whatever way we play will be fine as long as we win. I don’t even want to think what life will be like if the cheats win, their pals in the Scottish Main Stream Media will be creaming thersells.



    Hail Hail



    D :)

  17. DD. G it is a little better today, so fingers crossed.


    Ano how did he get that??



    Hope you are well my Knightswood friend?



    D. :)

  18. Delaneys Dunky on



    Flights booked for Belfast



    Glasgow to George Best return.


    12.00 Glasgow Friday


    15.00 George Best Monday



    Thanks my friend. As the Maestro would say “There’s a buzz aboot the place.”



  19. Hi Paul,



    Have I picked his up wrong or are you advocating 12 players to match up to the opposition!?



    Gordon or Bain,


    4 at the back,


    Ntcham, Broony, Rogic,


    Forrest or Robers,




    Armstrong or Sinclair





    I’m happy with that!




    that is the midfield three who should be first on the teamsheet for Sunday.






    The midfield three who played togethe rin our two most impressive victories this season – v Hearts and Zenit.



    The Devil’s Own won’t sit back and defend. They can’t and Murty know s it.



    They will flood the midfield hoping to swamp us and nullify any momentum.



    They’ll go a 3-5-2/fluid 5-3-2 set up to take over the middle and keep our centre-backs busy.



    BROON. KOUASSI. NTCHAM. will be far too strong and dynamic for them and reverse their intent of being on the front-foot long enough to hurt us.



    We played an incredibly open game at the Snake pit and got away with it. But we keep giving them that hope.



    BROON. KOUASSI. MTCHAM. snuffs their hope, denys them momentum, drives home their inferiority, sets us up to pick them off as they backtrack and win comfortably.



    Why go open against them in a cup semi? Why give them a glimmer of hope when we know we can shut them down from the off and flay them sensless?



    Burt them, Celtic. Make it painful. Empty their stands for good.





    I was just about to call you and offer you a share of our room!



    That’s grand,mate. Be great to see you back-and in fine fettle too.



    See you in St Matthews on the Saturday,bud.




  22. mike in toronto on

    For us, it’s disappointing that they’re [Rangers] not there, But that was a decision by the various clubs, a decision by the various leagues and we accept those decisions. Rangers is a great football club, it has a great history and it’s unfortunate that they have been relegated. We would certainly like to contest with them every week – we believe we’ve got a better team and a better management structure. Rangers is a fantastic football club, it is one of the greatest football clubs in Great Britain, we’ve got to acknowledge that. But we can only look after ourselves.”



    Dermott Desmond October 2012




    “But as long as we’re there at the forefront of it, trying to be up there as one of the leading lights, he’s very much engrossed in what’s going on. He has a board of directors of high intellect who represent him.



    Brendan Rogers on Dermott Desmond





    1. DD tells the Relegation lie, because he wants them around for business,



    2. BR says, our Board represent DD



    3. We seem to have done everything possible (not dealing with the 5WA, not appealing LNS, not seeking judicial review of any of them ….. to ensure that they could do what they wanted …. why? because, as DD says, he views them as an integral part of scottish football (and, hence, our business)



    It is possible that Sevco will go tits up again…. but only because of the greed and/or incompetence of the Sevco Board and/or the SFA/SPFL…



    As others have said, we can look at what others are doing, but if you want to stop wolves from stealing you hens, you first have to make sure that you dont hire foxes to guard your henhouse.

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