Incredible variety and also similarity from Celtic


A very impressive win over Dundee was astonishing for both the variety of goals and also the similarity in their genesis.  Seven goals from seven different scorers is incredible, perhaps unmatched in our history.  By halftime, only four outfield players were not on the scoresheet.  You may conclude that this is a team that can score from anywhere.  To a point.

The other astonishing aspect of the game was that six goals were created by attacks down the right.  Yang committed his man and won a freekick, the result of which was Cameron Carter-Vickers’ opener.

Alistair Johnston crossed for Adam Idah to score Celtic’s second, just as they did on Sunday.  The left still contributes.  Greg Taylor measured a cross into the heart of the Dundee box for Matt O’Riley to score Celtic’s third headed goal.  Two headed crosses from Taylor converted in two games is an above average return.

After that, it was all down the right.  Daizen Maeda turned inside and shot first-time into the corner of the net, after collecting from O’Riley on the right wing.  Johnston again provided a cross, deflected into the air, for Taylor to make it five.

Yang twisted twice to lose Dundee’s Beck before crossing into the heart of the box for Callum McGregor.  The captain played a one-two with Taylor before shooting low into the net from 14 yards.  Halftime arrived with a dose of bewilderment; do we have our Celtic back?

With the job done and a big game ahead, the pace dropped off in the second period.  Brendan Rodgers hooked the pivotal Idah, who earlier reacted to a petulant grab and was booked.  He will encounter more frustrated defenders if he continues in this form, so had better get used to it.

In a carbon copy of his earlier cross to McGregor, Yang rolled another ball along the deck, deep into the box.  This time Daniel Kelly was there to measure a shot into the postage stamp corner.  The entire right side of the field, with Carter-Vickers, O’Riley, Johnston and Yang reduced Dundee’s defending to a shambles.  Their 21-year-old left back Owen Beck, whom Celtic were interested in, in January, will have easier days.

Yang is also 21 and still acclimatising to life in a different continent.  It will not always be like this (it never is for a winger), but our job is not to rubbish talent like petulant children.  If we want success (some of us appear to be more comfortable in a state of trauma), we have to learn what its early stages look like.  Hint: it looks like Yang’s season so far.

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  1. bournesouprecipe on

    Somebody said we’d turned a corner? – you should start a Blog Paul, Celtic and standing ovations are us.



    As if a switch had been flipped, goals rained in on Dundee in keeping with the Parkhead weather. Yang Hyun-Jun did the infamous summer window a good turn releasing talent from previously trapped potential. Adam Idah scored another untypical Celtic goal, heading home a great take, in one of three headers which hadn’t been done in eight years.



    CCV is like a new signing, Tomoki Iwata added another solid midfield performance as BR searches in February for his missing August line up, along with a winning formula which could yet mean, it wasn’t a corner too far. The return of Greg Taylor who has no equal at the club brings much needed stability on the left. Alistair Johnston also stretched his legs and found his weighted crossing boots again adding to the goals from left, right and centre.



    East Kilbride’s finest Daniel Kelly capped his debut with tidy use of the ball especially when he aimed for the staunchion in Celtic’s seventh. Matt O’Riley showed glimpses of pre break form, and Calum was able to escape defensive duties, with Iwata patrolling behind. Sevco and especially their great big VAR, might make the corner we turned too late, but it feels like we’ll at least get our money’s worth.



    “There’s a buzz about the place” ©️ Paul McStay



    M.O.M Yang Hyun-Jun




    Iwata (Jobo’s top 3 )

  2. Great win, onwards and upwards to Swinecastle and more of the same.



    Lets not get away from the fact that both Lawwells need to be given their P45’s in June regardless of where we will be in the league.



    The big picture.

  3. AJ is rightly praised for his attacking play. His defensive shortcomings, which were exposed in the CL, are overlooked. For Dundee’s goal he drifted into the centre leaving the Dundee player he should have been marking free. He did this much more noticeably against Feyenoord at Celtic Park to gift them a goal. He did it again against Motherwell last weekend and got away with it. I’m surprised he hasn’t leant from his mistakes and that our coaches have not put this right.

  4. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Another top performance and result, although you have to wonder how many more it might have been with Kwon in the team.


    Some really pleasing goals again. Kelly’s one probably the pick, with the build-up and finish.


    Good to see O’Riley back amongst the goals again too.


    Some really good combinations – getting the 4-3-3 to operate as it should and seeing the benefits, especially when you keep the ball moving.


    Keep it going!

  5. Sorry if this is rather off-topic, but I noticed a reference to Neil McCann’s EBT in a comment last night about shortbread (not sure if that referred to Sportsound or Sportscene though !). I thought I would check and called up a bookmarked page at which states that the list has been moved to another page & surprise, surprise there is also no list on the other page. Perhaps someone at the shortbread office decided enough was enough and it was removed.



    I have a separate copy of the list – in PDF format – and happy to email to anyone who’d like a copy. Just request on



    Thanks, Jack.

  6. ‘If we want success (some of us appear to be more comfortable in a state of trauma)’






    Remember the cognitive dissonance days? For we have them back?

  7. Another game of two halves last night. One about as perfect as you could wish for, the other, a game state affected drop off in intensity. Overall it was quite a statement and i hope it builds confidence for players and supporters alike.



    If it tells others that we’re far from finished I’ll take that too

  8. PAUL67


    Seven goals from seven different scorers is incredible, perhaps unmatched in our history.



    Not quite Paul. On 15th May 2016, in the last game of the season, Celtic defeated Motherwell 7-0 at Celtic Park.



    Goalscorers were Tierney, Rogic, Lustig, Armstrong, Roberts, Christie & Aitchison.



    Young Jack Aitchison was 16 years and 17 days old and became the youngest player in Celtic’s history to play in a competitive match. Not only that, he scored with his first touch after coming on as a sub, becoming the youngest player ever to score a competitive goal for Celtic.



    Where is he now? He plays for Exeter City.



    As a wee footnote, Celtic had lost their previous game 1-2 away to St Johnstone and Leigh Griffiths was suspended for the season finale. Hugh Keevins on Radio Clyde before the game said, “I can see another struggle for Celtic today because without Griffiths I can’t see where the goals will come from.”



    Answer — Seven different players including a 16 year-old boy.

  9. Callum’s goal last night was a very intelligent move.



    When he received the low cross from Yang, he realised there was a crowd of Dundee defenders between him and the goal, so he squared the ball left to Taylor and at least 3 defenders moved towards the keft-back. Greg pushed the ball back to Callum who now had a clear sight of goal. Bang! 6-0.

  10. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on




    Callum’s goal last night was a very intelligent move.




    Indeed Tom,



    When everyone (including me) was shouting at Calum to shoot immediately ….



    He instantly realised he might not get purchase on the shot from a pass coming from his closed side (the right).



    Quick exchange saw him receiving the ball on his open side (the left).










  11. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    79 Caps – re AJ’s positioning for the Dundee goal ….



    I hear you but I respectfully disagree.



    AJ got dragged into the centre by Liam drifting to our left … when he had no need to … we had plenty of cover

  12. DRAMBOWIECELT on 28TH FEBRUARY 2024 10:41 PM


    @Melvin when your on…..Your pre match predictions ..Like invisible Shankland..and monkeys to run amok against a shackled Mini team…..And tonight ….Huns won’t be allowed to lose….



    Nostradamus is alive and among us….If you were a betting man you would be in mate lol….




    😂 Cheers pal!


    I’m actually shoite at the ol betting. So try to keep away from it. 😂👍

  13. Back to Basics @ 2.06 pm



    I still think he was at fault though it wasn’t as glaring as against Feyenoord and again v Motherwell.

  14. Yang is also 21 and still acclimatising to life in a different continent. It will not always be like this (it never is for a winger), but our job is not to rubbish talent like petulant children. If we want success (some of us appear to be more comfortable in a state of trauma), we have to learn what its early stages look like. Hint: it looks like Yang’s season so far.






    Is every article after a win going to be a defence of Mark Lawwell? If you’re going to single out one player from the last 2 games then Yang is the one making all the difference instead of Idah? No mention of how pish Kwon was when we got a chance to watch him live on Tuesday? Of course not because it would be ridiculous to overreact to a bad game in the same manner that it’s ridiculous to overreact to a couple of good games. Remember everyone was paying £6m for Bernardo in December. Anyone still doing so?



    Yang has played well the last game and a half and staked his claim for the jersey. Here’s hoping he continues to impress. A vindication of the failed recruitment strategy he is not. If Lawwell’s signings take until the end of February to make an impact with another abysmal European campaign behind us then that is not in any way, shape or form a success. How about a bit of praise for the manager working with his hands tied behind his back?



    Anyway, leader aside….. much more like it not just because of the goals but because of the chances created. The team as a whole getting more crosses into the box and from dangerous positions. Yang provided width on the right, Maeda somewhat doing so on the left due to his threat of getting in behind but frustrates so much with his lack of technical ability. And then scores a terrific goal. Go figure. Would still like to Kuhn given a chance out there at some point to see if he can also provide natural width but gotta stick with Maeda on Sunday. I’d be tempted to bring Kyogo back as we will get more space and he has a terrific record against them, and he will likely be here next season and Idah likely will not, but you can’t see anything other than the same 11. Sunday will be an indication of whether this team has turned a corner or just had a sparkling 90 minutes (45 on Sunday 45 last night). But for the 1st time in a while, the style of play has me looking forward to a game with excitement rather than trepidation.

  15. Peter Grant made a few good ‘points’ on Celtic TV last night



    1. If wingers/FBs regularly don’t put the ball in the box, others stop making runs into the box. Vicious cycle. It became a virtuous cycle last night or great runs and crosses. The ‘direct’ approach I was calling for at CP vs Killie



    2. Confident wingers who commit their man and get the ball in the box results in Celtic strikers getting 30-40 goals a season over the years. Not complicated and gets the crowd onside



    I also watched the Sportscene highlights and noted a few things:-



    1. the huns really do rely on their captain – so many dropped points if he wasn’t there. They got out of jail vs Killie whereas we didn’t last week. Pretty concerning re title. Killie deffo should have had a second pen



    2. Hearts got a ridiculous pen; VAR agreed and the ref still gave it. Hibs outplayed Hearts which augers well for Sun



    3. Blair Spittal scored another cracking goal



    4. Aberdeen are mince, Livingston are going down

  16. Maedas goal,a beauty,but one good goal every 15-20 games does not make up for his deficiencies.The,” He runs about a lot”,really?.Is that all it takes?.So many games he is like a man short out wide.


    Through the middle.At least he will worry CHs.He does not worry full backs.

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    With a busy fixture list ahead your support is crucial, with a packed Paradise behind the Bhoys making all the difference on a matchday.


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  18. agree losing goals from the right and left back post positions has been our achilles heel and losing more goals this season in general has put us in our current league position , lack of another decent left sided full back and having to play right footed AR at left back hasn’t helped.

  19. Did anyone notice, apart from the ref, the blatant push on the Killie player near the end, deffo penalty and not mentioned on Sportsscene.


    Disgarce, but that’s Scotland for you..




  20. 67 European Cup Winners on

    As someone who has been defending Brendan from the internal abuse I was not 100% with his tactics. That horseshoe possession infuriates me. I was glad to see second half v Motherwell and both half’s last night a change of tactics from Brendan


    We crossed the ball early


    What a difference a cross makes



    Final comment


    Take nothing away from the Huns – that was a crucial 3 points for them last night


    Since the new manager has come in I think they have only dropped 3 points (against us)


    His Jan signings and 2 point cushion and our lack of Jan signing (Idah-apart) haven given them belief


    Complete support for our manager is crucial for us


    We can debate the season in the summer but between now and then Brendan is our man










  21. Daizen Maeda has not been a productive contributor to our attack in recent games but……….. I saw him either on his own or as a pack tackler in stifling 4 or 5 forward movements from Dundee. He does this fairly regularly while his assist and scoring figures have been worthy of criticism, he has been a hard working midfielder and defender. It has been a lot more than merely running around.

  22. Superbru Round 28 update



    A few minutes before kick off last night, I discovered that habitual Superbru bottom dweller, Friesdorfer, had predicted a 3:0 win for the good guys, which was also my prediction. Expecting this now to be wrong, I revised my forecast upward to 4:0. Three brave souls had outdone me by predicting 5:0, though some of them might be regularly forecasting and dreaming that result every week. As it turned out, none of us were optimistic enough and we witnessed an eye-rubbing 7:1 with a rampant right side attack against a team that had a go. So everyone who picked, whether they forecast 2:0 or 5:0 got the same 1 point reward from Superbru and I doubt any one of them is giving a toss about that particular first world problem or injustice.



    This week- those who managed to do better on the other 5 SPFL results included:-



    1. Bada Bing- 10.5 pts (the yo-yo man of Superbru, near the top & near the bottom rotating each week; Luis Palma type form)


    2= Pannysbhoy & Big Archie- 8.5 pts



    A whole host of familiar punters showed remarkable Calmac type consistency in fiercely competing for the weekly wooden spoon



    On 1 pt- we had Jobo Baldie, Disco Desk, Aipple & Friesdorfer but the vindictive computer chose one of its regular victims, Friesdorfer to get the virtual wooden trophy, yet again. Serial bullying and victimisation you could call it. Or frighteningly consistent picking incompetence- you takes yir pick.



    The overall race is heading round the bend to approach the home straight now:-



    1. Billy Bhoy- 180 pts


    2. Leggy- 177.5 pts


    3. One Malloy- 177 pts



    with BC Milan half a point outside the top 3 and then a 13 point gap to roy croppie & Hopeful Hoops in 5th, leading a tightly bunched (apart from Friesdorfer) Peloton.



    Speaking of which our overall bottom 3 chasing a real life wooden spoon prize are:-



    1. Friesdorfer – 85 pts (You’ll have to get a lot worse to catch him)


    2. Chalmersbhoy- 101.5 pts


    3. Aipple- 102.5 pts



    Our next deadline is Saturday 2nd March with five 3 o’clock kick offs before we travel to Gorgie on the Sunday. I will try to get a helpful bulletin out on Friesdorfer’s pick so you can amend yours accordingly. 😀Good luck to all who are continuing to support this venture. It’s appreciated.

  23. Confidence booster last night👍🏻


    Imagine that will give the whole place a boost and bring some belief that we can do this. Have to admit up until last night I was not convinced we had it in us but the intent and drive last night was great and with good finishing we were out of site. Had we been half as clinical in some games this season we would be well ahead. Finishing is the key – hit the target and you have a chance…….


    Beat the jammed farts and we will really gained momentum……

  24. I’m not taking the michael but what I love about last night that the hoops went towards the opponents goal last night

  25. Good win last night but i have a gripe, there seems to be an agenda with some folks regarding liam Scales which i find baffling. Liam in my opinion has been heroic the way he has marshalled a back four very often that has been changing from week to week with guys coming in with little or no game time.


    Thankfully that has now changed with all the regulars back in situ and hopefully staying iinjury free for the vital run in.

  26. PeterLatchfordsBelly on




    Yang is also 21 and still acclimatising to life in a different continent. It will not always be like this (it never is for a winger), but our job is not to rubbish talent like petulant children. If we want success (some of us appear to be more comfortable in a state of trauma), we have to learn what its early stages look like. Hint: it looks like Yang’s season so far.



    Dear doctor. These blogs are increasingly unhinged. I enjoyed Yamg’s performance last night as much as the text guy, but do me a favour. I note the absence of such a condescending blog after some of his many stinkers this season; eg St J away. A bit of a one-eyed take here.



    If we want success is it? Does success include being 2nd favourites in a 2 horse race with 11 games to go when you could literally buy and sell the other horse?



    Finally, ‘the model’ relies on turnover. Anyone we bring in who’s any good will be sold as a matter of club policy. Witness Matt O’Riley. If Yang continues to put in performances like last night you better believe he won’t be here in 2 years.



    So based on the experience of this season ‘success’ means a rebuild every couple of years, with the first year thereafter consistently dross while players adjust to new cultures etc and the huns potentially. the league?



    Might prove successful to the balance sheet, but this model,is not about building a team.

  27. A friend of mine put £50 on the cheats after they were behind.


    Easy money.


    He didn’t mind losing as he’s a Tim


    But point is


    The refs will ensure they win

  28. Majestic Hartson on




    I’m all for selling on our best players – if they want to go – MO’R may have dropped standards after having his head turn, and if hes not others have – so i think this is fine.



    This makes it all the more important to keep a spine of a team together who will be with us for years. Surely we can be open to signing older experienced players that won’t have much of a resale value but realise this may be there last chance of winning medals.



    The whole – we should only be buying prospects – that has been pedalled recently is narrow minded to me.

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