Organisations tend to back their own


People who belong to organisations are predisposed to protect that organisation whenever it or its reputation is threatened.  It is human nature.  The reputation of the SFA refereeing community is in question today.

One of their senior members, John Beaton, acting with full consideration, advised referee Don Robertson that Yang’s yellow card should be upgraded.  This is the reason Celtic are not top of the table with nine games to go.

Celtic’s appeal against the decision to award a red card will be heard today.  There will be no conspiracy to reject Celtic’s claim, but, irrespective of the merits of any claim (in any environment), there is an inertia to go against one of your own.  I will be pleasantly surprised if they do not back their own man.

We are going to need to win this the hard way.

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  1. Mr Brennan.



    Can you shoot me a wee email please. I’d like to see the live updates get back to honouring our dear friend GG and also I have a slightly more pressing matter.



    Look forward to the email.

  2. The Battered Bunnet on

    It would be something (!) o a surprise if they rescinded it, given the obvious inference that would be drawn.

  3. Agreed. Doubt the decision will be overturned, though for all the wrong reasons.


    I’m ever hopeful. Be nice to think this galvanises the squad and we go on an invincible double winning streak!


    Circle those wagons

  4. We’ve always won it the hard way. Big Jock said we had to be extra good to overcome the 12th man. Nowadays, it’s also the 13th man. The fact that we’re no so ably equipped to do so, is due to failure to improve the team or even stand still. No so many years ago, I’d still have fancied our chances with ten men at the weekend. Still, the huns had a worse result then us over the weekend. Better news, by the sound of it, on the skipper being back soon.

  5. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Statement was a smart move by the club. Who’s talking about the oldfirm-friendly recruitment now?


    Yes, we are going to have to do it the hard way. The easy way would have been strengthening the team last summer but that’s not an option now.


    Great for the old firm though…..

  6. Thursday 5th



    The Welfare sent for me today to inform me of my father being taken ill to hospital. Tried to get me to crawl for a special visit with my family. I was distressed about my father’s illness but relieved that he has been released from hospital. No matter what, I must continue.



    I had a threatening toothache today which worried me, but it is gone now.



    I’ve read Atkins’ statement in the Commons, Mar dheá! (Atkins pledged that the British government would not budge an inch on its intransigent position.) It does not annoy me because my mind was prepared for such things and I know I can expect more of such, right to the bitter end.



    I came across some verse in Kipling’s short stories; the extracts of verses before the stories are quite good. The one that I thought very good went like this:



    The earth gave up her dead that tide,



    Into our camp he came,



    And said his say, and went his way,



    And left our hearts aflame.



    Keep tally on the gun butt score,



    The vengeance we must take,



    When God shall bring full reckoning,



    For our dead comrade’s sake.



    ‘I hope not,’ said I to myself. But that hope was not even a hope, but a mere figure of speech. I have hope, indeed. All men must have hope and never lose heart. But my hope lies in the ultimate victory for my poor people. Is there any hope greater than that?



    I’m saying prayers — crawler! (and a last minute one, some would say). But I believe in God, and I’ll be presumptuous and say he and I are getting on well this weather.



    I can ignore the presence of food staring me straight in the face all the time. But I have this desire for brown wholemeal bread, butter, Dutch cheese and honey. Ha!! It is not damaging me, because, I think, ‘Well, human food can never keep a man alive forever,’ and I console myself with the fact that I’ll get a great feed up above (if I’m worthy).



    But then I’m struck by this awful thought that they don’t eat food up there. But if there’s something better than brown wholemeal bread, cheese and honey, etcetera, then it can’t be bad.



    The March winds are getting angry tonight, which reminds me that I’m twenty-seven on Monday. I must go, the road is just beginning, and tomorrow is another day. I am now 62 kgs and, in general, mentally and physically, I feel very good.




    Thanks for that information.



    I’ll be completely flabbergasted if they overturn it.”



    As will I.

  9. bournesouprecipe on




    Perfect storm for Hamdump



    “ The old firm what are they like eh? “



    One is as bad as the other always, moaning about something



    Job done 👍

  10. Wonder what the appeal process actually involves? Are we able to cite similar scenarios with different outcomes?


    Probably not


    Presumably each case on its merit – which doesn’t help with consistency

  11. Does anyone know offhand whether VAR is used in the Scottish Championship, League One and League Two?


    Reason I am asking because all of those clubs were allowed a vote as to whether VAR should be introduced for the SPL. 75% voted in favour. As far as i know they do not pay any of the costs, while Celtic FC paid the most. Or is this just yet another unforeseen consequence of the creation of the SPFL ten years ago or so?

  12. He should have the red card scrubbed I think it is 2 games automatically for this which will be like 3 games he would miss, if the sfa back this they are backing crooks let them withdraw their labour, plenty other refs available from elsewhere but the refs won’t strike cos they love the money.

  13. I think this has been an exercise on our part about marking Beaton’s card and letting the SFA know that enough is enough. I don’t expect to see Beaton taking charge of our games again this season – either as a ref or VAR official.



    Our fixtures aren’t the most challenging over the next few weeks, heading to Ibrox with Yang available, Hatate and CalMac fit will be a boost.

  14. SFTBS @ 1:29 PM,



    It seems to me there is an appetite within Celtic to take the SFA on.



    Maybe not since Lord Reid’s time did we stand up and call them out.



    Celtic as we know too well are a PLC…



    If the are losing tens of millions of revenue because of noncompliance of the authorities with the rules and regulations then they surely have a duty to stakeholders to demand a level playing field.



    A R2ngers supporter as Head VAR in a match and taking game changing, vital decisions that benefit R2ngers is an absolute scandal – and it’s a sad reflection on Scotland.



    Hail Hail

  15. Appeal, really what is the point other than he’ll be free to play now. We were reduced to 10 men, job done by the ludge, simple really.




  16. CELTIC MAC on 5TH MARCH 2024 1:23 PM



    Does anyone know offhand whether VAR is used in the Scottish Championship, League One and League Two?



    Reason I am asking because all of those clubs were allowed a vote as to whether VAR should be introduced for the SPL. 75% voted in favour. As far as i know they do not pay any of the costs, while Celtic FC paid the most. Or is this just yet another unforeseen consequence of the creation of the SPFL ten years ago or so?



    *I wonder if we can opt out of it, that would hit them where it hurts

  17. If Celtic are NOT ALLOWED to ” CITE” other examples of other Players NOT being Red Carded for a high boot, then where is the ” FAIRNESS” in an Appeal Case ?


    IF the Appeal is dismissed and YANG gets hit with a TWO game suspension, then Celtic FC should withdraw from Funding VAR.


    If Celtic just go along with such a further suspension and accept it…..then Brendan Rodgers and the Players SHOULD DEMAND ” Straight Red Cards” EVERY TIME an opposition player raises his boot to a Celtic player.



    Brendan Rodgers SHOULD be in the 4th Officials face….anytime he sees this in future games.



    As far as I am aware…The Hearts player did NOT require ANY Medical treatment, so I left to assume that YANG made NO CONTACT with the cheatin CHUMP ?



    If the Appeal goes against YANG on this occasion….then the SFA/Appeal Board are ” opening the door” to future arguments in ” what constitutes a high boot” ?


    Is it only a Players ” Face”….what if there is high boot to a players shoulder etc ?



    CHEATIN hun Scum.




  18. tontine tim



    We should have told the SFA at least, who were party to VAR, that if you want to bring it in you pay for it.


    Why throw more money at the same referees? Or rereferees. If there was an Independent review of decisions, might make sense, not the John Beatons of this world.

  19. I am fully expecting YANGs Appeal to FAIL………If it does, Celtic FC SHOULD tell the SFA where to shove their VAR Funding.







  20. KINGLUBO @ 2:19 PM,



    You’ve got to say that toxic element is deeply ingrained in Scottish society and they’ll do everything they can to ensure it’s not exposed to the light…



    Hail Hail

  21. ight now we have the scottish freemason association between a rock and a hard place and I actually think they will downgrade the red as no matter what we lost the game so job done, anyway cheaton can be absolved of all blame as all he will have to say is mibbees he just advised a closer look at it and the onus is on the ref who could miss a few games through this

  22. Refs



    The officiating was a shambles at the weekend.



    1. our pen – very soft but they are usually given. i said ‘justice done’ when we missed


    2. sending off was ridiculously harsh – i’ll expand on that


    3. their offside would not have been given without VAR. Bonus for us


    4. Their pen was ridiculous and harks back to the first season of VAR



    On point 3, I can’t see it being rescinded as it is so open to interpretation, hence ref view stands. I see a few comments about a dossier of other incidents. Can go both ways, e.g., CCV put a high boot on a player last week at shoulder height; striker headed his foot. Pretty sure it was yellow card. That can work for us or the panel could say that decision was wrong.



    For clarity, my position is that Yang had eyes on the ball, was capable of a ridiculous level of flexibility and the Hearts man put his head into a dangerous place when the foot was up. Yang bent his foot when he did see him. It was no Roofe tackle



    I hate to say it but I agree with the clown Boyd in that the ref changed his mind twice after being asked to review. He didn’t have to. I saw Collum stick with his decision in a Celtic game recently when asked to look at potential red card. Celtic TV said no way to the red , as did I

  23. Celtic FC SHOULD withdraw the funding of VAR for every game….but INFORM the SFA and opposition teams, that if ” THEY” wish VAR to cover any game, then the opposition teams can pay the FULL AMOUNT to the SFA themselves.


    Let the opposition clubs who are happy with VAR meet the FULL COSTS every time…..SIMPLES !




  24. Clunks,



    Sorry to see your suffering, it is brave of you to be so honest. I note your take up of therapy and counselling which is great.



    In my personal experience, if you are in the dark place you mentioned last night, GP and medical intervention would be my advice.



    18 months or so ago I was similar and reached out on here too. Brings the best out in people you argue with normally!



    My GP put be on pills to suppress the dangerous feelings alongside anti depressants which take a while to kick in . I had 6 months on pills which made me a nicer person to be around but it did remove my personality .



    I came off them when this time allowed me to see that the things I disastrophised about, never happened and the things that irked me so much didn’t need to.



    I have to focus very hard on that while off the pills and I do fall off the wagon, especially when pished.



    Everyone’s situation is different but just wanted to accentuate a positive



    Hail Hail

  25. Had another look at Yangs red card incident.


    If he did make contact with Cochrane I would say it was very , very minimal.



    What annoys me is the way he ( Cochrane ) rolled about the ground feigning injury trying to get the Celtic player sent off.



    I really can’t stand any professional football player be he a Celtic player or an opposing player trying to get a man sent of for next to no contact whatsoever!!



    I hope the Celtic supporters remember Cochrane when he visits Celtic park next and make sure he gets the welcome he deserves !!

  26. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    The Yang review is a win-win for Celtic.



    If decision is overturned – Beaton influence is by no means neutralised but is certainly diminished.



    Stress testing units is standard process in various methodologies.



    Stress test the unit enough? It breaks.





    If decision is upheld – the Celtic fans, players, manager and board have a unifying force (us against the establishment).



    If that unification is total?



    Highly unlikely we’ll be stopped.

  27. Aston Villa have reported a loss of £119.6m in their latest accounts up to 31 May 2023.



    The accounts cover a period that saw Villa finish seventh in the Premier League to qualify for Europe.



    Villa say the figures are “in line with the strategic business plan” and within the Premier League’s profit and sustainability rules.

  28. !!Bada Bing!! on

    If we can take our emotion away from the Yang challenge, does anyone think that will be a straight red card for similar challenges from now on? I don’t, as it will open a can of worms here,I think it will get rescinded. Good to see the Club asking for the audio between Beaton and Robertson from Sunday.

  29. get your application in –



    Celtic Football Club is currently seeking a Player Pathway Manager within a multidisciplinary team, lead and manage the development, progression and retention of high potential players from our Under 18 and B Team squads. Co-ordinate and oversee the design and implementation of development plans and opportunities, which provide appropriate pathways for players to progress and succeed within the Club’s First Team environment, and for First Team squad players requiring development opportunities.



    Reporting directly to the Head of Celtic Youth Academy, the role will have additional reporting and liaison responsibilities to the First Team Manager, the Head of Academy Coaching and the Club’s B Team and Under 18 Head Coaches, ensuring that clear, effective communication of player development plans is in place across all relevant squads.



    Through the creation, development and maintenance of strong relationships with Clubs across leagues, both within Scotland and further afield, identify agree and manage loan opportunities which support the development of our First Team player pathway, and First Team squad players requiring development opportunities.



    Key accountabilities will include:



    Identification of high potential players


    • Work alongside the Head of Academy Coaching, B Team and U18 coaches to identify players who have high potential to transition from the Academy to the B and First Teams.


    • Work alongside the Head of Academy Coaching, B Team and U18 coaches to identify players who may benefit from time with other squads within Celtic to progress their performance.


    • Working alongside all relevant fields, create individual Player Development Plans (PDP’s) for those players identified as having high potential, ensuring both internal and external progression is identified and incorporated, as appropriate.



    Loan opportunity management


    • Create a pipeline of appropriate loan opportunities which support the development of players, focussed on providing


    • the required exposure and growth needed to prepare players for the Men’s First and B Team’s;


    • First Team squad players requiring development opportunities.


    • Through regular and effective scouting, in a format to be agreed with the Head of Celtic Youth Academy, provide consistent reporting on a diverse range of clubs from across the global football environment, with the aim of identifying potential loan clubs.


    • Agree and understand the support arrangements that will be in place for loan players, with their loan club, for the duration of their loan. Ensuring that player care remains the upmost priority for both clubs, at all times.


    • For players returning from loan opportunities, ensure a comprehensive and supportive re-introduction process is in place, which integrates the player effectively back into the Club and relevant squad, incorporating both their physical and mental wellbeing.



    Coaching and development


    • Working alongside all relevant fields, effectively deliver and coordinate all internal aspects of individual Player Development Plans (PDP’s).


    • As required provide constructive technical and tactical feedback to players, ensuring their continued development.


    • Provide support to players in ensuring their understanding of their development in elite performance, including medical, sport science, performance analysis and sports psychology.



    Safeguarding and wellbeing


    • Develop and maintain an up to date understanding of Children’s Rights.


    • Encourage good practice which is in line with procedures that protect children and young people across all areas of responsibility.


    • Ensure conversations with children and young people are held with compassion and fairness.


    • Show a commitment to support the Clubs programmes of education for players, providing access to knowledge and understanding which will enable them to plan effectively for their future.



    Communication and collaborative working


    • Ensure a continuous flow of communication is present across all relevant departments, in respect of the status and progress of each player.


    • As agreed with the First Team Manager and Head of Celtic Youth Academy, provide detailed reports to key colleagues on a weekly, monthly and annual basis, providing insight on player progress, both whilst on loan or developing within the structure at Celtic FC.


    • Work alongside medical, sport science, performance analysis and safeguarding colleagues to ensure that all development plans incorporate the required expertise and support from each speciality.



    Skills and Experience required:





    • UFEA A Licence


    • Excellent technical and tactical knowledge of professional football.


    • At least 3 years’ experience of coaching professional football players.


    • At least 3 years’ experience working with children and young people


    • Ability to effectively integrate and work alongside colleagues across varying levels of seniority


    • Ability to write clear, structured and accurate reports


    • A basic understanding of sport science, sports psychology and player analysis


    • Strong understanding of the Scottish Football environment, particularly at a youth level


    • Demonstrable experience in effectively building and fostering strong professional relationships





    • UEFA Pro Licence


    • First Aid for Sport qualification


    • Relevant qualification in Sports Science, Sport Psychology or other complimentary field


    • Experience working within recruitment and scouting of talent within professional sports


    • Understanding and experience of youth football, outwith Scotland


    • A demonstrable network of relationships within Scottish football and further afield

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