Rationalising the wingers


At the time, you and I talked about the hoard of wingers at the club after the summer’s transfer business.  James Forrest, Mikey Johnston, Liel Abada, Daizen Maeda, Luis Palma, Yang and Marco Tilio.  That’s seven players for two starting spots; it was always going to be a handful keeping everyone happy.  Marco got his first outing of the season at the weekend, playing for the Australia under-23s, and has apparently intimated a willingness to leave on loan in January.  A rationalisation was always likely.

Unfortunately for Brendan Rodgers, he has never had all seven available to him.  Mikey and Marco started the season injured, Liel soon joined them and Daizen is now out.  We head to Rome next week without Liel, Daizen or suspended Luis, meaning Yang, James and Mikey are each likely to play some part in the game.  It would be bizarre and unfair to ask Marco Tilio to make his Celtic debut in such circumstances.

Brendan needs to concentrate developed work on Luis and Yang.  We are hampered by being unable to attract the finished product to Scottish football, so we have to excel at improving the players who arrive here with little more than potential.  If either of these two leave Celtic without pushing forward as professionals, a key metric for the club will have failed.

Development is never linear, they will need support to realise their full potential, but by the end of the season they should be competing for a start alongside Daizen and Liel.

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  1. From Previous Thread…



    BIG JIMMY on 20TH NOVEMBER 2023 11:59 AM


    CELTIC MAC on 20TH NOVEMBER 2023 11:26 AM












    I am gonna ASSUME that YOU have never met ST STIVS ?







    I STILL havent seen the so called ” Offensive ” Post by ST STIVS, but IF ST STIVS was somehow ” out of order”, I have to ask….” WHO or WHAT PROVOKED ST STIVS” ?







    As I Posted earlier, I have met ST STIVS on a couple of occasions, and he came across as a really DECENT Celtic Man,

  2. Paul – member a few months back you giving us word that the analytics and scouting process was kwality.



    I did mention that – nice and quick feet notwithstanding – Marco was possibly Danny Arzani Mk 2… I hope he Calums it somewhere like Notts County.



    With another blog story on here is talking of a clearout of Ideguchi, Kobayashi, Kwon, Siegrist not to mention


    Bernabei, Haksa and James McCarthy (a mix of Ange and Analytics picks) is the analytics machine needing a version upgrade, or are we just offloading wage drags so we can bring in some fresh finished product ?




  3. bournesouprecipe on




    Seven wingers for Seven Centrebacks



    We have seven first team fit (or nearly) fit CB’s and through the injury crisis. Nat Phillips returns to Liverpool in January and the potential to loan out at least two others, leaves us in good shape. It’s the four competing CB’s BR wanted with CCV then Scales Nawrocki and Lagerbielke scrapping for the other spot.



    Kobayashi and Welsh will need game time elsewhere, and the revolving Parkhead door will be busy in January. Still at the club James McCarthy and Ideguchi will surely be cut free permanently , Mikey Johnston out of the squad again, the same. Alexandro Bernabei’s surprise inclusion verse the Dons might be one of his last barring injuries, finding suitors is the stumbling block, and will be for Kwon and Tilio

  4. Paul 67,



    A case could be made for each of the wingers you have mentioned. As you also say there is a possibility of failure. I get that. We have an element of calculated risk.



    What I don’t get and I can see no justifiable rationale is James Mccarthy.



    Contracted until 31 – 5- 2025.



    Why ???????




  5. big jimmy



    No, never met Saint Stivs in person. Know him only through CQN, and see him as a valued poster of many years standing. I have appreciated many of his photographic, (and other) links re Celtic FC, Celtic Park and its’ environs and have occasionally engaged with him re his contributions. The most recent was in relation to a survey of ‘The Scots-Italians 1890 – 1940 a Family Portrait’ well worth looking up. There is no doubt of his Celtic credentials, or indeed his CQN credentials, both longstanding, and if not a bona fide Son of the Rock he has close links to it. It is this context that I was disappointed to read his post and the language that he used, and his context does not excuse it, though it may well explain it, a wholly different thing. Others may defend that kind of language on this site, I’m not one of them, hence my view that he owes Paul67 an apology, in some form or other. And a welcome return to this dear green place.




  6. Re the Mod. Last week when reading back an article he fair went OTT repeatedly calling someone a liar and demanding a response.



    I was hoping to get my son posting on here as he is Celtic thru and thru and being autistic I thought the crowd on here might be a good fit for him as he finds most young uns strange :)



    Thought twice seeing hoe the mod behaved :/

  7. SFTB – This is a problem that our host needs to resolve. My suggestion would be to find someone else, and going forward the Mod should not be allowed to comment on the blog outside of the purpose of moderating. If the individual wants to contribute then do it through a different moniker so that there is no doubt as to the role he/she is playing. There’s no place for keyboard bullies here, or anywhere else for that matter.

  8. I’m old fashioned but I thought a moderate was to moderate not comment?



    The site changes when they are on,



    It’s like school when the teacher doesn’t want you to answer back.







  9. CELTIC MAC on 20TH NOVEMBER 2023 12:44 PM






    I appreciate your response and I thank you for it.



    Like SFTB ( and others), I am unhappy that ST STIVS has been Banned.


    I havent seen the so called ” Offensive Post” by ST STIVS, but as I have met him on a couple of occasions, and enjoyed his pleasant company, I HAD to ask…” WHO or WHAT PROVOKED him” ?


    Maybe this one for PAUL67 to sort out ?











    I’d ban ye anyway, ya bloody hooligan.




    Who asked you anyway ?




    HH Mate.

  11. garygillespieshamstring on

    Good to see the lad has done ok despite the fact that his father felt his wages being paid at Celtic Park were only fit for a homeless person.

  12. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Personally I think the winger recruitment has been decent.



    Yang and Palma now contributing regularly.



    If fees reported at the time are to be believed ….. the two acquired for a combined £5.5m?



    If so, good business.



    For me ….



    Maeda, Palma, Abada, Yang are our best “any two from four” (when fit of course) with James supporting.



    Regretfully, I think Mikey’s time is just about up.



    Tillo? No idea.






    A quality group of four wingers


    All young (26, 23, 22, 21)


    All on long term contracts



    Acquired for total fees of c.£10m ?



    Does great credit to our scouting and coaching groups.



    Now if we could just cease and desist on the old frog kissing !!!!!




  13. bigrailroadblues on

    Good afternoon all from the Vicky Bar. Shankland or Van Hooijdonk?🤔. Probably not interested in either.

  14. Get St stivs back on.



    The MOD noises posters up when he is on the drink, something that should not be allowed.



    It is not his site, he only moderates it but I understand we should follow the rules, not his rules.



    But if he is annoying posters to the point someone looses the rag and uses a swear word then there should be a vote of appeal put to posters or a MODS MOD.



    D :)

  15. In a nutshell, the Moderator is not the right guy for the job. He seems to have problems and I hope, if he has, this post does not exacerbate them.


    It was good of him to take on the job but maybe he should `retire` from it now.


    I hope this post comes over in the spirit of goodwill intended.

  16. onenightinlisbon on

    Palma injured according to his international manager.



    We have plenty of wingers though…….




    I hope it is either trivial or non-existent as I feel this Bhoy has something special to offer.

  18. I do not want to lose St Stivs from the site. The site needs posters of his calibre


    In fact I do not want to lose any bona-fide posters from the site.



    In the big scheme of things the rule break is not a big deal.



    I would also hope that the support that St Stives has received would be reciprocated to any poster. Even posters who don’t bevy in the Shipbank




  19. HORSES Today….YA DANCER.



    My Favourite JUMPS Trainer for the last 30 years or had just THREE Runners Today.


    ALL THREE have WON at odds of…7/1, 5/1 and i/4 on.


    I backed all three in a TREBLE, and I also backed the Two Priced 7/1 and 5/1 in a DOUBLE.


    I have ALSO backed all THREE in a ” Lucky 15″ Bet, and I am waiting for another Horse in the 4.00 Race Today, to hopefully bring UP my Lucky 15 Bet.



    The 4th Selection in the Lucky 15 is NOT Trained by my Favouite Trainer.



    So far…A VERY Profitable day, which hopefully will be even better should my Horse win the 4 o clock Race ?



    Magic so far.




  20. OOps,



    I did NOT back the 1/4 winner in my Lucky 15, but I did better than that as I had another Horse that won earlier at odds of 5/1.



    So far…THREE winners on the Lucky 15 at odds of…7/1, 5/1 and 5/1.

  21. Not wishing to get too involved in the Moderation debate and the good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to fhellah posters.



    However apologies have been long established ways to get on after a ban



    Infamously didn’t the ubiquitous BMCUWPS get ban and refuse to apologise many moons ago and has been off ever since!?



    Also the fholk wanting to get rid of the mod are the very people who were demanding more moderating ’cause they wanted posters out!?



    Hope St Stivs apologies we can get to appreciate the wit and charm of the top bhoy again.



    But forgive me for being rather overwhelmed by the irony on offer at the moment.



    Great afternoon to be a Tim BTW



    Aff oot



    Hail Hail

  22. garygillespieshamstring on

    Would be helpful if people knew exactly what “the rules” are in terms of what is ok to comment upon.



    I appreciate that Paul felt the need to ask people not to comment on the Middle East situation on the blog so we should, imo, respect that.



    Also, language issues were usually met with a comment of “language violation, yellow card” and the offending post removed without things escalating to folk being banned.



    Generally, discussion of most things was allowed as long as comments did not include personal attacks.


    There tended not to be a need to ban discussions on topics as discussion was generally civil.



    However if certain topics are deemed to be not up for debate, Paul should be the guy who decides. Once Paul has made a decision, then that should be communicated to posters on the blog via Paul or the mods and then everyone knows where we stand.



    St Stivs is one of many excellent contributors and it is a shame if people are being banned for crossing a line they don’t know exists.



    Just my thoughts.



    Hope to see St Stivs back soon.

  23. Ref the Mod



    It’s a really tough job I imagine. Credit to the chap for trying to do it. I wouldn’t be doing it for sure.



    I was the subject of some critique by him last week whereby he wrongly and kinda weirdly called me a liar repeatedly.



    That said I do think it is totally wrong right now and unhelpful for anyone on here to be directly talking of mental health issues (everyone kinda has them) / alcohol issues of any individual though. That is not right. I am surprised to see people sharing such comment re the mod whether there is any basis of fact in it or not.



    I am sure common sense will prevail on this over the next few weeks. St Stivs will be back. It is easier when there is actually real football going on than at international break time. We have plenty of real football this next 6 weeks for sure.

  24. Sadly, my 4th selection on my Luck 15 could only finish 3rd.



    NO Matter, as I STILL had an excellent day with my Favourite JUMPS Trainer bagging three winners with his three runners.






  25. ” Also the fholk wanting to get rid of the mod are the very people who were demanding more moderating ’cause they wanted posters out!?”



    As someone famously said ` Who are these people?` and when did they `demand` more moderating?

  26. FFS ..not the perennial Frimpong windfall story …clearly this has taken over from the Dembele one …click bait or what !?

  27. ST STIVS…


    If you are lurking, please feel free to join some of the Bhoys from here in The Shipbank Pub next Friday 1st December.


    You are more than welcome mate.



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