Results watershed points to an obvious problem


A team that dropped only two points in 13 games has now dropped a further eight across five games.  That’s a significant change in form over the last three weeks.  We beat Aberdeen 6-0 ahead of the last international break, returned to draw 1-1 with Motherwell, were less then impressive in wins over St Johnstone and Hibs, then lost to Kilmarnock and Hearts.

I think we can all agree that the summer recruitment, which monetarily focussed on central defenders who have scarcely been used, and numerically on wingers, who have failed to inspire, did not compensate for the summer departures.  But that does not explain the watershed either side of the November international break.  A squad that was imperious going into the break looks like it has collectively switched off.

Celtic will doubtlessly sign players in January but if we don’t deal with whatever has been eating the cohesion since the squad reassembled late last month, it will not change the dial.

A week to reset before playing the bottom club in the league is welcome.  Brendan, Callum and the squad have to fix the obvious problem, or no amount of January signings will make any difference.

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  1. Go tell the Spartim on

    I’m intrigued as to how Callum can address the obvious problem which is the recruitment of rotten players 🤔

  2. When you write: ‘I think we can all agree that the summer recruitment, which monetarily focussed on central defenders who have scarcely been used, and numerically on wingers, who have failed to inspire, did not compensate for the summer departures.’



    Weren’t you also the author of a piece about how our data analysis and player recruitment system was humming along at optimal efficiency a few months back and all BR had to do was trust the process ??



    Sell some experienced and proven players and sign a wheen of wet-behind-the-ears wannabes is bound to cause quality lapses; it’s not rocket salad, Paulo.



    Still KTF-ing tho’

  3. Had a lovely weekend!



    Friends for dinner on Saturday night, one of whom is recovering from cancer.


    Absolutely brilliant!



    On Sunday I hosted 11 family members for brunch.


    Full Scottish devoured by most then drinks from early afternoon on.



    A great weekend!

  4. Correct, Rodgers has lost the dressing room, I’m not going into names but when you’re addressing the media and say i need quality or power or speed those conversations should be held with those who can make that happen i.e. within the walls of the club, it would have been enough to say i know what the issues are and what needs to be done, he has tarred everyone with the same brush except those he excludes in his interviews McGregor, O Riley most recently, that is bad man management, this team has chucked it, the commitment isn’t there and they stand back at let teams do what they want to do. I don’t expect anything to change against Livingsto, Desmond brought this guy back to work with a Chairman who he fell out with and his son in a very importantant position.


    Rodgers will likely be allowed to continue this car crash of a season and fortunes squandered as they already have been by Lawwell snr and now junior in the unofficial DOF role. All 3 should get their jotters and The Kaiser must be held up to scrutiny by those who create the turnover, the support, who are the club, who buy the season tickets and merchandise, this has went on for far too long. Who has the guts to do this?

  5. The defeat to Hearts was our third game in seven days. With a crazy schedule like that you need to be able to rotate. But for that you need enough quality players. That is the problem, the disastrous summer recruitment which our blog host has finally acknowledged. I’ve no idea what the other problem is that he describes as obvious. It’s not obvious to me.

  6. We will never improve just as long as BR stubbornly sticks to this style. Old hat doesn’t even start to cover it.



    Attack, attack attack











    Some things are much more important than fitba’!



    Hope you are good!

  8. onenightinlisbon on

    Perfect storm is upon us.



    The board will sit on their hands again.



    Maybe the huns winning a treble might hasten the departure of a few hangers on.



    I sincerely hope it doesn’t come to that….

  9. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    “A squad that was imperious going into the break”




    Hardly. We drew with St Johnstone and Hibs and got beaten by Kilmarnock in the league cup.




    “Celtic will doubtlessly sign players in January”




    Yeah – strengthening when we are showing weakness has generally never been a problem. If only we could show the same ambition when we are in a position of strength.


    The concern now is that we have one of our panic January windows (2005, 2010, 2019).


    Be so much easier if we could just get it right to begin with!

  10. Prestonpans bhoys on



    Seeing an article on the home page about an Aberdeen v Sevco game. Celtic News????????



    Just read it, don’t see a problem. Sure the opening gambit was the latest misdemeanor by Dallas however the rest of the piece talks about Dallas and Celtic games.



    Is this Dallas inconsistencies or biases towards a particular coloured shirt 🤔

  11. Dark days indeed. It would appear that the dressing room has been mislaid. Apart from invisible tactics, we are too lightweight and easily bullied. This is not a good place to be, especially with an assorted bunch of hammer throwers waiting in the wings.


    There doesn’t seem to be an obvious instant remedy available, prior to our upcoming fixtures, but perhaps an Elastoplast over the wound is needed.


    Would it be ridiculous to bring Ralston into the wingback role, with AJ moved into right midfield, where he can add a bit of energy and dig? One of them can push forward and the other cover the back.


    We need height for defending corners, free kicks and long throws. Also, we need heart, so Ralston must play.

  12. onenightinlisbon on

    I worry that even if Rodgers does get 4 players in, his track record in the past for signings is hardly “elite” manager stuff.



    I also think the issue run far deeper than simply a few new players.

  13. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    P67 pointing the finger at the manager. Fine. Sack him and bring in someone else. See if they can turn the muck brought in by the Lawwell clown show into gold. As Juco James says, talent level of players is an exponentially more important factor in footballing success than who your manager is.



    I go to the games with my uncle. He is currently receiving treatment for oesophageal cancer from which he has a 20% chance of survival. He’s a remarkably glass half full guy and bears no resentment for his disease despite never having smoked.



    He texted me at the weekend (I’m in NYC), to say our performance against Hertz had ruined his Saturday. Not sure what he had to eat. Must ask him.

  14. Would it be ridiculous to bring Ralston into the wingback role



    that’s the position he is trying to play when he is selected and he is simply not good enough , should be moved on to find his own level this Jan.



    BR should start playing players in their natural positions JF right wing , DM left wing , MJ (cough cough) left wing for a start , why didn’t he swap both wide men last sat when JF and DM where on the park.

  15. Go tell the Spartim on

    In all parts of Celtic we need to employ the best people for the job that we can afford. We’re still a club full of family dynasties, see some of the profile stuff of the nepotistic appointments have been edited, wonder why.



    Root and branch clear out, ambivalent if manager stays or goes, as for the chairmen he can clear his desk anytime he likes.



    I genuinely think players, new to the club would benefit for bedding in for a year, sadly our transfer model would never allow it, still trying to work out the rationale for so many projects and no experienced players, even mildly experienced ones, was it hubris on the plc’s part. At the time BR was the best manager we could afford, if his name was Neil Lennon then the chairmen would give him to the end of the season, as it’s not it’s who’s ego will triumph, all at the expense of the football club and us, the supporters.

  16. Can’t fathom what gas gone so badly wrong this season. For starters Rodgers has been gloomy faced from early in the season. So why did he come back ?


    Surely he must have had guarantees he would have a say in recruitment ?


    Or perhaps he accepted the job on the condition he was a great coach and was there to turn projects into saleable assets?


    His ire could be. “You promised me quality projects not players who will never be of Celtic standard.


    Totally baffling. I am now concerned about the game on 30th.


    Another behind the sofa experience ???

  17. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    Don’t back doon, double doon!



    Sell O’Riley in January and bring in a couple of cheap duds. Present as a necessary feature of the ‘sustainable model’ and business success.



    Bank profits, pay yourself bigger bonuses.



    Rinse and repeat.

  18. onenightinlisbon on




    Surely the supporters will not stand for that.



    The “sack the board” chants on Saturday are only going to grow.



    Selling one of your best assets whilst already in decline?



    Surely even the sheisters on the board wouldn’t do that?

  19. Bhoy From The Boyne on

    Jaysus – I only now have heard Rodgers post match interviews with CTV & Radio Scotland after Saturday’s game.



    Character & mentality questioned – ‘surprised but not surprised’ with this group. Calmac, MOR & Scales getting praised but the rest got thrown under the bus.



    Slippy G levels from BR….These treble winners (minus 2) don’t lose character & mentality in a few short months.



    Time for somebody at the club to take BR to task for all this post match nonsense talk. Screams of ‘it’s them, not me’.




  20. onenightinlisbon on




    Ridiculous if we continue to play according to the Rodgers bible?



    Don’t think so.

  21. onenightinlisbon on




    What do you expect from him?



    Lennonesque in his post match analysis. Everyone but me….

  22. glendalystonsils on

    Too many of our players are not Celtic standard .



    Until, that is, our standards drop far enough so that they become Celtic standard .



    I’m sure we can all think of several , both old and new .



    Yet many still blame Rodgers .

  23. The time to buy was in the summer. This boat has sailed. Lawwell’s last season was a disaster and his first season back is shaping up to be another disaster.


    The glasgow derby can’t come quickly enough. If you are a sevco supporter.

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