Running out of road against the Rotters


It has no relevance for tonight, but the best news from Brendan Rodgers media appearance yesterday was that Cameron Carter-Vickers and Daizen Maeda will return to action for Saturday’s game against Hearts.  Both are huge players, especially so on Champions League nights, but the urgency of that matter has passed.

The defence will inevitably line-up the same as it did at Rugby Park.  Liam Scales and Nat Phillips have both performed credibly in the Champions League this season, albeit the latter’s appearances have been limited.  Get things right in front of them and they will do so again.

Callum McGregor will return to his pivot position deep in midfield, but who partners Matt O’Riley in the other central mid role is up for grabs.  I expect Paulo Bernardo to get the nod.  David Turnbull has yet to be offered a new contract, making it likely that Brendan will use the opportunity to further develop Paulo.  Odin Holm’s chances have drifted.

Despite a lower return in front of goal, Kyogo remains at the top of our meritocratic Christmas tree.  He is likely to find more space against a Champions League side than a packed Scottish Premiership defence.  You’ll see the best of him tonight.

I hope Mikey Johnston enjoys himself.  He is another who is rapidly running out of contract at Celtic and may not see football at this level again.  The role of the winger has changed beyond recognition since the players (some of us) watched in the 80s.  Mikey is a throwback to that time, a player who can dribble past defenders to open up space.  Let’s see some of that against the Rotters.

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  1. It’s game day!



    Feeling mixed emotions but would like some cash and coefficient points.



    Hopefully not a game behind the sofa…

  2. bournesouprecipe on

    Chairbhoy @ ages ago last article



    No worries this place is 24/7 I’m sure you read someone say , his old man is the type who falls asleep thinking about Celtic and wakens up thinking about Celtic? It’s the bit that happens in the middle throughout the rest of the day, that worries some Celtic supporters.



    I appreciate we’re covering old ground but I believed rightly or wrongly that when Brian Dempsey introduced us to Fergus McCann outside the stadium yon night, the game was over and the rebels had won. I kept my ticket, bought the minimum working man amount of shares possible, and left them to it.



    Here we are all these years later, still at the coal face, but with billionaires sitting on the massive majority of shares, fan involvement never mind ownership is further away than Michael Kelly’s last Parkhead fish tea. The chasm between the everyday supporter and the board got bigger but so it seems, the gap created between the football manager and the board got bigger too.



    The ‘final say’ cliche is just that, a nodding through names, after being presented with a ‘recruitment team’ list and is said, in an attempt to pacify Celtic supporters that want ‘head coach’ only appointments. He uttered almost verbatim the same sound bite , in his first spell as manager, it’s who is boss, and the title that’s been firmed up, and introduced to the supporters.



    BR is accountable contractually and usually about 30 minutes after every final whistle, his demeanour changes with the scoreline, as it did again on Sunday, he knows that Celtic have had an ‘unusual window’ there have been too many nodded through. If you or I, watched YouTube Kwon in the K League, we’d likely exercise the final say the same way Brendan allegedly did.



    The ‘Heads of Recruitment’ at every club escape the glare of publicity especially so at Celtic. Their efforts are currently being manifested mainly at Lennoxtown or lately Rugby Park. I’ll judge Brendan’s recruitment when his feet have been under the desk for one or two more windows where he’ll have full declared and controlled ownership of recruitment, won’t he?



    That’s if the billionaires don’t all fall out again beforehand.




  3. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    How many will be there to watch though? Not so many judging by Celtic Spares Twitter account. Fans with paid tickets not turning up for the ECL? What a rebuttal of Lawwell’s beancounter ‘model’.

  4. “The defence will inevitably line-up the same as it did at Rugby Park.”



    Well that is a depressing thought. I might need to fill my flask with something a little stronger than tea for the bus journey!



    “I expect Paulo Bernardo to get the nod.”



    Based on past CL appearances so do I though it confuses me. Something in the loan agreement? Given comments on squad size and lack of SPL minutes BR doesn’t seem a big fan of his and he would be unlikely to stay beyond this season so why would Brendan “use the opportunity to further develop Paulo” rather than look to develop Holm/Iwata who are our players unless he thinks he is potentially worth keeping?!



    Is Mikey not also contracted for another 2.5 years?




  5. I hope we see a better attitude from the players tonight. We need to see some fight in the squad


    Although I see Brendan has continued his theme of criticism of his players with Kyogo being slammed. This public flaying is not helping matters and Brendan is being paid well to motivate these players. I don’t think he’s following a fruitful strategy.

  6. onenightinlisbon on




    Do you actually think that Lawwell and his pals give a damn about the attendance.



    Money banked for another year…job done…

  7. I’m not concerned with coefficient points or prize money. For me tonight is about getting the win. We’re having our noses rubbed in it every time TNT sports bring up the last win on this stage. Some commentators seem to revel in doing so. Shut them up tonight, Celtic.



    P.S Liverpool fan sites were saying recently that Phillips was returning to Liverpool in 3 weeks. I’m can’t believe we’d play a Liverpool loanee with weeks left in Glasgow in a match like tonight’s. Anyway, let’s win and shut the Rory Hamilton’s of the world up.

  8. glendalystonsils on



    I wish I had your confidence that Scales and Phillips will perform credibly (especially Scales having to do much covering for Greg Taylor) and that we will see the best of Kyogo .


    We will have to lift ourselves massively , and Brendan Rodgers will have his work cut out tactically and psychologically to get us functioning as we should .


    While millions of pounds worth of this summers signings are deemed to be not worth a jersey.



    How many will be there to watch though? Not so many judging by Celtic Spares Twitter account. Fans with paid tickets not turning up for the ECL? What a rebuttal of Lawwell’s beancounter ‘model’.






    I suspect this is just social media venting.










    Do you actually think that Lawwell and his pals give a damn about the attendance.







    Money banked for another year…job done…





    CORRECT Mate.


    Lawwell and his cronies will NOT give a toss how many Celtic supporters actually turn up tonight, as the Fans Bank Accounts have already been raided.



  11. I will wait to see the team tonight,but becoming seriously disenchanted with BRs selections.Shocking if Phillips starts tonight and not Nawrocki.He is our player,who BR saw fit to blabber about to the press,then puts on the bench at the weekend.In the meantime coming out and defending 2 poor performances from Phillips.Today saying Kyogo was not obeying orders,by coming looking for the ball.If true,fair enough,but no comment why BR tactics are starving the wee man of service.In games we have seen him not get a touch for twenty minutes.Where are all the bye line to the wee man goals that are his trademark?.Disappeared.O Riley actually highlighted a couple of weeks ago,how the tactics were starving him of the ball,and had to be sorted.BR did.He dropped him.


    Delighted when he came,Jury definiely out for me now.

  12. Nawrocki is not in the CL squad.



    Liegerbielke & Welsh are but haven’t played in months.



    There’s no easy choice here.

  13. Just wish the culprits would just shut the fek up about Lawwell.Yes,I get you don’t like him,but WTF use does it do coming on here after every bad result to moan about him.Do you come on and praise him for success’s?,no,and why should you,players,manager get the accolades,rightly so.PL never enters my mind when on about Celtic.Only on here.Never heard any of my mates or relatives mention him.


    Its scary how he dominates the thinking of so many on here.Like stalkers.

  14. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    “Champions League nights, but the urgency of that matter has passed.”




    Urgency????? Hmmmm…….

  15. An Dun,


    Thanks did not know that.Still,why put him on the bench against Killie,and not Lagerbielke,who is in the CL squad.What if a CH gets injured tonight.


    Just crazy haphazard team selections for me.

  16. bournesouprecipe on




    If we knew what Brendan knew it would be Phillips and Scales too, but I reckon M.Johnston will make way for James Forrest . Paulo Bernardo to resume CL duties in a side that can’t be left the same as Sunday.



    A draw, and we’ve did better than Ange’s best shot.

  17. onenightinlisbon on

    TURKEYBHOY on 13TH DECEMBER 2023 1:05 PM



    Are you in a relationship with Lawwell?



    “Culprits”? You mean people who dare to question the board and their lackeys?

  18. Turkeybhoy



    The pole was injured and so left out of the CL squad.



    Lagerbielke has not played recently and therefore BR is going with a guy he knows has played about half a dozen CL games either with us or Liverpool.



    I am like you and would rather we had gone with the Swedish or polish internationals that we have signed. Brendan obviously sees it different and from closer than us.

  19. onenightinlisbon on

    BIG JIMMY on 13TH DECEMBER 2023 12:52 PM



    Careful Jimmy, you’ll be labelled a “culprit”…….



    Sack the board….oops……

  20. Bournesouprecipe



    Good perspective.



    4 points will be about average for any non top 5 league team who has qualified for the CL groups this year. Much better than average for any Pot 4 teams from those leagues (approx 2pts)



    I would love a win tonight for that and the coefficient points. And we owe them one after Rotterdam and Milan.

  21. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Looking forward to will be a tough game.



    CCV’s injury forces Brendan’s hand.



    Fully expect Liam and Nat at CB.



    Hopefully the Bhoys will give it everything, carry some luck and get a result.



    No certainties of course ….



    Except death ….



    And taxes ….



    And a penalty to Sevco ….



    And the Unchuckle Brothers coming on here daily always to say the same thing



    (Tontine Tim’s savaging of one of their monikers lives long and smiley in the memory)

  22. Turkeybhoy



    Some might say it’s bitterness and jealousy and even resentment. Seeing someone from a normal background work hard, with no privilege, to achieve success in life and a prominent job and go on to succeed in that position for many years doing something in an industry many of us love but in a job few of us would really want to do, or have the balls or ability to do if it really came to it.

  23. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    BSR @ 12:16 – really good.






    I have zero appetite for “rebellion”, “burning mercs” or any other such stupidly that surfaces on CQN or elsewhere in Celtic cyberspace.



    But healthily and constructively holding to account any group who exercise control is always a good thing.



    The CST is, IMHO, the way forward but they need to do more and do it better.



    If the dissatisfaction with the execs is so widespread as insinuated online … getting a voting bloc of 10% of shares should be achievable.

  24. Prestonpans bhoys on

    Phillips will play tonight because alternatives are either illegible or not match fit. Astounded at the poverty of his play, must be a strange set of circumstances if he gets a game for Liverpool!



    As regards attendance when I last looked only 12 of us on the bus. Some have pulled out getting back after midnight and going to work for 7am, I can see their reasons why for a rubber game !

  25. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    I’d more than slightly disagree with BSR’s manager has the “final say” observation.



    The manager (or head coach) is the most important employee/official at any club …. by a distance.



    But it’s not his fiefdom.



    Recruitment has to be done within a framework.



    Each new signing is a multimillion pound obligation.



    For far too long managers behaved like weans in a sweetie shop.



    Buying players who played well against them.



    Talking to pally agents



    Meeting other managers in motorway cafes.



    A framework whereby the football philosophy of the club – which has to extend beyond the likely tenure of three years max of a manager – drives the type of player we need.



    If that process forced a single name onto a manager it would be totally wrong.



    But a choice of up to five?



    No bad.

  26. Go tell the Spartim on

    I seldom post as i have relatively nothing to add, or i either metaphorically rub people up the wrong way and i am occasionally rude/cheeky/condescending, there fore apologies to those that didnt skip by any previous posts.



    Im well aware we all have our positions on all things Celtic and i wouldnt want to call anything out as utter bolloxs, so i shall say just this, many people (and that doesnt mean the majority) myself included, believe that under PL’s many guises we could have and should have progressed a lot further than we have.



    Hope yours and my team win tonight, and whilst im more than disgruntled at how the PLC run the club ill be there tonight, in essence how the team does is and should be the only purpose.

  27. It will be interesting to see what the crowd is tonight.



    On a walk this morning I met 4 ST holders with CL package who aren’t going.



    All because they couldn’t be arsed due to what we are watching.

  28. The other CHs,good CHs,unless everyone in Sweden and Poland s wrong are not fit because BR has something in his head about them.Madess to have 4 CHs and nt rotate at times.Subs when we are well ahead.Game time of some description.Disasters,as we know can happen.Players need to be ready.BR did not think twice about rotating the midfield.Bumming up Holm,Turnbull,then droppiing them for Bernardo and Iwata who hardly had a look in,and putting them out in the cold again.As with the front 3,too scattergun for me.Not a settled bunch.

  29. Definition of stupidity if we start with the same back four that played on Sunday.



    Scales to Left Back, change to a back 3 to protect the inadequacies of Phillips or just drop Phillips for Welsh or Lagerbielke all feel better options than hoping a physical Feyenord side will be less of a challenge than Kilmarnock.



    While we are at it, I would be tempted to start with Scott Bain. We all know Hart will cost us at this level so again why just accept the inevitable?



    We need numbers and protection in the middle of the park, Iwata a better option to Bernardo for me.



    If our manager simply sends out the same personnel and formation & then watches it unravel like Sunday then there are bigger questions to ask.

  30. ONIL,how many times do I have to tell you,are you a total eejit,I don’t give a Fek about Law well or any other member of the Board.Never have, in the past,won’t in the future.Celtic winning trophies,and grubbing the Huns,,seemingly frowned upon on here,what I live for.You on the other hand,are obsessed with Law well.If he read this blog there would be restraining orders issued to you and a few others.



  31. ONIL,



    ” Careful Jimmy,you will be called a culprit”.


    Creepy arse.You know who the culprits are.The ones obsessed like you.

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