Why Celtic fans should try out live gaming during the off season


SO Brendan Rodgers is back. Whether you think it’s the return of the Messiah – or giving a defector a second chance – the coming season is sure to be interesting with him at the reins.

After all, Ange Postecoglu will be a tough act to follow. He won everything and brought a new exciting front-foot style to Celtic Park.

But English Premier League money has inevitably lured him away – just as it once dragged Rodgers to Leicester.

But that didn’t go so well for Brendan – so now he’s back in Glasgow. Yes, he once won seven out of seven trophies with the Hoops – but there was something about his departure that still rankles with many of the fans.

Most are prepared to watch the happenings of the close season to see whether he succeeds in his stated aim to push the European route.

With a stated player budget of £30million, maybe he has a chance of making it out of the European group stages.

That’s big money for SPL teams – not so impressive compared to even mid-table Premier League outfits, though.

The 2023-2024 Scottish season kicks off on the weekend of August 5 and 6 this year. Are you ready for it?

If things start to slip at Celtic Park in the coming season will the fans will soon start questioning the wisdom of that rumoured £3m a year salary for someone who essentially failed at Leicester? How long will they give bonnie Brendan the second-time round?

While they wait for the SPL matches to start again, Celtic fans, and any football fans, can entertain themselves with some sports wagering.

Do you do fantasy football? Do you do any live gaming at a live casino or live sports wagering?

What are your predictions for the coming season?

Do you like making predictions for future matches? Have you ever considered enjoying some live sports wagering?

It seems experts are predicting a huge rise in live sports betting in the coming season. Why wait?

The close season includes some top Women’s World Cup and those various men’s international games – including a certain amazing bit of Norway delight that has just happened in Scandinavia.

Live gaming can add to the fun of watching any of these games. Imagine betting on that Norway game – and predicting that outcome.

Not surprisingly, many see live gaming as a way to add excitement and engagement to any match. Increasing numbers seem to prefer to bet live on football instead of making standard bets some time before a game.

Compared to making advanced predictions, live gaming allows fans to watch the match unfold. They can assess the performance of the teams and individual players – and then make more informed decisions based on real-time data.

Live gaming provides an opportunity to take advantage of changing dynamics within a match. We all know how the game can change rapidly – ask any Cally Thistle fan.

Bettors who are skilled at analyzing these fluctuations can find more value in live wagering markets.

If you’ve never tried it, live stakes add an extra layer of excitement to any overall sports-watching experience. Fans feel more like they are participating in the game – by placing bets as it unfolds. It’s interactive!

Live wagering enables Celtic fans – or any football fans – to hedge their pre-game bets or adjust their strategies based on changing situation in a match.

For example, if a team they bet on before the game starts is losing, they could place a live bet on the opposing team to minimize potential losses or even out their overall position.

The most savvy observers can place multiple bets on different outcomes of a game and ensure a profit regardless of the final result. Note that this isn’t for beginners – it requires careful monitoring of odds and some quick decision-making.

But note that there are potential profits to be made by the coolest fans. Bookmakers may not have as much time to adjust the odds accurately during a match.

This leaves room for skilled gamers to identify the most favourable odds and capitalize on them. Know your football and you might make the odds work in your favor.

Of course live wagering can be more challenging than pre-game wagering. It requires rapid decision-making, good judgment of the game’s flow, and disciplined bankroll management.

This all carries higher risks and can be more demanding.

Of course each individual football fan has their own preferences and strategies when it comes to sports gaming. It’s not every fan that is clever and calm enough to make live wagering work for you.

But we think that when you’ve found live wagering has made you adore every moment of the Women’s World Cup it will then be time to start putting your money where you mouth is – on the new Celtic season.


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