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  1. Jamesy,Rogic,not involvedvenough.Rogic playing with boots on wrong feet.


    This goalkeeper,as I keep saying ,has a screw loose.

  2. gallagher on 26th December 2018 2:42 pm



    Regards the penalty……



    Izzy makes slight contact after McGinn has released his cross.



    Is that technically still a foul???





    It is bullsh!t.



    Celtic would only get that type of Penalty if they were 3 or 4 goals ahead. They’d never get it if it was a tight game.



    Just more ABC.



    Craig Gordon cut out the crap.

  3. sub SB for ON , he can’t play a forward pass put CmG into his best position and play ON further forward.

  4. Can’t stand mcginn always looking to get a Celtic player booked or sent off he should have been red carded, penalty given when he already had kicked the ball away

  5. McGregor not in the game either, not just Rogic and Forrest


    Boyata passing is atrocious


    Brown’s not much better



    Anyway let’s do better in 2nd half – please

  6. onenightinlisbon on

    You watch any modern day quality goalkeeper, they start the attacks through intelligent throw outs or kicks. Craig Gordon never does this, a top class shot stopper but a woeful all round goalkeeper. Could cost us dearly.

  7. All the ingredients for another poor away day so far. Come on Celtic, we’ve 3 halves of football to take a giant leap towards 8.

  8. Dexter P. Bampot on




    In total control of the match until we started stupid, slack play which led inevitably to a mistake.



    Since the equaliser we have not learned the obvious lessons.



    Gordon is a weak link as are both FBs. For this reason we need to be more clinical up top. This isn’t helped by Forrest’s no show and Rogic’s lack of input

  9. According to tv screen ref blew for half time at 44minutes and about 58 seconds.


    Strange that.


    To many of our better players not involved enough.


    Rogic,McGregor and JF need to up their game.


    Christie has been our best player.


    CG causing us problems with poor distribution.


    Our passing across the back is to passive to be beneficial.We have to vary it by someone stepping up to break the lines as they are just putting everyone back and holding position.

  10. Petec


    I don’t understand how it can be a penalty or a free kick after McGinn has already released the ball?


    Merry Christmas

  11. Very disappointed after taking the lead to allow Aberdeen fortunately to equalise from a non penalty.



    Astonishing that BR still allows Craig Gordon free reign to play the ball with his feet, and it led indirectly to Aberdeens goal, and very nearly a second, utter pantomime stuff.



    Expect more from James Forrest in the second half along with McGregor who appear to be a bit boxing dayed up.



    Olivier Ntcham required for midfield where Scott Brown is ar8sing about giving away needless fouls.



    Aberdeen allowed to foul with impunity especially the ar88e piece May.

  12. Interesting game so far.



    We are playing the better football but Aberdeen are up for this and competing. The score so far is a fair reflection of the play.



    Who is gonna show in the 2nd half?



    So far Brown, Lustig, Sinclair and Christie have been up for this. We ned 2 or 3 more to help them out.



    I don’t want any player dropped or punted; just want more to play nearer to their standard.



    I predict 2:1 qin for us- Craig gordon coming up for a corner to head a late winner

  13. Only in Scotland against Celtic can a player be warned about persisting fouling and then warned AGAIN after 2 more fouls. I agree also McGinn foul is red card off the ground straight leg onto Christies’s if that was Broony we know which colour card would have been produced!

  14. Utter garbage!


    Sloppy, casual and complacent.


    We scored an early goal and then sat back. We’ve invited them back in to the game.


    Gordon GTF!


    He must have a home win on his coupon. FFS!

  15. Rogic Forrest McGregor are not in the game due to our stupid ball retention style of Backward football… why can’t the play the way they did on Saturday …. it’s down to our management ….James Forrest does not want to be involved back to the JF of old …l

  16. The e problem is not the goalie and Full backs. The problem is Rogic, Forrest and Sinclair who are gifting possession away

  17. Too many of our players look as if they overindulged in their Christmas dinner.



    Forget blaming the officials, we need to improve.




  18. Our problems are all of our own making. Since we scored we have messed about at the back. Now we can’t get control back. Gordon is a nightmare who doesn’t learn lessons and takes too many chances. I would sub him and we also need Odsonne or Mikey on to give them something to worry about at the back. I’m not too sure if we should persevere with Broonie’s either. I think he is slowing us down

  19. gallagher on 26th December 2018 2:52 pm





    I don’t understand how it can be a penalty or a free kick after McGinn has already released the ball?


    Merry Christmas






    And Merry Christmas to yer fine self m8ty.



    I’m certain Collum didnae give that wan. It is stinking.



    You are definitely right in everything you say.



    The Officials are @ it.



    BT Sport are unanimous.



    It is just ABC.



    Sickening I know.






    LET’s F’n Go CELTIC.



    Shut them right up.

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