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  1. Odd substitution, unless injury is a factor.



    Would personally switch Brown for Eduard and shuffle the rest into a more familiar formation.

  2. Aye, it’s all Craig Gordon’s fault.



    Will the experts tell us who he’s meant to pass to?



    The whole reason a keeper dithers is because the movement in front of him is poor.



    Ours has been non-existent. The keeper’s pass out is one of the most difficult – not a regular part of goalkeeping, reliant on outfield players finding space.



    There’s no good movement in front of Gordon and his remit is NOT to go long; we’ve nobody to hit anyway.



    Should be up against ten men – obvious red.



    NEVER a penalty- forget the party line by the SMSM; an utter joke of an award.



    But the only people responsible for the 1-1 at time of posting are the player sin Hoops who slowed the game down to Aberdeen’s pace when we should have been going for the jugular.

  3. If the McGinn challenge was against sevco Collum would have had no hesitation producing red.


    Brown is slowing game down when our pace is a problem for them but it’s farcial the way the Dons fans are screaming like hieland jessies every time he breathes on one of their players.


    I think JF has never recaptured the form he showed for Scotland and us after international break.


    He has returned to being a peripheral figure who does not want responsibility.

  4. i'vehadtochangemymind on

    we’re afraid to go for it away from home; we were well in charge there – come onnnnnnnnnnn

  5. may booked at last,we need to get a move on here we’re allowing this mob todrag us down to their level COYBIG

  6. who wants a game of celtic critics bingo.



    based on the lack of support from the “supporters” posting on here i think these will appear in the 2nd half.



    gordon should never play for celtic again


    rogic has banana feet


    callum invisible mcgregor


    lustigs legs are gone


    hayes isnt celtic class


    christie isnt fit


    broon can go to australia, i will drive him to the airport


    forrest is too scared to go in for a challenge


    boyatas mind is on a move


    sinclair cant control a bag of cement


    big ben cant shoot.



    the manager doesnt know what his best team is, cos mikey and tony were the best players on saturday.



    kennedy is a hopeless defensive coach.



    the winner gets to take an escaped goat back to overseas bhoys house.



    He dithers instead of being proactive by readying next pass before he receives.



    But CG is not decisive enough


    Our movement off the ball is rarely good away from Celtic park.

  8. i forgot the coveralls for a full house



    what do these guys do in training all week


    why cant we take throw ins


    too much christmas dinner