AGM, buys, refs and new reveal on ownership


Brendan Rodgers reclaimed some of his territory disputed by conspiracy theorists at yesterday’s AGM.  The manager explained how transfers worked at Celtic, insisting, “it’s really no different here to most clubs.”

The coaches identify the profile of players required, the scouts create a shortlist, and the manager makes the final decision.  Notions than Brendan would take a job under any other circumstances are for the fairies.

Refereeing standards are often raised at these occasions and yesterday was no different.  Michael Nicholson explained the club are in regular contact with the SFA over the issue and that there is a meeting today on the subject.

The biggest reveal of the day was from Ross Desmond, director and son of major shareholder, Dermot, who said, “My father grew up a huge Celtic fan. We don’t consider ourselves as shareholders, we are custodians.  In his lifetime and mine, we will not sell the club.”

We have never heard this intention before.  Dermot has been a major investor in the club for 29 years.  Now in his 70s, some of us wondered what his exit strategy would be.  I know there are some who would like to see him sell up, but honestly, the potential outcomes there are unedifying.  God save us from the ‘All we need to do is invest properly’, the debating society revolutionaries, or the ‘I can bring the club into the 21st century’ types.

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  1. “In his lifetime and mine, we will not sell the club.”






    Not his to sell. Granted they are the biggest shareholders but still not the same as their club to sell. A small but important point.

  2. BIG JIMMY on 23RD NOVEMBER 2023 12:08 PM


    SAINT STIVS on 23RD NOVEMBER 2023 11:36 AM







    From Previous Thread







    You may have nailed the CORRECT Celtic v Stirling Albion game….5 – 0 to Celtic.







    I can only assume that ( Despite only being around nearly SIX years of age ), that my Bookie Bet for the game was maybe a Correct Score of 5 – 2 to Celtic ?







    Of course I am jesting, as I didnt have my first Bet until I was about SEVEN ?







    OOPS….Im STILL Jesting.







    I dont know ” where” I got the 5 -2 score line from ?







    My auld memories are playing tricks with me Today….it MUST due to the LACK of many Beers.







    GREAT to have you back ST STIVS. You are welcome to join us in the Shipbank next Friday ( December 1st) for many Beers.







    HH Mate.

  3. From Previous Thread…



    BIG JIMMY on 23RD NOVEMBER 2023 11:57 AM












    Cheers Tom Bhoy, you may be correct.





    After I Posted about JFK and me being at school, I thought to myself that MAYBE it was the Monday AFTER his killing ,that we were instructed to say prayers etc, as I did know that JFK was killed at approx 12.30pm DALLAS time that day.





    So I was questioning myself this morning, especially with me UNAWARE of the Time difference between Dallas and the UK ?.






  4. The biggest reveal of the day was from Ross Desmond, director and son of major shareholder, Dermot, who said, “My father grew up a huge Celtic fan. We don’t consider ourselves as shareholders, we are custodians. In his lifetime and mine, we will not sell the club.”






    they could offer up a percentage of their shares for sale to “the ordinary fan”.



    near 30 years as a part owner who controls all direction for the club.



    how many small shareholders actually attend the agm ?



    it is a sop, just a perfunctionary duty,



    not sure that fergus vision was for 5 families and instituations to be the owners.



    we are back to a 1992 model.



    except with money and trophies,



    its good but we could be better owned.

  5. What meeting today is about referring standards ?



    Who is the meeting with ?


    Who called the meeting ?


    Where is the meeting ?


    Is it just Celtic at the meeting, or all clubs ?

  6. Anger from the usual suspects is very much blunted by Brendan and the board giving unequivocal answers to the conspiracy theory question,



    Now the narrative seems to be “aye he would say that”, or other words, they are lieing.



    “alternatibe” facts indeed.



    Thought the CEo was very impressive yesterday

  7. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    I’m delighted at Ross Desmond’s comments. The prospect of becoming another Newcastle gives me the boak. Dermot is an extremely shrewd operator. He’s overseen the development of Celtic as the dominant footballing and financial force. He’s also capable of moments of inspiring ambition, like bring Rodgers in (twice). He’s not perfect but it’s good to have a genuine billionaire who cares about the club and has the huns’ number.

  8. Whether you like the direction or not, it seems like everyone is happy to be working together, which can only be a good thing for Celtic.

  9. Be careful what you wish for.



    I think most supporters prefer our board to many potential alternatives.




  10. Big Jimmy



    I found out a few years back that my memory of my first Celtic game was a false one.



    I had always “remembered” that I had been taken to a home game v Kilmarnock when I was around 6 or 7 years old, along with my older brother and that the game was a 0:0 that we found boring.. I know that I saw players like Dunky McKay, Jim Kennedy, and Frank Brogan play so it must have been earlier than 1964.



    So, I went searching for games and found there was no 0:0s in that time at CP. My best bet at placing the game is that I saw the 2:0 win for Celtic in the LC section in August 1963. We ended up finishing 3rd in a group with Rangers, Killie and QOTS, having lost 3:0 home and away to Rangers.



    Both my brother and I always recalled it as a 0:0 game, mostly because we spent a large part of the game playing big on the terracing rather than watch the game.



    Memory is a tricky thing

  11. I remember exactly where I was when JFK tried to kill me.



    I had just started p.3 when the older boys came round in mid-October to tell us we were all going to die shortly in a nuclear explosion. They may not have understood the nuances of the Cuban Missile Crisis but they were dogmatically sure of the likely outcome.



    There was a period of almost a fortnight where I had an accelerated understanding of my mortality and a well-founded though deeply under-informed fear of imminent death.




    ” Memory is a tricky thing”…



    Your right SFTB……


    I can NOT remember the last time that I bought a round of drinks in a Pub ?



    It may have been around the time that ” John Greif handled the ball and a Penalty was awarded against the Huns”



    Bring back the ” THREE BOB PINT” !






  13. My first time.



    Celtic v Dunfermline 3-1



    I always remembered it as 3rd January 1969 but it was the 4th.



    Dunfermline were cup holders then and a decent team.



    Stood at the rangers end beside the pylon which was our families meeting place. All the Celtic supporting men in the family met there and then all went along to my grans in Dunning Street about 400 yards east along London Rd, to see my gran after the game.



    It was Celtics 3rd game in 4 days over New Year after beating Clyde and losing to Rangers.



    We won our 2nd ever treble that season. It was to be 32 years until our next and 48 years until our 4th.



    My main memories were the huge bright lights shining on the green turf and the smells. Strange smells. Smells that I grew to love. Glen Daly and of course Jimmy Johnstone.




    I think many supporters went to evening games straight from their work in the factories and shipyards. The smells would have come from their working clothes.

  15. The biggest reveal of the day was from Ross Desmond, director and son of major shareholder, Dermot






    Yes, Paul. Our extremely well run club is indeed blessed and extremely lucky that Dermot, Gordon and Peter, happen to have such talented sons…

  16. BSR@ 10.21



    The Lone Gunman theory is very hard to swallow but much of the counter evidence has been a bit over-cooked verging on frantic suspension of disbelief.



    Re- 4 presidents being in Dallas that day- I don’t think that is completely accurate.



    As I understand it LBJ was definitely there and Bush Sir. was possibly somewhere nearby but Nixon had departed the city at least a day before, after having attended a Pepsi Convention (I don’t think either Pepsi or Coke have been implicated in the assassination as yet). Tricky Dicky was quite capable of being mixed up in murky events but he had a yesterday’s man vibe about him as he was seen as the reason the Republicans had lost the election almost 3 years earlier; he was not in the running for the 1964 Republican nomination.



    Bush Snr lived elsewhere in Texas but visited Dallas regularly for CIA work. There was a record of a phone call warning from an Agent George Bush in the run up from somewhere nearby but not Dallas itself. All of this is highly suspicious but a long way from definitive proof.



    The evidence about LBJ is mostly based on Cui Bono speculation. He inherited the job and he accelerated the Vietnam involvement. There is an almost mythical belief that JFK was going to withdraw the bid-up of Vietnam activity but not much in the way of written record to say this was true.



    A lot of the conspiracy theorists are willing to believe evidence at a level of some Texas socialite claiming Johnson speaking in an open and untypical loose-lipped fashion about plans to “deal with the Kennedys” as proof that he was in on the assassination. Most of the unconvincing stuff came to light many years after the event accompanied by a book to sell or a journalistic career to launch, including the latest story of a Bodyguard finding the loose bullet but not telling anyone for 60 years.



    So, while I am completely open to the view that other gunman were on duty and that there was a wider organisation behind the plan to kill Kennedy, the conspiracies are drowning in misinformation and implausible scenarios and motivations.



    The right wing groups had something to gain but, aligning with LBJ, who went on to win an election by a landslide and implemented a more radical economic policy against inequality, than anything JFK was doing, seems an unlikely deal for the right to broker.



    The whole thing remains as difficult to get clarity on, 60 years later

  17. My first game was at Parkhead on 2 January 1959. I was seven at the time. My 18 year old brother and his pal took me to the game against Motherwell. Celtic were leading 3-1 until the last 10 minutes when Motherwell scored two late goals to equalise.

  18. garygillespieshamstring on

    My recollection was that he said they would t sell their shares, not they wouldn’t sell the club.

  19. One day a very rich suitor will approach Celtic and Rangers .


    They will offer to bring us parity with the Man City’s of this world .



    The Darnel will take the money .



    I would not want Celtic to be the poor relation .




  20. garygillespieshamstring on

    Question was asked by a supporter who was concerned about the club possibly falling into the hands of someone from a country with dubious human rights attitudes.



    The questioner asked the question and Ross Desmond was named as one of the folk he wanted to answer the question.

  21. Favour , steer needed.



    First time trip to Alicante coming up , any tips on where to catch the game in the pub.




  22. MORAVCIK on 23RD NOVEMBER 2023 12:15 PM


    What meeting today is about referring standards ?




    Who is the meeting with ?



    Who called the meeting ?



    Where is the meeting ?



    Is it just Celtic at the meeting, or all clubs ?



    Is there any further information on this



    Will we get an update on this meeting ?

  23. One of my earliest memories of attending Celtic Park was in the old stand towards the Huns end in line with the 18 yard line , it was against Killie ( sure they played in blue and white strips) with Tommy MacLean playing who even for a grown up was tiny.



    Think we ran out 5-0 or 5-1 winners , likely 68 season , Bobby Murdoch scored a beauty from the edge of box with a volley from a corner, became a favourite player. He opened the St. Leonard’s Summer Fayre the year after … happy days

  24. EKBHOY



    Alicante – Austin Bar, Carrer Llauradors 6, Alicante CSC



    Alicante – Miley O’Rourke’s Irish Bar, Av de Noruega, Alacant. Yogi Hughes CSC.



    Alicante – The Emerald Isle, Urbanizacion La Florida, Calle Marte

  25. Your go to go for watching Celtic …


    Celtic bars A-Z.



    Best check before turning up



  26. my first – taken because my granny insisted my faither should be doing more with us weans, it was a teat for my 3rd birthday on st josephs day.



    i sat on the jungle wall, within feet of jinky, who was in colour, ………..






    1969-03-24: Celtic 1-1 Hibernian, League Division 1


    Match Pictures | Matches: 1968 – 1969 | 1968-69 Pictures




    Tommy Gemmell was out injured with an ankle injury picked up in the semi final against Morton.


    Airdrie beat Rangers at Broomfield and Celtic now have a three point lead in the league race despite dropping a point.


    Joe McBride was given a terrific ovation from the fans on his first return to Parkhead after moving to Hibs earlier in the season. Also back was Chris Shevlane who had had one season at Celtic Park leaving at the end of the previous season for Hibs.




    Celtic had the run of the first half with Hibs failing to get a shot on goal. Bobby Murdoch and Bertie Auld had a field day. Willie Wallace scored in the 14th minute with a header from a Bertie Auld cross. At that point it looked like Hibs were going to get overrun. But in the second half Hibs stepped up and Celtic deteriorated with passes going astray and Stanton and McBride making good for Hibs. The equaliser came from a Stevenson cross that McBride hammered home. Hibs could have won it with Willie O’Neill heading off the line straight to Cormack who hit the post and shot past on the second attempt.







    Fallon, Craig, O’Neill, Murdoch, McNeill, Brogan, Johnstone, Lennox, Wallace, Auld, Hughes. Substitute: Hood


    Scorer: Wallace (14)





    Allan, Shevlane, Davis, Blakeley, Madsen, Stanton, Marinello, McGraw, McBride, Cormack, Stevenson Sub Grant



    Scorer McBride 73





    Attendance: 30,000

  27. Of course Celtic need to invest properly. As well as winning leagues they should be creating jobs. That would be progress. But that would be looking forward. Instead our mantra is the importance of retaining our heritage, our history and all that guff and we end up sounding like the Darnel themselves.

  28. Of course I’m being flippant, Celtic fans sing about “The history” they don’t need anyone from on high to remind them.

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