Breakthrough day for Yang and Palma


Three goals after the 90-minute mark is a first for Celtic, as Aberdeen’s afternoon turned from a respectable-looking 2-0 deficit at 76 minutes, to a washout by fulltime.  More on the visitors later.  This was a breakthrough day for Celtic’s Yang and Luis Palma.

Palma hit the byline and crossed with his left on 9 minutes, this is noteworthy.  When on the left, Luis normally looks to drop the shoulder and cut inside.  It is his classic play; consider his goal against Motherwell and the disallowed effort against Lazio.  The trouble is, defenders know this is what he likes to do, so are ready for it.

If he can regularly hit the byline and cross with his left, he will be even more effective cutting inside, as defenders would have to cover both options.  This is the classic John Robertson play, cut inside for a shot (Hamburg), hit the byline and cross (Malmo).  Luis added a third option, crossing from a deeper position with the outside of his right foot, for Oh to complete the rout.  This demonstrated his fondness for his right and where the main development gains are to be made.

Yang Hyun-jun (21), got his landmark first goal for Celtic (see above left foot cross by Palma), even before this, he was a handful for the Aberdeen defence.  So far this season, competition for space on the Celtic wings has been tough.  Yang has had to wait for sporadic opportunities.  Injuries to Abada and Maeda will see us lean on the young Korean during the busy period after the international break.

We will have a feel for his potential by Christmas.  That blast of pace he has over 5 yards – and the ability to take the ball with him – is something no one else at the club can match.  The material is there for Celtic to develop.  Injuries have provided a pivotal moment in the development of Celtic players before, think of Leigh Griffiths’ injury in Augst 2016 which opened the door for Moussa Dembele.  The wide-right jersey is up for grabs for the next six weeks, Yang has his stage.

I spent much of the second half wanting Aberdeen’s Rubezic to get a second yellow after his awful ‘challenge’ on Kyogo, which VAR should have adjusted to a straight red.  This was tempered after I looked up Aberdeen’s next fixture.  Being Aberdeen manager is not for the faint hearted.  They kept Celtic out for an hour between the second and third goals, on that hill, Barry Robson has to build his fort.

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  1. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Palma already looks like a terrific buy.



    Less flashy than Jota but his output is impressive.



    If Yang can develop we’ll have four very effective wide men (Palma, Abada, Maeda, Yang) all with individual qualities, all young, all under long contracts contributing … with James Forrest backing up.




  2. The Battered Bunnet on

    The most noteworthy contribution of Yang’s on Saturday (IMO) was his play to make Kyogo’s goal.



    If that is what we can expect from him – drop the shoulder, beat the man, reverse the pass – we will enjoy his work here. Very much.

  3. bournesouprecipe on

    ‘Backlash’ copyright Paul67 in the Friday lead?



    Brendan Rodgers influenced players are starting to prove their worth. Matt O’Riley continues to be Scotland’s most improving player, Yang rivalled him for man of the match for sure, as Celtic blew away Barry Robson’s team, with game time for Odin Holm, and an impressive double for another “ punt “ Oh Hyeon-gyu. Liam Scales provides the balance at CB, that only a left footed ball player could, and is a constant reminder of how uncomfortable some recent Celtic CB duo’s looked sometimes?



    Super subbing by BR and three goals in seven minutes raised the darkest SKY and Ayrshire ‘raging barometer’ to new levels of being unable to complete a sentence, any sentence.



    The support a little bit of which was missing, were seeing goals over their shoulders on the way out, but only Celtic could turn a 0-6 into a 6-0 and Aberdeen were truly ‘backlashed’.



    Eight points clear, Hoopy days are here again.



    Hail Hail

  4. The Battered Bunnet on

    BTW what happened to Mikey Johnston yesterday? I thought we might see him on the pitch at some point, given the injury pile up amongst our wingers but he wasn’t even on the bench.

  5. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    So much better when we move the ball quickly and get in behind the opposition defence and get balls across goal or cut-backs than the slow, sideways passing in front of them with no penetration.


    Good combination plays, showing the benefit of the 4-3-3, with the ability to get three players wide and disrupt the defensive structure. Never really understand the calls for a change.

  6. If we take care of business then the hun will be facing a trip to Pittodrie 11 points behind us.



    It’ll be interesting to see the odds on their penalty run continuing.



    I’m half expecting a retrospective upgrade to the yellow challenge on Kyogo given Aberdeen’s next opponent.

  7. It seems SKY Sports like Kris Boyd and his clownish behaviour being the face of their version of Scottish Football as it suits their bias agenda of making out our game to be full of reactionary idiots. Do they pay this dolt with real money? He’s an embarrassment to Scotland.

  8. The third pitch “invasion” took place when we were trying to take a corner… and was roundly booed by all.


    The stewards only managed to catch one of them when he slipped, another jumped into the Front Main Stand but was ” captured” before he could dissappear into the seats.



    They were all kids, running about the pitch , one high fiving Joe Hart and Alistair Johnston. However if we had been playing Rangers ( and the kid tried to slap a currant ,) it would be mayhem.



    The stewards eventually catch up, but it is embarrassing.



    Either employ some athletes or get 4 or 5 police trained Huddle Hounds around the perimeter.😀



    Hoopy in charge.

  9. AuroraBorealis79 on

    I am beginning to wonder if the slow build up play was a tactical tweak to accommodate champions league football. Celtic were a different animal yesterday

  10. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Aberdeen showing that getting a result against a better team isn’t as simple as defending deep and in numbers…..

  11. Brendan might have given up on the game on Tuesday at half time and been prepared to face his own “backlash” at a flaccid 6-0 surrender but it looks like it was a gamble that paid off.



    O’Riley and Palma, subbed at half time not Tuesday lasted the full 90, O’Riley was playing his own game compared to everyone else on the pitch by the end. Kyogo, Calmac both looked fresher to me.



    Aberdeen couldn’t cope with our two wide players, Palma had two men on him for much of the game, Yang looked more unpredictable than previously but also seemed to have much more to his game than just beating a man. He’s showing the raw ability the scouts saw, time for Brendan to work his magic.



    No dent to the confidence, yesterday was the opposite.



    It was the derby last night and a very tousy frantic game but they looked short of quality up front and were easily blunted by Roma in the second half. Immobile looks like he may be finished at the top, If we get it right I think we can get something over there

  12. Enjoyed yesterday . To see Palma and Yang perform so well gives hope for the future. The goals too were of a very high standard.



    Not happy seeing the young ones on the pitch. Why do we pay stewards to patrol the track, yet they are unable to deal with situations such as we saw yesterday?



    I was also saddened by the idiots who booed during the minutes silence for the dead of the World Wars. Perhaps if they had a relative buried in a Military Cemetery in France like I have, they would be more respectful.



    Finally does Collum referee us on a different level from other teams? Or is he just a poor referee? Anyone could see it was a penalty kick, yet he had to wait for VAR to give one. Secondly, the vicious attack on Kyoko warranted a red card. Our player was lucky to have been able to get back on his feet, even with great difficulty to walk.Lets hope he is not out off the game for long or that he does not have a relapse in the next days.

  13. “It beggars belief how Willie Collum can still be refereeing at the top level of this game,” said Stewart.



    “There’s just far too many of the big decisions he gets wrong.”




    Michael Stewart , February 2016.



    He hasn’t improved in the interim.

  14. It was tears and massive disappointment after Tuesday night but the smiles and feel good factor were back on our faces after yesterday. The Hoops played some sparkling football with all the comparitively new faces showing up well after getting their chance to impress.



    Yang, Palma and Oh are now hopefully starting to settle in their new surroundings and obviously are reaping the benefits of the coaching team at Celtic. John Kennedy has no doubt been mentor to Liam Scales and has done a terrific job with the lad proving you have to persevere with young players, not unfortunately always the case at Celtic where you are expected to win every match.



    Luis Palma deservedly got MOM and I reckoned this lad was going to have a bright future at the club and has proved it some spectacular goals………has he the most powerful shot at the club? He seems to have solved our peno taking duties at last.

  15. Morning all,


    What a great team performance yesterday. That cross with the outside of his foot by Palma was brilliant. If that had been done in the premier league, there would be re-runs every opportunity. We don’t get the credit we deserve when we win6-0 as the so-called experts start to talk about the other team’s inferiorities, instead of Celtic’s superiority. Now we have to do the international break(((( Good for some of our players, but shite for us with no Tic to watch!! Got to workout especially hard this week to get ready for the American Fatsgiving holiday next week. Some good scran on that day my friends.


    Hope all are well.



  16. P67


    “I spent much of the second half wanting Aberdeen’s Rubezic to get a second yellow after his awful ‘challenge’ on Kyogo, which VAR should have adjusted to a straight red.”



    At one point I think it was Yang that went down in their box just on the touchline to the side of the goalpost which caused quite a long stoppage (with another idiot on the pitch during it) and I think Rubezic was the CB challenging him. No VAR that I noticed and didn’t make the highlights either so not sure what happened from my view at the other side of the North stand – anyone got a link to this / extended highlights?



    AN DÚN on 13TH NOVEMBER 2023 12:15 PM


    “I’m half expecting a retrospective upgrade to the yellow challenge on Kyogo given Aberdeen’s next opponent.”



    Thankfully not allowed in the rules as it’s not been “missed” by the ref (or by VAR). Then again, a new team entering the league without 3 years accounts is not in the rules and that happened so perhaps you are right to half expect it ;)




  17. Thhe announcement that the obviously concussed Kyogo was not been substituted due to his headknock was surprising as he left the field even before he had a HIA. I’ve often mentioned here regarding the poor protocol in football in football regarding head injury and it was good to hear Chris Sutton mention this on Sky yesterday.

  18. when you think back to how lax the rules used to be for head knocks. remember Terry Butcher coming back on for Engerland with the bandage wrapped around his head that was blood red by the end of the game and the papers talking about how much of a warrior he was. I remember getting kicked in the head playing at Rosebury park in Glasgow and when I sat up my wee ma was on the field and I was screaming at her to get off. the trainer asked me how many fingers he was holding up and one of my teammates was behind him mouthing 4, 4 :))) Turns out the kid that kicked me got a broken foot. I played on and went to the Law hospital the next day with a keeker of a black eye and swelling on the side of my forehead that would have given Davie Dodds the elephant man a run for his money ( kind of liked him before he went to the HUNS)



  19. Kyogo on instagram:



    “I don’t know how many minutes it was, but I’ve lost my memory, and I don’t remember anything about my teammates worrying about me and walking out of the pitch by myself. At the hospital, the doctor told me that you’re fine without any problems, and I felt that the god of football protected me. I will continue to do my best with keeping my gratitude in mind.”



    It’s a pity that you can’t play for international this time, but I’m relieved to know that you’re okay. I wish you recovery💚

  20. HankRay,


    My wife has been saying that for 22 years!! I told her I am way past my peak:))))

  21. Phenomenal work from our new Bhoys…………Delighted at such an emphaTic result against the Dandies.


    Not surprised at theitr tacTics but times come for us to say something about how our personnel are minded on the park.



    We Are Being Reffed Differently and everyone else in the League knows it.




  22. I noticed that Brendan was calling for more from Odin on Sunday. I must admit he wasn’t very noticeable in the first half – better in the second.

  23. Tim Malone Will Tell on




    That 360 degree footage is incredible – does my nut in wrt what’s possible these days.

  24. I expect some to strongly dis agree with me here, but I wish to let my feeling known.


    I am both happy and sad today.


    Happy at such a brilliant teal performance, and all the effort shown by the players.



    Sad, that during the minutes silence, some rectums decided to let people see how thick they are, embarrassment to Celtic, the decent fans and themselves.


    Sad too, but only Brendan and Kennedy had the respect of wearing a poppy, and we should have had one on our shirts. Forget all the crap. Did none of our players, none of our fans lose their lives in two wars, of course they did and they should be remembered for their ultimate sacrifice and their memories respected, end of.


    I am well aware my viewpoint is going to cause uproar, but I am a big bhoy and can handle that with ease.


    No one will alter my opinion.




  25. KingLubo,



    Can open, worms everywhere!



    I was at CP wearing my (White) Poppy. I observed the silence as I have lost family in both WW1 and WW2 and I grew up believing that the silence is for these wars only.



    The website of the BL though states (my EMPHASIS):


    “The service commemorates the signing of the Armistice which brought an end to the First World War and remembers ALL those who gave their lives in service to their country since 1914.”



    So given this also includes service in NI, Iraq etc. and given those I lost believed that they fought for our freedom including the right to free speech then I struggle to object even if I disagree with it myself.



    Those that boo ppl making noise thereby making more noise I think frustrate me more than the ppl causing the original disturbance.







    Boyd made a complete arse of himself on Saturday on Sky Scoreboard while covering Man U v Luton on his monitor. After about 15 minutes he cried “Oooooh” whereupon the presenter said – What’s happening at Old Trafford Kris Boyd?



    Boyd – “I can’t believe he missed it. The ball came in from the left and he swung for it but the ball came off his shin and went wide of goal. Can’t believe he didn’t score.”



    That was it. No indication as to who missed it or what team should have scored. The presenter rescued him by saying, “Yes Gramacho should have put United one up there.”



    Thick as dug shit. I was wishing Sutton had been on the panel. He wouldn’t have let him off so lightly.

  27. Do the same people who bump their gums about the need for an act of state politics at a football ground, moan about the GB’s use of a football ground to make political points.



    Shouldn’t both be done in their respective political theatres, whether centotaphs or marches or social clubs ? You know, the places where people go to actively and practise their beliefs with others of a like-minded manner?



    Good politics versus bad politics?



    Asking for a confused fan who thought Celtic didn’t do politics at all ?




  28. Whether one lost someone dear or not, remember the lives sacrificed so that we are not all speaking German now. All I’m saying




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