Brendan as well as the players got it wrong on Sunday


Celtic without Reo Hatate are blunt.  This was true at the start of the season, when he missed out on the draw with St Johnstone and clearly still holds during his current injury spell.  Pitching Paulo Bernardo, David Turnbull or Odin Holm into the mix is no substitution, they are different players for different roles.

Although Mikey Johnston rightly got plaudits for the transformation at Perth on Sunday,  dropping Kyogo into the space vacated by Turnbull, with Oh up top, was just as significant to the outcome.  The versatility of Callum McGregor cannot be forgotten either.  Callum only dropped into the 6 position after the departure of Scott Brown.  Tomoki Iwata can play in the deeper role and allow Callum to take up a more advanced position.

Brendan’s anger at the first half performance against St Johnstone was both scathing and appropriate.  The manager, though, also got it wrong.  He is the one paid the big bucks to make a silk purse out of an injury crisis.

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  1. No one at Celtic is beyond criticism. BR can take his share.



    Although, P67’s, credibility on assigning responsibility is somewhat questionable while he steadfastly refuses to discuss the defecating elephant in the middle of the room that goes by the name of recruitment.



    We can only speculate as the why that is the continuing case.



    As it is, I’m glad BR is here. God only knows the state we’d be in right now if we didn’t have a gaffer of his proven class in the dugout.

  2. Official Celtic Football Club Website


    Celtic Squad brings Christmas Cheer to Kids through Annual Hospital Visit





    By Celtic Football Club





    04 Dec 2023, 3:51 pm


    The Celtic first-team squad and manager Brendan Rodgers today visited Glasgow’s Children’s Hospital to bring some Christmas cheer to some very deserving children.



    And as they did so, on behalf of Celtic FC Foundation they were delighted to present a donation of £10,000 to support the work of Glasgow Children’s Hospital Charity.



    Though ordinarily a time of joy, the festive period can instead be a time of heartbreak and distress for many of the children and families supported by the Hospital. The ongoing cost of living crisis has further added to the pressures for many families who are already facing financial hardship.



    Through the donation made via this year’s Christmas Appeal, Glasgow Children’s Hospital Charity will be able to provide special Christmas presents to hundreds of children in their care, who are affected by ongoing health issues.



    Sadly, a number of these children may have otherwise gone without a gift on Christmas Day, due to the financial constraints that many of their families are currently facing.



    Celtic captain, Callum McGregor said: “This is always a big day for us and we are delighted to make this special Christmas visit once again to the hospital.



    “The visits such as this which we make really give us all perspective and really importantly remind us of the real difficulties which so many people face.



    ‘We realise it can be such a hard time for children and their families who are in hospital, at this time of year. We hope that in some way our visit can put a smile on their faces and lift their spirits.’



    “It is important that we also thank the staff at the hospital for all they do all year round. They make such a positive difference to the children and they deserve huge praise for the fantastic work they do right across the year.



    “Everyone at the club wishes all the children at the hospital and the staff, a very Merry Christmas.”



    Kirsten Watson, CEO of Glasgow Children’s Hospital Charity, said: “It was such a pleasure to welcome the Celtic players today. There has been real excitement at the hospital, as so many children got the opportunity to meet their heroes during what can be a very difficult time.



    “The generous donation from Celtic FC Foundation is also very gratefully received. This will be crucial in helping children and families who are going through some of the most difficult times in their lives, and we are incredibly grateful to everyone at the club and the Foundation for their continued support.”



    Glasgow Children’s Hospital Charity is just one of a number of charities which will receive donations through this year’s Appeal and you can read further details about the other organisations that will benefit from your support, via our Christmas Appeal webpage HERE.



    Through our Appeal, we want to give hundreds of families in our communities the Christmas they deserve, making sure there’s food on the table and gifts under the tree.



    We also aim to help pensioners, women and children in refuge, the homeless community and refugees – as well as a whole host of others facing poverty and hardship.

  3. The mid field is misfiring.



    Matt O’reilly is a quality player, but he is a flair player when he should be running games. Calmac is no Paul McStay and the “other” have attributes but add little.



    Not convinced on Iwata having watched him closely when he has played.



    Reo cant come back quick enough

  4. When Paddy was convicted, the Belfast Tele described him as a former Celtic player. Now he’s won on appeal, he’s a former NI footballer.



    They’re subtle these shower.

  5. MCPHAIL BHOY on 5TH DECEMBER 2023 10:59 AM


    Big Jimmy





    Yes the discount is if you already have a subscription to Celtic TV.





    Take care that dose sounds like a bad (and sore) one





    Cheers mate.


    The coughing is getting worse by the hour.



    i think I may be stuck in the hoose for a few days ?


    I had to re-Schedule my FLU JAG appointment for Today…til next week.


    I had to re Schedule my appointment with my Nurse for Tomorrow….til Two weeks time.



    I hate postponing health appointments, but I can’t sneeze and cough all over NHS Staff…and Taxi Drivers.




  6. SEVCO AGM Today….


    I read a brief part of the Huns AGM this morning…



    At one point a fan from N. Ireland asked the Hun Board, ” if the N. Ireland Buses at Ipox could be given a quicker escape route after games, to ensure they can witness any late Goals, can make it to the ferry on time etc ” ?



    One Hun Director joked in reply…..” The Subway Loyal appear to have a quick escape route ( or words to that effect ) ”



    Its a pity that the Hun fan FAILED to make his argument around being able to stay inside Ipox longer….Just to ensure that he doesnt miss any last minute penalties ?



    Silly Billys.

  7. AIPPLE on 5TH DECEMBER 2023 12:37 PM


    Rest easy BIG JIMMY




    Cheers PIERCE Mate.



    Maybe I should make the effort to go to the Huns game Tomorrow night, and Sneeze and Cough all over many Hun fans ?





  8. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Very few domestic games where we need a “defensive” defensive midfielder.


    Other than maybe Turnbull, most of our MFs are fairly versatile and should be able to take on different roles within a game to suit the game situation. If Callum is getting man-marked push him forward and get MOR or Hatate to start the build-up play.


    Maybe Iwata could play as a hybrid CD/DM, although it would be harsh on Scales to get dropped.

  9. Surprised nobody asked about what they are going to do about the penalty to rangers stuff and why the BBC are allowed to claim bias after we were told there would be fair reporting on Rangers and managers are allowed say its not a good look for Rangers to get decisions late on in games even though its the right decision




    Question was asked about ‘dignified silence’ the answer was that they are fighting the clubs side on a regular basis but don’t need to do it in public and don’t always want to go down the ‘statement fc’ route.

  10. Oh made a positive impact on Sunday.


    But he is not the goal threat that Giacomakis was .


    Palma and especially Yang were poor and very poor on Sunday .


    Both are a poorer players than Jota ,and dare I say Haksabanovik.



    Mikey Johnstone helped turn the tide ,but in the longer term ,he is a poorer all round option than Maeda or Abada.



    Hart needs to dominate his penalty box more .At 6” 5’ with outstretched arms and a full jump .he should be unbeatable when going for crosses.


    I’ve often wondered what actual benefit we get from Stevie Woods coaching a keeper that played at a much higher standard than him ,in such a specialised role .



    Now onto Greg Taylor .


    There were several fans around me in the main stand who gave him pelters ,every time he misplaced a pass .


    I felt sorry for him .


    He showed immense character to overcome the moans a,groans ,and critical shouts aimed at him .






    A player can give his all ,even play well ,and still not be able to overcome his weaknesses.



    The wonder save Hart had at the end ,wouldn’t have been required .if Greg had not been out jumped at the back post .



    Both our fullbacks are exposed when they have to defend deep crosses to the back post .



    Valgharen and more recently Lustig showed us that height is important in the back four .



    I read some stats on here at the weekend that our defensive record is better that in recent seasons .



    Is it possible that is because we are facing poorer offensive players domestically ?



    We desperately need to improve the size and power of player that we sign.



    Hopefully Brendan gets this right .



    We are not creating enough chances ,and are vulnerable to cross balls into our box .



    As it stands .


    Retaining The league title is not a certainty .



  11. To be fair , the hun support have the same concerns about their a.g.m. as some of our support have with ours . Mind you some of the questions asked are cringe worthy …



    Oh wait …😜

  12. Bankiebhoy1 yesterday at 6.36 pm


    “If Euro qualification is key , a way thru the hammer-throwers needs to be put in place” .


    The good news is that Ross Tokely no longer plays in our league 🤪

  13. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    Mmm…. This one reeks of deflection from the real issue. Hatate is a unique talent within our squad. No-one can directly replace him and his absence is blunting. However, one injury does not a crisis make. Unless you have chosen a strategy of replacing proven talent with cheap punts who not only can’t adequately replace Hatate, but in some cases can’t the make the squad. Kwon and Tillio have played a total of 5 first team minutes between them.



    You might take the view that Rodgers is is to blame for omitting stellar talent identified by daddy’s boy in keeping with daddy’s historic recruitment strategy. Or you might give the manager credit for polishing the 💩💩💩s dealt him by Celtic’s modern dead hand dynasty.

  14. bournesouprecipe on




    Six of the next eight games in Parkhead.



    The longer Hatate is injured the better it seems he becomes, Brendan Rodgers changes the cast but not the formation. Chances are it’ll be x y or z in the vacant roll. Tidy players (Bernardo, Turnbull, Holm, Iwata ) aren’t creating, from a creative roll. We can’t rely on the subs to break the deadlock, as shown against the same Hibs at Easter Rd, not long ago.



    An option must be to start Hyeon-Gyu-Oh in the berth, either that or ditch a wide player and play two strikers with Kyogo, but a racing certainty to start sometime soon is suddenly Mikey Johnston six years later.

  15. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Don’t agree with this article.



    This article doesn’t have me spitting feathers … but I don’t agree with it.



    IMHO, Brendan did his job fine on Sunday.



    He put out a team who started on but fell away badly.



    Structure and culture were both wrong.



    He fixed both at half time.



    Celtic won the game.

  16. Lessons will be learnt.



    Let’s see. Two upfront transformed our fortunes on Sunday. It is a domestic winning formula



    Two upfront tomorrow please. Give our fans who will brave the elements some winning excitement.


    It may also help shift some of the unsold tickets that Celtic advertised today.




  17. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    I agree to some extent – the manager made a mistake in starting with Turnbull and Yang. He’s a clever man and is unlikely to make the same mistake again.



    I wrote on Sunday that hopefully I never see Turnbull or Yang in a Celtic shirt again. Going by the manager’s post-match comments I may get my wish.

  18. I won’t post the link but a Rangers fan asked at the AGM “Will Rangers comply with net zero?”



    A fair question clearly about the number of trophies they expect usually win.

  19. Tiny Tim



    Good to see you on Sunday. Good job we prevailed in the Baltic conditions.



    Also some good points made. Joos worked better in a back 3 rather than 4 imo but agreed re Lustigs height being a major benefit.



    Re Greg T it’s a tough one. Even when he was at his best last season in the inverted role we still had moaners and those who seemed to think they knew that role’s needs better. His role and direction is different this season and it is not suiting as well. It does not help that he has had 7 different partners in the left wing position this season. His coverage stats are incredible and he always shows for the ball …. Even when not on his game. Scales is not the option here unless he develops and engine like Greg and improves his distribution. Sunday was Greg’s worst game IMO and I do fear it is getting to him a bit. I imagine you can only take so much shit from ‘so called supporters’ itching to jeer your every small error. Not sure what or who that upgrade will be though.



    League definitely not won although some on here seem to view it as a god given right judging by Sundays game posts.



    Not forgotten I owe you lunch sometime.

  20. Glass Half Full



    I think he could have actually changed it earlier on Sunday.



    I watched him fairly closely and he was pretty impassive for 45 minutes.



    I have heard him say after each of the 3 games where we dropped points that ‘we started the game slowly and without the level of intensity needed’. Why when they is obvious is he not changing it up or engaging quicker.



    I am a big Brendan supporter but some things are not perfect in the way he does things.

  21. Celtic v Buckie SC tie,now on Sunday 21st January 4pm ko,any more than a tenner a ticket, be lucky to get 15,000,and give them the gate money

  22. free the green brigade and get Celtic Park rocking again , or once again it will be like a damp squid with only the kano kids making any noise , shameful.

  23. I am very disappointed the Buckie game is on TV. I have a lot of time for Buckie and would have wanted a decent crowd. I will still be going and I hope many `supporters` do the same.




    I don`t know if we are allowed to give them the gate money but I would go along with that suggestion but , as it costs more than a tenner to see Arbroath, I would be happy to pay more for Celtic V Buckie !!

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