Business end of the season is insight.


It was not pretty, but for the second time in 2024 Celtic subjugated St Mirren in Paisley and eased into the Scottish Cup quarter finals, where they will face Livingston at home.  We now have the potential of three games in Glasgow to win the cup, a prospect which should focus minds.  Hampden has been as profitable a venue as Celtic Park for nearly eight years now, we’ve won 24 out of 25 visits.  No team has ever had a better Hampden record, including Queen’s Park (renamed Cathkin Park doesn’t count).  The business end of the season is insight.

Brendan Rodgers decision to play Adam Idah up front with Kyogo in a withdrawn role played out perfectly.  Luis Palma’s 15th minute cross behind Idah was perfect for Kyogo to run onto.  The ball had plenty of pace on it, allowing Kyogo to divert its course from 18 yards into the net.  Had he been playing as striker, he would not have been in position for this cross.

With the continuing absence of Reo Hatate, pulling Kyogo back one position gives us an added option.  It was also refreshing to see Idah get involved in the physical side of the game early on yesterday.  This is a quantity we have been without for a while.

Six weeks ago Joe Hart’s suitability for the second half of the season was being debated.  Joe can go weeks without making saves that have any consequence on the end result.  Since then, he has made outcome determining saves against St Mirren, Hibs, Aberdeen and Ross County.  The keeper will hope for a quieter period in the weeks to come.

Stephen Welsh and Liam Scales are not the dream team in central defence, but both have particular strengths in the air.  With Idah also in the side we look far more comfortable defending set-pieces.  On a park like that in Paisley, defending the air is particularly important.

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  1. MCPHAIL BHOY on 12TH FEBRUARY 2024 4:26 PM


    Big Jimmy




    Gum shield by the looks of it, same as Hatate, not sure why they wear them




    Joe Jordan told them to 😉

  2. !!BADA BING!! on 12TH FEBRUARY 2024 5:05 PM


    Hatate has Bluetooth in his gum shield….




    Him and Kyogo on same wavelength 😉

  3. Bada Bing 5.16



    So funny as despite the huge body of evidence many seem to think he has lost us plenty during the disastrous 20 years he has been involved.



    Still plenty also doing our rivals work and sowing seeds amongst the bitter and jealous, maybe even ill informed, malcontents.



    There is a thread running on Follow Follow about how he has controlled Scottish football for the past 20 years. It highlights their glee at the entitled Celtic following creating internal discord against him. Funny really.

  4. BURNLEY78 on 12TH FEBRUARY 2024 6:09 PM


    Bada Bing 5.16







    So funny as despite the huge body of evidence many seem to think he has lost us plenty during the disastrous 20 years he has been involved.



    Remind me,what position did Lawwell play? You trot out trophies won when he was employed by the Club, as if he’s Callum McGregor, so the person who washes the strips, training gear,the person who serves the lunches at Lennoxtown,and been there over the same period, have won trophies for Celtic as well?

  5. garygillespieshamstring on

    To be fair, not many men have managed to be despised by a number of supporters of all three clubs.

  6. It was a 2o’clock start for both games I wanted to watch yesterday so it was Celtic first and the rugby later on the playback with a winner in both, a successful afternoon. A fairly routine victory for the Hoops and a vast improvement on the previous outing against Hibs.



    The new tactic with two up front looks promising with Adam Idah a physical presence attracting attention from defenders and opening up space for Kyogo. I noticed a coming together of Idah and a defender in the opening minute with the Saints player ending on the seat of his pants.



    Great to see Kyogo getting on the scoresheet with a cracking goal and Maeda playing in his second game back with a vital goal but a lot of work to be done on his crossing.



    It was a good team performance and in fairness Bernebie played well and put in a really energetic shift. Palma, Calmac, Scales were my picks of the afternoon.

  7. Weebobbycollins on

    Huns to issue a statement demanding to know who is responsible for the heating of the wrong ball in yesterday’s draw.

  8. I don’t credit PL for any of our trophies and titles won but then I don’t blame him when we lose a match or competition either. Surely, to be fair and consistent, you either praise him for our winnings and lambast him for our defeats OR give him neither credit nor criticism for either.



    He can still be judged on whether he is overpaid or running Board meetings well but the ability to judge how much he, or his son, are to blame for recruitment difficulties are beyond my knowledge level on how these matters are actually, in reality, conducted.



    I could easily, just use my inmagination to conjure him up as a Bogeyman harming our hopes but the only piece of tangible evidenced dirt `I have on him is his dishonest handling of Res. !2. For that, I’d prefer him out of our club’s Board but most of our support were, unfortunately, little bothered by that and were much more concerned to blame him for football matters like the John McGinn transfer chase, when John chose riches and a higher league challenge than signing for his boyhood love. And I don’t blame John McGinn either for doing that. Every player should strive to play at as high a level as they possibly can.



    It’s not as if we appreciate the likes of James Forrest, who resisted transfer offers is it?

  9. One of the consequences of having women with little knowledge of football directing football programmes on tv is that they highlight insignificant, trivial, anecdotal mince. Rose Reilly from Ayrshire who played football in Italy and was a star over there should be asked her view and that’s it!!



    Earlier in this blog today we had references to the Prince of goalkeepers, lest we forget.



    Also about Kyogo and Maeda wearing gumshields. If you read the link below you will see why they are right to protect themselves because the referees won’t. The referee at the Dundee match waved play on after the clash of heads



    Thankfully the young Dundee player, on loan from Burnley has been discharged from hospital according to the Dundee Courier.



  10. on a different topic, a no, I am not anti semmitic.


    Surely it’s about time the world powers told Israel , enough is enough,.


    The horror of the haulocost is history, but it does not give them carte blanche permission to commit the genocide currently going on. They are bully boys, nothing else, aided and abetted by the west.


    Israle is , whether you like it or not, a mickey mouse country, with loads of support from the west.



    Tell them straight, commence, or we will strike you hard and mean it.


    This situation is a fu##ing outrage and must not be allowed to continue.


    Bunch of murdering #########




  11. See if someone had to run an “approval rating poll” like in American politics for Peter Lawwell, with the words below being used as the question….



    Over the piece, has Peter Lawwell been good for Celtic over the past 20 years?



    What do you think the result would be among the following groups?


    (my guess on positive votes after dots)



    Celtic shareholders….80%



    Celtic season ticket holders…70%



    Celtic fans who have ran their own business with their own money…90%



    Chairman of the top 50 European clubs….99%



    Celtic fans who are ‘friendly’ with Ibrox fans….5%



    We all have to move on for now and get behind the club/team and win this league.

  12. Too many hoochters and sheuchtars in the scottish football media these days and I am including Edinburgh. Those guys can do reports on horse racing, rugby, tennis, golf and athletics. And leave us alone!!

  13. KINGLUBO on 12th February 2024 6:52 pm



    If the Ethnostate’s behavior continues be tolerated, then any evil will become acceptable.



    Perhaps this is what they are aiming at?



    Those thieving Edomites have been causing trouble for everyone since the 7th century.



    You’d have to wonder what dirt they have on those US politicians who are too afraid to call them out.



    One shudders to think.

  14. SFTB- The remuneration for the Board,has long been out of kilter with a business of our size,bonuses based on money in the bank,is totally corrupt IMO, designed not to have the best team/squad at all times

  15. bournesouprecipe on

    Celtic Mac



    Tommy (Tid) Callaghan ? I remember the groans from the Jungle when he got the ball.

  16. Gene , at 5.39 :-


    I downloaded the Android Accessibility Suite and your approach works a treat .


    PARKHEADCUMSALFORD (and others) :-


    Give it a try .


    The only downside is that you need to listen to the rubbish on here .


    Only kidding boys 🤪

  17. SFTB



    I know that you and I are really secret lovers….go on….admit it.



    Nah…seriously…type in bookmark it and use it to search.



    Mojeek hasn`t got all of the fancy jazz stuff…but it does what it says on the tin.


  is and has been for a long time selling all of their users data out the back door…as the saying goes…selling the data to whom?






    This video might switch a light on as to who the bad guys really are…as if you didn’t know already.





    Scroll up this other link at the end of this post and check the ‘search engine’ part you’ll see that the first couple of links lay bare the uncomfortable truth about certain browsers and search engines with SFTB type of forensic approach.



    Its can be quite interesting finding which ‘search engine’ to trust – – search engine seems to get a good write up…..just click on ‘privacy policy’ of any of the engines….if it says the names linked include either ‘ASK’ former-Ask-Jeeves…which is now Google, or Google itself, or Bing, then stay well clear……ie: Firestick TV etc is part of the Deep State swamp as well….Twitter and Facebook are controlled by the 3 letter security agencies…having said all of that just check this link in your own time.



    Hopefully this might help.





    Good luck.

  18. Gene , it would be brilliant if individuals could choose the read back voice .


    Paul67 would choose Peter Lawell .


    GFTB would choose Lenny .


    BRRB would choose Rory Gallagher 🤪

  19. bournesouprecipe



    And yet TC was if anything a player ahead of his time


    Big Jock saw value in players who could bring something else, something different to the party, Tommy brought not only ability and athleticism, but also intelligence and a certain elegance, something not always appreciated in the Aul Jungle…

  20. BSR- I remember TC getting pelters, Big Jock rated him,met him a couple of times at CP,absolute gentleman

  21. Always thought TC was a football player. Fine passer of the ball. Similar to my all time favourite, Charlie Gallagher.



    Thanks for the suggestions to help me get CQN more readily, as I used to. It might take me some time…

  22. bournesouprecipe on

    Remember TC used to do a thing with his feet, a kind of step over



    We used to call it The Cali Shuffle………………….as per the Ali Shuffle.



    Big gent indeed, used to do ‘mine host’ in Parkhead along with Bertie and the Buzzbomb.

  23. WBC,


    Oh,I see another wee snidey remark from you today.Barkas.Let me see,


    We needed a Keeper.


    The best keeper in Greece for sale,at a price we could afford.


    Around 30 caps for Greece.


    The Greek sports media,named him”The Wall”,because of his performances


    You are right I,and a great many other wanted him signed.Mad not too.


    The rest is history.WTF that has to do with Maedas form,only you know.


    You forgot I was the one calling for us to sign Mooy,against much opposition.Means nothing either in relation to Maedas lack of football brain,but just a wee jog to your very selective memory.

  24. BSR,


    H,mmm,its 23.05 here at the moment.The world is my Lobster.Time is just a passing phase.


    I think !!!!!!!

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