Business end of the season is insight.


It was not pretty, but for the second time in 2024 Celtic subjugated St Mirren in Paisley and eased into the Scottish Cup quarter finals, where they will face Livingston at home.  We now have the potential of three games in Glasgow to win the cup, a prospect which should focus minds.  Hampden has been as profitable a venue as Celtic Park for nearly eight years now, we’ve won 24 out of 25 visits.  No team has ever had a better Hampden record, including Queen’s Park (renamed Cathkin Park doesn’t count).  The business end of the season is insight.

Brendan Rodgers decision to play Adam Idah up front with Kyogo in a withdrawn role played out perfectly.  Luis Palma’s 15th minute cross behind Idah was perfect for Kyogo to run onto.  The ball had plenty of pace on it, allowing Kyogo to divert its course from 18 yards into the net.  Had he been playing as striker, he would not have been in position for this cross.

With the continuing absence of Reo Hatate, pulling Kyogo back one position gives us an added option.  It was also refreshing to see Idah get involved in the physical side of the game early on yesterday.  This is a quantity we have been without for a while.

Six weeks ago Joe Hart’s suitability for the second half of the season was being debated.  Joe can go weeks without making saves that have any consequence on the end result.  Since then, he has made outcome determining saves against St Mirren, Hibs, Aberdeen and Ross County.  The keeper will hope for a quieter period in the weeks to come.

Stephen Welsh and Liam Scales are not the dream team in central defence, but both have particular strengths in the air.  With Idah also in the side we look far more comfortable defending set-pieces.  On a park like that in Paisley, defending the air is particularly important.

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  1. Now let me get this straight, the Labour Party no longer endorses their own Candidate, Azhar Ali, for the Rochdale By-Election, though he will remain on the Ballot, meanwhile former Labour MP for Rochdale, Simon Danczuk, (2010-2017), is now standing for Reform UK, formed by Nigel Farage, and George Galloway, former Labour MP for Glasgow Hillhead, (later Kelvin, succeeded by Mohammed Sarwar in Glasgow Central, father of Scottish Labour Leader Anas), and later Respect MP, now standing in Rochdale for the Workers Party of Britain, and now in with a chance of winning this By-Election. You could not make it up.


    And I didn’t…..

  2. Celtic Mac



    Sounds like being a politician in the UK is now a job, not a vocation



    Glad i’m in the diverse and interesting political landscape of Ireland 😎

  3. Kinglubo,



    I have no doubt that you are a good man and mean well but I always suspect anyone who starts with I am not a racist but…on a different topic, a no, I am not anti semmitic.



    The world is telling Israel to contain their action. Not quite do nothing but that’s outside of anyone’s sphere of influence after Hamas started this part of the war.any solution must respect Israel’s right to exist.



    The horror of the haulocost is history, but it does not give them carte blanche permission to commit the genocide currently going on. They are bully boys, nothing else, aided and abetted by the west.



    You do know that when Mary and Joseph went from Nazarath to Bethlehem they were Jews. If this is not the Jewish homeland, then where. They were attacked. Hamas still hold 100 live hostages. What choice dies Isreal have. Where do you think the Jews expelled from Europe or every Arab country can live. No big deal that holo cost thing eh.



    Israle is , whether you like it or not, a mickey mouse country, with loads of support from the west.



    You show a complete lack of understanding of this part of the world. 8 million Jews Arabs druize are a larger population than Scotland and Ireland combined. You don’t know the history. They support themselve.



    Tell them straight, commence, or we will strike you hard and mean it. From your armchair?.



    This situation is a fu##ing outrage and must not be allowed to continue.i agree. Hamas must release the hostages and work with Israel for a long term solution.



    Bunch of murdering ######### Hamas, agree with you there.



    There will never be a solution in that very small ie e of real estate while people who know nothing about it support groups like Hamas/isis. Don’t we want better for the Semite sons and daughters of Isreal/palestine



    It is complicated.



    I feel for the people trapped in Rafah, I have been there. If Israel do not process this stage of the war in a way that absolutely minimises civilian casualties they will lose my support.




  4. Good morning all from a quite chilly 3 degree but dry at the moment Garngad.



    My reason for wanting rid of certain if not all of the board members is I think they are holding us back from our true potential and as a club I think we should be making a dent in Europe but under this board I think there is no chance, no vision.



    But hey all my opinion.



    D. :)

  5. A wonderful friend of mine from Ireland posts daily feeds on “Palestine”. I love her and respect her for it but she doesn’t even look. In today’s fake video the camera is on a hospital door, queue an old man drags himself through the doors, red streaks. Take camera that’s it. No rush to help no reality, just feeds to the willing believers. Wtf happened to critical thinking.

  6. The contemporary relevance of the Green (WDGAF) Brigade is now beginning to have ramifications on the field of play, as well as off.



    I don’t think Liel Abada will play many more games for our club; indeed such is the unique nature of the problem I think that a mutually agreed and immediate settlement of his contract is the only way forward.



    The Hamas attack took place at 04:00 on 7 October. Celtic match against Kilmarnock kicked-off at 15:00 that afternoon. The GB had eleven hours in which to prepare their banners and flags. This was no ad hoc demonstration – this was a direct response to, and support of, the atrocities committed a few hours earlier. How could any player ever be happy to perform in front of those fans again?



    The GB(WDGAF) now meet the requirements for entryism -the infiltration of the club by members of specific group, with the intention of subverting its policies or objectives. This cabal, recently identified to be only 267 in number, and its hanger-ons, is now adding recruitment, retention and selection of players to its list of malevolent influences. If Liel does go it will send reverberations throughout the football world, which will impact players, agents and other clubs.



    We have already seen the club fined almost a million Euros as a direct result of the GB (WDGAF) attitude and behavior. Liel Abada leaving for nothing, or, at best a much reduced fee, may increase our financial loss ten-fold. We see our hitherto wonderful supporters reputation trashed at both home and away, almost on a weekly basis; and now people’s lives are being put at risk with the increasing use of pyrotechnics by these WDGAF groups. Of course, if God forbid, there is a serious incident, or, a fatality, the Green (WDGAF) Brigade will, as they have done so cynically in the past, arrange another foodbank, or, charity collection even, to cover their tracks.



    Make no mistake about it, this GB junta is attempting to undermine the club and drive a wedge between the fans. Calling those who run our club liars and accusing the club of blackmail is incredible from supposed supporters Celtic. No organization – not the SFA, not any League body, not the Referees Association, not the ‘hostile’ Scottish media, not the Church Of Scotland, not the Masonic Lodge, not the Orange Order, have ever leveled such outright criticism of Celtic – if they did there would be a justified outcry and a swift and punishing backlash. Thie same is now needed in order to rid of this current disease, which if not faced-down will continue to eat into the club with disastrous consequences.

  7. darwin



    the GB were flying the flag of Palestine long before Oct 7. Did nobody tell the agents ? Did Abada volunteer his services for free ? Was it okay to play in front of them so long as Israel wasnt a casualty ?



    “We see our hitherto wonderful supporters reputation trashed at both home and away” – I trust that your internet skills extend beyond the ability to post on CQN ?

  8. Well said Darwin, expect a few personal barbs from the single minded hobbyists. The GB think that they are Celtic. They are deluded, by choice.

  9. TURKEYBHOY on 12TH FEBRUARY 2024 11:47 PM









    Turning into a right wee snide and gossip recently.Not pretty.But if it makes you happy.I dont snide.If I have something to say,it will be to your face.Like now.



    The definition of a keyboard warrior, boton

  10. Was speaking to James Forest ( the player ) last night.



    I have it on good authority that he does not rate Brendan Rogers



    …….It was around 4.30am and I was fast asleep !

  11. Sorry not buying the poor Abada narrative …all war and inequality is wrong and has been going on since time began …he is a Well PAID professional .The fact is he was always using Celtic from day one with a “commitment “ amounting to pound signs.The minute he liked Bittons comments he should have been sold.He had zero loyalty to Celtic from day one .🤔

  12. single minded hobbyists = those who oppose oppression/occupation/war/apartheid (in any shape or form) ? or just those who support the GB only ?

  13. Also be very interested to see any ethos the club who he signs for has and whether he and his agent do their due diligence checks first ?🤔..or maybe he will sign for a club in his homeland ? 🤔

  14. Have the majority of Celtic fans at one point not sang songs that were/are anti English , hate of the Monarchy and British Soldiers .



    When the IRA bombed the mainland maiming and killing English (others) civilians did our English players leave or stop signing for us…..



    Its Dreadful what’s happening in Palestine🙏



    I’d hate to think Abada would use the situation to work his ticket ……..

  15. In Abadas defence, he is a young man and will have many partisan and financially motivated external influences too…If there are folk who believe the stupid or maybe bigoted Israeli manager who are chewing his ear he’ll not be in a good place…

  16. Marspapa…..the ticket was being “worked “ by Abada and his agent from the day Celtic secured the Scottish cup last May and possibly before..up to and including the day he signed his 5 year contract ..( that he had no intention of honouring ) 🤔

  17. I genuinely distrust well paid professionals holding our beloved club to ransom …and there have been many over the years ( Di Canio, Van Hooijdonk and Cadette )…..Abada to me is just the latest in a long list of EXIT STRATEGIES 🤔



  18. With Celtic getting results and beginning to look like we’re getting ourselves together for a title run, Abada now comes to the headlines.



    Liel can go get his head sorted and we can focus on winning the league. Come the summer, Liel can look for a new club if he so desires and we can look forward to the champions league.

  19. MARSPAPA on 13TH FEBRUARY 2024 9:14 AM


    “I’d hate to think Abada would use the situation to work his ticket ……..”



    I’ve been getting Viduka flashbacks for some reason when I first heard the rumours of his “mental state”.



    Celtic have acted in his interests throughout and hopefully it dawns on him that it is in his interests to get back to playing, get in the team, be a hunskelper again a few more times this season so that he has viable exit options at the end of the season. If he doesn’t want to clap the GB (or WDGAF whatever that means Darwin?) after a match then fair play but he plays for a club and support open to all who have been supportive of him so it is time for him to repay that good faith.




  20. Yesterday I watched ‘The Celtic Way’ podcast as they discussed the Liel Abada situation.



    Unbelievably, 2 of the 3 panellists wondered if the Turkish window was still open — it isn’t — and suggested that Abada might find a club in that country willing to take him.



    So the player is unsettled at Celtic due to the Green Brigade’s open support of the Palestinians, and The Celtic Way want to send him to play in a country whose population is 99.8% Muslim.



    That would be hilarious if it wasn’t so serious.

  21. QUADBHOY on 13TH FEBRUARY 2024 10:02 AM



    I am guessing `WDGAF` means ` We don`t give a Fxxx`.


    See you on Saturday.

  22. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    The suggestion that the GB are the cause of any issues Liel is facing is, IMHO, a stretch.



    The kid was happy to sign a new contract in August.



    IDF invaded Gaza in October.



    More likely the pressure (if it exists – none of us know) is coming from without.



    In absence of facts conclusions will be drawn based on other.



    What we do know?



    Liel is a 22 year old living and working abroad … which can be tough



    Israeli right wing regime often play the patriot card. Just one of a number of cards to verbally attack those who verbally attack them.



    Celtic’s GB and Palestinian cause is an open door.



    BTW – there is no evidence Liel is “working his ticket”.



    If he is feeling pressure he needs support.

  23. As far as I can see, few players are interested in the politics, religion or any other views of the supporters of their team. They simply play football to the best of their ability and are paid varying amounts for so doing.


    Liel Abada MIGHT be an exception and might really be affected by the GB`s support of Palestine.


    Then again, as someone posted earlier, if that is the case, why wouldn`t a seemingly politically aware young not be aware of the GB and their views before signing?

  24. Back to Basics – Glass Half Full on 13th February 2024 10:14 am






    100% agree.

  25. I don’t think there’s any need for Abada to work his ticket – we’ve demonstrated that we will not keep players that want to move on. If he wants away in the summer, he’ll get away.



    I think he’s poorly advised. I don’t think Clubs will be kicking the doors in to sign a lad that has barely kicked a ball for a season.



    He could very well be facing a pay cut to get his move.

  26. HOT SMOKED on 13TH FEBRUARY 2024 10:05 AM


    “I am guessing `WDGAF` means ` We don`t give a Fxxx`.”



    D’oh. Of course it does. Many thanks.



    “Then again, as someone posted earlier, if that is the case, why wouldn`t a seemingly politically aware young not be aware of the GB and their views before signing?”



    I think the PLPF (?) flag and the banner shown shortly after the attack which was used as justification for the Israeli invasion are the only change in circumstances here.



    Supporting the Palestinian people and support for the attack itself (bit of a stretch based on what I remember of the GB banner) or the PLPF are different. In both of these cases though it’s a stretch – the PLPF flag was 1 person out of 60,000.




  27. Darwin…it used to be the SNP when you were posting as JHB. Now it’s the GB. Gie’s a brek man!

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