Eboue breaks signing guidelines


You will remember we track the number of appearances young players make before they sign for Celtic. We have a sweet spot of around 60 games (van Dijk: 62, Wanyama: 51, Dembele: 56).

It typically takes this number of games before a prospect will raise his profile enough to come to our attention, and for subsequent scouting to take place. Consider the process. Before recommending a player to Celtic, one of their in-country scouts will have to see him perform on a number of occasions and tested at a level comparable to the challenges faced by Celtic.

Alternatively, agents will need to produce DVDs to entice some interest. It takes time to differentiate a Kieran Tierney from a one season wonder.

Leave it later, say until around 100 games have been played, and a van Dijk is likely to flicker on radars in England or Germany. Celtic’s chances of acquiring the player would be considerably diminished, as even one season wonders can fetch £8m when an EPL club shows interest. Out of Celtic’s reach, but often still rubbish.

Kouassi Eboue breaks our guidelines. The teenager has made a starting line-up on 16 occasions in senior football plus three as a sub. He was red carded once and subbed off four times, so he’s only played 11 full games. 11 games is not a lot to base a £3m purchase on.

On the plus side, the quality of many of those games is reassuring. Five of his 90 minutes came in the Europa League against Salzburg, Nice and Schalke, so Celtic will have had the chance to see him perform against decent European sides – as an 18-year-old.

There are things I don’t know about this deal, where the recommendation came from being the most significant. I don’t recognise his agent, so not surprisingly it appears we’ve reached beyond the pools we were fishing in under Ronny and Neil. Kouassi also appears to be the agent’s most/only valuable asset. As such, I doubt the initiation came from the agent, or if the player’s profile was raised with anyone outside Russia before Celtic had the preliminaries signed.

Is a season in the Europa League the new sweet spot for a Celtic prospect? Stay tuned.

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  1. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on 5th January 2017 11:32 pm



    Full on support now from me for the Hibees.









    Perhaps Sammi.



    Hope we can welcome their joining us next season.








    I’m really hoping that Hibs make it up next Season. If Kris signs on for Hibs they will, assuming he doesn’t have injuries, definitely make it directly. He is a quality player, the other dude Humphrey will be a good acquisition as well. Neil is too good a Manager to be in that Division.



    off oot to shoot some terrorists, and be the terrorists for a wee while.



    Winner of the Prestigious “Just 5 more minutes award.”

  2. Play. the Hovis music on reading back



    Some good memories hehe


    5 club for 5 jinji boatles @ 2p a boatl


    Courtesy of the local pub



    Bmcuw lol new signing learnin to say mon the ra from wiki



    Wits balavlavas, always a spare in rucsack, for walking and climbing purposes only (dunno what acgr gets up to when in ‘annabelle’mode’ :-):-)





    Equis not a patch on queens park cafe


    Ice cream that tasted brilliant and before your local moneylender took over the ice cream run lol have a good new year A and hopefully catch up at a game



    The Exiled Tim


    Hope all improves with your good lady and is better in ’17



    Hail hail cqn



    Great timr being a Celt




  3. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on 6th January 2017 3:23 am



    PETEC on 6TH JANUARY 2017 2:37 AM



    Hibs ?



    Same page.






    My link was to the Computer interacting game that I have been playing with Family and friends for years now, and games before that. Using voice comms (free) that comes within the game. Basically you can just talk using headset and mic in the lobby, or get out there and work together as team m8s to win games against so many other people out there in this World. I’ve met Many online Gamers, mainly @ Lan Partys…. Local Area Networks gaming events…. Where all the online gamers get together and play competitive games together for a weekend or whatever.



    I miss my wee Bro a lot, it is like he is sitting right next to me howevaah, when we are playing competitive gaming together and the Rudi Vata is flowing. ;))



    James told this joke way way back and it genuinely was the funniest joke I’d ever heard. It definitely was the way he Delivered it though back then. I’ve asked him a few times over the years, for newer ears, disnae huv quite the same effect….I will still ask him again, hopefully for future new wans.



    I want to see a lot more of Moussa Dembele before he leaves for an incredible transfer fee.



    Moussa has some unfinished business in the CL with Celtic for sure.



    Doo doo doo do doo



    It transfers so well into the Stadium…. especially the Lull before the crowd go CRAZY. That gets those players on THAT Special pitch going like nothing else, IMO. SUPERB so it is.

  4. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    Different take :



    On the possibility of Commons staying longer at Easter Road, Lennon said: “We’ve not really touched on it yet. It will be down to what Kris thinks as well obviously, and on how talks go with Celtic. I haven’t had a chance to sit down and talk about it.”

  5. macjay1,



    Everyone knows KC is a quality footballer. Kris will get better offers than Hibs financially because he is a cracking player.



    I hope he signs for Hibs. It is, IMO the right move for him… Neil built the Celtic team around him when the Celtic hierarchy decided Neil wasn’t the Man to lead Celtic forward.

  6. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    PETEC on 6TH JANUARY 2017 4:33 AM




    Everyone knows KC is a quality footballer. Kris will get better offers than Hibs financially because he is a cracking player.




    I hope he signs for Hibs. It is, IMO the right move for him… Neil built the Celtic team around him when the Celtic hierarchy decided Neil wasn’t the Man to lead Celtic forward.






    Absolutely agree.



    Tell you what.


    I would hate to see the huns signing him.



    In addition , great to see Charlie doing so well down South.

  7. KC would never sign for them dude don’t be daft.



    I hope Charlie excels @ Blackburn, he is a really good player – he will stroll it after being at Celtic.




  8. Brendan will be looking for a fullback who gets as tight as Kieran does.



    Jibber jabber for sure to make sure Mik Lustig keeps up performances.



    Swedish International that LOVES Celtic. Coolio. GaNgsters Paradise.



    Mr Lustig has let an attacker into the penalty area so many Times, his contract won’t be renewed IMO.



    Brendan is Mikaels real Employer… He is basically Using him as best he can, IMO.

  9. IMO, the deal on the table will be for 1 year at the same pay or 2 years at big reduction.



    I know Nothing, Nothing at all.





    C&p from Phil’s site.



    JimBhoy January 6, 2017 at 12:05 am



    The Herald leads with this on the Arsenal loanee ‘game-changer’ story…… Sick bag to the ready.



    ” MARK WARBURTON must have a contacts book the size of a telephone directory and a memory as vivid as an elephant’s. The Englishman’s route to the Rangers manager’s office was a circuitous one and from each stage of his coaching development he has stored away memories of players and their talents for future use. It is Rangers who are currently benefiting from that in-depth, internal Rolodex that Warburton has at his disposal. ”



    Maybe they should ask the Rangers support what they think of Warbs 11 new players this season…. Even they are getting it. Penny is in gravitational fall.



    That has got to rank as one of the most outrageous PR puff pieces on the warbler ever in the Meeja. Maybe he has found his spare magic hat.


    Sorry,should have put a wee warning on that.



    Don’t choke on your cornflakes!

  12. KOJO – wowow…..




    I think it is unfair to Deceive people in any way. SPIT it out FFS, I’ve fell out with macjay1, was Kojo a Bot or a CQN plant?



    It is up to the not so clever participants to find this Out. NAW – Not in My Actual WORLD.



    COMPUTERS equates to 666.



    God Bless ALL

  13. Apologies.



    Computer not Computers.






    Christ Took away Every Sin.



    The New Guy.. he looks like a good wan. ;)) Ma Kind of WAN.

  14. The absolute fawning guff written about this possible loan – LOAN! – signing completely exposes the poverty of Scottish sports journalism.



    If I had to put my name to some of this stuff I’d find another job.

  15. Good morning friends and a Big Happy Friday from a disappointingly drizzly, dreich, damp and pretty cold East Kilbride.

  16. Hot smoked –



    Ha ha, the disappointment was only because I was hoping to report anotehr fine dry, frosty morning. Today’s damp start is pretty much the only disappointing thing about life at the minute and even that is temporary.



    An absoluetly brilliant last 6 pages or so on ole CQN. If I have time I’ll bring all the memories together on a list. As a teenager I was given as a present ‘the book of lists’. Honestyly ;-)



    Aff oot tae work…



    Remember bhoys and ghirls, Goals For Shay starts in a week’s time : cqnpredictor@gmail.com

  17. BMCUWP



    Does this piece have a named author?



    And I remember when the Herald was a newspaper.





    A few words of advice for any Ayrshire huns having this read to them.



    Don’t go out tonight,the sky is gonna be lit up in emerald green!



    Freak weather conditions mean The Northern Lights are likely to make an appearance further south than usual. Wish I was there to see it…

  19. BMCUWP @ 8.19



    I am never going to win any spelling bees ( last victory 1973) but that is fantastically bad. Initially I typed ‘bed’ but the great sub-editor in the sky gave me a poke. ( initially typed ‘pole’




  20. JIM PAYNE on 6TH JANUARY 2017 8:08 AM






    Does this piece have a named author?




    And I remember when the Herald was a newspaper.



    Been away for a while but used to love Tom Shields Diary and the Jack McLean articles- droll as…

  21. setting free the bears for Res. 12 & Oscar Knox on 6th January 2017 8:34 am



    Maybe it was Jonty Rhodes – S. African cricket man they were after





    Or maybe they were trying to find divine inspiration in thon Torah…