Promotion, relegation, shot in the arm


Swapping Livingston for Dundee United is the biggest shot in the arm for the Scottish Premiership since Motherwell’s playoff win in 2015.  St Johnstone have a one-point lead over Ross County with four to play in the fight to avoid the Premiership playoff spot.  Neither are in good form but at least County don’t have to cope with Craig Levein picking the team.

One of these two will face the winner of the Championship playoffs, either Raith Rovers, Partick Thistle or Airdrieonians.  Airdrie have never been a shining light in the world but it’s their plastic pitch that would cause most regret – the potential ban will not be in place for next season, if it comes at all.

Raith, Partick and St Johnstone each have a support base comparable to Motherwell and should be able to contribute something to the topflight.  This scenario is a lot better than two years ago, when the prospect of Arbroath missed the automatic promotion spot to the Premiership by two points.

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  1. CLUNKS on 1ST MAY 2024 7:38 PM









    I have your email







    If Moisy wants to email me on I can pass on your email to him and vice versa??





    MOISEY17….” CLUNKS” has Posted his Email address on the Blog…Please see above.


    He has MY Email Address, so he will pass it on to you IF you Email HIM.



    To be honest MOISEY, it would be IDEAL If you can meet me INSIDE the Shipbank Pub on The Saltmarket on Thursday. IF that is okay because I can NOT stand/wait outside anywhere because of pains in my back and leg.



    I will Post on here WHEN I can expect the Tesco Delivery Tomorrow VERY EARLY in the morning, which will determine WHEN I can leave the House ?



    HH Mate.




    Did we not get Fras from Newcastle off the back off Alan Thomson coming to us from there???

  3. St Tams if you are lurking – I will be in Kerrydale on Saturday when it opens if you fancy a pint and chat.



    D. :)



    I would imagine the Mib’s will be trying to engineer a hearts win on Saturday , and if they can’t manage to help their Ibrox heroes in that way , to at least weaken us for the Sevco game by red cards or turning a blind eye to injurious tackles .



    We will have to be both brave and smart .






    That Crossed my mind to , the mibs have put a lot of effort into trying to scupper us , can’t see them calling a halt to it this late in the season , we will need to watch out

  5. Cheating wee female rangers player Hardy blatantly fouls hearts captain who is carried off with multiple


    Injuries. Ref and commentary team don’t even see it as a free kick. Frankly it’s thuggery.

  6. Melvin Udall on

    BIG JIMMY on 1ST MAY 2024 6:27 PM


    Melvin Udall



    Well done young fella on getting that Job.




    Cheers Jimmy. Massive relief. As I’d been out of work for a while.

  7. Melvin Udall on

    Thanks all for the congratulations on my job.



    Very much appreciated.



    Will be back in Scotland for around 10 weeks from June and may even make it to one of the Shipbank meet-ups. 😳😂👍

  8. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    BURNLEY78 on 1ST MAY 2024 7:00 PM


    Blogger formerly known as GM




    Yes not hard to spot the outlier there !




    Let’s hope John Beaton has had his last chance to influence this season.






    Admittedly it’s a small sample size, but given what we’ve all seen from Beaton over the years it’s just the continuation of a pattern.

  9. glendalystonsils on

    JIMTIM on 1ST MAY 2024 8:20 PM



    They kept a low profile at Dundee , but I don’t think they’re finished with us yet .




    you must repent your sins by leaving the toilet seat up 3 times after a pea



    And to make sure it works



    The 4th time you pee



    You must leave the toilet seat down






    A wee dribble on the seat






    Or use the Brave Browser which fixes most of the glitches



    But to be safe, get brave and do the toilet seat thing above too

  11. Above works the best if the dribble on the seat is from the first pee after a mammoth session and a curry…..

  12. Melvin congratulations on the new job.



    If you do make it to a Shipbank afternoon tea party please do not humour Belmont Brian and be wary of big Jimmy’s Jimmy Cagney impersonation.



    D. :)

  13. Evening all



    Melvin Udall, Charlie, thoroughly enjoyed your company in ‘Old Edina’



    You will be more than welcome to the motely crew that is the ‘Shipbank Shipwrecks’.



    Please ignore DAVID66 comments earlier, I am indeed ‘The Thief of Bad Gags, however, watch out for worst ‘ Jokers Wild’ TOM McG.







  14. garygillespieshamstring on

    I wish someone would invent a mute button that could allow you to mute your choice of co-commentator

  15. Quality of control and speed off though in the dortmund psg game is something else



    Only problem is the fanny mccoist, stinking up the game with his chat

  16. Quality of control and speed of thought



    I should really check my posts before I post them



    And I appreciate the irony in my stinking up the game/blog with my chat lol

  17. Melvin Udall on

    DAVID66 on 1ST MAY 2024 9:02 PM


    Melvin congratulations on the new job.



    If you do make it to a Shipbank afternoon tea party please do not humour Belmont Brian and be wary of big Jimmy’s Jimmy Cagney impersonation.




    😳🤷🏼‍♂️😂 Noted. 😂👍

  18. Also Celtic Mac



    What happened to trump???



    I been following his court case all week….

  19. Melvin Udall on

    Has it seriously been nearly an hour since anyone posted?



    My last post at 9:56 is the last one I can see. 😳🤷🏼‍♂️

  20. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    I’m sure the SMSM would be equally vigorous in investigating large football club finances.



    It’s all gone a bit quiet hasn’t it?



    That may change soon.

  21. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Sevco ran a loss last year and the biggest football running costs – that was with CL revenue and player sales.



    This year, missed out on CL and eliminated from last 16 of Europa.



    … Having got rid of a management team



    … and brought in new players in January.



    I’m sure the sums add up.

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