Fantastic Juninho sensationalism


Celtic have been dragged into a former club’s scandal today by Scotland’s former best-selling daily newspaper, who have completely misrepresented issues surrounding the registration of Juninho.

The newspaper makes the astonishing and completely inaccurate claim that the “SPL have revealed they decided not to investigate Celtic’s EBT payment to Juninho”.

The SPL have investigated Celtic’s EBT payment to Juninho.  They found Celtic acted absolutely in line with the rules and this week issued a statement confirming this.  To tell people otherwise is recklessly inaccurate.

A front page statement proclaims:

“Hoops in clear because Juninho only received cash AFTER he left the club”

Utter nonsense.  It’s a bit like saying:

“Hoops in clear because Juninho’s name begins with the letter J”

A true reflection would read:

“Hoops in clear because they discharged the registration and entire employment process of Juninho in a correct manner and no differently than the way every other SPL club has registered players”

When Juninho “received the cash” has nothing whatsoever to do with Celtic being “in the clear”.  It is, frankly, an embarrassing attempt to pander to the paranoia of others and betrays a fundamental lack of knowledge.

The newspaper also dedicated all-but-one column of their back page, and part of an inside page, to the ‘story’ of how Celtic “didn’t end up in the dock”.  Compare this to the coverage the same newspaper gave to the actual SPL statement on Juninho, released in an earlier attempt to dampen-down ill-informed paranoia, which received a tiny, 35-word, 1-inch back page note and a single column inside the paper.

Throughout recent weeks a basic misunderstanding of the legality of EBTs appears to have taken root in some minds.  It is as though some mass psychological phenomenon is at play.  Or maybe it’s just a deliberate attempt to confuse the easily confused?

EBTs are not against football, or specifically, player registration, rules.  This is accepted as fact by anyone even vaguely familiar with the rules, yet we have some, who should know better, tell us that Rangers’ EBTs were recorded in their annual accounts, as though this is some defence against player registration charges, or that others should join them ‘in the dock’, because they used an EBT.

The matter in hand is not the use of EBTs, it’s about player registrations.  You can pay players in EBTs, folding notes or Dutch tulip bulbs, as long as you register him correctly.  And pay your tax.

Player registration rules are categorically clear, clubs must register all contracts with the SFA and SPL.  All monies due in relation to football must appear on those contracts.  Juninho’s contract was registered correctly.

On this issue, Celtic are exposed to the joint analysis of other 11 SPL clubs and the other 93 SFA clubs (counting both Ibrox based clubs), who control the rules and their scrutiny.

There are limits to what an employer can publicly reveal about a former employee’s personal financial details, but Celtic have revealed all facts concerning Juninho’s employment to the SFA and SPL.

Their conduct was investigated, was found to be absolutely and completely impeccable AND in line with SFA advice on player registration.

All I am wondering about is, should we be happy that those who should be planning for some serious headwinds are instead following a ridiculous wild goose chase?

I think so.  That being the case, what are people trying to divert attention from?  Hmmm.

Last week I met John Maguire, managing director of Celtic Development Pools. John’s been there for 30 years, the enthusiasm for youth player development is tangible when you listen to him talk. He’s at the coal face, raising money for the enormous youth development project which brings players like James Forrest into the club, and also polished Tony Watt into the exciting talent he is.

The ‘Pools predate my time but today’s fabulous harvest of young talent was made more possible by the Paradise Windfall, which now pays £15,000 each home game and has been the largest lottery in world football for years. Income from the Pools and Paradise Windfall generates around £1.5m each season.

The coaches at Lennoxtown (and most fans) know how important it is for Celtic’s youth scouting and development to be the very best it can be. It has to be world class. For the guys at the Pools office, the challenge is clear, fund this ambition.

To this end, this weekend the Development Pools launch TikPick. For £1 you can win a cash prize for predicting 10 results. It’s not a lot of money and none of it will go towards putting fuel in a £100k motor car. This is a grass-roots level investment in our future.  Go take a look here.

You can continue to read CQN Magazine FOR FREE, or can subscribe for £10 or £20 and our sponsor, Executive Shaving, who offer an enormous range of grooming products, are offering readers a £20 voucher for all £30 CQN Magazine subscribers.

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  1. TKF Predictor – Champions League!!



    Afternoon Bhoys’n’Ghirls!



    Just a wee note to let you all know that as with Euro 2012, The Kano Foundation are “running” a Champions League Predictor.



    Its free to enter, is just for a bit of fun, allows us to have a Celtic interest and also gives you the chance to get tore into your fellow CQNers (and any others who want to join in of course) for their lack of footie knowledge, whilst proclaiming your brilliance :-)



    To join just click on the following link:






    Pool name: TKF – Champs League Predictor


    Pool code: wifepush



    Ask to join and once approved (you will be…honest!) away you go!



    Hope to see a good response for this.



    BTW for those already registered with the EPL predictor, your points from the CL predictor will be added to your EPL total at the end of the season to determine the winners, so mind and get your predictions in for both comps!



    Cheers and Good Luck







    PS – The Pool Code was randomly generated, probably by some Sevco fan ;-)

  2. Paul67



    Shame on you! After all the effort that wee soul on SevcoMedia went to in order to rubbish your article yesterday.

  3. The Singing Detective Demands The Resignation Of Campbell Ogilvie



    Pretty sure last week I stated that the recent huge increase in the benefit budget related to two certain nationalities moving from A8 Nationals to EEA Nationals.



    You think I am being outrageous? I have to deal with the hard facts on a daily basis.

  4. From The Independent The price of abject failure.




    Nearly two years in, Middlesbrough are starting to feel like what they have always been to Tony Mowbray. His club.



    He watched them with his dad. Stood on the Holgate End with his mates. Captained the team when he was 22. Stood as its heartbeat in the middle of defence for 10 seasons and on 26 October 2010, when there was a chance they could again fall into the third tier of English football, got the call that it was time to come home. There were 500,000 (pounds in compensation from Celtic) reasons to say no. There was one to say yes – to follow his heart.

  5. Paul67,



    yet another deliberate attempt at obfuscation by the MSM???


    Or are they really that lacking in that basic journalistic skill of how to research a story?


    Pandering to the lowest common sevco/oldco fan??



    They really are pathetic are they not?






  6. estorilbhoy



    12:29 on 14 September, 2012



    Kev, if you are not a Hun you are doing an excellent impression of one.







    You see


    there are two kinds of folk on here


    those who wear blind-folds and


    those who don’t. imo


    Hail Hail

  7. !!Bada Bing!!


    12:29 on


    14 September, 2012


    Where’s Voguepunter?




    I aahhmm heahh.


    playing catch up mate, shouting aboot the sh*t in that paper all morning.


    All good fun.

  8. kevjungle – murdo..10 men championees..1979



    12:37 on


    14 September, 2012





    12:29 on 14 September, 2012



    Kev, if you are not a Hun you are doing an excellent impression of one.







    You see


    there are two kinds of folk on here


    those who wear blind-folds and


    those who don’t. imo


    Hail Hail






    Good shout Kevin. Trying taking yours off.



    Hail! Hail!

  9. Tim Malone Will Tell on




    I wondered if there was a two-pronged obfuscation at play here by DR. Not only dragging Celtic into the arena on EBT’s but also trying to establish some link that payment by EBT after you left employment was above question (could be a useful argument for the Walter and Souness apologists to peddle).



    Or am I crediting them with too much intelligence?…

  10. Bada



    There are few television series that I follow through to the finale, usually because I’m too busy.



    However, I’ve watched the first 2 episodes of Good Cop, really enjoying it so far.

  11. LordLuvRocket


    12:42 on


    14 September, 2012


    I see Ricky Hatton has confirmed his comeback and wants to fight at world title level.



    Oh dear!


    Greed is a terrible thing.

  12. ASonOfDan, I missed that, not been online much this week.



    If any Rangers fans are pinning hopes on Juninho they will be sadly disappointed.



    KevJungle, because many, many, Celtic fans buy and read it….



    Token Tim, it’s incredible.



    Tim Malone Will Tell, I think you are.

  13. Kev,



    For a start, I never referred to you as a troll.



    As for being One with the club, then it depends if you wantbto e One with the club.



    I think that nost of us feel that way, butbin life in general, therevare always mavericks, who identify with a group, but choose to stay on the periphery.



    I suppose it gives them the ” right” to snipe or look for flaws.



    There are flaws in every relationship, be it business, sport of, dare I say it, marriages.



    The trick is in how much emphasis you put on the negatives, against how much joy you take from the relationship.



    Personally, I take great joy in being a Celtic supporter.



    Bob Kelly was a great chairman of Celtic, but he had his flaws



    Personally, I think the structure and people Fergus entrusted the club to is the best regime that the club has had in my lifetime.



    Make no mistake, any slip ups by the club would be devoured by a hostile media, colleagues of your own, no doubt.



    Have done for over sixty years and hope to continuevto so do forwaeer time I have left.

  14. The Pantaloon Duck on

    Afternoon all



    Been largely offline for the past couple of weeks. Pesky holidays! I’m not glad to be back, but I am glad that the real footy starts again tomorrow. Embdy know if we’re likely to see Big Efe, Miku or N’weewee tomorrow? I have high hopes for all three of them but I’m ready to be disappointed.

  15. Tim Malone Will Tell on

    Wee bit of advice required here if you dont mind.



    Me and my boy will be traveling to the Benfica game next week from “that London” on a Thomas Cook package.


    They say that tickets will be available for collection from “Premium” Ticket Office on matchday from 16:00 onwards.



    Is “Premium” just the normal ticket office or somewher different? – and is there likely to be much of a queue for collection before the game?

  16. What are Sevco upto? Surely they are not expecting another liquidation event and are tidying up the contracts…



    Sevco defender Lee Wallace has signed a new five-year deal with the Ibrox club.



    The new contract will keep left-sided full-back Wallace at Ibrox until 2017.



    Scotland international Wallace, 25, joined Rangers from Hearts in July 2011

  17. It’s quite amusing seeing the DR desperately mining for information and telling outright lies on Juninho’s EBT when they’ve spent the last three years doing everything in their power to suppress RFC’s (RIP) illegal use of them. They wonder why no Celtic fan buys their rag yet its painfully obvious what their editorial agenda is: if Rangers (RIP) have done something wrong then so must Celtic!



    Doesn’t seem to cross their minds that we used it correctly, within the rules for ONE player. RFC (RIP) used it to systematically cheat as the taxman and the football authorities as a matter of course for numerous players, staff and even Dodgy Dave himself.

  18. HT-Watched the first episode of Lilyhammer,an ex Mafia Boss rats on a rival and requests his Witness Protection Programme to be in Lilyhammer,Norway.Steve van Zandt (Tony Soprano’s lieutenant )plays the lead.Original and funny.

  19. ** QUIZ NIGHT **



    Our Wee Oscar quiz night will be taking place in The Phoenix on the Gallowgate on 29th September from 7-12am.



    Tickets are priced at £5 with all proceeds going to help this wee bhoy get life saving treatment.



    If you’re interested in entering a team or even joining one then please contact us at weeoscar4life@gmail.com

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