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The entire football world should be delighted at the arrests of six Fifa executives in Switzerland this morning on warrants requested by US prosecutors.  Fifa has successfully resisted reform, actively opposed transparency and supressed reports into corruption at the top of the world’s most lucrative sport.

No one will be surprised that president, Sepp Blatter, who was not one of the six arrested today, is deaf to calls for accountability at the top.  He plans to stand in Friday’s election, no doubt keen to guide the Federation through its dealings with law enforcement agencies.  Those arrested have yet to be charged with any crime, never mind successfully prosecuted, so Blatter has plausible deniability of wrongdoing on the part of Fifa, but under any properly constituted organisation he would step aside to let fresh blood reinvigorate the game.

The news that Swiss police are investigating the 2018 and 2022 World Cup bidding process is even more welcome than the arrests.  This investigation is separate to that being carried out by US authorities and may ultimately be more pivotal in freeing the game from the grasp of bribery and corruption.

Mike Ashley is getting his Rangers International PLC (RIPLC) General Meeting, on 12 June, at which, the directors of Rangers International PLC have decided to titillate shareholders with details of Rangers Retail Limited’s shareholders agreement, between the club and Ashley, although they note this agreement is subject to confidentiality agreements – and details appear to have been leaked today.

In an eye catching move, the directors of RIPLC are considering disapplying voting rights of shareholders who hold shares in other football clubs, in this case, Mike Ashley, who owns Newcastle United.

It’s worth saying this remains no more than bluster for now.  They are “considering” disapplying rights and will lay out a “timetable for presenting a resolution for shareholders’ consideration”.  I cannot believe they would be so self-harming that they would actually try to remove Ashley’s voting rights.  Mike has the resources to destroy them in court, and it’s a tad futile to risk enormous legal consequences to disenfranchise someone when you and your supporters control the majority of shares.  Ashley could easily circumnavigate any such act, should is be successful, but selling his shares to a trusted third party.

As such this element of the debate is futile, not even King is stupid enough to waste time and energy on it.  He would lose heavily, and even if he won, Ashley would accommodate the outcome without breaking sweat.  This is some tough talking but I’d like to see them try it (I genuinely would).

Two resolutions are proposed: the first by Ashley, that his £5m loan is repaid “as soon as possible”, in return for the release of security over RIPLC’s intellectual property, Murray Park, Albion Car Park and Edmiston House.  Ashley is happy to hand this back, he’s a retailer, retail rights are what he’s interested in.

The second, proposed by the board, asks for shareholder approval to demand all of the club’s relationships with Sports Direct group companies, the loan, securities and the lucrative retail rights, are “renegotiated on a basis that is fair and reasonable”.

Here we get to the crux of the matter.  Dave King told us months ago that Mike Ashley was a businessman, and that he would recognise the hand King dealt him and fold.  The contrary view is that Mike Ashley is a businessman who will not be dictated to.

There’s a scene in Groundhog Day when lead character Phil, realising he can act without consequences, as even after death he’d pop up the next day as though nothing happened, drives onto a railway track.

Nodding to the oncoming train he says “I bet he’s going to swerve first”.  Mike Ashley is the oncoming train.  Trains don’t swerve.  Groundhog Day looks increasingly likely, 06:00 will strike with an away day at Brechin under a provisional membership.

There’s a suggestion that today’s edition of CQN Magazine is the best ever!  It’s just stunning, lots of great content, brilliant video and photos and a whole new platform.  Get stuck in…….

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  1. ArranmoreBhoyLXV11 on




    re the great renew ST debate..



    Please,if you can renew in some way..



    Share a ticket, drop a ticket ie 1 instead of 2..



    I am the BIGGEST cynic,critic of the Sevco ,SFA, SMSM,Minty, King Glib saga..



    I’m WORN OUT by it if truth be told..



    I know one thing though..by giving up,the bad guys WILL win…



    They want us to give up..



    We must not EVER give up..



    It’s about our role at this point,in our clubs history..



    So keep doing what you can,in a positive manner..



    Expose the cheats every day of your life.. But above all keep supporting Celtic FC




    BE nice to people on this blog..




  2. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    79Caps 12:58


    The problem is with no allies it would just be another European Championship. UEFA needs to build alliances.

  3. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    Cheers Oldtim


    Thought it would have been more due to the prices

  4. Ginger apols a Murderwell win , now that would really lighten everything. H H Hebcelt

  5. GlassTwoThirdsFull


    Yes, if there was a breakaway UEFA would have to persuade non-European national associations to leave FIFA and join them. Getting the South Americans onboard would be the key.

  6. Tallybhoy





    12:32 on



    28 May, 2015








    Liked your square/sliced sausage recipe.



    Going to give it a try.



    Cannae get it here in Italia.








    Good stuff – thanks! If have any suggested improvements/variants it would be great to hear them. I’m going to try out some different stuff with them in terms of spice mix and maybe even a venison version!

  7. leftclicktic



    12:10 on 28 May, 2015



    The thing about gout is that it can only be diagnosed during an attack, so not going to the doctor isn’t the best course of action.



    And keeping well hydrated is fairly effective at keeping it at bay.

  8. 67Heaven .. CHALLENGING THE LIE ..I am wee Oscar...... Ipox belongs to the creditors on







    Happy birdie to yous, happy birdie to yous


    Happy birdie to you-ous, happy biiiiirdie tooooo yooouuuussss






    Happy anniversary to you, happy anniversary to you


    Happy anniversary, dear Mr and Mrs BLANTYRE TIM, happy anniversary tooooo yyyooouuu

  9. Is Lanarkshires answer to xavi playing tonight ?


    Lasley in case yez were wondering!

  10. WeefratheTim on

    Good afternoon all.



    Birthday wishes to bognorbhoy and mrs hebcelt. Also to BMCUW’s wee skin and blister.



    Happy anniversary to Karen and BT, still every bit in love as you where when we first met 20+ years ago. :-)))



    Weefra HH praying to Wee Oscar.

  11. West End of East End on

    Looks like Blatter is toast, I can’t see any way for him to survive the day out. No idea who Prince Ali is, or if he will be any different in the way that FIFA are run….

  12. foghorn leghorn on




    my auld latin teacher would be turnin in his grave at the ending to your name



    if he was dead that is



    tsk, tsk…such sloppiness!!

  13. ginger



    13:16 on 28 May, 2015


    Is Lanarkshires answer to xavi playing tonight ?


    Lasley in case yez were wondering!



    He will be where he always is when they play thems, reported missing, whether he is on the park or off, another low life coward.

  14. What is the Stars on

    When John delaney ( head of FAI) came out and said he would not be voting for Blatter it was obvious to me that the game was up. Delaney is a career opportunitist in football, a total overpaid idiot ( like most of them). One thing they don’t do is upset their meal ticket ( Blatter) but once he knew Blatter was in trouble he comes out with his’ brave and principled’ stand. .

  15. Ginger



    If Lasley puts in the kind of “robust but fair”(copyright DR) tackles


    he does against us he will last 20 minutes if lucky.




    I watched Murderwell in a couple of games at end of season


    decent at home dire away.


    They have two wide players who are fast


    who will give anyone a hard time assisted by


    Skippy and Irwing up front.



    But are very poor at the back



    If still in it after tonight they have a chance but fear they will


    be skelped tonight.



    : > ((



    ps Someone should tell Baraclough more than a few neutrals


    …ahem want them to win.

  16. leftclicktic



    12:10 on 28 May, 2015





    Motherwell player to be booked in 1st 15 mins 13/2,


    I have no doubt Madden will be getting talked about on here and elsewhere tonight,


    I hope is is for the right reasons:))


    Till later all


    Ohhhhhhhhhhh suspected GOUT up date :))))


    after 8 days of pain gave in and went to Docs and he gave me colcichine which someone on here recommended on the 1st day,i think it was gordonbhoy,


    though the fruit juice (cherry) undoubtedly helped(though it didn’t help my Colitis) , i needed to get on top of the pain 1st .






    Leftclick, I wouldn’t do this for anyone but for my fellow bucketeer here is my remedy for gout.



    Simple bicarbonate of soda. I tea-spoon in water four times a day (one at bed time).



    This will give instant relief and turn your urine into an alkaline state.



    There is a danger that if you are not flushing the system while the bi-carb is breaking up the uric acid crystals on your big toe joint, the crystals will simply re-form.



    To combat this drink pure lemon juice diluted in water.



    Go online and get some litmus papers and when the gout is gone keep a daily 7 on the litmus scale by drinking a glass of water 100mg added to two tablespoons of lemon juice and half a teaspoon of bicard.



    Add the bicarb to lemon and let it fizz and settle before adding water.

  17. Mr Pastry


    13:51 on


    28 May, 2015


    Paul quite rightly says that the media in Scotland is not sufficiently plural to tackle the deep-seated bias and sectarianism in Scottish Football, and yet we have people of our persuasion who support, in politics, a much more serious arena, a one-issue party, in a one-party state, which talks in generalities and has NEVER implemented, or, proposed, any policy specific to the ordinary working-class in Scotland.>>>> IS THIS THE SAME WORKING CLASS YOUR BELOVED CANT EVEN MENTION! 2 THE PARTY OF THE POOR WHO DEREGULATED THE CAPITAL MARKETS(awfully awfully working class)



    We are surrounding ourselves with people who have NEVER been in our corner, and who would have gladly expelled us from this bigoted little part of the UK, if they ever had the chance.YET NOTHING WAS DOWN UNDER THE FAKE WORKING CLASS SHYSTERS,GLAD THO THE DISHONOURABLE MEMBER FROM LODGE LIVINGSTON IS PUNTED.



    This period in football administration and political history will haunt us for years to come – the ‘nae brains’ among us will encourage us to ‘sleepwalk’ into the hands of people who have ALWAYS been our enemies.EASILY STOPPED BY CELTIC ISSUING A STATEMENT WELCOMING RIPLC INTO OUR LEAGUE FOR THE FIRST TIME

  18. TESTING 1,2,3 :



    CQN Saturday Naps Competition : FINAL RESULTS – WEEK 42 – (30th May)



    Horsey drama, until the very end… twists n turns naps Monsieur Joe (@9/1) and stick his nose in front, right on the line… to pip TheBarcaMole, on the nod.



    Extremely hard lines to TheBarcaMole and the other napsters who were fighting neck and neck in the final furlong – leftclicktic, som mes que un club, and Eurochamps67.



    Our only other winning nap in the final week was yours truly, fleagle1888 with Mukhmal @25/1 !!!… sadly, it was too little, too late from me.



    A few hard luck stories along the way – PFayr (master of the 2nd place) and som mes que un club, who missed out on Captain Dunne @25/1…



    Well done to everyone who took part, I hope you all enjoyed the competition and made a few rupees backing some of the winning selections… look forward to seeing you all back again around Aug/Sep for next season’s instalment !



    Cheers, fleagle1888

  19. Horsey drama, until the very end… twists n turns napping 9/1 winner – Monsieur Joe – to stick his nose in front, right on the line… and pips TheBarcaMole, on the nod.

  20. Well done to everyone who took part… I hope you enjoyed the competition, and made a few rupees backing some of the winning selections… look forward to seeing you all back again around Aug/Sep for next season’s instalment !