Focus on Hatate paid dividends


On Thursday we discussed how best to reintroduce Callum McGregor and Reo Hatate into the side after injury.  I wrote that starting both against Livingston was too much of a risk, but, “Reo is the man I would concentrate on.  Start him alongside Matt O’Riley with Tomoki Iwata in the holding role.”

Let’s put some boundaries on how well it went.  Livingston were as poor a side as I have seen Celtic play in the league in many years.  They will struggle in the Championship next season, so much so, I think that could be the last ever league game between Celtic and Livingston.  That prime piece of West Lothian real estate has an interesting future.

From a Celtic perspective, though, Sunday could not have gone better.  We saw what we have missed from Reo for most of the season.  His control, ability to turn and move play, is unique in Scottish football.

The fact that he got more than an hour on the pitch means, notwithstanding other injuries down the left flank, he is a certain starter on Sunday.  Reo both helps Daizen Maeda and Greg Taylor, and depends on both to cover the ground he does not have the engine for.

Squad fitness will not be perfect for the weekend, but it will be significantly better than it has been in recent months.

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  1. Crawford Allen is a man that seems determined to burn the place down as he leaves. Any pretence has been dispatched with as Beaton is appointed for Sunday.

  2. Prestonpans bhoys on

    AN DÚN



    Agree think he’s having a Nero moment, wonder what happened in the background which created his demise?

  3. When the support are more interested in displaying banners & ‘rebelling it up’ than targeting the officials who cheat us on a weekly basis, then don’t be suprised to see the SFA feel they have carte blanche to appoint their ‘favourite’ refs.

  4. theBHOYfromU.N.C.L.E on

    You can be sure Beaton asked for this appointment…….granted……… there is ZERO accountability or consequence for their honest mistakes…….expect plenty.

  5. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    Everyone will need to be on top of their game come Sunday. We’re playing against 13 huns – 12 on the pitch and one in the VAR studio.

  6. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    “so much so, I think that could be the last ever league game between Celtic and Livingston”




    Dunno about that. Clubs can come back even from seemingly terminal situations these days…….

  7. Another get it up ye Celtic by putting Beaton in charge.



    And our Board say nowt the cheating is now open.



    Did we ever get the audio?



    Did we make any comment at Br appeal last week about refereeing?



    Did we make any comment last week about VAR officials at BR appeal?



    Did we say we were not prepared top pay for VAR in future if its Scottish referees running it?



    Our board are now part of the problem.



    D :)

  8. Coybig6721



    Huns complain about Collum and he gets no huns game for 7 months…Celtic complain about Beaton and he gets handed a virtual title decider one week later…can everyone see how this works now?…




  9. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Ho ho ho.



    Is anyone really surprised.



    Over to you board.



    Personally I’m not asking you to plummet the depths of ineffective, emotionally fuelled, histrionic, playing to the gallery bollocks.



    But, to show all fans that you care?



    One well aimed and highly public statement is the least the fans deserve.



    For example



    “Celtic notes with interest the selection of John Beaton as the match referee at Ibrox on Sunday.



    We sincerely hope to avoid a repeat of a previous performance at the same venue during which three Celtic players were physically assaulted but John Beaton did not see fit to issue any red or yellow cards.



    With this, and the new hate legislation which came into effect yesterday, in mind … we hope this occasion reflects well on Scottish football and Scottish society”

  10. glendalystonsils on

    Beaton will use the opportunity for revenge after BR calling him out . 100%.



    It will be a form of hate crime not covered by the legislation .

  11. As good a time as any, apropos of nothing of course, for Celtic FC to put the debate that referees should declare which team they support front and centre in the public domain.

  12. I was going to ask you Paul to contact pistol Pete but don’t bother yer ar*e, he’s as complicit as the rest of the shi**bags on our board.



    Since the hearing, the @ScottishFA have decided to double down on their impartiality. Crawford Allan is all in as he hopes to bow out in a blaze of glory.



    When will @CelticFC stand up and call out the #patternsofassistance



  13. Imagine the uproar from that mob if collum had been given the game in Sunday to ref… You think they would stay silent like the clowns in the plc!

  14. Brilliant @DannyBhoy



    They won’t! Utter shi*ebags at boardroom level! A CEO on 750k a year to sit on lawells knee!! Bringing out a 5th kit is the priority after all! Not surprising in the slightest,and openly mocking the clowns at our club! We are an embarrassment!




  15. The Onlooker on

    In EPL refs make mistakes,


    The crowd chants


    “You don’t know what you’re doing



    In Scotland the refs do know what they’re doing




    Each time we are shafted by the MIB…


    Could we please stop chanting


    Orange B●●●●●●●S



    Any casual fans looking in from South of the border may be mystified…



    I would rather hear our support loud and clear


    booming out




    CHEATING B●●●●●●●S


    ( and its not a hate crime 😀)



    The Onlooker

  16. !!Bada Bing!! on

    We can blame ourselves here, we should have said after Hearts game, we don’t want Beaton doing our games,and show loads of evidence why,cowards in charge of the Club

  17. The Beaton appointment is quite outrageous. There is no way we can stay silent on this. Long term ideal, for myself, is to gtf from Scottish football. Meantime, we need to force the issue with reform of sfa/refs. Long term weakness by our board has aided and abetted where we are now, as well as potential damage to share price.

  18. Sevco Scotland Ltd 4/6 to win the title



    Us 6/4



    The fix is in for Sunday boys.

  19. onenightinlisbon on

    We will continue to sit at the back of the bus as long as the scum on the board are still in charge.



    Time to remove us of these leeches.

  20. The Onlooker on

    SUTTON1888 on 2ND APRIL 2024 1:18 PM



    Sevco Scotland Ltd 4/6 to win the title



    Us 6/4





    Did those odds change after the Beaton appointment?

  21. Forget Beaton. Let’s focus on the fact the other mob are not actually very good.



    Can’t imagine Djokovic getting upset and thinking he’ll lose a match because of the umpire or the All Blacks suddenly going into their shell.



    Let’s get into them Celtic, go and win this for the good guys

  22. When I read it earlier on CQN that Beaton was to be the MIB on Sunday, I thought it had to be a joke. I know the SFA are allowing the cheating to be blatant but to appoint Beaton is just ridiculous. He makes no attempt to hide his support of the deid team. He ensured we were cheated at Tynecastle. The club has to say something. Please Celtic; don’t take this kick in the teeth lying down.

  23. leftclicktic on

    You never know.


    He might abide by the rules(incompetence aside)as the spotlight will be on him like never before.


    Just go and do your job at the hate factory Celtic.

  24. CELTICRAY on 2ND APRIL 2024 1:40 PM


    Forget Beaton. Let’s focus on the fact the other mob are not actually very good.




    Can’t imagine Djokovic getting upset and thinking he’ll lose a match because of the umpire or the All Blacks suddenly going into their shell.




    Let’s get into them Celtic, go and win this for the good guys




    Absolutely what we should do. Keep putting the ball in the net.



    I don’t understand why the Celtic support give the known cheating refs an easy time when they come to Parkhead. Booing for short periods isn’t enough. I remember Mike McCurry coming to Parkhead after he had cheated his way through a Rangers v Dundee Utd game at Ibrox to help the Huns in their quest for the title. The entire stadium kept up a non-stop chant throughout the game of, “Michael McCurry, we know you’re a H**”



    McCurry was visibly reduced to tears. I don’t think he ever refereed a game at Celtic Park again and retired fro refereeing not too long afterwards. This is the treatment that they need. Absolutely hound them throughout the game and show them that the feeling is absolutely mutual. They may cheat us but there will be consequences.



    Well, its almost as if the huns have something on us !. Oh wait, T5WA !.



    what has the 5wa got to do with celtic plc ?



    i reread it at the weekend, it was an agreement between the governing authrorities to allow sevco ltd access to the football league and association.



    how does that in any way affect what is happening today.



    as to calling the board “scum” deariew me , that is gutteral.



    oh and buy the way Collum makes up part of the officialdom on sunday, huns are howling over that



    catch a grip will yeese, it is only tuesday.



    i might care about that fixture come that morn when i see the teams,



    other than that frettin over it with days to go, its all very “old firmish”

  26. William “Willie” Patrick Maley (born Newry, Ireland, 25 April 1868–April 2, 1958, Glasgow, Scotland) was the first manager of Celtic Football Club and one of the most successful managers in Scottish football history. He led Celtic to 30 major trophies in 43 years as manager.



    Although Maley was born in Newry Barracks, where his father was a soldier in the British Army, his family moved to Scotland when he was young. As a young man, Maley was much more involved in athletics than in football (SAAU 100 yards champion June 1896), although he had played a few games for Cathcart Hazelbank Juniors in 1886 and had played with Third Lanark A.C. from later that year.






    We could learn so much from his life story.

  27. “It’s not the creed nor his nationality that counts. It’s the man himself.“

  28. Sickened but not too surprised at Beaton getting Sundays match .


    A definite two fingers to us and a big nod and a wink at Beaton to just carry on with his cheating .


    Celtic board , grow a pair FFS .

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