Focus on Hatate paid dividends


On Thursday we discussed how best to reintroduce Callum McGregor and Reo Hatate into the side after injury.  I wrote that starting both against Livingston was too much of a risk, but, “Reo is the man I would concentrate on.  Start him alongside Matt O’Riley with Tomoki Iwata in the holding role.”

Let’s put some boundaries on how well it went.  Livingston were as poor a side as I have seen Celtic play in the league in many years.  They will struggle in the Championship next season, so much so, I think that could be the last ever league game between Celtic and Livingston.  That prime piece of West Lothian real estate has an interesting future.

From a Celtic perspective, though, Sunday could not have gone better.  We saw what we have missed from Reo for most of the season.  His control, ability to turn and move play, is unique in Scottish football.

The fact that he got more than an hour on the pitch means, notwithstanding other injuries down the left flank, he is a certain starter on Sunday.  Reo both helps Daizen Maeda and Greg Taylor, and depends on both to cover the ground he does not have the engine for.

Squad fitness will not be perfect for the weekend, but it will be significantly better than it has been in recent months.

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  1. setting free the bears for Res. 12 & Oscar Knox on 2nd April 2024 4:34 pm






    Very good.

  2. you are correct, i wont be convinced that scotland is a bigotted country because the organisations and institutions are anti catholic.



    however, i can be convinced that bigoted people work for these organisations and individually might let their prejudices influence how they perform. paticularly in assosiation football.



    beyond that though, i can get a job, a house, an education the same pay, the same benefits and the same care as anyone else born here. i am not banned from anything or discriminated against, i have no fear going about my daily life, i wont be lifted because i look irish or wear green. i might get battered thought for wearing a celtic top.



    practicing catholics are at the very top of most government departments , the police and the judiciary.


    some might even be masons.



    The THIS TOWN series really struck a chord with me about 1981, and that is the way it was , blacks and irish discriminated against. i was only 15 then, spent a lot of time in brixton and streatham, saw the riots, came home and watched the hunger strikes, i was very political, but i was because i felt it.



    34 years later i feel less so, but i do know there are new targets for the bigots, but they themselves are so marginalised that as speirs says they make up an underclass of their own.



    anyways, in other news, a nephew has been accepted for the polis, a no-white sheep if you like.



    another cousin graduated from Saint Andrews, i suspect he votes tory, but he still goers to mass.



    i have another cousin as an assistant head in a non-dom school.



    and my neice is now in charge of a whole department of phycplogists in the prison/justice services.



    so i no longer believe that scotland is a sectarian country in practice, not anymore.



    i am open to examples of it though.

  3. The 4th official is a key meme we of Clements squad in most games.



    The ugly big Belgian stands over most 4th officials sharing his views in a loud manner which is audible to the ref via the 4th officials mic.



    It’s a sleekit tactic he uses to the max. Hence we see them get their regular injury time of 8 and 9 mins when it matters.



    He also has ensured 3 first half bookings for opponents for time wasting via this in this season.



    Willie C maybe many things but he won’t allow that stuff imo.

  4. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    Fast forward to Monday. Imagine the scenario. The huns have given us a 3-0 hiding to effectively clinch the league title, following 2x controversial first half penalties and a shocking early red card for CCV. Meanwhile Kyogo is carted off with a serious injury following an unpunished dangerous challenge by Souttar. The Celtic fan base is apoplectic and neutral observers sympathise due to the ‘inexplicable officiating’ in the key moments.



    Further fast forward to the Friday and only after overwhelming fan pressure Celtic CEO and all round invisible man Michael Nicholson issues a public statement:



    “Celtic Football Club is surprised and disappointed by some of the key decisions in Sunday’s Old Firm (oops) derby” ENDS



    PS Stivs – April Fools Day was yesterday. Collum is the 4th official… what’s the plc got to do with the 5WA…? 😂😂😂😂

  5. A worthy repost bout tomorrow





    Alex McKillop



    The funeral mass for our dear pal Alex, Eurochamps67, will be held at St Peter’s, Hamilton, on 3rd April at 10.00am, and on to South Lanarkshire Crematorium thereafter.



    If you can, please do come. It would be good to pack the place out for the big chap.




  6. Burnley78,



    I hope you’re right about Willie Collum refusing to be coerced. A case of mibbies aye, mibbies naw. I just can’t get my head round Beaton being appointed mib. Looks rigged to me.

  7. Tom McLaughlin on




    You need to stop this constant fantasising about Rangers thrashing Celtic. It’ll do your head in.

  8. and yet you cannot tell me, what has the 5wa got to do with celtic plc ? either in 2012 0r 2024 ?



    how did it / does it material affect celtic plc,



    tell me what it actually did for the benefit of celtic , if the answer was it enabled a something called rangers, well we knew that back then, but how specifically were celtic involved ?



    what proof is there ?

  9. The appointment of John Beaton as the referee in Sunday’s match at Ibrox seems, on the face of it, risky and biased, coming along after the controversy at Tynecastle…..or is it just the authorities being bloody-minded and making a point about criticism of individual referees.



    The Ibrox club stated that they did not wish Willie Collum to officiate at any of their matches after Celtic defeated them at Ibrox at the end of December. The authorities refused that request, and Collum was on duty at Ibrox Feb 10 in a cup match against Ayr United- five weeks later – not an unusual timescale.



    The same arrangement appears to be in place re Beaton following Brendan’s criticism of him on 3 March – five weeks again. This is something that the authorities can fall back on if and when they are questioned – “we treat all criticism in the same manner”



    However the choice of Beaton for such an important ‘powder keg’ of a match must raise many eyebrows. It looks more like payback, given Beaton’s known affiliations, to Brendan and Celtic in a most obvious and provocative manner. There is a world of difference between an early Scottish Cup Tie against a Championship club, and a vital and potentially title-deciding encounter with fifty thousand home fans and no away support.



    If crowds do influence referees at crucial times in a game, then there’s only be one way that Beaton can be influenced this weekend.

  10. PeterLatchfordsBelly on




    I partly agree with your depiction of modern Scotland in respect of the public sector. Susanne Millar, a practising catholic, has just been appointed chief executive of Glasgow City Council. Councillor George Redmond, a well known bluenose was part of the panel that selected her. There is little to no evidence of sectarianism in the public sector more generally.



    I am less confident that’s the case in other circles, perhaps legal and certainly business. For example, I played football for many years with Greg Docherty’s dad, Colin. Liked Colin a lot, a good lad. He and his social circle were very involved in the original Rangers, bond holders etc. he wasn’t a bigot, but he rubbed shoulders with bigots (he and his wife were in-shot for Donald Findlay’s infamous No Surrender sing-song). He and his mates all had their own businesses – architects, engineering, PR. All created very nice jobs for each others’ sons etc. Their prerogative and for the record their sons were also good lads. However, it was a closed shop and it gave me an insight into that. Maybe things have changed in the intervening 20 years, but I’d be surprised.

  11. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    Tom McL



    I’ll be watching the game with the London CSC in Euston. I think we’ll pump them.



    That wasn’t the point I was making, but then you consistently miss the point don’t you.

  12. Majestic Hartson on

    SAINT STIVS on 2ND APRIL 2024 4:15 PM


    !!BADA BING!! on 2ND APRIL 2024 4:11 PM



    Totally, the BBC Scotland sports department, hasn’t been put together by accident….



    should we ask for a FOI on the religious makeup of the department, and specifically we believe you have a sectarian hiring policy that excludes catholics ?



    for these purposes is catholic assumed to be a celtic supporter and vica versa?






    Know 3 boys who work in the BBC, one a journalist, one on sportscene, so works on other programmes during the week, and 1 who does the outside crews for games.



    The journalist is a current season ticket holder with us, the Sportscene boy is a former season ticket holder and the third boy is a Celtic supporter too.



    None of them talk of the BBC being a closed shop/anti catholic etc.




    Does the BBC not get grief for being Woke? Are they woke when it comes to transgenders but not catholics?



    Anti catholic? I’m not buying it.

  13. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    All this “appointing Beaton will act as a galvanising force” makes me uneasy.



    He was appointed for a reason.



    One of the talking heads on acsom almost sounded sorry for Beaton and Muir because the the SFA owed them a “duty of care”.



    Earth to acsom, Beaton and Muir were the first to put up their hands to ref this game.

  14. SFTB 3.50



    I was delighted when we didn’t go after Pierre’s son .



    The same with Jordan Larsson.



    I also hope that we drop our interest in Kvisstgarten (spl) .



    All 3 have very poor goalscoring records.




  15. Poor wee cancel culture, pro 2014 No Deal with EU or UK Scexit refurendumb dick, and Lawwell licker enthusiast Jim Forrest all upset about wee Ally, Tom English, etc, etc, etc.



    Today the sleekit Coisty has proved that EVEN HE has more balls, backbone, integrity, and gravitas….than the entirety of dim Timdom put together. 👀️



    Wee clipey, cliquey, grassing, back stabbing, etc…Dim Timdom voted for toxic Scotland and you are poking the Hun security threat in the eye with your boak dripping stick.



    I hope that you have the correct answers when the Hun security threat embarks upon its long overdue….“Send The Dim Tims Back To Ireland” campaign…which Timmy is bigly inviting upon the Irish immigrant community…with your idiocy! 👀️



    Who drove Timmy dim?



    Was it Trolls who made you rip up your identity like boak inducing sell outs Sinn Fein have done?



    Or was it the sleekit free all of the 500 year old Witches party 😶️…who tried to chain you all to AT least 1,000 years of woke boak austerity to balance the books to pay for your easily mugged stupidity? 👀️



    There are a lot of good innocent folk in Scotland, and as I’m not a bigot I care not what school they went to…they don’t deserve to be treated as lesser than cattle because they don’t allow themselves to be brainwashed by a boakingly woke media narrative or a boakingly woke rigged elected executive which was voted for by brainwashed media bandwagon dupes.



    Careful how you go Timmy…you have no idea how dangerous you are.



    Certain security threat people [Hun hoards] will react badly if they feel that they are being covertly threatened.



    If you don’t like cold hard FACts then why don’t you GTF off of the stage and go away to a darkened room lock the door and watch the “Barbie” movie on a loop which would be more likely to resonate with what is now sadly the majority of Timmy minds. 👀️



    Diversity is not a source of strength but is a poisonous woke demand.



    Example, Sinn Fein over looked the fantastic qualities of the outstanding Irish politician, Mr John O’Dowd, as the ‘natural’ leader to follow the immortal Gerry Adams and Martin McGuinness to take Sinn Fein into their many looming battles which lay ahead.



    Five years down the the road and only the Dim Feiners are the ones left who are dim enough to believe a single word that Sinn Fein has to say…on any issue…only weeks after Sinn Fein very loudly campaigned in the recent referendumb to have the word “Woman” and the concept of “Family” to be removed from the Irish constitution. 👀️



    All Irish parties who were pro this “Referendumb” need to be proscribed effective immediately!



    Same for woke leading parties in any country….all of them sucking the apartheid countries ching£ ching£ swamp liquid.



    Diversity leaders in, Scotland, Ireland, England, Wales, 100% of, EU, US, CAN, NZ, Australia, have left their countries looking like woke genocide mindset filled disaster movie like hollowed out husks of countries.



    The wee horrible woke horse teethed former leader of NZ wanted to put people who stood up for themselves and their families against vaxx genocide into concentration camps like what happened in Australia…with dim Timmy thousands of miles way demanding that Scotland should be like the NZ, Australia xenophobic examples. 👀️



    Tims are dangerous. 👀️




  16. Scotland is rotten to its core with anti Catholic racism.



    If anyone on here cannot see that then God help them if the wee bubble they live in bursts.



    Government, police, courts, sporting establishment’s all rotten.



    It’s actually getting worse.



    Oh and hey don’t talk about the game until Sunday morning wtf.



    D. :)

  17. I fully expect to see Michael Nicholson,appearing at the front door of Celtic Park tomorrow,in front of the assembled Hacks,and beginning his speech thus.


    ” Much has been made of the appointment of Mr Beaton,by the SFA,to referee this Sundays match.,not least by our own clubs fans.I wish to push their worries aside.I have only today returned from Hampden,after a no punches pulled meeting with the governing body,and they have given me assurances,personal assurances,that the game will be refereed fairly and to the letter of the law.


    Such was Mr Allens sincerity and honesty,he has given me his word,and written agreement,that no breach of fair play will be in evidence.I have the paper here,with his actual signature”,I declare,fair play in our time”


    Steps forward,holding the piece of white paper,aloft,amid a flurry of Camera flashes,and gasps from the assembled throng.


    Reuters say that Polish FA has been informed.

  18. Cheeky Chappie fairly let that hideous fat mask slip today,when he informed the world,and his Sky Sports employers,that he would be partaking in anti Catholic,anti Irish,hatred on Sunday,and would be breaking the law to do so.


    H,mm.Sky Sports have a history of sacking employees,for such utterances,casting a bad light on them.Will they continue in this vein?.

  19. TB,



    Then give him what he asks for and report them.



    This is official guidance from Police Scotland :-


    “We urge anyone who has experienced or witnessed hate to report it.”



    Is there a better example of mass hatred ????


  20. He doesn’t work for sky TV but is on their radio station talksport, he works for itv and tnt formerly bt sport on football

  21. carpe diem 63 on

    As I have stated on here numerous times McSleekit ( Fat salary ) is and always has been a category 1 anti catholic bigot his latest “gaffe” is of absolutely no surprise

  22. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Bonnar, the SNP MP for Coatbridge, told the Record: “McCoist seems to have let his cheeky chappy mask slip here.”


    Perhaps he can enlighten us on which protected group it is he intends to target at the upcoming Glasgow Derby?”




    Reacting to McCoist’s comments, Mhairi Hunter, a former SNP councillor and a close ally of Nicola Sturgeon, said: “I’d like someone to ask him specifically what crime he thinks he is likely to commit.



    “Threatening and abusive behaviour? Vandalism? Assault? These are the main types of hate crimes.

  23. bigrailroadblues on

    Off to Donegal on Thursday with the boys of the old brigade. Shamrock Bar, Falcarragh for the hun game, and a right good time. I’m the only sensible one there.

  24. TalkSport, where McCoist made his comments earlier this morning, is a subsidiary of News UK which is part of NewsCorps owned by Rupert Murdoch et al. Murdoch sold Sky some time back which is now owned, I think, by ComCast an American Coroporation. Hasn’t seemed to improve much from the little than I see, but don’t pay for.

  25. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Hutton highlighted the treatment of fellow director Eric Drysdale, who received death threats in April after he was named as a member of the SFA judicial panel that dished out a 12-month transfer embargo on Rangers




    Instigated after McCoist named him….

  26. 418 deliverance banjos


    Fleg patter:-


    Boakingly woke means born under a union fleg will die under a union fleg.



    Tonight wee kev j..effrey is afraid of a United Ireland(to many fears).His union is ending


    Fear of east kilbrides proxy shareholder,haha


    Those sinn feiners told lizzy we dont bow.


    Whereas grifter george can tell us how many plooks on charlies bum.


    You confused unionists whit yeez like?


    We know.a mess.thats what happens when your education is off u-tube.your are a hun




    Off to Donegal on Thursday with the boys of the old brigade. Shamrock Bar, Falcarragh for the hun game, and a right good time. I’m the only sensible one there.



    Lagoon Bar Termon is too John


    Enjoy buddy,itll be a grand day at the Shamrock


    Brinaleck is on standby :-))




  28. DAVID66 on 2ND APRIL 2024 7:49 PM


    Scotland is rotten to its core with anti Catholic racism.







    If anyone on here cannot see that then God help them if the wee bubble they live in bursts.







    Government, police, courts, sporting establishment’s all rotten.







    It’s actually getting worse.






    can you give me just one live example of this.



    something that has happened recently in this country that is anti-catholic.



    i can think of the orange band at london road stopping the parishoners getting out, but beyond that in daily life well,



    you tell me where is it happening ?

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