Focus on Hatate paid dividends


On Thursday we discussed how best to reintroduce Callum McGregor and Reo Hatate into the side after injury.  I wrote that starting both against Livingston was too much of a risk, but, “Reo is the man I would concentrate on.  Start him alongside Matt O’Riley with Tomoki Iwata in the holding role.”

Let’s put some boundaries on how well it went.  Livingston were as poor a side as I have seen Celtic play in the league in many years.  They will struggle in the Championship next season, so much so, I think that could be the last ever league game between Celtic and Livingston.  That prime piece of West Lothian real estate has an interesting future.

From a Celtic perspective, though, Sunday could not have gone better.  We saw what we have missed from Reo for most of the season.  His control, ability to turn and move play, is unique in Scottish football.

The fact that he got more than an hour on the pitch means, notwithstanding other injuries down the left flank, he is a certain starter on Sunday.  Reo both helps Daizen Maeda and Greg Taylor, and depends on both to cover the ground he does not have the engine for.

Squad fitness will not be perfect for the weekend, but it will be significantly better than it has been in recent months.

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  1. spikeysauldman on

    AN T


    how was Yallah Yallah ?


    sadly, work & family issues conspired against me.


    I would have arrived late and thought that would be bad manners (if even allowed).


    hope you had a “good” night if thats the correct word to use.

  2. AN TEARMANN on 2ND APRIL 2024 11:29 PM



    evening a great defender of the faith, and a great stand up to oppression guy.



    can you recognise anti catholic scotland and provide any evidence for today ?



    help these guys out.

  3. Picked off one by one, the three British ex-forces heroes who became Israeli targets in airstrike on food charity vehicles in Gaza: How disaster unfolded step by step – as ‘shocked’ Sunak demands answers but Netanyahu insists ‘this happens in war’






    from the daily mail.



    3 ex british forces on the food trucks. why.

  4. Spikeysauldman



    It was an interesting film to say the least and was followed by a QandA with the Argentinian filmmaker,there was only a few spare seats in the cca,so it was a great turn out ta.i hope they get same turnout at Dundee-tom and aberdeen on thurs.



    The film itself did not show any of the blood stained scenes that are on our television nightly as the murder and slaughter goes on in Gaza uninterrupted.



    It focus’s on ordinary guys attempting to play football in an enviroment that is second by second,minute by minute,hour by hour,day by day,week by week,month by month,year by year of systematic,institutional state oppression.



    Yet their struggle and resistance grows



    The coming and going through turnstiles,checkpoints,viewtowers,cctv,walled towns,just to get to training,to meet as a football community is shown,with it comes the state oppression-maybe not all players are allowed thro,a player or 2 being detained,overnight or 2,or without limit of time as they move with aim of playing different teams on west bank.



    Yet their struggle and resistance grows



    In the QandA the point was made of the continual dehumanization of Palestinians,arresting kids/students and detaining for 2or3 days which happen to be same days exams are meant to be held..



    Yet their struggle and resistance grows



    The contrast between the simplicity of playing football and an oppressive state doing everything to control and impede is schizophrenic.i know the next time i go to play at Goals in shawlands i will think of those men



    Yet their struggle and resistance grows



    It showed the PalestinianFA trying to organise league fixtures,again getting thwarted at every turn by players being held over for no reason,yet the kids still enjoy a kickabout on all sorts of terrain getting there by turnstile or checkpoint or viewed on retina/facial recognition cctv(same israeli based cctv used in Glasgow town centre)



    Yet their struggle and resistance grows.



    In QandA


    FIFA do nowt


    UEFA do nowt


    Scotland woman play israel on 31may something peaceful may happen there.


    Israeli minister commented in London recently Scotland is ‘hostile territory’ where is not? I ask as the murderous onslaught against unworthy dehumanized subhuman victims carries on incessantly from Israel



    The Argentinian FA cancelled a friendly vs israel after Yallah Yallah was given its premier,good on them.



    It will be their ending,tbe world sees nightly on our screens what Nazi Germany could deny and deflect,murder and dehumanization means they are “doing it again” daily in complete moral contrast to the “never again” learning after the Holocaust under Nazi Germany,That is gone.



    Australia played Palestine recently and all fees of Oz playerz were donated to Palestinian charities,again nothing in our self censorshipped





    Yet the struggle and resistance grows Spikeys,


    No human should be subjected minutae of oppression,let alone Palestinians in their own land under the zionist death cult



    Thanks for the heads up,i have prob missed bits,but it is the sort of film you would need to see 2 or 3 times.



    The power is ours lets use it






    Hail Hail

  5. H



    SAINT STIVS on 2ND APRIL 2024 11:34 PM


    AN TEARMANN on 2ND APRIL 2024 11:29 PM



    evening a great defender of the faith, and a great stand up to oppression guy.



    can you recognise anti catholic scotland and provide any evidence for today ?



    help these guys out



    I cant really,the sfa as Garcia Lorca pointed out yesterday is probably the last remnant of it.



    The workplaces that relied on the ‘knuckle’ simply died out,shipyards,steelworks,pits have all gone,other industries have slid as it is just not competitive to employ big Geordie Dullards boy as the workplace is now to competitive,no time aff for(lodge) meetins and marchin season only if your holidays are put in for.



    We now have less catholics practicing the actual faith,but we have social,economic and political parrity and have done so since the turn of the century,we are level on most civic front


    We go by my old mans ethos,a labourer,learn and try get a wee bit better each does not stop the harbingers of divide and fear like Galloway and his group of dangoberries



    Its made of further complexity by society turning more and more secular and widening gaps with richvand poor,folk falling away from catholicism and proddyism,most orange order dont get their bibles blessed as kirk dont put up with the hate the OO emits.its irrational.


    Re the OO in my area there used to be 7 bands now only half of one,the young mob(not all) cant be arsed with it



    Both are handy chatels for the catholic and proddy bigot and i would win 10p neither would know inside a chapel or kirk but they can weaponize it to hate






  6. Guys I think the demographic of CQN is principally the reason for the religious debate. Ingrained memories can be difficult to extinguish



    Scotland is increasingly identifing as a non religious country, especially the younger generation where the figure is well over 70%.



    Organised religious generally is yesterday’s forte.


    I even posted on here about the lack of religious acknowledgement during Easter week.


    Imo, it was sad to witness, however again quite sadly, I didn’t buck the trend.



    Times change, that is factual. Whether they change for the better is non factual.




  7. Good morning all from a dry at the moment 6 degree Garngad



    4 more sleeps to we thrash the rankers.



    D. :)

  8. Weebobbycollins on

    Dear Police Scotland…


    I hate Benjamin Netanyahu and his government…so there!

  9. Now, following some discussion on here re Ally McCoist’s contribution to the new Hate Crime legislation, yesterday morning on Talksport it appears that he has been sidelined for the Glasgow Derby at Ayebrokes on Sunday. Am I reading between the lines here? Abshowlutely. But, in response to a question from Alan Brazil today, as to whether he would be commentating on the game, (or possibly even just at the game) McCoist replied something to the effect that no, he thought he was going to be, but ‘change of plan’. He made an oblique reference to his comments yesterday, but it appears to me that the broadcasters have made him persona non grata… Ayebrokes. You couldn’t make it up!


    And I didn’t.


    Woke Warriors 1 – Dinosaurs 0

  10. PS I am aware that `facts` and figures can be used to affect readers` views . Even so, I find those in the article above would be difficult to dismiss.

  11. Police Scotland has received more than 3,000 hate crime reports since a new law was introduced on Monday, the BBC understands.



    It creates a new crime of “stirring up hatred” over protected characteristics.



    A large number were about a 2020 speech by First Minister Humza Yousaf – then justice secretary – highlighting white people in prominent public roles.



    Community Safety Minister Siobhian Brown said people were making “fake and vexatious complaints”.



    Police Scotland said complaints about Mr Yousaf’s speech were assessed at the time, with no crime committed and no action taken. The new law will not apply retrospectively.



    Hate crime reports are handled by the force’s Contact, Command and Control centres.



    These have been extremely busy but are understood to be coping with the number of complaints



    Ms Brown told BBC Radio’s Good Morning Scotland programme that “misinformation” and publicity had led to the high number of reports.



    She also confirmed that a “fake complaint” was made using her name and contact details on Monday.



    Prime minister backs JK Rowling in row over new hate crime law


    Scotland’s new hate crime law comes into force


    She said: “To be a crime it has to be threatening and abusive with the intent to a stir up hatred to an towards individual and this would cause that individual to have fear or alarm.



    “That is a very very high threshold for criminality.



    “We’ve been very clear within the act this is not about restricting freedom of expression, it is to protect.”



    As well as political opposition, a number of high profile individuals including Harry Potter author JK Rowling have voiced frustration at the new law.



    Social media comments by Ms Rowling challenging the legislation were not found to breach the legislation.



    In a series of posts, she described several transgender women as men, including convicted prisoners, trans activists and other public figures.



    Police also confirmed graffiti which appeared near the first minister’s Broughty Ferry home had been investigated under the new law.



    The Hate Crime and Public Order (Scotland) Act 2021 creates a new crime relating to age, disability, religion, sexual orientation, transgender identity or being intersex.



    A person commits an offence if they communicate material, or behave in a threatening or abusive manner with the intention of “stirring up hatred” based on protected characteristics.



    The maximum penalty is a jail sentence of seven years.



    Stirring up hatred based on race, sexual orientation and religion was already illegal in Great Britain under the Public Order Act 1986, but this will also now fall under the new act in Scotland.



    Scottish Conservative MSP Murdo Fraser said the new law was a “massive burden” to police at a time when resources are already stretched.



    He told BBC Radio Scotland : “Police time is being taken up looking at which might well be vexatious complaints.



    “The way the police in Scotland have been messaging this, actively encouraging complaints, has led to this deluge. Everyone one of which they have said they will investigate.



    “I’ll be surprised if any of these complaints end up with a prosecution.”

  12. In the week before a game against THEM, I find my expectation of the likely score changes as we draw ever nearer to KO time.


    Currently, I am thinking a draw is the most likely result.


    Also, I feel that bias by the officials in favour of Sevco is less likely in these games as they have a much wider national ( and maybe even international) audience.



    NB I said LESS likely ; not UNLIKELY :-)))

  13. It was good of mccoist to confirm the bigotry and hatred, from the sevco fans, is pre meditated and intentional and in no way spontaneous or due to ‘being caught up in the atmosphere’ or alcohol or any other excuse.


    My own opinion is that the hate crime bill remains a flawed piece of legislation and will be repealed in due course

  14. McCoist`s bias and bigotry do not bother me. What I find much more annoying is the fact that he is given so much media time to promote those failings and is portrayed as a cheeky little fellow .



    Cheerio for now.



  15. I caught cheeky chappie McFake earlier too.


    He wasn’t so bubbly about attending the game on Sunday and muttered something like being on a boat trip and when asked where to, he replied ‘erm dunno yet’.


    Hopefully he’s been pulled up for his statement. McCoist is more dangerous than he is intelligent.

  16. Glenowen



    Yes, and I imagine many of his own will be not be happy with him opening his trap on live radio.


    As I say, he’s not the smartest and his bigotry often pokes through the false facade.

  17. SUTTON1888 fromearlier



    Watched it, vey good but, we knew that and have for decades. Point is, what is CELTIC going to do about it. Hee haw probably.


    As far as the hate Crime Bill goes, of course it won’t apply to the rainjurz , will it




  18. How many complaints on Sunday. ? Just as well the police have been given more resources along with their online training.



    How on earth did we survive growing up ?



    I just missed a giant pothole equal to the size of the Grand Canyon while reading a hate crime billboard.


    It would be rude to ignore the message and not report the big mad hatefest @ Greyskull.



    Get our shots in before the inevitable targeting of our fans.


    This will happen and expect dawn raids before this act is revoked.




  19. Mr ABSHALOOTLY says he’ll being joining in with the 48 000 going through their bile on Sunday…


    I was led to believe by the state broadcaster and others it was only a tiny minority that engaged in this…🤣

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