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Today, we have the small matter of a guest blog by Lisbon Lion, right back, left back, dominator of play, years ahead of his time, scorer of two of our three most important goals, a truly modern player and one of Europe’s finest…….. Tommy Gemmell.

Tommy has spent the last few years ‘getting it all down on paper’, and this year CQN is publishing the definitive autobiography of a remarkable football player, icon and man.  It’s not his first book (which predicted we would win the European Cup in 1969), and it’s not his second, but it is a book with enormous sincerity and insight on the days when Scotland produced giants of the world game.

Inspirational people can inspire with little effort.  I described a goal to Tommy as “a great goal”, he gave me a half smile and said, “Every goal is a great goal”.  Tommy knows what it means to score goals so valuable they will live in legend as long as the game is played, but he was able to convince me that knocking the ball over the line for Celtic in a relatively meaningless game against vastly inferior opposition was, for him, indescribable, although he did a good job of describing it in the book.

Legends are made quickly these days but 40 years on, his contribution still towers.  He has really enjoyed working on the book and is looking forward to getting the final copy in his hands, and most of all, the interactions it will bring with the Celtic support.

He has put some words down for us in today’s blog, including an opportunity to ask him some questions – for inclusion in a special section of the book.  Hope you enjoy it………..


I am absolutely delighted Celtic Quick News is publishing my book ‘All The Best’ in the near future. The title is a bit of a giveaway as to what to expect within the pages of what I hope is an entertaining and insightful read.

I’ve gone through all the Celtic teams I’ve played in to come up with my eleven from heaven. Obviously, the Lisbon Lions are in a class of their own, so I haven’t touched them. Simpson, Craig and Yours Truly; Murdoch, McNeill and Clark; Johnstone, Wallace, Chalmers, Auld and Lennox. That’s about as close to perfection you’ll ever see in a football team.

We all had different strengths, but we really gelled as a formation. If that lot could keep Jock Stein satisfied, then who am I to change that line-up?

But there will be a few surprises along the way with my many selections. I’ve dipped into the international scene, too, and there are some great tales about Denis Law, Alan Gilzean and others. And, of course, I could never ignore the one and only Jinky,.I still miss that little rascal, but what a player!

I hope the book is interesting and enjoyable for many reasons because I really reveled in looking through the past. I relished ‘Heart Of A Lion: The Willie Wallace Story’ by my old pal. If my own memoirs are as appreciated as those of Willie, I’ll be well satisfied.

I have never before spoken at length about my friendship with George Best, for instance. Bestie and I had a good relationship and I would often look him up when I was in London on business. Well, what would you prefer? A boring old seminar about the world of finance or a couple of beers with Bestie? Thought so!

And there were also meetings with Brian Clough when I was at Nottingham Forest and he was manager at Derby County. Our paths crossed several times and I have to say he was a completely one-off individual. Not sure if I could have played for him, though!

And, of course, I could never ignore what Jock Stein did for me as a Celtic player. We may not always have seen eye-to-eye, but you can’t take away what he achieved at Celtic. He completely turned the club upside down. Mind you, he could be ruthless and I know what I’m talking about because I was on the receiving end a few times.

Without warning, he dropped me from the line-up for the League Cup Final against St.Johnstone in 1969. I was so livid that I asked for a transfer the following day. And yet Jock knew I never wanted to leave Celtic. Who in their right mind would? I was heart broken at the time, but I’ll tell you more in ‘All The Best’. All will be revealed, as they say.

I am going to try something different for the book.  Today, Celtic Quick News is open for you to send me questions on the blog.  I will take the questions and answer them in a hardback small run of the book, all of which will be signed.  So, don’t hesitate – get writing and I’ll be only too delighted to reply. If you have anything you’d like to ask me about my career in football, or anything else for that matter, please post on CQN today and the guys will forward me on the questions. I’ll do the rest!

I have always loved the interaction with the Celtic support. Even today I’ll get stopped in the street and fans will ask me about my European Cup Final goal. Mischievously, I’ll always respond with, ‘Which one?’ People seem to have forgotten that I scored in TWO European Cup Finals – against Inter Milan and Feyenoord. Most folk, though, don’t want to talk about the latter. Understandable, I suppose.

So, please send in your questions and I promise to answer every single one. And I will give it to you straight. I have also been promised my own account on CQN so when I am signing your books I am going to log in to CQN and have a chat with everyone. Paul will let you know when this is happening.

That’s the great part of ‘All The Best’. I’ve been able to tell it like it is and I hope the supporters appreciate the sentiments.

I am delighted Celtic Quick News guys are publishing the book, it’s an exciting adventure for us all, and I do hope you get as much enjoyment reading the book as I did putting it together.

All the best!

Tommy Gemmell

We’re so lucky to have these guys. They have been a gift beyond all recognition.

If you would like to read the new CQN Magazine, GO HERE to read properly, and for FREE, the graphic below is just a taster.
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  1. 16 roads - Wee Oscar the Celtic warrior. on

    john o’neil



    08:22 on 13 February, 2014






    Indeed they did.


    The Record are still writing the same cringeworthy tripe. There’s a story today perpetuating the lie that it was all Craggy Bhoy’s fault.

  3. 16 roads - Wee Oscar the Celtic warrior. on

    Notice today that two of the top three stories on the NewsnowCeltic site, are from the DR.



    This suggests to me that thousands of Celtic supporters have clicked on the DR website, and read the Lillian Gish contents.



    The more hits on the DR website, the more money they generate through advertising, money that in turn pays their wages.



    Celtic supporters are actually subsidising them to print anti-Celtic stories.



    It defies logic.



    I’m away out to jump in a lake.

  4. John O’Neil



    Re Ewing Grahame. A Celtic supporter I am assured. 10 years ago at a Rangers versus Hibs League Cup semi – you know the one where one DeBoer missed a penalty- Grahame accosted David Murray and asked him about Rangers financial situation which even then was careering out of control. He was sacked by the Herald and found employment reporting on Junior matches for provincial newspapers.




    Jimbo67 supporting Oscar Knox

  5. Just in to say….



    My all time favorite Celtic player


    Murdo’the real highlander’ Macleod – used to write for the DR


    until he, correctly, imho, slated Neil Lennon and his team for their


    piss-poor performance / tactics / effort etc…after the defeat to, St.


    Mirren in the LCSF last season.



    Neil took the huff wi Murdo and – hey presto…Murdo was, gone from


    the DR to be replaced by Neils pal – Chris Sutton. Hmmm

  6. Morning all from a windy but currently sunny-ish Arbroath.



    Childhood influences were the reason I started my football life as a Celtic supporter. What I believe the Club to stand for is the reason I remain a Celtic supporter.


    My friends and family were not easily duped and I suppose I thought all people were the same. In the Merchant Navy from 16-18 years of age, my shipmates were also, in the main, of the rebellious , more independent nature so my original assumption was reinforced. From 18 onwards, though, I worked with many, many more people who, I discovered, were much more typical of the British public ie easily duped.


    So, KevJungle may be right ( he, of course, may also be wildly wrong) and we are being led by the nose by The Board . When I look at so many of the posters on here, I find that hard to believe.


    The point of this post? Simply, and rather tamely to say that I agree with those who say that CQN, unfortunately, does not represent the majority of the support.


    For that majority, Celtic are not more than a Club and success on the field, measured in results, is all they want. For many on CQN, that is not enough. We don`t want Celtic to become the new Establishment Club. We want them to manifest that rebellious spark which drew us to Celtic in the first place. That doesn`t feel as though it is happening but while there is still the possibility, we will continue to be Celtic supporters.




  7. Kev, we know your opinions are formed from the Daily Retard stuff, you’ve happily admitted to same before now. But for goodness sake, fella, you must be taking something stronger that coffee with your cornflakes if you are suggesting for a nano-second that the Retard would remove a columnist on the say-so of Neil Francis Lennon. Tell us all that you’re just taking the pash on a quiet-news morning!

  8. What contains the maist p#sh – the DR or, The Celtic View ?



    Although…I have to say, I’ve not purchased the CV since, Fergus


    tried to turn it into – Pravda 2 – by, trying to tell Matt McGlone what


    to write in his column. Matt McGlone, a bigger Tim you’ll be hard


    pushed to find, resigned from the CV – refusing to be bought and


    sold to McCann. Hail Hail Matt and yer Alternative View.

  9. EmeraldBee\o/ proud to be an internet bampot



    09:36 on 13 February, 2014




    Sorry to disappoint but, that’s the way that I see it.



    Oh, and btw….pleas don’t join the mixed-up fholk on


    here and, slate me for buying the DR what, when


    Celtic PLC brazenly advertise it allover the flashing scoreboards.


    Thank you and Hail Hail

  10. Jungle Jim



    09:33 on 13 February, 2014




    I’ve not got the time right now to give you my life story,


    lucky you, but, I was always attracted to the simple


    concepts of this Sellic thingy ye know like, humility,


    modesty inherent to the Celtic culture.



    But nowadays…the Sellic that I loved and grew up with


    has become no more thana rich mans plaything what with,


    the haste to ‘do’ the fans out of a rare home game on a Saturday,


    and hawk them off to some tournament in – America, Turkey etc…


    these are only small things I know.


    Hail Hail

  11. lilys grandpa-Me and Lily backing Oscar on

    Kev Jungle,



    Morning, I do admire the way you stick to your guns, but I really do also think,just like your Favourite player, youve had a severe bump on the head! ;)




  12. lilys grandpa-Me and Lily backing Oscar



    09:53 on 13 February, 2014




    No meaning to be ignorant but


    I’ll catch ye the next time.


    Hail Hail – Off oot.

  13. Hmm, what kind of supporter would pay to go see his second favourite team play at Celtic Park yet not go to see Celtic play?

  14. KevJungle:



    Don’ always get the beat but as long as you have a breath in your lungs and a operating cell in your brain… you keep on beating YOUR drum.



    If nobody listens, then nobody listens, it’s not your fault.

  15. There is a good movie called ‘School Ties’



    It’s all about ignorant prejudice and bigotry. Hate for the sake of hate.



    There is one line that reminds me a lot of one or two people on here of late



    “I’m still going to get into Harvard and you’ll still be a god-damned Jew”



    “Yeah! And you’ll still be a prick”



    It’s should be on every bigots ‘to see’ list.

  16. Kitalba,


    I wish Kev many breaths in his lungs . I also hope his operating brain cell is soon joined by many friends 0:-)




  17. I agree with kevj….so there


    Lets hear it then.


    Happyclapping taken to another level….blinkers on.


    And of course, it isnae PL fault, its nobodys fault that Celtic fans in their thousands are staying away, yeah, its the financial climate…blah blah blah


    So…..who is responsible for Celtic going backwards….is it me, or is it kevj?


    Yeah, that will do, lets blame kevj.




  18. Murdoch McGrain Larsson on

    Looking for a bit of help. I am bringing a friend up from England for the game this weekend. Due to fixture changes I am looking for somewhere to go on Saturday afternoon. Are there any good pubs with music in the afternoon? I will be based in Rutherglen so anything within travelling distance from there would be great.

  19. Kitalba


    …..and maybe half his sense of humour for you?



    I have met Kev…..he is a very decent guy. He would take my post in the manner in which it was intended.


    Have I offended you at some time?




  20. praecepta





    10:11 on



    13 February, 2014





    Would a drum be considered an empty vessel?



    Well many a drum lead many and empty vessel to its grave and conversely, with a change of beat, for those who listened, it lead many away.

  21. Jungle Jim:



    Not at all that I am aware of. So you’ve met him, a medal of honour for you and half your sense of humour.

  22. Gordon J



    Do you know if your publishers accepts submissions from unpublished authors ( assuming NTV does not count as published)




    Jimbo67 supporting Oscar Knox

  23. Thanks



    Been writing for 15-16 years but haven’t tried to get anything published in the last 8 . Might give it a go. Thanks and good luck with the novel- and to Archie as well




    Jimbo67 supporting Oscar Knox

  24. Gordon_J …..



    Congratulations on the publishing of your work, a major achievement – and good luck with the Launch this evening.



    Hail Hail





    Well done,mate. A major milestone by any standards,and I hope it goes really well for you.



    Always enjoyed your blogs-too intermittent these days,ya lazy sod!-and I expect I will find the book to be to the same high standards.






    Good luck on being published,mate. It’s said that everyone has a book in them,though I had to give up on my ambitions when the crayons ran out.



    Even if you can’t find a publisher,just remember that Van Gogh couldnae sell any of his paintings while he was alive!

  26. Morning all





    Many congratulations and have a great evening. I will buy a copy when I come over at Easter!




  27. Gordon J



    Ringwood Publishing list politics, football, religion, money, sex and crime as Scotland’s “key national themes”. What about drink?!