How Celtic FC Could Collaborate With GamStop to Raise Fans Gambling Awareness


ONLINE gambling and betting have been on a huge increase for many years. People want to bet as much as they can and they would like to try new things. Sadly, some players will end up with related issues such as gambling addiction. GamStop can help these people. It blocks access to online gambling sites and makes online betting and gambling in the UK impossible. Celtic FC can help people know more and hear the first work about GamStop and now you will see why.

Celtic FC’s Social Initiatives

Celtic FC is one of the clubs that has been known for charity support. We can see that they even have Celtic Charity Fund. Other charities and social initiatives include Kerrydale Street Charity Fund, The Good Child Foundation, and many more. Also recently they donated a huge amount to fuel vouchers to protect the most vulnerable people. It is not even possible to cover all of these at the moment. There are too many of these.

Celtic FC is a strong club that has been using social media and news for a long time so there are a lot of fans all across the world. Most of the fans are in the United Kingdom. This all means that promoting GamStop would be more than just effective.

In simple terms, a lot of people would learn all about GamStop and they would start using it if they have a need to. Because a lot of people trust and like Celtic FC, they would get the same opinion about GamStop. If more people start using GamStop (we are referring to people who have a need to use it) online gambling and betting will be much safer and more appealing to ordinary users.

GamStop’s Mission and Impact

The platform has been available since 2018 and it had over 84.000 users in 2022 so it is far from some entry-level and unknown providers. Players or better said users of GamStop like the fact this is a free method that can be used as long as a player likes and needs it.

You will create the account at GamStop. Once you are done, you will choose how long the ban will last. It can last 6 months or up to 5 years. You can even prolong the ban as many times as you need.

During this time frame, users cannot place bets on UKGC gambling sites. There is no way a player can remove the ban and continue playing on these platforms. He or she will have to wait for a specified amount of time before gambling is possible. However, not all operators cooperate with this program and there are available British bookmakers not on GamStop that provide access to gambling facilities. Worth to mention that even after the self-exclusion ends, a player will have to contact support and ask them to remove the ban. This will last 1 day and the ban will be finally removed.

Potential Collaborative Initiatives

There are a lot of ways in how Celtic FC can help promote GamStop and how this collaboration can become more effective and more productive than ever before. The first one is social media. Celtic FC is one of the football clubs that have been known for using social media platforms all the time. Promoting GamStop using this method would be extremely effective. You would know all about the platform from Facebook, Instagram or etc. Due to the fact this is promoted by Celtic FC, you will see and like the post.

Celtic FC can also promote GamStop on their shirts which would be extremely beneficial and effective. We must add that the club can also promote how players and users with gambling addiction can get help from GamStop. Details about the platform can be revealed to the fanatics of the club and they can learn all the basics and even less-known facts.

Celtic FC players can be ambassadors of GamStop. They can promote GamStop separately and together with the club. This is extremely beneficial due to a single fact. Another simple way to promote responsible gambling initiatives is to place ads on their stadium during the games. A lot more people will learn about GamStop and they will know that if they need help, they will get it.

These were just some of the ways how Celtic FC can promote GamStop. In reality, there are a lot of additional methods and options the club can use to promote this platform. All of these methods are simple to use and extremely beneficial due to many reasons.

Expected Outcomes and Benefits

In a nutshell, this collaboration would be extremely effective and stunning. Millions of people would learn and understand all the facts about GamStop within days and this trend will continue to last indefinitely. We can even see that this will become a trend that will expand for years until all people in the UK know all about GamStop.

Celtic FC is a reputable club and one that has been known for safe and sound operations. This makes collaboration with GamStop even more productive and more worthy for lack of a better word. We can also add that this collaboration is one of many possible ones. The true result would be impressive and extremely beneficial to players from all over the United Kingdom.


All we can add in the end is that collaboration between Celtic FC and GamStop would be extremely productive and one of the things we would like to see. People from all over the country will know about this platform and they will learn that they can get help if or when they need it. This type of help would be extremely beneficial and appealing. It would be something that would reach millions all over the country so you can see how effective it would be in long run.



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