Putting fire in Dundee bellies


Dundee really need to lawyer up over SPFL disciplinary procedures against them for problems with their pitch, leading to their game against Newco being postponed twice.  The game should have been scheduled for Wednesday 3 April, instead of the last midweek before the league split.

Not scheduling a game until the last possible date before the split, makes whoever made that decision culpable for the subsequent postponement and consequential delay to post-split fixture confirmation.  There is no legitimate reason the game was not scheduled for 3 April – only one very illegitimate act.

3 April was four days before Celtic’s visit to Ibrox.  Dundee were happy to play the game then, Newco wanted a clear midweek before facing Celtic, so wanted their Dens fixture after facing Celtic.  Newco and their acolytes got their way.

I don’t mind clubs having an influence over when rearranged fixtures are scheduled.  Would you want a game a few days before a cup final or Champions League match?  Of course not.  Where appropriate, the League should accommodate.

On this occasion, the League were too accommodating to Newco.  By delaying the game until 10 April, their post-split fixture plans were at the mercy of a sudden downpour – or even the away side encountering trouble on their journey to the game, as happened earlier this season, when Newco travelled to Dens.

A problem on the 10 April was not certain but the possibility must have been known by the League when they acquiesced to Newco’s wishes.  And for what it’s worth, I expect Newco’s belligerence since the game was postponed on Wednesday will put fire in the Dundee bellies when the teams eventually meet.

In the two months since Celtic beat St Mirren in Paisley in the Scottish Cup, the Saints have lost to Livingston, shipped five at Kilmarnock, lost to Hearts, and drawn with Ross County and Motherwell.  Their only wins in this period came over St Johnstone and Aberdeen, when they were behind for an impressive 95 minutes before Neil Warnock’s magic touch came into effect in the 96th minute.  The champions should have too much tomorrow.

At tomorrow’s game, look out for Eurochamps67’s (Alex McKillop) mention on the big screens.

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  1. I beileve that there may have been a few of the huns one yellow card away from a suspension, another reason why 3 April was not to their liking

  2. Jim White on Talkshite putting out unsubstantiated crap saying Dundee didn’t want to play last week, knowing full well they won’t say anything about it…..

  3. AIPPLE was out getting milk and coffee sadly.It’s a sad sight finding the fridge are of both.

  4. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Uninformed idiots talking crap?






    The Dundee fixture a problem of their own making.



    Predictable responses all round.



    Media toe the line.



    Operation KSR spits out a story (Mars) even when there is no story.



    Sevco lash out at everyone and anyone (see what I did there?) who doesn’t roll over at the sight of their magnificence.

  5. Tom McLaughlin on

    Who remembers the state of the pitch when Celtic beat Old Rangers 3-1 at Celtic Park in the Scottish Cup on 21st February 1970, highlighted by a fanstastic 25-yard strike by David Hay into the top corner in front of the Celtic End?



    It was a complete and utter mudbath that didn’t stop Celtic turning on the agony, putting on the style.




  6. I’d join you BRRB but it is only 7:45am here.



    That and being on a different continent.

  7. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Very rarely do posts that have nothing to do with Celtic, but it’s really good to see the likes of Leverkusen and Atalanta doing well in Europe – even against clubs with more money. Goes to show it needn’t be “too difficult” if you have the will, ambition and vision. Or maybe they are just lucky in not having other clubs in their cities and a perceived “need” for a “rivalry” with a much smaller neighbour which would drastically limit their potential and hold them back…….

  8. Paul 67 et al,



    Everything about the huns is toxic.


    Yet we kick our own fans in the teeth and invite those pillars of respectability to fill their seats.



    If anyone wants to Lawyer up its us. Not Inverness Council, not Aberdeen, not Dundee.


    Grow a set and tell the hun haters they are not welcome at our home, then we can preach to others.



    We don’t want them and we certainly don’t need them.




  9. There are only two types of weather in Scotland


    Clement and Inclement


    The former is the nastier of the two


    And should be avoided if at all possible




  10. Glasstwothirdsfull



    “Goes to show it (European progress to latter stages) needn’t be “too difficult” if you have the will, ambition and vision.”





    It’s got a bit more to do with being in the cash rich and higher standard leagues called Series A and Bundesliga



    When you start seeing Belgian, Swiss, Austrian and Polish teams there, you have a stick with which Celtic can be criticised.



    In the CL- all 8 Q-F teams came from England(2),Spain(3), Germany (2) and France(1)



    In the Europa it was 2 English, 3 Italian, and 1 each from Germany , France and Portugal.



    In the Conference, where few big teams yet bother, we do have variety:- only 1 English team, 1 French and 1 Italian. There is a place there for 2 Greek teams, a Turkish team, a Belgian team and a Czech one.




    I would still predict- each competition will be won by a team from the Big 5 leagues as Villa and Fiorentina are short price odds to win the Conference. You can get 17/2 on the next best outsider option- Bruges.



    I think , the only way Celtic can show ambition to win the Conference League in Europe is to have the ambition to finish outside the top 2 in the SPFL.

  11. EMERALDBEE \O/ A DOUBLE NINER!! on 12TH APRIL 2024 2:05 PM


    MELVIN, could you imagine the “STATEMENTS” emanating from a south-of-the-Clyde bunker if that was ever tried in Scotland?



    Well done the Turks for taking that bold step.




    I’m getting the feeling if the club don’t act now, it will be too late and they will be assisted with more honest mistakes to another title. As they were when the old club was about to go down the plug hole last time.



    This sets a precedent that Celtic could demand the foreign VARs.



    Through Allan Morrison and I think Celtic also have a third party company recording the data, we have the actual evidence of bias to back our claims up.



    In Turkey, they’ve got foreign VARs from now until the end of the season. Amazing outcome!



    I’d be 100% confident of us winning the league if we had foreign VARs in place until the end of the season. As it stands just now, we only need one more Tynecastle display from the officials to deny us. As they will not let the Huns drop points.



    If we do nothing, I don’t think we’ll be allowed to win this title.

  12. Melvin



    That is massive news.


    Will be interesting one to watch unfold.


    Wonder how sighted the Celtic decision makers are on this one.


    Almost requires those advocating the status quo to justify such a stance

  13. The DR has an article this morning stating that Rangers are just 5 penalties away from creating a world record for a season currently held by Barcelona’s 24 penalties in 2015/16.



    Rangers 18 in Scotland (14 league/31 games, 2 league cup/4 games, 2 Scottish cup/4 games ) + 1 in Europe from 12 matches



    % in Scotland 18/39 = 46% of matches


    % in Europe – 1/12 = 8.33% of matches


    Ratio Scotland/Europe – 5.5 times



    They likely have 9 more games to play including the cup final. With a 46% chance of a penalty, they would get another 4, thereby equaling Barcelona’s record.



    If they match or break Barcelona’s record, it is certainly nothing to do with their European form and even the most fervent rangers fan could not claim that their current team matched Barcelona 2015/16.

  14. Prestonpans bhoys on

    Been busy past few days so catching up on timland. This Dens Park stuff is a piece of nonsense, surprised Dundee have not replied yet. However a journalist in any other country would ask four simple questions to the huns:



    (a) were you invited to play the game on the 3rd.


    (b) did you appeal to the SPFL board.


    (c) how many players were on a further yellow card suspending them from the next game.


    (d) what rule or president justifies playing the game behind closed doors.

  15. GLENOWEN on 12TH APRIL 2024 2:19 PM






    That is massive news.



    Will be interesting one to watch unfold.



    Wonder how sighted the Celtic decision makers are on this one.



    Almost requires those advocating the status quo to justify such a stance




    Exactly! Doing nothing is no longer an option.

  16. !!BADA BING!! on 12TH APRIL 2024 2:24 PM


    Maeda injured, possibly out rest of the season




    Not good. Huns are shit scared of him and rightly so. Anyway, I strongly fancy us now. That said, despite years of dodgy decisions, we are genuinely concerned every game we have (and every game the huns have) of a two tier opportunity for the game being influenced by bias. Like the sound of what’s happening in Turkey. Looking at the weather forecast, I’m sure the Dundee game will be OK for Wednesday.

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