Selection question, casino gambling at United


Ross County started their league campaign on Saturday with a 2-1 defeat at Tynecastle.  Last season that kind of result was title winning form.  Prior to that, they had three League Cup wins without conceding, although it took penalties for them to overcome Buckie Thistle in their first game in that tournament.

The big moments of last season are easy to recall.  The 3-0 win over Newco in February and the 1-0 over Dundee United a few days earlier.  Our first domestic away win in 8 months, at Pittodrie, and coming from behind at Ibrox in April.  High on the list, though, is our visit to Dingwall in December.

Playing with 10 men for the last 18 minutes (including added time), Tom Rogic dinked a cross to the far post for Tony Ralston to outleap a clutch of defenders and score a 97th minute winner.  You will not need to be reminded that Ross County have caused Celtic problems since they first emerged on the scene.

They lost Regan Charles-Cook and Blair Spittal, which will blunt them, but you know to expect a battle.

The big question for me is about selection.  Celtic failed to build on an early lead against Aberdeen, prompting Ange to hook Kyogo, Hatate and Maeda.  David Turnbull will be hopeful of a start.  It is too early to expect Moritz Jenz, Aaron Mooy or Alexandro Bernabei to force their way into the starting 11.

Delighted Dundee United got the win over AZ Alkmaar last night.  The moved the dial for Scottish clubs in European qualifiers, who until then recorded three defeats without scoring.  Tony Watt provided more evidence of the quality he has had for a decade, without being truly fulfilled.

Jack Ross is a manager I have admired since he took his Championship St Mirren team to Celtic Park on Scottish Cup duty five years ago.  His time at Sunderland was captured in the Netflix documentary, Sunderland ‘Til I die, a perfect example of why not to join a shambles of a club.  It is worth watching, if only to try to figure out how Sunderland managed to replace ex-Rangers chief executive, Martin Bain, with a less empathetic, David Brent-type character.

Last season he was rewarded for getting Hibs into the League Cup Final with the sack, a decision that looked strange to begin with, and now just looks ludicrous.

European group stage football would give United a chance to curtail the baked-in structural losses they have experienced in recent years. Their smallest loss in the last three years was £2.52m, their highest turnover in that time was £3.9m.

This is a club living way beyond its means, maybe they caught the casino bug off Monaco all those years ago.

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  1. P.S: I see in the newsfeed, Morelos’s original club still owns 14% of him.That will hurt them whenever they manage to find a buyer :)

  2. bournesouprecipe on




    2-0 verse Aberdeen was a good scoreline and we can’t beat everyone with 3 and 4 goals in the first half.



    No failures in the starting line up which might or might not have one change tomorrow. Ange just uses all his squad to better effect.

  3. Aipple



    And to you pal.






    Personally, the two wins in the highlands won us the title last season.

  4. Good afternoon all from not very sunny Strathaven, the home town of wee ten thirty.






    Brilliant to see you posting again. Glad you’re keeping yer pecker up. Stay safe my friend. HH

  5. A couple of us went to Tannadice last night, very enjoyable, good atmosphere, and we should get Dylan Levitt on a pre contract. He’s not big, but he is clever.

  6. AT



    I could tell you a wee story about one of his henchmen who went on to be the leader of the Proud Boys, Joe Biggs. Back in the day I registered a domain and ran a parody site, devoting an hour or so a day to…… too long a tale for on here but it involves….. …. and me pretending to be the ‘BMX Banksy.’






    Guns, graffiti and direct messages with Joe.

  7. P67 — You need to cut DU some slack.


    Slanted analysis / partial figures / forced conclusion — not the way forward.


    The T/O figure does not tell the full story — very narrow band.



    They are probably the 6th biggest / best supported club in the country.


    As noted last night they have a good support — just a case they need to get them into the ground.



    Last season they had an average crowd of 8K and better football will make 10K achievable.


    Consequently It would appear that they have a growth agenda in play and they should be applauded for trying to move the needle.



    What are the base economics of the SPL?



    £1K pw basic for the first team squad.


    £400 / £600 pw — plus the chance of 1st team football — for the youths?


    £2mill base playing budget including coaches — would that be credible?


    Is that what RC work to?



    Then you can add in a couple of experienced players on £3K / £5K pw to take them to the next level



    If this is the financial environment of the SPL then a club of the size of DU have to be applauded for spending money on improving the squad with experience / quality with a view to getting the support out of their houses and into the ground.



    There is always the B/G angle to show what can be done with limited resources.


    So fair play to DU — trying to move things forward.


    It will benefit the SPL as a whole.

  8. An Tearmann on 5th August 2022 12:35 pm



    I was reading about that dreadful human being yesterday so I agree totally with your hopes for him.



    I expect Kev will be on to defend him shortly along with the other covid denying nutters.

  9. MadMitch on 5th August 2022 12:47 pm



    Results are the only thing that will increase DUFC crowds, expecting significant increases based upon style is cloud cuckoo land pash.

  10. Does anyone know what the win bonus is at DU / RC / A.N. Other?



    RC — £1K each for every SPL win / £300 for a draw?


    They would need to have paid out £200K approx to the team?

  11. T7 @ 12.53



    Very simplistic in my opinion.


    Even if DU don’t progress — last night’s game will increase their crowds during the season.



    No CoViD restrictions — I would expect their average crowds to increase this season.


    Consequently 10K would be my thoughts.

  12. Tom McLaughlin on

    On lunch break from the High Court. Just been told case continuing to next week. Was hoping it would end today but legal arguments take up so much down time for us jurors. Very interesting though to see the real law in action. Obviously bugger all like the movies.



    Didn’t get a ticket for Dingwall tomorrow. Bummer. No choice but an illlegal link then.

  13. WeeFra



    God Bless you F, it never goes away but believe it or not you do learn to live with it. I’m here if you need me sir.






    I hope you’re well mate, I had a few beers with some guys from here on Sunday before the game and then bumped into those two dafties VP and G64 and that was the incentive to have a wee lurk again.

  14. Worthy repost from Belmont Brian last night re Mick Lynch,think it may be same clip bada if so apologies



    BELMONTBRIAN on 4TH AUGUST 2022 10:24 PM


    Normally I do not get involved politics on a Celtic blog, however IMHO, this a MUST WATCH !!!



    Nite all.






  15. Not football related so feel free to scroll by and apologies but it is a quiet day.


    Having been down to Murcia last Saturday to see Simple Minds, I was back again on Wednesday to see Sting. Another great show, an hour and 45 minutes of Police and solo hits. He might be 70 now but the voice is still in fine form and he still looks better than most men half his age. So Lonely, Message in a Bottle, Roxanne, Walking on the Moon, King of Pain, Fragile, Every little thing she does is Magic . . . hit after hit.


    He is mellowing with age too. Doesn’t take himself so seriously, quite a bit of joking with the crowd and the band.


    I appreciate his music, and that of Simple Minds, is not for everyone but what a week for me. Both acts absolutely superb live and such a wonderful reminder of how good it is to experience live music.


    Making it all the better is the experience of seeing them in a relatively small arena, probably around 10,000 people max. We were in the standing area in the bull ring, dead centre and only about 15 metres from the stage. So close you could see the beads of sweat on their faces without looking at big screens. You could buy ice cold beers from the bars as well throughout the concert, and get back to your place without shoving and pushing.



    Sorry for the detour.



    Next up is Passenger tonight, same venue.

  16. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    HamiltonTim – as I live and breathe!!!



    Good day to you fine sir – and from WeeBGFC too (although he is at work in NHS 24 as we speak).



    Off to meet him in your Uncle’s place in the town for a few beers and games of pool. Taking in the guitar to see if we can get a wee tune or two going. Will sing one for you.



    Best wishes – hope to see you in person at some point.





    BGFC & WeeBGFC

  17. Denia



    Enjoyed that!






    Hola ma pal, I pray that you’re both well! Are you both going to Dingwall tomorrow?

  18. Curious if Hatate has actually trained much this week, or if his injury related to the Aberdeen thug last week.



    Anyone know re this ?

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